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Our first Pride Parade was so much fun!

Thanks to the LGBTQ Employee group here at Wizards of the Coast, our first time participating in the Seattle Pride Parade was a big success. We had beautiful signs, fun shirts, a few magical costumed characters, and treats like rainbow candy and pins to giveaway. The best part was having the opportunity to meet with fans, and share our love for our amazing community.

Hey Voltage fans!

Remember that “something big” we mentioned? Well, it’s our new pay-to-play app, Love 365: Find Your Story!

We’re sure some super sleuth fans are already curiously eyeing the Japanese version, so we’re here to answer your burning questions about the English release and what it means for you and your beautiful ikemen!

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Steve: So uh, I love you Danny

Danny: You know I love you too, babe

Steve: No, I mean, I’m in love with you… I want us to be together

Danny: *smiles fondly and pulls Steve in for a kiss*

Steve: So this means you’re in love with me too?

Danny: Always have been, always will be

Steve: *smiles and pulls Danny in for another, deeper kiss*


About the Danganronpa Fandom,

I appreciate the people who translate new information and content, especially since they are not obligated to do so. 

I appreciate the people who draw beautiful fan art of our favorite characters. 

I appreciate the people who write amazing fan fictions for us to read. 

I appreciate the people who provide resources for us to use (transparents, sprites, etc). 

I appreciate the people who make anything contributing to the fandom. 

I appreciate the people who are considerate of others when tagging. 

I appreciate the people who like or reblog the things I post and leaves nice or funny responses to them. 

I appreciate all of the amazing people in this fandom.

Forgive and Forget (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Can I request a Jimin smut when you are married and he forget about your anniversary , then he make up to you, and wins with a very romantic smut. 

Originally posted by sosjimin

As you sat on the floor of your bedroom arranging the bookshelf, your husband comes up from behind you to give you a kiss ontop of your head.

“What are you doing?”

You switched out two of the books before stopping and turning around. He was dressed up.

“It looked messy so I was trying to fix it. Are you going somewhere?”

Jimin nods, fixing his outfit. 

“We have a company dinner tonight.”

You tilt your head. Come to think of it he hadn’t said, “Happy Anniversary” all day. You just assumed he knew because he kept saying today was important and special.

“Is that all?” You asked.

“Yeah but don’t worry I’ll come home earlier and you can have me all to yourself.”

You turned back around, facing your back to him.

“No, It’s fine. You can stay out…like you said today is special.”

“What? You mean it? Thanks babe.” He gives you another quick kiss on the cheek and disappears out of the room. You let out a sigh and fall back on the ground, staring up at the ceiling. You were newly married, how could he forget today? 


Jimin arrived on time to his dinner, greeting the other members. Taehyung smiled.

“Can you believe how crazy stuff has been? All these awards and stuff…It’s amazing.”

Jimin nodded. “Yeah, our fans really are something.”

Namjoon comes over to the two of them with a smiling face. As the leader he couldn’t have been more proud to see and hear about the success they built on their own. Coming from a small company it wasn’t easy but together they managed.

“The CEO should be here soon.” He told the other two.

“Maybe he’ll pay for all of us tonight. He did say that we made it once we had our own solo songs.” Jimin joked.

Namjoon laughed. “Yeah maybe, I’m surprised you’re here to be honest. How did you manage to get out?”

Jimin tilted his head. “Get out of what?”

Namjoon sighed. “You forgot your own anniversary? Even I remembered and I don’t think that’s my job.”

His eyes widened and he set the drink down on the table.

“Oh damn it…I think I need to leave-”

Just as Jimin stood up from the table their boss walked in and he froze. Now knowing that he messed up there wasn’t a way out of it. He just sat back down, hoping to make it up to you later on. It was a guilty 2 hours but he rushed home as soon as he could, bursting through the door. He walked into the bedroom to find you passed out asleep, all on your own. He got down next to the bed.

“Shit…I’m so sorry..” He whispered.

His voice started to wake you up and you shifted in your sleep. When you slowly opened your eyes you saw him in front of you.

“You’re home..” You mumbled.

He nodded, stroking your hair.

“Yeah, babe. I’m home…I’m so sorry about earlier. I’m so stupid. I can’t believe I forgot. It’s just that things have been so busy lately and I lost track of the days.”

You lifted yourself up to sit up in the bed, as much as you wanted to stay mad at him he was right. They weren’t used to such packed schedules and he was doing the best he could at the moment. 

“It’s okay. Wait here, okay?”

Jimin nodded, letting you run off to the bathroom. He comfortably sat down on the bed as he waited for you to come back out. He wondered if you were secretly mad at him but he hoped the present he picked up would make up for it. Just as he was about to pull it out of his pocket you opened the door again. His eyes widened in surprise. There you were standing in the doorway only wearing the new lingerie that you had picked out for that night. He was speechless, guiding his eyes throughout every inch of you.


You turned red. “I-is it too much? I can change? I was just excited to show you….this isn’t your present but I wanted to see your reaction.”

“Can you come over here?”

You obeyed, walking next to the bed. 

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SEVENTEEN Teen Vogue Interview (1/2)

Teen Vogue: Although this isn’t your first time playing in North America, these are your first solo concerts - is there something important personally, as well as a group, that you want to accomplish on these four dates?

Joshua: What we want is to show SEVENTEEN’s very own style of music and performances to the people in North America and to spread the K-Pop trend throughout.
Vernon: Wherever we perform, our first priority is that no one gets hurt. And so far I think we’ve been pretty successful in that matter! Also, we always try to share our energy and positivity to our audience. We’re happy to make crazy memories with our North American fans as well!

TV: As SEVENTEEN play more and more of their own shows in different cities and countries, it must be pretty special to be able have family come along. What’s it like knowing they’re there?

Seungkwan: In the beginning we were especially nervous on the days our family showed up. But now it seems we’re much more excited about being able to be on stage and it feels really great when we see how happy our family is after seeing our shows.

Jeonghan: I think when my family is watching I’m a little more nervous. It might be because I don’t want to let them down seeing that they have supported me from the very beginning and have always cheered me [on] in regards to achieving my dreams. I want to make them proud.

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natvanlis: Had so much fun shooting with the uber talented @aharpstagram and @ashleawessel again yesterday, but this time with the lovely @baumanelise for the @carmillaseries movie poster! It’s going to be some real ethereal goodness. (Although, I gotta say that trying to look stoic while jumping on a trampoline is remarkably challenging!) We ALSO can’t wait to see the #CarmillaMovie teaser for the first time with our amazing fans at #FanExpo this Saturday!!! Life is magical. 💃🏻

Things that I LOVE about Dragon Age Inquisition fandom:

- Basically, we all agree that Cullen’d be a GREAT DAD. So, Commander of Our Hearts, take this bunch of children!

- The badass ladies Inquisitors can be totally feminine and enchanting, wearing pretty clothes, flowers crowns and smiles. We are warriors, but also women.

- Dorian is our best friend.

- We are open minded: we love mages, but Ser Barris and Knight - Captain Rylen too (plus, Lysette).

- We all agree with Cullen: Orlesians suck (Michel De Chevin is the exception who confirmes the rule).

- Josephine is our Disney Princess.

- Cassandra is a precious cinnamon roll warrior princess.

- What the hell is happen to Leliana?!

- The inventory in the game is always too little for all our crap things.

- The bigger are the Qunari Inquisitors, the softer they are.

-The smaller are the Elven Inquisitors, the badasser they are.

- Mods are good. Generally. At least, our Inquisitors won’t make Vivienne disapproving after seeing our canonical haristyles and/or pajamas.

- Stroud is a dead moustache.

- Our fan artists are amazing.

- Our fan writers are amazing.

- Probably, if the Fear Demon in the Fade could try to scare us, he would say “No more Dragon Age for you!”.


SnK fan fiction on each website:

Archive of our own: amazing grammar, original plot, great character development, intense climax…unfinished/discontinued

Wattpad: either you finished all the completed or good fanfics there or they’ve been dead for a year or two.

Fanfiction.net: lol what’s a full story, have a bunch of well written one shot

Tumblr: the best fanfics or one shots are hidden in a secret tag, either you try every tag till you find it or you have to go on the otp tag and scroll past all the hate until you find it.

Honestly just why can’t I freaking.

[Interview]B.A.P Brings Party Baby Tour Stateside, Talks 'Wake Me Up': 'We Are Part of the Current Generation'

From the first moment of “Hurricane” to the final note of their encore performance of “Bang X2,” Korean boy band B.A.P hyped up the crowd at New York City’s Terminal 5 on Saturday (April 8) night. The second stop during the US leg of their 2017 Party Baby world tour, the set list was built around the group’s most danceable songs to create a club-like environment where the band and their fans, known collectively as BABY, could party it up and revel in the group’s artistry.

Water guns, a costume contest, and a handful of solo sets – beginning with the two youngest, Jongup and Zelo, each of whom showed immense growth as singers since their last visit to New York – helped set a festive, intimate tone for the night, which saw B.A.P radiate with joy throughout as fans cheered and danced along with their high-energy performances. There was certainly a lot to celebrate on this latest tour, which was the group’s fourth throughout their time together: Five years into their career, B.A.P has seen multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart, including last year’s Noir. More recently, the group returned with their Rose EP and the profound single “Wake Me Up” in March, their first new music since rapper-songwriter Bang Yongguk returned after taking a break last year from B.A.P’s promotions due to mental health-related issues.

Billboard sat down with the K-pop act (Zelo, Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae and Jong Up) ahead of their New York show to discuss their latest releases and what makes the Party Baby tour a new experience for B.A.P and their fans.  

Welcome back to New York! How does it feel to be performing here once again?

Him Chan: It was hard getting over from Atlanta to New York as there were some [weather-related] difficulties. But the fact that we’re here in New York right now fills us with positive energy. We’re looking forward to putting on another amazing performance for our fans tonight.

You toured the United States multiple times in the past, but is there anything that you’re looking forward to particularly on this tour?

Young Jae: I’m looking forward to going to Washington D.C., just because I’ve always wanted to visit.
Him Chan: On our first US tour we went to Washington, but because a lot of things have changed since then we’ve wanted to visit again.

This is the Party Baby tour even though in the past you’ve always brought your Live on Earth tours to the US. How are the two different?  

Jong Up: Compared to previous concerts that we’ve put on in the past, we tried to orientate Party Baby more towards interaction between ourselves and fans so that we can have more of a party or a club atmosphere and just be able to have have a good time. I think that, compared to our previous performances, we want to focus on the whole collaborative effort of just all our fans and us working together to create one performance.

To get more involved you provided fans with a dress code, with a different style corresponding to each specific member. How did you come up with that idea?

Young Jae: This dress code idea for the tour was something that us as the artists – along with the tour directors – thought up since we thought it would be a good way to interact with our fans.

The tour’s set list seems to focus a lot on your newer songs and doesn’t really have a lot of your older music on it. What does that choice say about B.A.P’s musical growth as performers?

Him Chan: We’re really not holding back on this tour. We’re just unlocking all of our abilities and our skills, putting them together for this show. This time, we wanted to be able to show our fans everything that we have. There’s no significance of us not performing many older songs. We just want to be able to put on a good performance with all of our recent songs.

B.A.P has had multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart. How has that made you feel as a group?

Young Jae: We think it’s amazing, and we’re really fascinated that we can continue to find love from across the world from all of our fans. We’re always grateful and we’re always thankful towards our fans, and we want to continue to show them love for their support for us.

There are only three songs on your new EP Rose, but they each are distinct stylistically. How did that come about?

Young Jae: We’ve released happy songs and we’ve released songs with strong, positive messages, but it’s been a while since we released an album so we wanted to show a third side to B.A.P, one that we knew we were capable of doing and really wanted to show to our fans this time.

Him Chan: “Dystopia” was one of those songs where we just wanted to show B.A.P in all our attributes with rock, heavy metal, and just pay homage to that. For “Wake Me Up,” it was one of those songs for our generation, because we are part of the current generation, where we just wanted to show that we’re present and that we are with the fans and how they feel about current events. As for “Diamond 4 Ya,” we wanted to be melodic, we wanted to play with pitches and instrumentals, and that was something we were looking forward to showing as well.

How was approaching your return with the single “Wake Me Up” different from your past releases?

Him Chan: When we were approaching this album in comparison to previous albums we just wanted to have something that’s more lively, more one on one with our fans. We wanted something that would resonate with our fans, through the message that we’re trying to spread.

Dae Hyun: We feel that we’ve grown a lot individually and together as a group and we wanted to show that in our work this time.

The music video for “Wake Me Up” featured one of the most diverse casts that K-pop’s ever seen. How did that come about?  

Dae Hyun: Every time we shoot a music video we have meetings with the producers who help us create them and we put together all of our ideas. Everything from the individual shots of the video to the casting of everyone who will appear. We just come together and put together our ideas, and then we put it all into a final product. But the most important thing is that our ideas have changed, and that helped shape how we felt towards this music video and how we wanted it directed. Initially the plan was to use a Korean cast but after the members got together and we put together our thoughts, we wanted to go with a more diverse cast to show that we have an accurate representation of our society today. Not just of in Korea or America, but all over the world. We wanted to express that through our music video, which is why we decided to go with such a diverse cast.

Him Chan: It was never really something for us that we wanted to do, just stick to a Korean cast because we are Korean. We wanted to represent every part of the world and pay homage to the fans who’ve come out to support us.

The music video’s storyline, which features messages about self-care and mental health, was incredibly progressive, but while making it did you expect that it would resonate with so many fans from around the world?

Him Chan: When we were putting together the music video, we didn’t think that extensively into it, but we did intend to insert multiple meanings into certain aspects of it. We just wanted it to be interpreted by the fans.

B.A.P has been together for five years now, so how do you keep motivated during the rough times?

Dae Hyun: What’s kept us together as a group so strongly was our fans. We really feel that because of the support from our fans we’ve been able to continue stronger and better than ever each time we release a new album as a group. It’s really all thanks to the fans, and we want to pay respect to them.

Young Jae: Before I got on the stage in Atlanta, I really wasn’t feeling well. But as soon as I got on stage and saw the faces of all our fans I felt so much better and became energized and ready to perform.

You guys have shown a lot of different artistic sides over the years. Are there any other sounds or concepts you’d like to try, or musicians you’d like to work with?

Dae Hyun: What I’ve always admired, and what I’ve wanted to do a lot recently, is a duet. That’s something that I’m going to look forward to doing in the future.

Zelo: I don’t really have anything I want to focus on but I want to connect with the fans and show a more amazing, more awesome performance each time and that’ll be reflected in my music.

What’s next for B.A.P? Are you working on anything new?

Dae Hyun: The [Party Baby] concept of this tour is completely new for us and we think that the most important thing for us right now is to finish the rest of this tour successfully, then return to all our fans across the world and back home in Korea. So that’s our priority currently.

Do you have any final words for your American fans?

Zelo: [In English] I love you.

Him Chan: We want to tell our fans in the United States that we’ll continue to work tirelessly and continue to show them a new, better improved performance and better side to B.A.P every time we can visit and perform for them.

All answers have been translated from the original Korean.

source: Billboard


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After 22 years there is so much to say and so many people to thank at this great football club. From coaches, team-mates and staff to the fans who have given me so much support down the years, I can’t thank you enough. There will be opportunities for me to speak further about this over the coming weeks.

I will decide on my future in due course, but for now I am committed to helping the team achieve success this season.

The club and I have always had a fantastic relationship, which will continue beyond my playing days. We had some really positive talks but with everything taken into careful consideration I have decided it’s the right time for me to leave. I’ve always been conscious that I depart at the right time, in the right way, and I feel that the end of this season is the right time for the club and I. I feel I still have plenty to offer on the pitch but understand that opportunities here at Chelsea will be limited for me. I’m eager to carry on playing and so will be looking to continue with a new challenge. I will of course always be a Blue and am desperate to end my final season as a Chelsea player with more silverware.

Finally, words cannot describe the love I have for our football club and our amazing Chelsea fans. I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the unbelievable support you’ve shown me over the years. You mean the world to me and every trophy we’ve won during my time at the club we’ve won together. I will never forget the incredible journey we’ve been on. Thank you so much for everything.

Good morning everyone! Here is a quick summary of my OL premiere experience:

I was lucky enough to get there very early so I was right next to the red carpet about ½ hour before it started. I ended up speaking with Leanne for a good bit. She was very sweet, said she would make sure she kept Sam right near us. We all asked her to make sure she kept Cait there too - she immediately agreed and seemed impressed that we were equally as interested in Cait as well as Sam. I think it’s good for the media to hear that we all want to hear as much about Cait - and maybe the more they hear it, the more we will get of our leading lady!

I was amazed at how close they let fans get in that small area with Sam & Cait. They walked right past me as they came on to the red carpet. They seemed to be shocked at how close everyone was and I think they were chatting about it quickly when they were taking the first few pics together. Honestly, at first they seemed a bit uncomfortable. People were CLOSE. They had a few security people, but honestly didn’t do much to restrict access.

Cait immediately went further down the line for interviews - so I really didnt’ get much time near her. But I know @queencaitriona had a good spot near her and gave some more details! Sam was near me most of the time. First of all, can I say that he is truly beautiful, and kind, and sweet. When he had to wait for a minute for cait to finish her first interview, he came over to a group of us on the side and was like “let’s get some selfies going here ladies” and took a number of pics with people.

My main observation about Sam over the course of the whole event is this looks like a man who is BONE TIRED, I mean clinically, overwhelmingly tired. He would smile for fans and for pics, but it never quite reached his eyes, and the smile didn’t stay. He would revert right into kind of a quiet, serious face. I am not implying that he didn’t want to be there. I’m sure he was very grateful for the support and was more than gracious to everyone - but the level of excitement and energy we expect from Sam didn’t seem to be turned on to it’s full potential. And who can blame him given his schedule lately.

The Episode was AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. Can I say it a few more times? I can’t wait until we can all discuss. There are tears and laughter. Sam and Cait were perfection as usual. But I have to say, Tobias was such a treat. I think I am going to really enjoy the Frank stuff (ducks flying “team icy road” signs”).

The Q&A was fun. Again, seemed a little low energy to me - to others who were there - did you have the same impression or was it just me? I sensed a very professional vibe from them the whole time - which is perfectly appropriate given that they are working. Again, felt a little different to me - but interested to hear other’s opinions.

Overall, a really fun night and has made me SUPER excited for the season to come!! I have some pics that I’ll send out separately.

We’d like to Introduce H.I.A.T.U.S. a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog.

After the lackluster BBC Sherlock Series 4 we received from TPTB, we wanted to create a way to encourage Johnlockers to keep creating amazing Sherlock fan work!

Our goal is to create a space that promotes community among Johnlock fanfic writers and their audiences through interaction and feedback. H.I.A.T.U.S. aims to be a fun place for readers and a safe space for aspiring writers to explore, make friends, find a project, and promote their work to a wider audience.

Every month we will run writing theme challenges, everyone is welcome to join in! Any submissions received will be posted to the blog during that month. If you’re interested in finding out more, please check out our submission guidelines.

We’re also in the process of creating a Johnlock Fic Masterlist of fanfiction written by our brilliant fan community! This list will be broken up into categories so it’s easy to find whatever story you’re looking for. If you have a fic that’s 25,000 words or less that you think is fantastic let us know by sending us a link through our ask box.

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