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A little art therapy self care👌🏻 My water color painting of all my favorite books💙

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I want you and me. This means I want you and me and passports full of stamps of the countries we’ve seen and a collection of photos we took along the way. I want a camera that tells me I am out of room because I took 300 photos of you when you weren’t looking. I want your smile so big and bright and evident because I’ve succeeded in my sole job of making you happy on top of the happiness I know you provide for yourself. I want you and me and our kids we’ve already named under the Christmas tree. We are opening presents, drinking hot cocoa, laughing and beaming at our kids smiles; we are starting our own traditions. I want you and me and our kids filling our passports as we show them the world, showing them our favorite places. I want to be dropping off our kids at college and starting our next set of adventures. I want our friends at our place on Thanksgiving. I want to be our friend’s kids second family. I want to be the family with you that everyone else looks to when their relationship is on the rocks.

Baby distance isn’t anything. I want you.

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Straight White Boy Problem #865

Me: hey bro we should totally hang out this weekend. We haven’t chilled in forever and im down for anything. We can even go to our favorite pizza place after we hit the gym bro. If u are “Finna tryna” get wasted, i just got my fake so we can go pretty much anywhere man lol what do you want to do?

bro: im hanging out with my gf dude….

Me: *very dismayed* I….just want to have quality time with my bro….bro…….bros before….before….ho– *sobs* no…no..im happy for ya bro…*sobs*….hhhhhhh

An Ice Cream Misunderstanding | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! This is the first ever write-up that I am posting, so please be nice. Haha. If you have requests, don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll get back to you. Jealous Zach will always be my favorite Zach for some reason, next to dumb baby Zach. Anyway, enjoy!


“Baby can we go get some ice cream?” my boyfriend says with puppy eyes as he laid his head on my thighs while we were seated in front of the TV watching a movie.

“I think there’s some chocolate ice cream in the fridge left.” I reply, as I stroke his head with my hand.

“But baby, you know I like pistachio, from that place, our favorite ice cream parlor?” he whines with a pout as he looks at me with puppy eyes again.

“Puh-lease?” he pouts as he grabs my hand and places it under his chin.

“I hate you Zach Dempsey.” I reply as I laugh and shake my head.

“Let’s go then.” I reply as I pinch his cheeks and a wide grin forms on his face.

“Thank you baby I love you!” he replies as he sits up on the sofa and pinches the bridge of my nose.

“Zachary! Don’t!” I reply as I stand up and run to the bedroom to get the car keys and my purse.

We both get ready and head on out of the house to go to our favorite ice cream parlor. Zach drives for the both of us most of the time, but he got an injury during a basketball game, and he was told not to do any activities for 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks are almost done, and he’s healing very well. We reach the ice cream parlor but there weren’t any parking spaces near it, so we had to park quite far. We got off of the car and started walking, Zach held my hand as we walked. While we were walking hand in hand, a familiar voice yelled out my name which made Zach and I look behind us to check who it was.

“Y/N!” the familiar voice yells as he waves his hand from side to side.

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A Gifted Chef

I was lucky enough to be the next-door neighbor of a world-class chef. Like, legit world class. Like, Michelin star class. Yeah. The real deal. Stewart Therriault. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

One of the benefits of living near Stewart was getting to try all the sumptuous, creative dishes he’d make whenever he was home. Seriously, the guy cooked all the time. As soon as I’d see the lights go on in his house, it was only a matter of time before thick, luscious aromas wafted into my home. And, because he was a great guy, he’d often bring over a plate or two for me to try. “It’s all practice for the restaurant,” he told me.

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concept: it’s ten years in the future, and we drive back to our hometown together. we look at all the graffiti we did as kids, and stop at all our old favorite places downtown. everything has changed so much, but we are still so in love. i always knew we would make it this far

During freshman year, we formed a circle of friends that included Zach Heckler, Nick Baumgart, Eric and Dylan. Our favorite place to hang out was at the Columbine library. The library was a great place to trade jokes, or sit and talk about how much we hated school. Conversations like those were nothing unusual. But we’d have fun too.

Sometimes we would get so rowdy with our jokes that we’d get kicked out of the library for the rest of the day. Most of the time, though, we did our best to avoid causing trouble. After all, our favorite thing was using school computers to surf the internet, and we didn’t want to lose that privilege.

(Brooks Brown - No Easy Answers: The Truth behind Death at Columbine)

the third wheel

request: Please could you write a piece where Harry and y/n’s best guy friend keep hanging out and she’s feeling left out so they do something sweet for her

questions, comments, concerns


I knew they’d get along, knew it from the moment I met Harry. They had a similar sense of humor and loved teasing me and would die for the same pair of Gucci boots. What I didn’t expect was for my boyfriend to hijack my best friend and vice versa.
“So, tomorrow, me, you, our favorite Thai place and scoping out that new gallery a few blocks over. You in?” Aidan hesitated and I knew before he even said it. “Are you joking?” I groaned.
“I promised him I’d go with him to decide what to wear to SNL.”
I laughed, “Swear to God, he’s cheating on me with you.”
“Oh come on, you know he’s not my type he’s not pretentious enough.”
I laughed but once it died down I said, “I just miss you… Miss you both, really.”
“Babe, you live with him.”
“Yeah and lately if he’s not working he’s with you.”
“Oh come on, that’s not true.”
I pulled out my metro card and swiped myself in, running through the open doors on the subway before they closed, “Yes it is! I can’t even remember the last time I had a real conversation with either of you.”
He was quiet for a moment, “We’ll hang out this weekend, I promise.” I was rolling my eyes on the other line and I think he knew because he added, “I love you.”

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Meeting Tarjei

“Now, if you think this story was cute and sentimental, the story of meeting Tarjei was much more quirky and funny.So it was the last day before our departure from Oslo, and we decided to visit all of our favorite places there, just to remind ourselves how much we’ll miss it. One of those places was Aker Brygge.As we were walking and enjoying our day and beautiful views in front of us, And right in that place, as we just turned our heads in the left, we saw a familiar figure passing by. He was wearing earphones and staring at us from time to time. Gabi, of course, immediately caught up that it was him and quietly whispered “Noooo way” to which Tarjei stopped, thinking that we must’ve told him something. Both of us, couldn’t believe that he actually stopped next to us, so we just remained speechless, while he was awkwardly struggling to volume down the music in his earphones and actually take them off.As soon as he did, he walked up closer and said his little cute “Hei”, which made Gabi say “No way, you’re real” and hug him. Tarjei greeted her with open arms and a smile hugging her tightly, and then me. We kept standing there smiling as me, being the dumbass I am, asked “How are you?” to which he happily responded “Well I’m doing fine, just going to a rehearsal”.Of course, we were intrigued what that was so we were like “Oh really, that’s great!” to which he laughed and said “Yeah, I’m gonna play in a concert, well, not a concert, more like a, you know, theatre but with music”. So I was like “Musical, right?” and he just went “Oh yes, musical” to which me and Gabi just responded with “Wow, that’s amazing”. He felt so nervous and like I really don’t know what’s the matter, but he was so happy to see us actually make a conversation with him, that we all forgot the pictures. It was him who later on just simply said like “So, do you want to take a picture?” and we just messily started looking for our phones like “Yeah, omg sure!” But we realized that we didn’t have anyone to ask to take it. In that situation we were very lost but Tarjei, as goofy as he is, said “Well I can use my long arms to take a selfie with you guys” and we were like “Yes omg it would be great!” As we stood into our poses, he kept taking all those pictures and he seemed like he didn’t even wanna stop lmao.As we finished he looked at us, and another dumb phrase ran out of my mouth being “This is our last day being here in Oslo and you actually made it like so much better now. We weren’t even expecting it to start out so good.” To which he asked “Oh, so where are you guys from?” and when we said “Lithuania” he gasped like “Ohhhhh, Lithuania”. Me and Gabi laughed at him, after what Gabi asked if he actually knows where that is. His response was “Yeah, I know Lithuania, but I never got to meet any fans from there before, wow”. It was such a pleasant thing to hear that that I just blurted out a “So we’re the first ones, ayy” which made him laugh.After that, he told his goodbye and wished us good luck and that we have a nice last day here, to what we responded with the same kind of thing.That moment we just rushed down to the shore with wide smiles on our faces and only one phrase rolling in our heads “What the heck was that?"Even tho Tarjei was a little nervous talking to us, he seemed very happy which made us, of course, happy as well.
On this note, I would love to say huge thank you to both Cengiz Al and Tarjei for stopping by and taking some time to talk to us.Hopefully, anyone reading this will have a chance to meet these two sunshines as well.
Spread the love and positivity! “ via Agata aka @jcksnsgf on Twitter


Have you met or seen(but without invading privacy) a member of the Skam cast and want to share your story? Message me!

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Tom Hiddleston Request

Can I ask for a Tom Hiddleston imagine? him and YN were cast to play Adam and Eve on the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” (AWESOME MOVIE ! ) and both fell in love. they become the golden couple of hollywood.


You were walking across the lot with one of the stage managers who was showing you around what would be your second home until production wrapped up. You had just been casted on the new production of Only Lover Left Alive as the one of the main characters, Eve. “Oh look, your husband,” the manager said jokingly as Tom Hiddleston appeared on set. “Tom,” he called him over. “This is Y/N Y/L/N, as I’m sure you know she’ll be playing Eve.”

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled and offered to shake your hand.

“You too,” you shook his hand.

“I’m being called to a meeting with the director. I’ll see you both on set,” the manager said and left the two of you alone.

“So, are you excited to start filming tomorrow,” you asked.

“More excited for that than having to sit and try on all the clothes and wigs today,” he chuckled.

“Ah, the clothes are my favorite part. Speaking of, I better get going or they are going to kill. I have a wig that weighs, like, 20 lbs to put on,” you smirked.

“If you want, we could try and meet up and rehearse lines later this week, when we get closer to our scenes together.”

“That’d be great.”


After about 4 months of filming you two finally allowed yourselves to start dating. You two kept it secret until the movie premiere, you two accompanied each other as dates and released an official statement the month after that you two were dating.

Now, nearly four years later, 11 movies, two of which you two did together, and countless red carpet events you two were about to attend the newest movie premiere for Tom’s latest Thor movie.

After a year of dating Hollywood and the fans lovingly referred to you two as Hollywood’s Golden Couple. Ever since then, whenever another beloved couple would break up you and Tom would be tagged in thousands of posts about how you two were one of the reminders that love still existed.

“What do you have planned for today, Love,” Tom walking into your shared home freshly showered and dressed for the day.

“I have to go for my final fitting today and pick up my jewelry for the premiere this next week. Other than that I am all yours,” you grinned.

“Perfect. How about after your fitting we go to our favorite Italian place downtown and take a stroll around the park?”

“Only if you let me finally go in that new adoption center,” you had been begging him for weeks to go to the new animal adoption center to adopt a new puppy.

“Fine,” he played it off, “but we are only looking,” he said sternly.

“Fine, fine, ok. Only looking.”

“I mean it,” he pretended to be stern and pointed a finger at you.

“Ok, ok, looking only.”

Your fitting went well, everything looked perfect. You and Tom went and picked up the jewelry that was being lent to you for the premiere. As you ate your linguini and munched on the bread in front of you, you held hands with the one Tom wasn’t using. With a semi-loud slurp you sucked in the noodle. “Why are you looking at me like that,” you blushed slightly seeing Tom watching you from across the table.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am,” he smirked. “Somehow I’m with a woman who can look gorgeous even with pasta sauce over her chin,” he chuckled. You hand flew to your face and wiped the sauce from your face.

“Oh, whatever,” you smiled and looked down.

“It’s true. I feel lucky every day when I’m with you.”

“I feel the same way, babe,” you leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.  You left the restaurant and walked around the park, smiling and saying hello to the fans and paparazzi that you came across.

“Oh look,” you faked surprise and pointed to the store across the street, “a new animal adoption place that I have never seen before,” you said very monotonically.

“Oh look,’’ he copied you, “how interesting that that new store is there.”

You pulled him along as you jogged across the street and into the store. You let an “Aw” escape your lips as you looked at the dogs and kittens in their cages. “Oh my Gosh,” you excitedly gasped. In a little cage by himself was a small black lab. Over the past month you had been bugging Tom to get one. “Tom, can we play with him? Please,” you whinned.

“I guess one won’t hurt.” You were shocked at how easy he gave in but went with it. With a grin he called a worker over and asked to play with the lab. You squealed from excitement as the worker came back with the puppy and placed him in your arms.

“There are rooms right over there that you can go into,” they told you. You and Tom picked a room and sat the puppy down who happily ran around you, jumping, and pulling on Tom’s shoe strings.

“Come here boy,” you called and waved a toy rope in front of him.

“That’s a weird collar isn’t it,” Tom asked.

“Collar?” You looked down and saw a little blue collar around his neck with a small heart tag hanging from it. “4 years ago you walked into my life. Here’s a paw for each year…if you say yes?”

You read the tag and were confused, “Say yes to what?” You turned and looked towards Tom and stopped when you saw him in front of you, kneeling on one knee, with a open box in front of you.

“Yes to me. These four years of you have been the best years of my life, and I want them to continue until the day I die. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, make me the happiest man alive and say you’ll marry me.”

“Yes, yes, of course yes!” You jumped into his arms after he slid the ring on your finger. “How did you get the tag on him? How did you know I wanted to come here?”

“You’ve been talking about this place nonstop since it opened. And, I know you’ve always wanted a black lab. I saw they had this little guy up for adoption so I had the tag made and brought it here ahead of time.”

“You’re the sweetest.”

“So, what are you naming him?”

You looked at the little lab in front of you and it hit you. “I like Wade.”

“You’re naming him after a Marvel hero and it’s not even mine,” he laughed.

You shrugged, “You know Deadpool is my favorite.”


That weekend, the night of the red carpet, every question, interview, and picture made sure to pinpoint the diamond ring on your finger and the smiles of Hollywood’s golden couple.

"I'm sorry" - Grayson

Your POV:

“Fine!” Grayson yelled back. We had an argument because I wanted to spend time with him. He’s been working a lot lately and I miss him so much. I planned a surprise dinner at our apartment, I dressed all fancy trying to make this special but he had to leave for work again, which annoyed me. Instead of keeping it to myself I expressed my feeling and that pissed him off, which pissed me off. I heard the door slam, indicating that he left. I sighed and sat down at the table that I spent hours decorating and preparing the food that was laying there. A tear slipped out of my eyes, I just wanted this to be a special time. I stand up and walk to our room, I take my dress and makeup off. I take my lingerie off as well and put on regular underwear on. I grab sweatpants and a t-shirt and put those on. I step out of our room and clean the table. I put the food in the fridge, turn off the candles, return the wine and cups back into their place. I grab a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. I set the timer for 3 minutes, once it’s on I turn on the TV, surfing channels until i land on MTV, they’re airing re-runs on Fresh Prince of Bel-air, I decided to watch it, it’s one of my favorite shows. The microwave beeps indicating that the popcorn is ready, I take it out and spread it in a bowl. I walk back to the living room and start watching TV.

A couple hours pass and I hear the door open and close, Grayson is here. I roll my eyes, I’m still mad at him. He walks to the living room and turn off the TV. I stay quiet staring at the wall. He sits next to me and put his hands on my shoulder, I shook it off and sat on the other couch. He sighs and stands up walking up to where I was seating, he crouches down to my level and stares at me.
“Baby” he says. “Baby” I mock him mentally, yes I’m that mad. I don’t say anything. He grabs my hand tightly and kisses it.
“Babe” he speaks again, and guess what, I still won’t say anything. I’m not even look at him, I’m pretending he’s not even there. His left hand makes its way to my face and turn my head to face him. He had a sorry look on his face, but I’m not showing any emotion.
“Y/N, babe, I’m sorry. After I left, I went to our favorite quiet place” He went to library, we don’t even read that much, the place it’s also a cafe. “I started thinking about everything you said and you’re right, I have been working a lot latently and I barely even see you. It’s just that I have been so stressed and took it out on you today by accident. I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me. I promise I’ll spend as much time with you as I can. I want to see my baby happy” he smiled. I smiled too, I hugged him. A tight hug that lasted a long time and was very needed. I breath in his scent and close my eyes, this feels like a perfect day at the beach feeling the crisp, fresh air. I love this man with all my heart.
“I love you Grayson, so much” I kiss his pink lips.
“I love you so much more baby” he kisses my lips and my forehead. We go to our room and spend the rest of the night catching up, cuddling and the occasional make out sessions.

Common Bar Etiquette
  • John Laurens x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: Yo can you make a John Laurens X reader. Basically he’s at a bar and some girl starts pretty much sexually harassing him so he says that reader is his girlfriend and they hit it off afterwards?

A/N: Here’s this story. It’s a little short but I think it turned out ok. The ideas sorta just flowed last night and I finished it up today. Yay! I have two more stories almost done but I;m not sure when I’ll get them posted.

Word Count: 1,933


You and your friends usually spent a night out at the bar. However, they were busy but you weren’t so you decided to still go. Maybe you’d have fun. Maybe you’d meet someone. Or maybe you’d end up exactly as you are now.

You were sat alone at the bar. You had a drink in front of you. You have had it for so long now that it was no long chilled. Now it was room temperature. You had lost interest a long time ago and now would probably never finish drinking it. You sighed and looked down at the glass and were on the verge of paying and leaving. Then you looked over and noticed a girl approach the guy you ended up sitting next to.

You rose your eyebrow as you watched her walk up. She was saying her hips in time with the loud music. She was eyeing the guy up and down. The man didn’t notice though. He had his elbows resting on the counter and his head in his hands. He seemed like his was probably slightly drunk, though still aware of what was going on around him. He had curly hair tied into a ponytail but some of it was falling loose, probably from running his hands through it over the course of a day.

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via Instagram @local_milk - Our Wander Guide for a weekend in Paris is now on the blog! It features our favorite place to stay, this apartment in the Marais from @apartmentsactually, and travel tips including our favorite eats & shops. A big thanks to Sarah at @apartmentsactually for creating beautiful homes away from home for those of us that like to nest abroad and to @susanspungen for her recommendations, wouldn’t have found it all so quickly without you! Link in profile. #localmilkabroad #localmilkparis #theartofslowliving #paris #Regrann