our fandom needs some of these things

i also think this new trend of neo-victorian purity culture in fandom that ridicules people for shipping “bad” ships and attacks writers whose fics have “problematic” content is subtly tied to fandom’s new visibility and conditional mainstream acceptance. because of twitter and the increasing celebrity and showrunner interaction with fans, and because representation politics have somehow melded with respectability politics, there’s this push to “cleanse” ourselves of weird, freaky, disturbing, embarrassing content and present ourselves to the world as just “normal” people who love tv shows and books. because if they see we’re normal and cool, they’ll listen to us right? they’ll respect our demands right? they’ll give us our ships right? nope! instead we’re experiencing a massive dearth in fandom creativity because people are only invested in supporting and uplifting canon ships and canon stories, and instead of looking to ourselves for creativity and representation we’re depending on showrunners who’ve never had our best interests at heart. and honestly eff that. i don’t care about being seen as “normal”. i’m a weirdo! i’m a freak! fandom is weird and freaky and i’m okay with that! in fact, there’s power in that. we don’t need some stamp of approval from showrunners and celebrities, and we certainly don’t need to justify why we write or desire certain content in our fics. be weird! be freaky! be embarrassing! own it! it’s the only thing that’s truly ours.

okay bitches, there’s something you need to know about maple syrup

Since none of y’all in the Check Please fandom know how it’s made, and I’ve read some pretty traumatising things in fics, I took these pictures especially for you today. And some are taken from the internet.

We dig holes on our maple trees so come Spring, they leak through metal peens.

In Québec, maples wear buckets. It’s FASHIONABLE.

Now, these are the quaint little érablières (maple tree places?), but others don’t mess around.

Then, what comes out can’t be eaten directly (except by squirrels), it needs to be boiled into one of these motherfuckers here

Now there are different ways of cooking maple, so you can have syrup, butter, and other goodies. What interests us right now is what we call “tire” (pronounce teer)

Below are pictures I took today at the Sugar Shack fair in my town. There are barrels of already boiled tire, and you need to boil it again to serve it. 

Then you pour it on the snow, in neat little lines. I should have taken that one, it was bigger than the one I actually got. 

Now you take a popsicle stick, start at one end and roll it up. You need to wait until it’s cold enough to stick together, and then you have to make sure it’s not lopsided or anything otherwise it gets all over your fingers and that shit’s sticky as hell.

Here you have the result (it’s pretty small, should be bigger). It’s so sweet, the best part is the cold snow that melts in your mouth at the same time. 

And THAT’s how you eat tire sur la neige. Yum yum. (say hi to my friend photobombing me). I don’t want to read false maple representation on future fics from now on, or the angry French Canadian fairy will come and set you right!

On Prompto

So this cave-dude I know recently called Prompto a ‘pussy’. Delightful, right? But then I’ve also noticed lately this weird tendency in fics to reduce Prompto to (and reinforce his character as) this emotionally weak, almost ‘frightened bunny’ trope, even bordering on actual childishness at times. Now, these are in fact two different issues in the end, yet the overlap is considerable, when you think about it. And I just…


While I recognise and absolutely support all fic writers and such in their right to do whatever the hell they want (Please do! You are valued, and our fandom needs you!), I just…maaaaan. Sometimes I just have to gently shake my head when it comes to some characterisations of our boy Prom.

Now I totally get that AU’s are a thing, as well as personal perspectives. Like, in my head, Prompto can have a pretty bad potty mouth, and regularly drops those f-bombs, and you can totally disagree with me, which is a beautiful thing. Also, if you follow this blog you have definitely seen me tag Prompto as a ‘smol cinnamon bun’, in need of protection ‘at all costs’ and blah blah blah (this is largely meme-based, because I subsist on Diet Coke and memes- I digress). 

But it’s honestly the layered essence of what makes this character who he is, the many elements written into and played out in the canon, that make him so appealing to me, personally. To see him essentially reduced to a caricature of himself, a distilled version of everything he is that just sort of latches onto this ‘he’s the baby and the smallest, the most caring and therefore the weakest’ idea, just feels so off the mark. And it makes me kind of sad, you know? 

Let it be known right off the bat that I’m obviously by no means claiming to be some sort of FINAL WORD ON PROMPTO or anything so ridiculous. Neither is this some sort of ‘call out’ on any particular writing or portrayal, at all. I can’t abide by that shit. 

I just feel like talking about how I see Prompto, I guess?  

In all honesty, the Prompto I experienced in the game, as well as in the anime, and audio drama, was anything but weak, and anything but childish. He was always, right from the start, very much the backbone of the Chocobros’ group, the one voicing what everyone was thinking, easing their tension and swallowing his self-doubt to strive to be the best he could be for his friends, like he’s always done. 

Originally posted by gladios-booty-sweat

He got this.

Prompto literally escaped/was rescued from/was vaguely aware of at least, a mysterious and probably terrifying early history, and then proceeded to face a lot of bullshit when he was growing up- at home, with frequently absent parents who left him often to his own devices, as well as at school, where he was closed off from and largely ignored by the other kids. This all could have resulted in a really timid, emotionally fragile or ‘weak’ character, but the fact is… it didn’t? He grew up independent and actually pretty capable of caring for himself, not to mention totally self-taught when it came to interacting with others (thank you for the vote of confidence, Luna). He also grew up with a compassionate streak a mile wide. 

I won’t get too into my thoughts on this idea in particular because this post is already massive, and to discuss patriarchal conventions (the aforementioned use of the word ‘pussy’ in this context), not to mention strength vs. resilience on top of it would just get out of hand. I will say this: we can all stand to remember that compassion does not equal weakness.

Prompto was afraid a lot, sure- they all were, obviously- but he was also brave as fuck. If bravery means to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, then Prompto’s a master. He’s been practising his entire life, after all.  

Prompto was always there, right? This ever present force for good, supporting his friends and their goals, to the bitter end. He was there, thinking and acting on the fly during the Leviathan ritual, which was obviously a horrific ordeal even before its conclusion. He was ever at the ready to see things from all sides, like when Ignis was injured and all hell broke loose between the less-capable, (emotionally-speaking) Gladio and Noct. He was even there, ready to offer a taste of his usual, cheery self when they were all together for the very last time, even if it was clearly breaking his heart. 


And yeah he’d kid around, make silly jokes (interestingly, it seems, especially during situations of high tension or uncertainty on the part of his friends, like deep in the depths of some mind-boggling ruins or when facing the prospect of ‘hey, we are actually going to go to Altissia now- oh holy fuck!’). But he was also so very capable of adult conversation, especially when it came to his feelings, which we saw several times throughout the canon- a sure sign of real maturity if ever there was one, in my opinion. 

The fact is, Prompto’s fear isn’t who he is, and neither is his small physical stature nor his big heart. Rather, his actions and choices in the face of all of that make up the person he is. (Like anyone, right?). He is no caricature for cute, nor for weak or timid or scared. And I for one want to see more about that guy, in all his multifaceted, achingly resilient, freckle-faced glory. 

And don’t fucking call me ‘pussy’, dude. 


i’ve been having some feelings about things. 

transcript below if ya need it

“Hey, maybe that thing you think is because of ingrained racism and you should be critical of why you think that.” “Im not racist fuck you”

We live in a racist culture. Racism is tied to almost (if not) everything. What we find hot, what we find sexy, what we love and hate.

When people talk about how certain preferences are racist, it’s not an attack to say you’re a filthy, irredeemable racist. Usually, anyway.

It’s a way of saying that racist cultural context makes you hate the same thing in a brown character that you love in a white character.

It’s the way of saying that as a culture, we’re willing to make literal Naz*s more complex and empathetic than a black woman or an Asian man

Why do you like Tony Stark but not Scott McCall? Why do you NoTP James and Kara, but not literally any other white ship?

Finn and Rey vs Rey and her torturer. Dizzy isn’t gay enough but fanon slash ships are better lgbt rep than an actual queer boy.

These may not be conscious decisions, but they’re being made anyway. Just because you don’t realize your bias, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

So recognize your bias. Confront it. Then work on being better. More critical. Because it may just be fandom to you, but media isn’t just 2D

Media seeps out of 2 dimensions –out of tv & books & movies– and shapes the way we humanize and empathize with real people.

Dont hide behind “It’s just my opinion”. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it perpetuates a culture where there’s no justice for black ppl

It doesn’t mean shit when the culture is sick. Your opinion is informed by and informs culture. So stomp that shit out early.


Since yesterday, I feel like shit. I feel ashamed. And sad. Embarrassed because ONE OF US did what they did with a nice guy like Rory.

I get that most of us also feel very very angry with whoever got his number and texted him non-stop. Personally, I would like to know whoever did that, but it wouldn’t be greatest idea. But I hope this person knows that they affected THE WHOLE FANDOM.

But how to move on from this episode?

I think that despite what happened, as fans, we all need to come together and think about our behavior the next time some of us have the opportunity to meet Katie, and about our online behavior too.

We need some guidelines and boundaries, so here it goes a few things I think we’ll need to do:

• Rory is obviously upset, plenty of us already apologized to him via Twitter, and that’s great, but LET’S GIVE HIM A BREAK. He needs some time to recover and move on with his life, so whatever he tweets next, do not respond. Just let him be.

• To all of you (like me) who wants to know the person who did that: JUST NO. The person it’s getting so much hate already, but we don’t want them to do something stupid like hurt himself/herself.

• LET’S STAY UNITED! It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been a Katie’s fan. No one it’s more because they follow her work since Merlin or less because they’ve fell in love with her for Supergirl. We need each other, we need to stay united no matter the Fandom.

• LET’S FORGET ABOUT HER BRITHDAY! And this goes to whatever personal information SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WANT TO SHARE! Do not ask her about it if you meet her, do not encourage someone to ask, don’t ask about boyfriends or girlfriends or anything personal at all. That’s what led us to this situation, unfortunately.

• KEEP LOVING HER! Let’s shower her with love and affection and admiration if we got the chance. Let’s not embarrass her with inappropriate Fandom questions or whatever, let’s just… LOVE KATIE AND HER AMAZING WORK.

If you guys want to add something to the list, feel free to do.

But whatever happens next, LET’S CONTINUE LOVING EACH OTHER. She united us, and we’re here to stay…


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Haii. Your blog is so beautiful. I'm new to Tumblr. Can you suggest me some httyd blogs I can follow please?

Hey friend! Thank you and welcome to this beautiful place! :D

Aha great question! It’s always important to know who follow when you’re new in a fandom :)

So I will put some HTTYD blogs I follow per classes:

Firstly, you’ve to follow HTTYD official blog @howtotrainyourdragon​ of course!

Then, if you want to see beautiful HTTYD gifs from your favourite show, you should follow @graphrofberk @fankakm @lutavero @dragonlover7860 @dragonlovertr @odair-hofferson @httydofdreamworks @berkedits @astrid-gifs and @queenelinor!

As to the HTTYD quotes, you should give a look at @justgotawesome‘s blog (contains also gifs)

Regarding HTTYD fanarts, there are a lot of persons you should follow: @leffie-draws-fanart @emmalennyeddie @avannak @jennis41digsdragons @wave-artworks-fanarts @snowprincess-artist @bgsdragons and @raide-draws-fanart!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing amazing HTTYD videos, you should watch @22craftgirl and @littlehttydthings!

In their own category, you’ve @tarched and @nightofthefury-3d who create HTTYD animation!

Besides, you have a lot of beautiful writers to follow, their HTTYD fanfictions are amazing: @e–wills @astrxd @chiefhiccstrid @avannak @astridthevalkyrie and @fanwriter02!

Also, you need to follow our fandom wise @kingofthewilderwest who does incredible HTTYD analysis and who is truly a beautiful person!

And if you just want to follow amazing people added to this list, there are: @hello-em75 who does amazing appreciation post and always manages to reunite the fandom together like @angies-team does too! You’ve @the-fanaddict who posts some livestreams I enjoy to see, @crazy4dragons who thinks about interesting HTTYD headcanons and @astridthefearless that always does amazing posts by pointing things we didn’t see in the shows! 

Added to that, if you’re a Hiccstrid shipper, you should follow @dailyhiccstrid and @hiccstridsource :)

I probably forget some other blogs but I don’t know everybody on this fandom and it’s up to you to discover many others HTTYD blogs! Have a nice experience in our fandom! I hope you’ll find amazing people as I did!

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I'm coming back into the WC fandom after a long absence (the last book I read was Sunrise and it was a struggle. I hated the writing) and reading the wiki and some blogs, apparently a lot of THINGS have happened with the Erins and I'm just D: Besides Harry Potter ( Cursed Child era when JK started taking it off the rails) I think this is the only fandom I've seen where we all like the basic concepts, but we hate the canon so we make headcanons/OC's. It's funny to me for some reason (1/2)

“(2/2) It’s like the Erin’s have messed things up so much by keeping this thing going so long and making all these weird plots try to connect and using the same tropes over and over that we basically just read the new books to keep up what’s going on, critique them and then go “Screw this, we don’t need them” and proceed to fix the bad writing and do our own stuff.”

you know i think the reason why so many people like warrior cats is because its so formulaic. like it gives us this basic layout - clan + naming structure + wc cat code, which enables kids to create their own fan universes. like wc is such an open ended world that is p rare compared to other series. like there is literally nothing saying that more clans don’t exist somewhere, or that this rogue can come in and take over etc. there is SO much room for fan interpretation and fan theories which is why i think WC is so successful 

 i have yet to see another series that is as fan-friendly for headcanons + fan worldbuilding as warriors 

A really long message @ the VLD fandom

OK but seriously though, I’m just going down the Voltron page and everyone is either complaining about Shallura dying, Allura’s ethnicity and age, Keith getting more screen time than the other paladins, or Anti-Shaladin and I’m just…Guys come on. 

Seriously, I actually have never scrolled through a page on Tumblr and seen so many complaints and shipping discourses by a fandom. I get it, not everyone is happy with what’s going on, I’m going to be honest I’m not either, I’ve felt off by a few things too. And it’s OK to have an opinion, that’s a natural part of life, but when it involves becoming an ignorant anti bent on hating every last thing in the show, I feel like that’s when we need to draw the line, stop, step back and ask ourselves: “What are we doing?”

I feel like we’re expecting too much from this show, and we’re not taking it for what it is. This show is so pure and good and I think we honestly take it for granted. The creators do what they do for this fandom, for the people watching, they spend so much of their time creating this, putting everything into this work ALL FOR US and we all just seem to hate it just because some things don’t go our way. 

We need to start appreciating more and stop hating so much, this is honestly one of my favourite shows of all time because of this fandom. I love seeing theories, head canons, gifs, and all of these amazing posts about it, I love seeing how invested everyone is. 

But I think we need to take a step back and realize what we’re doing. I know not everyone is going to agree with everything, that’s just realistic. But have you heard the saying think before you speak? That’s what I’m trying to say, we need to think about all of this hate and discourse were spreading like wildfire through our posts. Do you know how the VAs and creators probably feel seeing and being involved in some of the stuff that’s going on? We need to think about them, we need to respect them and this show, we need to have faith in the creators and stop sprinting to conclusions about everything, then turning it into a full out discourse war. They never have the intention to cause such a rif between us guys, we just do it to ourselves and then pin the blame on them. They love this fan base. We’re such an awesome fandom, but we need to start showing that more. 

And I was honestly thinking, this may be cheesy, but I feel like we should just dedicate a day to express how grateful we are towards everyone involved in the show. Express our love for them through our posts and show them how amazing of a fan base we are. Show them what amazing people they are, appreciate them, appreciate Voltron. Do it every June 10th, because that’s when the first season premiered. We just need to show them our love for once, not our hate. 

Some much needed Reylo positivity for your dash 💗

As a Reylo shipper, I’ll always be in awe of the incredible dynamic created by the writers between Rey and Ren.
But most of all, I’ll always be in awe of our amazing fandom. We are hopeful, intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and loving, everything that represents Star Wars for what it truly is. According to my faith, there is such a thing as good karma and bad karma, and we are certainly among those who have benefited from good karma because of how amazing we’ve been towards each other this past year.
Just look how far we’ve come Reylo fam! There are amazing Reylo fanfiction writers, Reylo artists and even Reylo podcasters who have gone on to achieve great things and make a name for themselves in the wider fandom. We’re also slowly being proven right in most of the things we’ve been saying since the release of TFA and if there’s any group of fans who are bound to get things right in the long run, it’s us. So don’t be disheartened by the incessant bitching and moaning of certain groups. They may see the dynamic in a negative way, but that’s their loss because from everything we know since December 2015, from the TFA script, to the novelisations, JJ’s commentary, actor interviews, interviews from people involved in the creation of that dynamic/characters and recently, from the official databank updates, the creators of Rey and Kylo Ren absolutely don’t view the dynamic between them as anything negative. No matter how anyone else chooses to see this dynamic, it is very clear now that the writers don’t see it all as something toxic and deserving of scorn and as they’re the ones who decide the canon outcome of the story, it doesn’t matter what negative interpretation someone else may have attached to it. In fact, what the creators have had to say about it has made us even more intrigued with the possibility of Reylo, am I right?😁. Also, I’ve seen more and more Star Wars fans becoming receptive to the idea with the release of all this new information.
So no, we are not criminals or Nazis or fascists for simply enjoying a certain character dynamic that was obviously meant to inspire interest in fans. We’re just a bunch of fans who were somewhat correct in our interpretation of the story we were given and that’s seemed to have sent certain people into panic mode.
I’ve been really angry today, but I’ve had a chance to calm down and think about things and I’m hoping this post will help you stay positive
Fear not and don’t let other people’s toxic behavior affect you and the way you enjoy fandom.
And don’t forget to spread the love 😚😚😚

Soooo..... SQ remained subtext

Oh well. Such wasted potential cuz SwanQueen could’ve been an epic fairytale… I’m disappointed I guess? But here’s a bit of silver line for you my dear Swen. Did we really want SQ to be canon considering how A&E wrote canon ships like CaptainSw@n, 0utlwQueen, Sw@nfire, Rumbelle, etc? I’d much rather have SQ as platonic co-parents than the soap opera cliche that CS is anyway.

In some ways, I’m glad SQ is left non-canon and therefore untainted cuz I couldn’t bear my OTP turning into anything resembling CS. Seriously, all Hook ever did was lie and lie and lie and all Emma ever did was play “doormat girlfriend” and make excuses for him. Fight, separate, make up, fight, separate, make up - that was their story. Season 5 onwards, their relationship turned abusive and had a very disturbing pattern of kissing to cover up the betrayal and deception. Hook called Emma an “orphan" and made her cry, invited all the Dark Ones to terrorize her family and allowed one of them to choke her. No matter how pissed you are, YOU DO NOT DO THAT to the people you love! No exaggeration but CS is least epic lovestory that I’ve EVER seen in my entire life! So lucky is my OTP to escape that terrible fate lol. A&E certainly know how to write epic friendships like SwanQueen and SnowQueen but they fail at romances (except with Snowing I guess). Anyway, for me personally, my expectations for romantic SQ were so high that the reality would have never lived upto the fantasy anyway. So, things are better this way. :D

It’s ok Swen we’ll get through this! Thanks to our super talented fandom, we have fanfiction, fanart and manips to mend our bleeding hearts. :) The ending may not have been what we had hoped for but still I’m quite pleased that SQ are a family with Henry forever.

As for Regina not ending up with a romantic partner (yet) I’m cool with that cuz Regina once said: “My happy ending is finally feeling at peace in the world.” Acceptance and self-love without some dude kissing your feet is a powerful message to send out.

Was SwanQueen ever in the cards? Maybe if we had 10 seasons and had Jen stuck on, who knows. Were we ship-baited? Yes. Why? Cuz the writers wanted to entice us and perhaps they thought adding lesbian subtext created depth to the show a la Xena/Gabrielle. Ship-baiting is an unfortunate thing that happens even for straight couples. I mean, have you seen Bamon on TVD? They were a hetero ship that had 8 seasons of development, looks, blatant jealousy moments, parallels, etc but Delena were the golden couple so the show went with that in the end. Do you know about Ichiruki from the manga Bleach? They too had 10+ years of development, looks, symbolism, colorspreads, poems and even a freakin MOVIE… but in the very last chapter, the author chose to pair up Ichigo with the girl who had a crush on him. So, I’ve learned the hard way that in fiction, 9 out of 10 times canon prevails over subtext. Knowing that all SQ subtext we saw didn’t amount to anything is a hard pill to swallow but oh well life goes on.

Why I am not more furious? I was but I’m over it now. A&E still created SQ (“unintentionally” of course) and Regina Mills, queen of our hearts. They brought me to you awesome Swen so I can’t bring myself to be completely mad at them.

Also, the truth is that we DON’T NEED some fictional ship to validate our existence. The antis/trolls turned our fandom experience into a nightmare but to me this was NEVER a competition or about “winning” some stupid shipping war. The antis had canon all along but it STILL wasn’t enough cuz they would constantly invade our tags and fanworks out of insecurity. It means their canon doesn’t satisfy them and I pity them lol.

All things considered, the show still ended (even though technically it still isn’t the end) the way it started -> Henry and his two moms. Ever since Emma saved Regina from the fire in season 1, I always knew SwanQueen were meant to have a “unique and special” bond… and now 6 seasons later, they do. 

In conclusion, Swan Queen dropping off their son to school is the most beautiful and purest endgame that I could ask for!


I just went onto twitter and I am appalled by all the hate toward the writers, the cast and the show!

Frankly, it’s getting ridiculous at this point (it’s starting to reflect the 1oo Fandom which got ridiculous with all the Cl.xa nonsense - this totally mirrors their temper tantrum last year)

I am seriously asking every one of you to go on twitter and tweet the cast and crew about Karamel - all the things you loved whether it was the kiss scene, the #married bickering scene, just spread some love. They need to hear our voices. There are a lot of us that love Karamel, hate just happens to echo the loudest in this case sadly. Let’s make a change.

My Toxic Rant on Anti-Gency

A notable post recently discussed how Gency fans have been acting toxic lately. To this, I half agree. I have seen an increase in replies to Anti-Gency posts, many of these replies being childish and offensive. I do not condone bullying or this hateful behavior. I agree that our community needs to better manage this behavior. However, it is still grating to see someone trying to raise this evidence against us and then only acknowledge the Anti-Gency hate in a passing glance. Why is this grating exactly? Because since joining the Gency fandom,  I have had to endure watching our little ship treated as an absolute joke. Then, when Gency got some in-game evidence, that mocking of our ship turned into rage and resentment. 

After the Valentine’s Day lines, I had to sift through hundreds of Gency hate posts in my own tag just to see something positive. Even now, after things have calmed, I cannot go through the Gency tag without having to pass by rows of hateful posts. Whether that hate is tagged or untagged, the Gency tag is never allowed to be a peaceful place. We don’t get the luxury of having thousands of cute fanarts flooding our ranks. It’s a gamble on whether we can make it five posts without being told indirectly we are viewed as garbage or reading how someone wishes our ship would just disappear. For shipping Gency, I have been called “a slut”, one of the“straights” despite being bisexual, and called a racist, all by different individuals. So while I do not approve of the hateful posts that Gency lovers often reply with, it is also rather frustrating at this point to see them being criticized for having the audacity to defend their ship and call out the haters.

I’m sorry that this post is not constructive or fully acknowledging of our community’s responsibility for these actions of late. I will do my best not to get emotional and toxic like this again. I also know full well this is just a video game. However, I had to say my piece as it’s how I feel after dealing with this for a year now. 

I don’t care who you are you need to apologize

The Supergirl fandom crossed a huge and horrible line by violating the privacy of Katie McGrath’s brother in the most horrific way and WE ARE ALL to blame for this. No don’t try to say it wasn’t your fault. It’s all our fault. We have all seen some creepy invasive and rude stuff posted here. People insisting on asking Katie invasive questions she doesn’t want to answer or downright inappropriate ones, people who “amuse”themselves with the actors personal lives, people who send hate to the actors and many more creepy and unsettling things and we didn’t say anything. We ignored it, we didn’t want to cause a fuss, we didn’t want to be seen as taking a joke too seriously(because it’s all a joke eh?) and we helped to create an atmosphere where this could happen.

 Now it’s time to take responsibility . ALL of US need to go to   Rudhraigh McGrath’s twitter  https://twitter.com/rudhraigh and apologize. Then we need to start behaving like normal goddamn human beings and not crazy fans. This is no longer “fun” or acceptable

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Are there aus by other authors you really like/wanna read?

Ok ok I promise I’ll make a comprehensive fic rec list at some point,,, I keep meaning to but the issue is I really want to read everything on my to-read list before I make it?? I’m basically waiting for spring break where I will devour All the Fic™

For now though here are just a few AUs that immediately came to my mind that I have loved. I’m probably missing a bunch that will eventually be on my full rec list but you should definitely read these!!!!

  • like your french girls by @ebenroot
    • This is the first YOI fanfic I ever read!!!! Super super cute and is that sort of fic that makes your heart hurt (but like in a good way). Artist AU where Victor is an artist and Yuuri is a skater & his muse.
  • Kings in Couture by @forovnix​ (WIP)
    • Devil Wears Prada AU that ruined my life & cured me of my sins. Victor is Meryl Streep the head of a fashion magazine and Yuuri gets a job there and they’re both enamored with each other from the get go. Ruined my life & will ruin yours too (but in a good way)!
  • Until My Feet Bleed & My Heart Aches by @kazliin​ (WIP)
    • Pretty sure literally everyone in the world has read this by now–Rivals AU where they’re both still figure skaters and Yuuri really, really wants to meet Victor. So good it’ll give you goosebumps!!!
  • lie to me to make me like you by @ablations
    • I started reading this one after it was completed and honestly just had such a good time reading it!!!! It’s adorable & perfect in every possible way. Victor is a retired actor and will go out with anyone who asks him out at the beginning of the month, but all of his relationships seem to inevitably end. Then he meets Yuuri (and as u may guess, everything changes). Honestly this fic just warmed my heart.
  • never tasted rubies by @ebenroot
    • Radio Show AU!!! So good!!! V v funny and made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Yuuri gets roped into hosting a radio show and a mysterious student on campus keeps calling in. I bet you can’t guess who that student is.
  • Write Me in C Major by @thehobbem​ (WIP)
    • Victor is a figure skater who is lacking inspiration and Yuuri composes music!!! It’s so so so adorable!!! Lots of pining as well which is always, always a good thing. Just makes me very happy to read in general tbh

As for some AUs that have been pulled off of my need-to-read list:

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OMG dude, I'm all for different takes on canon but that's silly. Of course Lizzie is not totally comfortable about finding out Red is her dad, she said that she have always been scared that the devil is her father, she also said that she was terrified about what it meant, you think just because she's not jumping in joy she does't believe it? That's dumb and if you want to analyse her face how about you go to that very last scene, when she closed her eyes and looked at peace with her dad.

Well this is certainly interesting. I am fascinated when someone comes on my blog to tell me my OPINION is not correct, even dumb.  An opinion is a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something. Our own interpretation of facts. We all can have different opinions. They may or may not be proven right or wrong in the future but last I heard, it was considered perfectly fine to have an opinion, even if the opinion does not match yours. And by the way, who appointed you the Opinion Police in the first place? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. 

Let’s get a couple of facts out of the way first starting with my blog. Here is the post you are referring to for those who want to read it: Analysis of Red and Liz Scene in 04x22. First fact is, I always tag my posts with #lizzington. So folks know where I am coming from. In addition, my blog clearly states I am a #lizzington. It is also very clear in this blog that I do not believe for one minute that Red is Liz’s father. You of course believe differently and that is your right and I have no problem with it. But unlike you, I do not go onto blogs that have different beliefs from my own and attack their view. I don’t think that is right at all. Nor do I send in questions to blogs I don’t agree with to tell them their opinion is wrong or dumb or whatever. And I especially would not send in a question that attacks someone else as ANONYMOUS. If you really believed in your convictions, you wouldn’t hide behind the anonymous tag and use your blog name, as I am doing here. 

BTW, I am fine that you have a different interpretation of the Red and Liz hug. That’s cool. I just move on when I come across a blog I don’t agree with. But you didn’t do that. You felt the need to point out that I am “silly”, I am “dumb”, and that I should try to “make a little sense”. All based on your OPINION. And maybe you will be proven right in the end. Who knows? The show is not over yet. But the point is, let’s respect other people’s opinions enough to not attack them, shall we? 

Oh, and one last thing. What bothers me the most about your post is that you suggest that at least some Lizzington ship incest. Well I will guarantee you that is not true for me nor anyone I personally know in the fandom. My Keenler friends could vouch for that. Incest personally makes me want to hurl. You just need to understand that Lizzington DOES NOT believe Red and Liz are related AT ALL. Zero, Zilch. Nor do we believe Red is paternal to Liz. Again, that is our belief. You believe something else. No problem. But give us a break. Incest – no way do we ship that. And if the show ends up going that way, then Lizzington is out. And we will mourn the loss of our ship. And we certainly will not keep shipping that relationship. But ask yourself, how did Lizzington start in the first place? Did anyone in the show lead us to that conclusion? 

I will point you to this post on this subject ==>> HERE 

To summarize that post, the following people either suggested that Red looks at Liz not as a daughter, but as something else entirely or they came out and stated Red is not Liz’s father: 

Ressler (lover’s quarrel, Red has a new crush, etc), Cooper (thought Kirk was Liz’s father), Samar (very curious, asks Liz about it), Anslo Garrick (old boy still has got the touch), Madeline Pratt (was jealous, thought Liz was too young for Red), Berlin (said Red cares for Liz as much as his WIFE), Luther Braxton (your girlfriend), Solomon (your girlfriend, a little of both), Liz (Raymond, I do love….), Jon Bokenkamp (tweets about sexy Lizzington), Daniel Cerone (Red is not Liz’s dad), Daniel Knauf (the question has been answered definitely about 50x. They just shrug and move on), Zee Hatley (It’s been repeatedly said on screen, anything else is people reading into it and not letting go despite evidence), Kat Goodson (Red is Lizzie’s dad? – NO! and she re-tweeted that Red/Liz is a complicated love story). 

Again #anon, all I ask of you is to show a blog that has a different opinion than you a little respect and either move on or don’t read it in the first place. Or at minimum, if you have a bone to pick with someone at least have the courtesy and guts not to hide behind an #anon. But in my ideal world we need not speak to each other again and happily enjoy the show each in our own way. Because it is just a television show we are talking about here. Let’s love it in peace.

Hello Thirst Squad!!!

I’ve heard about some hate going around and it makes me so sad that people harass and bully others in our fandom. 

I know it’s only a few voices, but when people send malicious messages, they can cause real damage. Please don’t send hate messages. We need to respect one another. We are better than that. 

In an attempt to spread more love, I have a simple request for you: 

If you want, please go to a fellow Negan’s Thirst Squad member’s blog and send them an ask. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them their fics are sexy, or they have a cute face, or their blog is orgasmic. Send something nice. Let them know they are loved

Let’s make our voices, the positive ones, the loudest.

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Moments- (Rob Benedict x Reader) PART 2

Summary: An actress on Supernatural, you and Rob are in a relationship, and recently you had revealed to him that you had been sexually assaulted in the past; and it was why you were so afraid to be intimate. But as a songwriter, another secret gets let out.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Word Count: 578

Warning: Mentions of past sexual assault, Emotional Confrontation, Language, Fluff lots of fluff

A/N: This chapter is sort of a flashback, it’s the conversation Rob and the reader had. He’s remembering it as he’s listening to the song. Italics are the song lyrics. All rights to the song go to its rightful owners

Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try

“Y/N, please come out of the bathroom. We’re alright, I promise. But we need to talk about this.” said Rob carefully as he stood leaning against the bathroom door. He didn’t get it, the farthest the two of you had gotten right then was him with his shirt off, but you still took off running.

You could hear your heart beating in your ears, the fear evident as you opened the door slowly with your trembling hands.

Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands
Touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face

Rob took no time to wrap you in his arms; he had put his shirt back on at some point already. Eventually the two of you made it back to the bed.

“I was 22, and I, and I missed my ride home after the late shift at a restaurant one night.” you said, trying to compose yourself. Rob sat across from you, quiet and attentive. He knew better than to interrupt you or else you would never make it through this conversation.

“God if I, if I could turn back time I would have never even had left work that day.” You closed your eyes as you tried to push away the flash backs.

If we could only have this life
For one more day
If we could only turn back time

You sat still as you told Rob everything; from the attack, from the stay in the hospital… to your stay in the psychiatric hospital.

“I love you so much Rob, and I want to be with you, like, like this. I swear to you. It just hurts so much; it just hurts so much because Everytime we get close all I can see is him. It feels like I’m screaming and no one can hear me.”

Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face.

“I guess I’m just looking for that thing to let me start over.” You felt ashamed, even though you know you shouldn’t. Here you were sitting in front of the man you loved, yet you still felt so alone.

“Then let me be it.” said Rob. You tilted you head in confusion, not really sure where he was getting at.

“Let me be your reason to be, Y/N. Let me be your voice when you can’t stop screaming. I love you, Y/N. Let me help you get through this, together.” Before he could continue, you cut him off with a kiss. Breaking apart, something was different between the two of you and both of you knew it.

“Are you sure? You know I’m perfectly content with just being with you for the rest of our lives. Nothing needs to happen.”

“That’s what makes me so sure.”


Rob clicked the phone off as the song completed. There was one line from that song that he just couldn’t wrap his mind around.

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today

There were some things that the two of you needed to talk about.

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I am deeply impressed with what you did earlier. Thank you for trying to make this fandom more inclusive, less hateful, more respectful. Deep-seated beliefs are usually defended with great passion - for some, faith and beliefs, regardless of whether they are backed up with facts, is everything to them - so I don't expect a merger of factions. But we can all change our behavior just a little to become more accepting. What you did was a very decent thing. Hope you have a great weekend. ❤

Oh my Anon this is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received . Thank you for taking the time to send it . Sometimes we all need to remember that everyone needs to hear something positive . Kindness should never go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s not about being right it’s about recognizing when others do the right thing. We may be on different “sides” but we are all human. Thank you again ❤

my queue is dead so im making a serious post

i’ve been lucky enough that i’m either not online enough or don’t follow the people that reblog all of the discourse and drama happening in the fandom rn.
in fact, i’m not even sure what the discourse is. i know some people are planning on leaving if nygmobblepot doesn’t become canon, but that’s about it.

that being said, discourse and drama is starting to crawl into the cracks of my dash. i see some of my fav blogs getting anon hate/aggression, i see people getting into arguments— it makes very little sense to me.

i’ve been in a lot of fandoms, a lot of volatile ones. i’ve never seen this level of engagement over what actors say and do, though. that seems to be where most people’s anger is coming from— “Person said x so that means z!” is something i see often.

what confuses me is that we all know language is meant to be interpreted, and we all know actors can’t be trusted to be truthful until after episodes air. (I don’t mean this in a “nygmobblepot can still be totally canon without any alternative!” sense but more of a “you never really know what’s gonna happen, so don’t get upset that someone foresees something different from you,” kind of way.)

none of this, to me, seems like a reason to be mean to anyone. like, we all have things we do and don’t like— for some of us that’s certain characters, certain storylines, certain relationships. and that’s okay. we can’t all like the same thing, which is why it’s so amazing to have a fandom so varied.

i don’t understand why anyone is attacking anyone else. this probably sounds painfully naïve and very stupid, but i think this fandom is something great. we have such a great mix of people— the show has brought new fans to a timeless piece of americana, and it’s given old fans a new piece of content and a new perspective on their big time favorites. i’ve had the privilege of meeting so many kind people through this fandom, supportive and friendly people who only wanted to help me enjoy the show more.

there are some issues that are ingrained in fandom that i don’t think we’ll ever overcome. the arguments about what is acceptable content to produce (i.e age gaps and abusive relationships and trauma and dub-con and incest) may never stop. and maybe that’s for the best, and maybe we should be pushing people to be critical of the effects of content.

but the point is, this fandom has something beautiful, and that’s the amount of people connected to it. there’s a fantastic thing there, to know that so many people love this show. (the fact that i can discuss gotham with my history professor is baffling— even further is it baffling that this is both of our first in-depth interactions with a piece of batman content! it’s very cool.)

i know some people are infuriating, and some people don’t agree with you, and some people just seem obnoxious and strange, but it costs zero dollars to be nice.

maybe we all just need to try to be a little nicer. a little more positive. a little more accepting that “i can enjoy this show while also being critical, and i don’t have to hate anyone who disagrees with me.”

or maybe we don’t. maybe this minefield style dashboard is what it’s supposed to be like. maybe that’s what fandom is about, being sucked into trenches and being forced to pick a side on something you didn’t even know had sides.

i just know that i’ve never seen a fandom battle so hard amongst itself before. and i only want everyone to be happy.