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Dear Straight People:

Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

Can Rey Save Luke Skywalker From Himself in 'The Last Jedi'?
Part 1 of EW’s new ‘Star Wars’ cover story features Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley

Oh my god, they’re making Luke into Obi-wan 2.0

Even Mark Hamill himself can’t stop mentioning Obi-wan. 

His name comes up 5 times in this article. More than Han, Leia, and Kylo Ren.

The Skywalker obsession is strong here.

When will b.a.p´s best, unique and powerhose BARITONE voices aka HIMJAE have actual solos??

Here’s a radical idea. Thinking of a character with no explicit sexuality as bi/pan/ply, even if they’re in a relationship with someone of the same gender, does not hurt gay people

The way I feel about you has never faded, I’ve just gotten better at hiding it.

The veins from my smile never reflect the same heartbeat twice, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to leave the night as quietly as the weight of my hand traces promises into your eyes.

I forgot to take a deep breath when I came up for air and followed the light of your breath into a mirror that only trap eclipsed paths we’ve already tread.

I wanted to ask where you’ve been, but hearing your voice was like trying to paint a rainbow between two continents that have never existed.

Remembering you is like trying to read a book that’s missing some pages.

I forgave you from the same place I lost myself.

The thing about being completely broken is, you can rebuild yourself into someone entirely new.

Rain can love a flower enough to help it grow, but it can also drown it..and that’s what it’s like to get close enough to hold my hand.

They say our best days are just the names of our favorite people, and I’m sorry I haven’t asked how your smile is doing; I promise I’m only walking away to remember what it’s like to come home.

I’m a grave of feelings I wish you fought for, a funeral of silence you’ve traded for sleep.

Loneliness is feeling homeless within four walls.

Don’t worry baby, we can start it all over again until we get it right.

—  11 truths and a lie.

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we need more spaghetti

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I feel like we shouldn’t be so lonely. As I scroll through the blogs of so many people here, I see so much pain, and loneliness and my heart breaks. We all want friends, people who we can talk with about the best days and the worst ones, you know what I mean, people who understand what it’s like to be stuck in the dark and aren’t afraid to return there with you. We want people to stay up and talk with till 5am, people to binge watch movies with, to play games with, and show all our favorite songs…. people who aren’t gonna ditch you just because you can’t be as happy about life as they are. If we all want that and we all understand each other then why are we so alone? Why not be alone together? There’s chat programs, like discord, there’s movie steaming sites, there’s hella games to play…. So what do ya say? Be my friend?

Forget superhero high schools, huntsman academies, magical girl schools, magic universities, mutant training facilities… I want to know about the normal lives of people who live in these vastly different magical societies without being the Heroes of these societies. The adventures of Midoriya, Ruby, Undyne, Harry, Rogue… those are all interesting, sure, but what about the kid who isn’t learning to use their quirk/semblance/magical girl abilities/magic/mutation to save the world and is just trying to get through math without embarrassing themselves in front of their crush?

so since our wedding is still just over a year away I decided this year we’re gonna do a pre-anniversary on the day we’ll be getting married next year

and it just means going out on a date and smiling because a year from that day we’ll be married but it’s totes one of the more romantic ideas I’ve had

Reylo fic recs

My dear fellow Reylo writers! Since there’s been a bunch of fic rec posts going around due to the influx of new fans, reblog this post with the fic you’re most proud of as a writer that you’d like to see get more attention! Let’s share some of our favorite underrated gems that people might not know about!

My choice will always be if it were only the stars we had wanted to conquer, my Reylo selkie AU. I’m incredibly proud of how I crafted the storyline around canon while including elements of Irish mythology about the selkies. I was the last person to post my fic for the @reylofanfictionanthology last year, and unfortunately I think that means my piece got lost in the shuffle. But I’m still proud of it nonetheless, and I would love to read lesser known works that you’d like to get the word out about!

Our favorite people and our favorite stories become so not by any inherent virtue, but because they illustrate something deep in the grain, something unadmitted. Shoeless Joe Jackson, Warren Gamaliel Harding, the Titanic: how the mighty are fallen. Charles Lindbergh, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe: the beautiful and the damned.
—  Joan Didion, from 7000 Romaine, Los Angeles in Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Pieces of Us: A Morning Dance from 1970

Pieces of Us: A Morning Dance from 1970

Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 736

Warning: unadulterated fluff and music from the 70’s.

A/N: Pieces of Us is a multifandom series of drabbles/one-shots with a common theme. Each section is inspired by something that my husband has done. Everything is PG pr PG-13, just a glimpse through the fourth wall of our life using some of our favorite characters/people. This can be read alone or as part of the theme-based series.

Y/N gently swayed back and forth to the tune in her head as she waited for the coffee maker to finish brewing. She smoothed her hands down the oversized t-shirt that ended mid thigh and hung over one shoulder and tried not to be impatient. Tilting her head back and letting her eyes close, she continued to slowly sway to the music in her head. A warm pair of hands rested on her hips and a strong chest lightly bumped into her back as he began to sway with her. She could feel heat roll off of him from his shower.

“What are we dancing to this time?” he whispered in her ear, the scruff on his face rubbing against her deliciously.

“Jim Croce, from the 1970’s,” Y/N replied, letting her head fall back to rest on his chest as they swayed together. “So I’ll have to say I love you in a song…” she sang softly.

“Mmmmm, excellent choice, doll.” he murmured, turning her in his arms. “The 1970’s eh? I think I can do better.”

“Can you now?” Y/N smirked, wrapping her arms around his neck as he kept them dancing around the kitchen like awkward eighth graders.

“I think perhaps I can,” he paused their dancing with a grin, his fingers under her chin, tilting her face up to meet his. A gentle kiss landed on her lips. “I love you,” he whispered, gazing into her eyes.

“I love you too,” Y/N replied, her eyes shining with happiness. “But, can you beat my song?”

“Let me see….” he began, moving away from her toward the iPod station across the room. A few button pushes later and John Denver’s clear voice filled the kitchen.

Just to look in your eyes again, just to lay in your arms

Just to be the first one always there for you

Just to live in your laughter, just to sing in your heart

Just to be every one of your dreams come true

He pulled her back into his arms and danced around the kitchen as the music swelled and faded. Breathing her in, his hand roamed her back and hips, massaging and memorizing her curves. Her fingers played with the hair on the back of his neck, causing goosebumps on his skin. Her hot breath on his neck sent his mind back to last night when she was under him, writhing and calling his name.

The song ended and Y/N pulled back to look into his eyes. “Well then, you’re not the only one who can play dirty.” she smiled as she moved to the iPod and made her selection. John Denver’s voice rang once again as she came back to his waiting arms.

You fill up my senses

Like a night in a forest

Like the mountains in springtime

Like a walk in the rain

“Oh, so you’re thinking of last night too?” He teased, pulling her close.

“How can I not with you so close, smelling the way you do?” Y/N asked with feigned innocence in her eyes.

“And how do I smell, love?” he asked, letting his lips travel down her jaw toward her sensitive ear.

“Like… peppermint and soap and man,” Y/N whispered, her eyes closing as his lips continued trying to distract her.

“Just any man?” He asked, his lips nibbling on that spot on her neck.

“My man,” she breathed out, letting the sensations and the song whisk her away.

“Mmmm,” he replied, pulling her hips to meet his. “You’re mine and I’m yours.”

“Always?” she asked, knowing the answer.

“Always.” he held her close until the song ended and then held her a few moments longer in the silence.

“Steve?” her voice floated up from under his chin.


“I love you so much and I love being in your arms more than many things in this world, but I would really like to have my coffee now.”

His chest rumbled with deep laughter as he released her and gave her a push toward the coffee pot.

“Go on then dollface, we will finish this later.”

“Oh you bet your cute, tight bottom we will!” Y/N replied cheekily, giving her hips an extra sway as she walked away from him to the coffee pot. He responded by stepping forward to giving her behind a swat. No, this was most certainly not over.

Croce: I’ll have to Say I love in you a song

Denver: You Fill up my Senses (Annie’s Song), For You

Next week: 

Bones x Reader in “Damn the Technology!”

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Interruptions in Dialogue

Often hand-in-hand with our favorite, the em dash, people tend to interrupt each other a lot! Sometimes because it’s high tension, sometimes because they’re correcting the other, and sometimes because they’re sick of the other guy’s voice.

People tend to talk at each other. Disagreeing opinions may bring people to interrupt one another. Go somewhere public and listen in on someone’s conversation. How common are interruptions in real life? It’s pretty common.

So, consider adding some interruptions to your characters’ dialogue! Examples included, of course.

Interruptions add a realistic dynamic to speech. By breaking things up, dialogue will be more varied and more interesting to follow. Of course, you shouldn’t have characters cutting each other off left and right, or it’ll get annoying. But it does help the dialogue flow between speakers when properly implemented, just like how you want a variety of sentence lengths and structures.

They can work wonders on your characterization. Some will interrupt more than others, and they’ll all react to being interrupted differently. Do they continue their sentence, ignoring the interruption? Do they stop to listen? Do they get upset with the other for cutting them off? Are they just a rude person, simple as that? Or are they annoyed with that person in particular?

“She’ll come around, Ethan. I promise. Until then, while you’re here, you should tour the city. I’ve requested the day off tomorrow so I can—”

“That won’t be necessary,” he interrupted. I heard the scrape of a chair against the tile. My lips pursed. Estranged from Aunt Lillian or not, he was being harsher than necessary. Then again, she should have expected this. “Goodnight, Lillian.”

“Oh, of course! Goodnight. It was so nice to—”

The front door slammed.

You can use an interruption to show what your character doesn’t want to talk about. Is there a topic they’re avoiding? Are they cutting someone off before they reveal a secret, or interrupting a heartfelt apology before getting too gooey? Interruptions are a great way to swerve the conversation in a different direction.

He hung his head. “I’m just so ashamed. To let that woman deceive me—”

“It’s fine,” I assured him. “Really. It was an illusion, and we don’t blame you.”

“Audrey, if this is—”

“Don’t you dare say goodbye.”

They can help you set the tone. Interruptions are great for arguments! They increase the tension as characters clash to have their thoughts heard. You don’t want absolutely every line to be an interruption, though!! Keep it varied.

“You’ve talked to your mom on the phone, so I thought you’d give Ethan a chance, too—”

“Give him a chance? What is this, a competition?” I snapped. “You’re the only one who wanted him here. I was just starting to enjoy being away from them, and then you just dump this on me. Trying to get points with your brother by selling me to him.”

“Points?” she echoed, her mouth hanging open. “Oh, never! Alice, I swear I only agreed because I thought you wanted your parents to visit you. I thought it meant he was willing to try again.” Her eyes were pleading. “I miss my family, Alice.”

“It just means he’s willing to risk lesbian cooties for the sake of beating my mom in court.”

She recoiled, her wide eyes filling with moisture again. “He’s just stubborn. He’s always been like this. But after a bit—”

“You haven’t seen him in fifteen years. Get real, Aunt Lillian. He’s not your kid brother anymore.”

It can show one character’s dominance over the situation or conversation. Cutting someone off in speech can be a sign of their authority. The other person might give a weak argument, only to be cut off and shot down by the person on the offense.

But Aunt Lillian wasn’t buying it. “I want you to sit out for the rest of the night.”

I made a sound of protest. “But—”

“You’ve already strained your shoulder.” Her voice was firm. “You don’t want to injure it any more than it already is.”

I was honestly curious. “Why do you like her?”

“I don’t—” he sputtered, wide-eyed.

I arched an eyebrow, grinning. “You don’t like her?”

Vince looked at the carpet, pink still flaming his cheeks. “She’s just… she’s rather pretty, don’t you think? And she has a certain confidence to her…”

And there you have it! Just make sure to use the interruptions sparingly, and only when appropriate. If you use them too often, they’ll stop carrying as much weight. The fewer interruptions you have in a scene, the more weight each of them will hold.

Now go forth and have your characters rudely interrupt each other (or for other reasons)!