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Dear Straight People:

Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?

cause your favorite color is me

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,006 
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: because riley’s always loved the color purple, but she’s fairly certain the color green might be the most beautiful color she’s ever seen in her life. 
notes: here’s my day one fic!! i’m not really sure exactly what prompted this idea, but i’m pretty pleased with the overall outcome. it doesn’t necessarily take place within a certain time frame, it’s post ski lodge, set sometime within freshman year of high school. it’s fluffy, and hopefully brings you feelings. enjoy! 

For the first fourteen years of her life, Riley is absolutely, one hundred percent positive that her favorite color is purple. Ever since she was a little girl, it had always been the color she had felt the most love for. On Halloween, she wanted to wear the purple princess dress, not the pink one, on her birthday she asked that all her presents be wrapped in purple wrapping paper.

On top of all of that, almost every creation she’s crafted in art class is splashed completely in purple and her stuffed purple cat, Violet, is one of her most prized possessions. It’s very easy to tell that her favorite color is purple.

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Interruptions in Dialogue

Often hand-in-hand with our favorite, the em dash, people tend to interrupt each other a lot! Sometimes because it’s high tension, sometimes because they’re correcting the other, and sometimes because they’re sick of the other guy’s voice.

People tend to talk at each other. Disagreeing opinions may bring people to interrupt one another. Go somewhere public and listen in on someone’s conversation. How common are interruptions in real life? It’s pretty common.

So, consider adding some interruptions to your characters’ dialogue! Examples included, of course.

Interruptions add a realistic dynamic to speech. By breaking things up, dialogue will be more varied and more interesting to follow. Of course, you shouldn’t have characters cutting each other off left and right, or it’ll get annoying. But it does help the dialogue flow between speakers when properly implemented, just like how you want a variety of sentence lengths and structures.

They can work wonders on your characterization. Some will interrupt more than others, and they’ll all react to being interrupted differently. Do they continue their sentence, ignoring the interruption? Do they stop to listen? Do they get upset with the other for cutting them off? Are they just a rude person, simple as that? Or are they annoyed with that person in particular?

“She’ll come around, Ethan. I promise. Until then, while you’re here, you should tour the city. I’ve requested the day off tomorrow so I can—”

“That won’t be necessary,” he interrupted. I heard the scrape of a chair against the tile. My lips pursed. Estranged from Aunt Lillian or not, he was being harsher than necessary. Then again, she should have expected this. “Goodnight, Lillian.”

“Oh, of course! Goodnight. It was so nice to—”

The front door slammed.

You can use an interruption to show what your character doesn’t want to talk about. Is there a topic they’re avoiding? Are they cutting someone off before they reveal a secret, or interrupting a heartfelt apology before getting too gooey? Interruptions are a great way to swerve the conversation in a different direction.

He hung his head. “I’m just so ashamed. To let that woman deceive me—”

“It’s fine,” I assured him. “Really. It was an illusion, and we don’t blame you.”

“Audrey, if this is—”

“Don’t you dare say goodbye.”

They can help you set the tone. Interruptions are great for arguments! They increase the tension as characters clash to have their thoughts heard. You don’t want absolutely every line to be an interruption, though!! Keep it varied.

“You’ve talked to your mom on the phone, so I thought you’d give Ethan a chance, too—”

“Give him a chance? What is this, a competition?” I snapped. “You’re the only one who wanted him here. I was just starting to enjoy being away from them, and then you just dump this on me. Trying to get points with your brother by selling me to him.”

“Points?” she echoed, her mouth hanging open. “Oh, never! Alice, I swear I only agreed because I thought you wanted your parents to visit you. I thought it meant he was willing to try again.” Her eyes were pleading. “I miss my family, Alice.”

“It just means he’s willing to risk lesbian cooties for the sake of beating my mom in court.”

She recoiled, her wide eyes filling with moisture again. “He’s just stubborn. He’s always been like this. But after a bit—”

“You haven’t seen him in fifteen years. Get real, Aunt Lillian. He’s not your kid brother anymore.”

It can show one character’s dominance over the situation or conversation. Cutting someone off in speech can be a sign of their authority. The other person might give a weak argument, only to be cut off and shot down by the person on the offense.

But Aunt Lillian wasn’t buying it. “I want you to sit out for the rest of the night.”

I made a sound of protest. “But—”

“You’ve already strained your shoulder.” Her voice was firm. “You don’t want to injure it any more than it already is.”

I was honestly curious. “Why do you like her?”

“I don’t—” he sputtered, wide-eyed.

I arched an eyebrow, grinning. “You don’t like her?”

Vince looked at the carpet, pink still flaming his cheeks. “She’s just… she’s rather pretty, don’t you think? And she has a certain confidence to her…”

And there you have it! Just make sure to use the interruptions sparingly, and only when appropriate. If you use them too often, they’ll stop carrying as much weight. The fewer interruptions you have in a scene, the more weight each of them will hold.

Now go forth and have your characters rudely interrupt each other (or for other reasons)!


Just Fannibal Things

Last night I dreamed that I strung a pervert up from the ceiling with washi tape and all I could think upon waking was how proud Hannibal would be of my design.


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Happy birtday to our bunny, mom, leader Junmyeon!Thank you for taking care of our favorite people on earth. Words can descibe how much i’m so happy for you to be celebrating another year of life.
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Our favorite people and our favorite stories become so not by any inherent virtue, but because they illustrate something deep in the grain, something unadmitted. Shoeless Joe Jackson, Warren Gamaliel Harding, the Titanic: how the mighty are fallen. Charles Lindbergh, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe: the beautiful and the damned.
—  Joan Didion, from 7000 Romaine, Los Angeles in Slouching Towards Bethlehem

My boyfriend and I were so offended when the scoutmasters of the local boyscouts went door to door letting the neighborhood know their troops would stand for traditional values. But we surprised them when we politely invited the two knuckleheads inside to hear what they had to say. We did our best to tune them out as we waited for the tea we gave them to kick in. It was a special blend that knocked those bastards out. Wasn’t long before my boyfriend and I burrowed into those sleeping idiots and woke up a little groggy, but invigorated by our objectively better bods. My boyfriend suggested we teach the world about “traditional” values right as I got out the webcam. This was our favorite way to teach people a lesson. We logged into our live cam account and put on a hell of a show for our audience.

Why Skins UK was the Best Teen Show EVER

For those of you who haven’t seen the show or are just so obsessed with it you’ll read anything about it, here’s a rather detailed explanation as to why Skins, the show that told the unglamorous story of a bunch of English pubescents, was literally the best thing to ever happen to teen television:

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Bear Necessities Isn’t Always Life

Originally posted by corleonesandlannisters

   “ Tom hurry up its about to start!” You exclaimed curling on the couch as you waited for your fiancé to join you. He had decided to buy the real life Jungle Book on dvd even though you had both watched it when it was at the cinema like ten times. Most people would consider that a little extreme but not you and Tom being the Disney geeks you two were. “ I’m here darling I just had to grab the popcorn.” Tom pants taking his spot beside you and the couch and wrapping his arms around you.

          “Are you ready for this darling?” he asks his blue eyes lighting up like a child on Christmas morning. “ Of course Hiddles I was born ready.” “ This is going to be amazing Christopher Walken is amazing.” He exclaims before you place a hand over his mouth. “ Tom sweetie I love you and all but please be quiet you’re interrupting my Disney.” You retort sternly as the first titles popup. “ I rorry fer disrupting wu” Tom says through your hand. “ Shhhhhh.” You send him a glare that instantly shut him up.

“ Darling are you crying?” Tom asks a few minutes later. Taking the time to tear your eyes away from the screen you let out a small whimper. “ She’s the only mother he’s ever known… Why?” You let out another groan before throwing your face in Tom’s arm. “ Darling it’s alright.” He says pulling you into his lap and cradling you against his chest. You curl into him settling in his warmth as you continue watching the movie.  “ Look for the bear necessities.” You hear Tom sing along with Baloo and Mowgli a little while later. “ Enjoying yourself baby.” You reply with a smirk.

“ Of course I’m watching my favorite Disney movie come to life with the gorgeous love of my life.” “ Wow… Did you seriously just rhyme there?” You ask rolling your eyes at the cheesiness of your soon to be husband. “ I do what I want!” he purrs in your ear using his Loki voice. “ Thomas please… I want to watch the movie not get caught doing other things.” You exclaim with a sigh. “ What you don’t love me?” he gasps feigning hurt. Tom’s blue eyes shown with such a convincing amount of sadness you actually found yourself feeling bad for him.  

“ Stop it you’re making me feel bad!” You grumble before playfully swatting him in the chest. “ Ok I surrender.” He says holding up his hands in a non-threatening manner. “ You’re lucky I love you.” you retort placing a gentle kiss on his mouth before placing your full attention back on the movie. A groan escapes your lips as a knock sounds on the door. “ I got it darling hold on.” Tom mutters before gently sliding you beside him and heading to the door.

“ Hey guys come in come.” You heard Tom say followed by a pair of familiar voices. “ Hello love.” Ben’s deep baritone voice hits your ears as he walks in with Sophie in tow. “ Hello big brother! Sophie! .” You say flashing him and Sophie a grin. “ We just thought we pop over and see our favorite people. Ben says suddenly going quiet. “ Is that the new Jungle Book?” he asks excitedly.  “ Of course.” You retort cheekily before Ben flops down on the couch totally immersed by the show.

Sophie takes a seat knowing that she’ll probably not get a word out of any of you tonight. “ Carley dance with me darling?” Tom asks as Big Louie starts singing “I Wanna Be Like You.” “ Sure.” You stutter before being yanked up against Tom’s strong chest. Tom swung you around the room dancing with you sloppily in his arms. A giggle escaped your mouth as you he threw you into a dramatic dip. Just as Tom yanked you up into his arms Ben ripped you away from him.

“ Aw Tom.” You coo trying to hold back a laugh as your fiancé stares at his best friend with a look of utter betrayal. “ Don’t worry Tom I’ll give her back to you momentarily.” Ben said as he cradled you protectively against him as he swayed you around the room. “ Ben you’re such a dork.” You laughed at your brother as he pulled you into his arms bridal style and spun you around. “ Oh I could never be a dork darling.” “ Alright Cumberbatch it’s my turn.” Tom says staring at Ben like a child who wants the other kids toy. “ She’s my baby sister I have every right to dance with her.” Ben retorts cockily. “ She’s my fiancé and the love of my life. So I guess that means I’ve got more of a right…” Tom replies sassily raising his eyebrows at your older brother.

“ Ummm guys I’m right here.” You say staring at the two men who appeared to have forgotten your presence even though you were still in Ben’s arms.

“ Oh my dear friend I didn’t want to do this…” Tom purrs in his Loki voice. “ But it appears as though you’ve given me no choice.” He finishes before cracking his neck and fingers. You’re eyes get wide as you stare at the two men. “ Guys don’t! Anything but this!” You beg.

“ Sophie take cover!” You say in anything but a calm voice. “ Why would I?” she starts to ask before you cut her off. “ Just do it!” she stares at you obviously confused before sitting in a chair farther away from the three of you.

A deep dark chuckle rumbles from Ben’s chest before he turns to Tom. “ Oh foolish one it would be my pleasure. To do a how… do you say it? Ah that’s right a Galactic Samurai!” Ben retorts fluidly in his Khan voice. Your brother puts you down before throwing you behind him protectively.

You glanced at your sister in law who was giving you a“ What in the world is going on! face. “ I’ll explain later.” You mouthed back to her as both men took they’re stances. You watched as both men locked eyes and then it happened. Tom and Ben sprung into action diving towards the back of the couch. Tom jumped across Ben letting out a triumphant yell as he grabbed the first object before your brother could grab his. A laugh sprang from your lips as they fell to the floor holding each holding a foam pool noodle. Ben stood to his feet first staring down at Tom with a smirk.

“ After all we’ve been through it’s going to be a pleasure destroying you.” he growls still using his Khan voice. “ Don’t celebrate your victory yet. The night has only begun.” Tom says still using Loki’s voice. Tom jumps up before smacking Ben in the chest. “ Oh you really shouldn’t have done that.” Ben tackles Tom to the ground smacking him with his noodle relentlessly.

“ You should have let me dance with your precious pet!” “ Never not after what you did to her the last time.” Tom gasps swiping Ben’s legs from under him and tackling him to the ground. “ Impossible!” Ben retorts flipping Tom onto his back. This continues for a few minutes both men rolling around on the ground wrestling.

After calming down for a moment they both stand facing each other.

“ Is that the best you’ve got you dull creature?” Tom growls. “ Oh Darling this was just the beginning.” Ben exclaims. “ That the best you’ve got.” He says as Tom smacks him in the chest. “ No this is!” You exclaim before tackling your brother to the ground smacking him relentlessly. “ How dare you join his forces?” Ben exclaims flipping your onto your back. He hovers over you pressing your body to the floor.

“ I’ll never join you again not after the last time.” You grumble trying to loosen his strong grasp on you. “ But you betrayed me! My own flesh and blood!” He growls getting down in your face.

He jumps up before grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder.  Placing your hand under your chin you glance over at Tom who was staring at you with wide fearful eyes.

“I’m a damsel” I’m in distress… I can handle this have a nice day.” You said dryly quoting one of your all time favorite Disney movies. Tom stood in front of Ben holding his hands up. “ Friend please let the maiden go.” He said slowly his eyes pleading. “ I have more right to her then you now leave me before I do something we’ll both regret. “ Ben purred darkly.

A scream hit your lips as Tom let out a feral battle cry before tackling Ben to the ground. Your scream suddenly became a grunt as you ended up on the bottom of what should have been a Cumberbatch Hiddleston Sandwich.

“ Ugh… Tom that was a dumb move.” You grumbled sticking your head out from under the person on your head and slapping them good.

“ Ow what did I do?” you heard Ben groan. “ I’m sorry brother dear I was aiming for Tom.” You state. “ I’m sorry darling but could you please remove your leg from my face it’s getting hard to breathe.” Tom muttered. Crawling out from Tom and Ben you threw yourself onto them long ways. Hearing their groans of complaint as you did so.

“ Well boys I have to admit that was the best round of Galactic Samurai we’ve ever played!” You said knowing how sore all three of you would be in the morning. “ I’ll say you’ve gotten stronger little sister.” Ben retorts proudly. “ Same time next Friday?” Tom says letting out a laugh.

“ Don’t push your luck Tommy dear!” Ben replies cheekily. “ I agree… I leave for  filming next Saturday and I can’t have Hemmers and Spangles carry me around everywhere.” You say letting out a laugh as your mind went to the last bad round of Galactic Samurai.

RDJ making fun of your ability to barely walk and the Chris’s and Paul taking turns carrying you. The sound of the credits brings your mind back to the reason the three of you had been excited in the first place.

“ Boys?” “ Yes (Carley?) Your brother and fiancé asked in unison.  I hate you both you made me miss the movie.” You grumble throwing your face into Tom’s back dramatically.

Sophie stared down at the three of you wondering how she ever managed to marry into one of the weirdest families to ever walk the planet.  

“ Look for the Bear Necessities the simple bear Necessities.” Tom shut up you grumbled.” Sophie shook her head before turning on Pitch Perfect. “ Oh we have to watch this one.” You squealed jumping up and throwing yourself into the seat next to your sister in law.

“ Awkascuse me!” Sophie exclaims feigning irritation. “ My names not actually Fat Amy… Its Fat Patricia!” You say imitating her voice perfectly. “ Are you going to say anything about what just happened?” You asked the brunette before staring down at the two men who were still on the floor. “ Nope.” “ Ok good.” You say throwing your attention back on the movie

(the british library flickr+discworld 6/?)

“Mr Vimes is okay but he a bit weird about some stuff, he keepin’ on sayin’ stuff like dis city is a meltin’ pot an’ all der scum floats to der top, and stuff like dat.”

I’m a romantic, ya know? We like pretty things even if they hurt. Pretty girls, pretty words, pretty - soft touches, pretty lies, we like pretty everything even if it kills us. & I don’t think that’s wrong. I don’t think that’s wrong to look at a person smoking and saying something like “She’s killing the wildflowers inside her chest.” Because I mean, that’s just who we are, and we really do visualize those kinds of things. I don’t think it’s wrong to listen to a song that breaks our hearts and naming it as our favorite. People are like, “Well that’s fucking depressing.” but it’s not, ya know? We’re just romantics so we love all things that affect our insides. When a girl say’s she doesn’t love us anymore, it hurts, but I think it hurts more because we romanticize that. So when the time comes that someone takes away our fantasies, or our life we build where they become characters that hardly ever really even existed, and someone says, “That was real. That happened, and she REALLY doesn’t fucking love you anymore.” … That will probably kill us…

But that’s a romantic for you. We love things that kill us because we can somehow find it in ourselves to make them seem better.

—  My name is ______ , and I am a romantic.