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look I’m not saying Marinette and Alya have literally zero facial recognition skills but Adrien ID’ed Nino in a hot second despite the full facepaint, weirdo hood-thingy, and EXTREMELY DISTRACTING (and build-obscuring) bubble-suit while our favorite girls cannot recognize each other in a tiny domino face mask and bodysuit when they HAVEN’T EVEN RESTYLED THEIR HAIR. 

(I am cutting most of Paris a break on not spotting Marinette despite her complete non-disguise of an outfit because most of Paris does not know her, I am cutting her classmates a break because she actually doesn’t seem to be super-close to any of them aside from in the “ah yes we have gone to the same school for an amount of time“, it’s not like they do a ton of hanging out socially or anything and they also don’t see Ladybug up close and personal too often, but BEST FRIENDS AND OBSESSED WITH LADYBUG, ALYA, FFS

so obviously Nino spotted ADRIEN in a hot second and has known from day one that the new kid/his new BFF is a supercat. 

he did not out him when he was the Bubbler because dude, that would totally RUIN his birthday, he politely pretends to believe all his weird excuses for disappearing/running off, he makes sure to bring him the homework/copies of his notes on akuma-attack days, and he is a constant back-up alibi whenever anyone is like “where was Adrien again?” he also pretends not to notice the purring and acts like it’s totally normal when the other sneakily sneaks over to rub up on him for attention/pets. 

(really quite frankly Nino would probably roll with that even if Adrien WEREN’T a supercat, the guy is clearly affection-starved) 

and one day Chat Noir is going to flirt with dude-in-distress Nino Lahiffe and it is going to be a fucking TRIP for EVERYONE involved. 

Tell us about a woman who inspires you!

Next week is International Women’s Day and we are super excited to celebrate all our favorite women and girls who are fighting for equality and making the world a better place.

Are you excited too?

Let us know who you will be celebrating next week. Do you have a favorite female humanitarian? A female hero? A woman who inspires you?

Leave your reply in the comments and we’ll publish them on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr on March 8th! Please send us your answers before Monday, 6th March.

We can’t wait to hear from you,
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What I Want To See Before ACOTAR Ends

•Tamlin either get fucked up by Feyre or him redeem himself enough that we can swallow it
•The King of Hybern die a miserable death
•Hybern die with him and just burn in hell
•The racial discrimination and social classes be obliterated
•Tarquin and Rhys make peace and dream together for a brighter and bigger future
•Feyre becoming personal besties with Tarquin and maybe the other high lords
•The Suriel continuing to be our favorite Gossip Girl and fuck us up with his info
•The Suriel being bffs with Feyre (I know this is already a big thing in the fandom but actually reading it)
•Mor finding who she needs and continuing to love herself and be happy
•Amren freeing herself and us finally knowing exactly what kind of monstrous beast of death she is and shower hell
•Azriel finding who he needs and being happy and not so gloomy and just sticking with his shadows
•Cassian finding who he needs and stop being a buffer for his friends and being happy himself
•Elain and Nesta redeeming themselves and making a change
•Lucien finding himself out of his broken shell and being happy with Elain
•Nesta finding her calling and finding who she needs
•Miryam and Drakon???
•Prythian and the mortal realm being at peace once more
•Peace to reign for so long, Rhys opens up Velaris to all
•Illyrian females to properly train, stop getting their wings clipped, and being just as respected and feared than any other Illyrian male
•Beron and his other sons of the Autumn Court also burning in hell and Lucien having the honors
•Feyre being able to paint for an eternity and be so full of life and joy and love for living she can’t even think about anything else (other than probably doing Rhys, but you know)
•The Inner Circle finding true happiness for an eternity
•Rhys not getting such a volatile bad rep anymore
•Small baby bats and fae running around everywhere from our favorite ships
•Illyrian wingspans correlating with other parts being fully proven in detail ;)

Anyone else?

Straight up now tell me

Dear Maya
Happy Day After Valentines Day! I’ll be straight with you - this is one of my favorite days of the year. All the chocolate is half price. It doesn’t get much better! How about our favorite girl on SNL a couple of weeks ago? OMG she was too much! I love how she puts people in their place. She looked hot as always! (no, I’m not gay but I still think she’s hot.) Her handsome man sure makes my temperature rise too (that’s the straight truth)

K: dude. Your Valentine bromance in Berlin is blowing up twitter. #notmypresident is going to be one jealous fucker. I think he’s in love with you

R: It’s time everyone knows the truth

K: alternative facts?

R: I am soooooooooooooooo gay

K: STFU! After SNL the whole world knows how gay I am & now you toooooooooo. Just whoa dude

R: well…….you saw the hand holding……..it can only mean one thing

K: I actually totally love that you and I are both gay. Whew. No more secrets

R: maybe people will leave us alone to go about our gayness

K: wishful thinking

R: mmmmm know what I’m thinking?

K: thinking about that Valentine I left on your pillow?

R: picturing you licking the envelope sure as fuck makes me straight

K: wait what?? you’re straight now?

R: I am. Straight up. Damn straight.

K: STFU! me tooooooooooooooooo

R: Isn’t it amazing how in sync we are? I’m gay, you’re gay then I’m straight and you’re straight

K: Can’t even wrap my head around it……. back to Valentines……I loved mine. Sooooo much. Thanks dude

R: you liked that did you?

K: how could I not? You picked it out

R: I do have excellent taste. I picked you

K: awwwww!

R: your smile this morning was thanks enough

K: I’ ll be sure to show you my appreciation again later. :) so your fav gift is a “trade secret” huh? Is “trade secret” a code phrase?


K: like your secret twitter addiction????

R: I am NOT addicted to Twitter! I don’t tweet. I lurk. It’s not the same thing
K: twitter is full of shit

R: people who tweet solely for attention are full of shit.

K: some people need to be straightened out

R: some people are too twisted

K: word

R: truth

K: no alternative facts

R: just giving it to you straight up

K: yes please

R: ?

K: yes please give it to me straight up.

R: Is that code for something?

K: do I need to show you?

R: I love when you show me

K: that’s why I’m pretty sure you’re not gay. Despite the hand holding

R: You got me. I’m not gay. So you wanna hold my hand?

K: I totally rock at hand holding

R: you rock at something even better

K: I love the way you make me rock. But. I still love holding your hand

R: you hold my heart too

K: you hold mine dude. Always have. I straight up love you

R: I straight up love you more

So sweet Maya
There are some seriously twisted people in this world and there will always be snakes we have to watch out for but goodness will ultimately prevail. Love trumps hate. It’s going to be OK.

Hit The Floor (Season Two) Top 10 Dersha Moments: #1 Ahsha Tells Derek That She Wants To Be With Him

A hot tub, The Weeknd, a naked Derek Roman, and our favorite Devil Girl willing to put her dance career on the line for a chance at love with our favorite baller. All these things combined made for the top Dersha moment of season 2. A moment so big, it lit up social media and the entire Dersha fandom, and still, ‘till this day, remains unforgettable. With season three approaching, we can only hope that with Derek Roman’s promise to fight for his girl, he and Ahsha will find a way to rekindle the same flame, passion, and love that brought us to this moment. Tune in to the season 3 premiere of Hit The Floor tonight @ 9pm est. to see what happens with our favorite TV couple! 

Happy Hit The Floor Premiere Day! 

anonymous asked:

A vague request I hope you'll like: can u please post some of ur fave im@s songs??? (Aka I need song recommendations)

This was a really hard one to answer since there are just too many good songs! Anyway, Here’s some of our favorites!

Mod Takanya:
Flower Girl by Takane
Koi Kaze by Kaede

Mod 720p:
Dakara Konya Kimi to by Takane, Hibiki, & Yukiho
Isle (Harmonized ver.) by Ibuki, Julia, &  Mizuki
Aoi Tori -Taku Inoue Remix- by Chihaya


With the unfortunate disbanding of 2NE1, a lot of us have been robbed of our favorite ‘Girl Crush’-style girl group. Who’s going to slay our asses without them? Who is going to provide the level of badass-ed-ness we need to survive? Have no fear– I’m here with a list of badass, fierce, confident ladies, and while no one can ever replace 2NE1 in our hearts, these girls might be able to numb the pain a little bit.

These groups are rookie groups– not just because there were quite a few really good badass groups that debuted this year, but because many of them need your support. Girl Crush concepts are often slept on, and I’d hate for some of these groups to have to disband because they don’t have enough of an income.

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raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens

     Brown paper packages tied up with strings

               These are a few of my favorite things

*sprays perfume*



Aradia Week Day 2: Post-End Theorization

“you all worked hard for your happy ending, and cross my heart, you’re going to get it!”

And thus, another day of Aradia week begins! 

For this prompt, we were to give our speculation as to what our favorite ram girl is up to after the end of Homestuck. After all, like many characters, she was given a vague and unfulfilling ending to her arc. 

So, it is to my belief that she, along with her Team Charge buddy, are leading the ghosts to their new universe on their humongous pirate ship, the S.S. Satisfying Conclusion.

Who knows what will happen once these ghosts reach the new universe. Will all Kanayas merge into one single Kanaya, whom has all the memories of all the Kanayas? Will thousands of Daves have to learn to live with each other? Will the ghosts simply remain ghosts, and spook the residents of the planet for generations to come? The answer remains unclear, but I do know this for certain: Aradia knows more than anyone else that death isn’t the final straw, and would want to help the ghosts that she’s spent years befriending after they’ve worked so hard!

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, that boat is moving thanks to the strength of all of the Aradiabots’ powers. Just as we honor Aradia, we honor you too, Aradiabots! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! This theorization may be a little optimistic, but hey, that’s what Aradia stands for!


(at this point, I think I’m going to slap a rant onto every single aradia week post i make, due to the type of person that I am)