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Fueled By Desire (NSFW 18+)

A/N: So, today has been a crazy day but I started writing this last night and wanted to post it tonight ! So I wrote it in virtually 24 hours, so I hope it didn’t suck to bad. I planned on posting it earlier but I had a bit of writers block. This a Theo smut that you can thank @hardladyheart for. She’s filled my mind with dirty Theo thoughts. (Fun fact’ this gif is actually mine and my blog name used to be twfanfic-af)

Thanks to: @writing-obrien and @hardladyheart for editing and proof reading.


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Obsessions Part 1

I slap the huge ass my cock is buried deep in and give one last final pulse, shoving myself as deep as I can into him with my 9 inch dick. The fatass lets out a moan and I grope his huge love handles, cumming at the same time the fat pig in front of me cums. I pull myself out, hit my wet cock against his jiggly butt, and roll him over. I fall onto his huge belly, not even sure if he can feel my toned 160lbs resting on his close to flabby 500. After a few moments of enjoying my personal water bed, I speak up.

“You should probably get going soon, it’s almost 2 am…” I say, hoping he’ll ask to stay a bit longer. But, as they always do, he takes in a deep breath and prepares to get his huge body out of bed. I help him clean off and get dressed, and within a few minutes he’s waddling out my front door. I watch him go down the apartment hallway, his ass jiggling like it had been in my bed only minutes before. As he steps in the elevator, his side moob hits the frame and sends his belly shaking. I give a casual wave and turn around to go back into my room, but I knock into something sturdy, not really paying attention this late at night. Instantly, I’m not surprised.

“Oh sorr- Wait! What the hell Carter, let me in my room.” I assertively say, trying to get passed his tall, almost naked frame. I don’t have time for his bullshit tonight. Every time I hookup with someone Carter always pops up right after they leave, like some sort of fucking stalker. He lives in the apartment opposite mine; I’d be more scared if he weren’t so literally obsessed with me. I always wonder if he stands there all night watching the peephole, waiting for me to come out. It’s fucking creepy if you ask me. Every time I hookup he saunters out in minimal clothing and gives me a hard time. I barely glance at his disciplined abs and bulging biceps. He’s got a bubble butt going on, but still not even close to big enough for my tastes.

“I’ll let you go if you answer this:” Carter says, playing coy. “You’ve had seven guys, that I know of, over in the last semester. All of them are gigantic whales, but you won’t even look twice at me.” He drops his voice and leans against the wall with his dense arm just above my shoulder, trapping me. Our faces almost touch. Despite his shit personality, he’s definitely not ugly. “What’s up with that, Josh?” He lets my name linger on his lips. God, I wish he weren’t taller than me. I wouldn’t consider myself short, standing at 5’10, but he’s 6’4 and all lean muscle. There’s no way I can escape his beefy trap.

“You’re not my type, Carter. I don’t hookup with assholes.” I aggressively explain, trying to get him to leave me alone. He smirks and half laughs.

“Apparently your ‘type’ is too fat to wipe to his own ass. Tell me I’m wrong.” He egotistically demands. He knows he’s right, I can see the victory in his shit colored, piercing eyes. He’s not going to budge.

“So what if I’m not as shallow as you?” I ask. “Maybe I don’t care about body fat percentages and negative BMI’s.”

“Say it.” He whispers. “Say you like them fat.” A strand of shitty, medium length, wavy hair falls in his face, but he doesn’t seem to notice.

I’m annoyed. “For christ’s sake Carter, I like fat guys. Not gym rats who won’t take no for an answer.  Now let me in my fucking room.” I shove him off me, he doesn’t resist. “And stop watching me through your peephole, it’s creepy as shit.” I tell him as I unlock my door.

“Like I have time for that,” Carter scoffs, watching me. “I can hear the fatties’ footsteps from a mile away, genius.” My door won’t unlock; god this is awkward. He can feel the tension too. “But hey, let me help you with that, handsome.” His tone changed to something nicer. He comes behind me, grabbing the key from my hand. He unlocks the door and squeezes my shoulder. “Goodnight.” He says, sweetly.

“Go change your underwear, I can see the precum starting to show through.” I say, shutting the door in his face. I bet those puppy dog eyes would make any other man drop his boxers immediately, but I’m not falling for it. He’ll have to gain a few hundred pound before I look twice at his twitching bulge.


The next day I go to my morning classes on campus, which is only a few minutes’ drive away from my single bedroom apartment. Everything’s been pretty stressful this semester, I’m really glad it’s almost over. I’ve barely gotten to hang out with my friends lately, especially with finals week approaching. It’s only my sophomore year as an art major, I shouldn’t be spending every waking moment in the studio or with my head up an art history textbook.

I grab a bite to eat on campus and head over to the student gym, looking to destress before having to write a monster essay tonight. I change clothes, put in my earbuds, and get on a vacant treadmill. Running’s always cleared my head, ever since I started doing cross country in junior high. I even got pretty good at track throughout high school. I’m zoned out, thinking about a particular race when I realize my treadmill’s going faster.

I look down and see a large hand turning my speed up. I follow the hand up a muscled arm and a broad shoulder to a face that could belong to a model. His soft lips are moving, but my music is too loud to hear. I shove his hand off my settings and take out an earbud.

“What do you want now, Carter?” I ask, not really caring to hear the answer. I don’t know if he followed me to the gym or if he just never leaves this place.

“Besides for you to go out with me tonight? I want you to turn your speed up, maybe even lift a little with me today. You know I could get you stronger.” He tells me with that shit eating smile.

I turn off my treadmill. “Look,” I reiterate. “I don’t go out with beefed up muscle jocks who stalk me. Now please, go bother any other twink in this gym.”

He’s not giving up. He sighs, “Josh, what do I have to do to get you to go out with me?”

I sigh. “If you really want me to go out with you, gain 50 lbs of fat. If you can get up to 230 lbs without working out, we have a date. Until then, you leave me the fuck alone.” He thinks for a moment before opening his dumb mouth.

“Okay, deal.” He decides, holding out his hand. I shake it, knowing he’ll never actually go through with this.


Over the next several weeks, I don’t see Carter. Not in our building, not in between classes, not even at the gym. I don’t hear him, I don’t smell him, I don’t even think about him. Between trying to balance my social life and figuring out how I’m going to get through finals, Carter totally escapes my mind. I even have a 400 pounder come over and, for the first time, Carter doesn’t show his creepy ass up. Maybe I had been too harsh on him, maybe he wasn’t actually stalking me. Coincidences can happen, right?

The weather gets colder and classes come to an end. The day after my last final I pack up a few of my things and get ready to drive home for the 6-week long break. On my way to my car, a pillow falls out of my box of stuff and onto the parking lot concrete.

“Here, let me get that for you,” I familiar voice calls. I turn the other way and see Carter walking over to me. He’s got a sizable greasy bag of fast food in one hand and a very large soda in the other. That’s really unusual for him. Where’s his protein powder and vegetable shakes? He puts the food down and grabs the pillow, now caked in light snow. He dusts it off and puts it back in my box.

“Hey, thanks.” I say. “… I also wanted to apologize for before. For being a dick and everything. I’m sure you’re not as bad as I made you seem, so… Sorry.” I’m not the best with apologies, but I mean what I say.

“Don’t worry about it,” Carter tells me with a shit-eating smile. “Is our deal still on?”

“What deal? OH, wait.” I remember. “Oh my god Carter, I can’t believe you took that seriously.” This fucking boy still can only think about sex.

“Hey man, we shook on it. That makes it official.” He’s not fazed by my annoyance. Maybe he’s just joking around. I wish I could see his frame better, but he’s wearing a thick coat. It’d look better on him if he gained 50 lbs, but I really hope that’s not his plan.

“Fine, you got me.” I confess. “The deal is official. I’ve got to get going, though. Got a long drive ahead of me.” We say goodbye and he hugs me. It wasn’t the worst hug in the world, he’s just so… stiff.

I put my things in my car and look in my rearview. I see Carter struggling to enter our building with so much food in his beefy hands.


6 weeks later. I really needed that break. I missed a lot of my friends and family back home, and it was great seeing all of them again. I really enjoyed myself, not thinking about school, stress, Carter, or anything else that’s awful.

Saying that, it all came flooding back as soon as I entered my old apartment room. As soon as I set my stuff down on the living room floor, I notice a photo in front of my door, as if someone had slid it under while I was away. It’s a picture of someone looking down on a scale reading “230.2lbs”. On the back is written “Let me know when we’re on, -Carter”. Fuck. Instantly I feel terrible for so many reasons. This can’t be real, right? I decide to just ignore it until it comes up again. Classes start up again tomorrow and I’m hardly ready, anyway.

Tonight in bed I mentally go through the timeline of everything that’s happened since we made that deal. It’s been at least two months. Can someone even gain 50 lbs in that short of a time period? This has to be a joke. No guy in their right mind would actually put on 50 lbs just for some random guy like me. It just doesn’t happen. At least, I don’t think it does.


On Tuesday evening I’m woken from a nap by a knock on my front door. I get off my couch and go look through the peephole to see who it is. The guy’s tall and standing kind of close, so all I can really see is his slight double chin and pudgy chest. I open the door, wanting to see who the cute pudge belongs to.

“Hey there handsome, did you see the picture?” Carter asks when I open the door.

Holy shit, though. This is definitely not the same Carter I left behind weeks and weeks ago. This man is changed, suddenly I want to impress him. I always knew that he’s a few years older than me, but I’ve never felt so young. He’s still Carter, just fatter and cute as hell. Is it bulking season, or did he do all of this for me? I’m not sure what to do in this situation, this isn’t something they teach you to deal with in college.

“Uhhhh.. Um, yea,” I stutter. “I just didn’t believe it until now. Here, come in.” I move to the side, welcoming him in. “Have a seat.” I gesture towards the couch, trying not to stare.

Trying not to stare at what? Trying not to stare at his beginner gut. It’s absolutely gorgeous in his tight blue workout tank. The smallest sliver is poking out; I can see just a hint of a stretched out happy trail. He may be 230lbs, but he’s also 6’4. Despite his height to fat ratio, he carries the weight well. He heavily walks passed me and I see his beautiful ass through his painted on light grey sweatpants. So plump, so round, so in my living room. I can’t believe this just happened. He takes a seat and sinks into the couch cushion, you can tell he’s not used to being chunky just yet. He puts a stocky arm around the back of the couch and looks back at me.

“You gonna si?” He asks with those eyes that stare into my soul. Without saying anything, I sit on the opposite end of the couch, facing him. “So…” Carter starts, awkwardly. I realize I’m just staring at him, but I don’t know what to say. How can you put words into your mouth when all you can think about is putting his dick there instead?

“Soo…” I try to start. “About the date.” He’s face goes down, like he thinks his work was all for nothing. I can tell his heart is beating as fast as mine. Do I feel like how I make him feel? Is this always how it’s been for him? “How about right now?” I ask, nervously. I can’t stop glancing down as that sliver of belly peeking out at me.

“Hmm, right now?” He’s smiling. “I dunno, I’m kind of hungry..” He puts a hand on his modest gut and sends it shaking. Two months ago there were thick abs there.

“Oh yea? Hungry for what?” I ask, ready for whatever he has to say.

“Mmmm, I dunno. Maybe some cookies, maybe some pizza… maybe some cock.” He explains, sending shivers down my spine. I think this is how every other man on earth reacted to him when he was nothing but muscle. I definitely see the appeal of him now, it’s obvious why he was so full of himself. I wonder if his sharp jawline brought the same reaction out of others that his now almost double chin is bringing out of me.

“I’ll order you a pizza,” I barter, scooting close to him. “If I get to take this off of you,” I say, pulling at his shirt. “It’s getting a little tight, don’t you think?”

He’s smiling like a dork- his cheeks have the slightest amount of fat in them. “I’ve got Pizza Hut on speed dial, I’ll take care of the pizza if you take care of the rest.” He negotiates. I nod in agreement.

After he’s done ordering a large meat-lovers and a two liter, I tug his shirt off. He’s flabby as all hell. I run my hands over him as I press my face against his. His tongue plays with mine, like he knows he’s wanted this for so long. I fee his flab, all of it. I make sure that not a single pound goes unnoticed. Before long the pizza’s here, and I send Carter off to the bedroom. When I step in the room, he’s naked with his chubby legs crossed. Saving the best for last, I guess. I take my clothes off and get on top of him, my hard cock pressing into his fat gut. I feed him slice after slice of greasy pizza, making sure he eats the crust. No calories wasted, not when you’ve got someone this beautiful to feed. His greedy mouth opens for each bite, waiting to have food shoved in him. He’s too good at this, I know he has to be into it too. When he’s eaten all of the pizza and drunken most of the soda, I pick up stray pizza sausage and throw the last bits into his mouth and kiss him long and hard. He tastes like grease; he tastes like greed. I sit back on his lap and feel his boner poking at my defined ass. I lay down next to him, feeling his fatter sides already starting to mold into my thin frame. I grab his cock and go to work, and he does the same for me. I can feel his whole body jiggling with each stroke. I kiss him, feeling his thick neck shake from the movement below. Soon, we cum at the same time.

Half an hour later we’re still in bed, my head laying on his puffy chest. We haven’t said a word. It’s not late, and I’m not tired, but I am dozing in and out of sleep. I decide to ask before he decides to leave.

“So…” I start, awkwardly. “You actually did it. You actually got fat.”

Carter takes a beat. “If you can even call me fat yet, yea I guess. I just knew that I wanted you, and that I was tired of going to the gym all the time. I was thinking about becoming a personal trainer, but I hated the thought of making other people fit all the time when I want to look like… Well, like this.” He lets his hand fall on his gut and my head bobs on his chest. “If you weren’t into it, I was just going to play it off as a hardcore bulk.”

“I definitely am into it.” I tell him, genuinely. “Also, if you ever want to go on an actual date, I think I might like that.” I don’t usually fall for guys, but this fat boy is getting to me. Maybe it’s just pillow talk, but I think I might like him.

“Yeah, I think I might like that too.” He says, and pulls me closer.

We spend the rest of the night together, not saying much. It’s nice to just be with him. Before bed I feed him some oreos and milk, which he happily devours. The tubby man can eat like a horse. I don’t ask him to stay the night, but I don’t need to. I fall asleep in his still strong arms.


That Friday, we have our first date. I haven’t seen him since that night we spent together. It’s only been a few days, but being away from him has given me some clarity. As much as I hate to admit it: I have a crush. It’s official. I can’t get him out of my mind. Not when I’m in class, not when I’m working out, not even when I’m with my friends. It goes without saying that I’ve been looking forward to this date since the second he left my apartment.


It’s Friday and I haven’t seen Josh in days. After months of chasing after him, giving him my all, and gaining 55lbs, we finally fucked. Four times. In one night. I’ve never chased after someone like how I chased after him. No matter what I tried, though, he always got pissed off at me for no real reason. I never cared though, I just tried to show him that I’m not as horrible as he thinks. I wish I knew why he always thought I was stalking him. We live right across from each other, went to the same university, and worked out at the same gym. I didn’t think it was a crime to say hello.

Maybe I did go overboard, though. Sometimes, he’d hookup with these gargantuan men. My temper would get the best of me, especially when it was late. Not gonna lie, I was always jealous of those men. They don’t care what size they are, they’re fat and getting fucked by Josh. There’s not more that you could want. At least, there’s not more that I could want. I don’t like to talk about it, but I’ve always wanted to let go and be fat. I fucking love food.

My friends have been concerned, but I tell them I’m just doing a long bulk. I think they see through the bullshit. I used to work out seven days a week, and that’s completely stopped. Before the deal, I can’t remember the last time I had eaten more than 2000 calories in a day. Small portions of grilled chicken salads were replaced with double quarter pounders and dozens of donuts. I think the last time I drank water was a few weeks ago. At first my body rejected soda, but now I can’t start my day without a bottle or two of coke. I received a glass dessert display for a Christmas gift a few years ago, but it hadn’t seen much action until the past few months. I forgot I had a sweet tooth. I know if I want to stuff more in me, I can always handle more sweet shit.

As I shower, I think about the way Josh smiles. I think about how one side of his face lifts slightly higher than the other and how I fall for it every time. I can’t stop playing the moment of when he first saw me after break, dozens of pounds heavier. The shock in his dark eyes, the obvious hard-on in his shorts. I knew he wanted me, and I wanted him like never before. As I lather my body, I realize how utterly fat I’ve gotten over the past two months. Instantly my cock gets hard, but it doesn’t reach the height that it used to reach. There’s too much fat blocking it. I run my hands over my chest and feel it bounce. Deep down I know I want it bigger, I want all of it bigger. I’ve been stuffing myself since the day Josh and I made that deal. I haven’t even worked out, and it shows. My legs aren’t toned, my arms are getting flabby, and my chest is looking more feminine every day.

I dry off and grab a pair of jeans. 36’s and they’re skin tight. I suck in my gut to button them, and it hurts when they finally latch. I put on a white undershirt, knowing that my fat is going to strain the buttons on the size large black button up I’m putting on. Should I wear a bowtie? No, that worked when I was slim, but not anymore. I grab my belt and put it on, but realize I can’t it to reach where it’ll fasten. Fuck. I knew I should’ve bought a bigger one, but I was too busy jerking off and eating Burger King. What about suspenders? No, there’s no way I can tuck in this shirt. Maybe soon my belly will hide my straining pant button, but not yet. I’ll just have to deal with it. I do my hair casually messy in the mirror. I’m still hot as fuck, if you ask me. Just chubby now. Hopefully Josh will be impressed with the tight clothes, I think to myself. I can’t lose him this early in.

At 7pm I make the short walk to his door, wishing that it were colder out tonight. Maybe I could wear a jacket and hide the tight shirt, but that’s not really an option. I knock on the door and Josh quickly answers. He looks adorable in a well-fitting cardigan and black skinny jeans, the kind of jeans I used to wear. As soon as he sees me he pushes his cute glasses up and takes a moment. “Hey,” I say with a smile. I want him to feel comfortable around me.

“Hey.” He says, like he’s not sure what to do. He’s eying me up and down and trying to hold back a smile. He bites his lip, I step closer.


Carter steps closer to me and I basically lose control. I swear he looks fatter than he did days ago, but maybe it’s just the tight shirt he’s wearing. I wish he weren’t wearing an undershirt, though. Belly peeking through buttons is always a plus. Not to mention that he’s not wearing a belt. I can’t tell if it’s because his jeans are so tight that he doesn’t need one, or if he outgrew his biggest. Despite that, and despite my horniness, I really am glad to see him. That’s why as soon as things get awkward I wrap my arms around him and hug him like a child. I don’t want him to see how he makes me smile an idiot’s smile.

He takes me out to his car, a big truck. I don’t know much about cars, but I know that this is a very douchy truck. Not surprising, but I’m trying to not be judgmental. Conversation with him gets a lot more comfortable as he drives, we actually have a lot in common. Apparently he started out as an art major, too, before his parents pressured him to switch to finance. It surprises me that (ex) Big Dumb Muscle Jock Carter from across the hall actually has a personality, completed with actual emotions.

We arrive at this fancy Brazilian meat restaurant. Carter says that you pay at the beginning and servers walk around you all night offering you different meats. I can’t eat that much but it sounds like the perfect place for him.

Carter pays for me at the beginning, and I’m so thankful. This place is expensive as hell. I ask him if he’d rather go somewhere more affordable, but he says he doesn’t mind. Over dinner, Carter makes sure to say yes to whatever sample of meat is brought to him. 20 minutes in and he’s already covered in exotic barbeque sauce and straining his shirt beyond its limits.

“You might wanna slow down there,” I tell him. “It looks like that shirt might burst.”

“Oh what? You mean like this?” He asks playfully and sits up. He leans over a bit and the second to bottom black button flies off and slides under a table across from us. A few of the men look at us before realizing what happened. I can’t help but laugh. His gut shook for a solid 5 seconds after the button pop. I don’t think this kind of thing usually happens at upscale places, but nobody seems to care.

Conversation continues, and I find out that Carter actually just graduated a semester early with a degree in finance. He recently got a job as an accountant at a law firm, which I guess explains how he can afford this dinner. It’s actually nice getting to know the man behind the musc- well, fat. There’s a lot more to him than I thought. He even compliments the paintings he’s seen in my apartment. I don’t tell him that I painted them, but I do note that he likes them.


I’m getting painfully full as I finish telling Josh about my new job. He really is everything I thought he’d be. He even laughed when I accidentally popped a shirt button from stuffing myself too much.

Speaking of stuffing myself, my pants are really tight. I can’t go on much longer, and I just grabbed a large plate of lamb. I wipe my hands off and, while Josh is talking, subtly reach down under my gut and play with my button until it pops open. My stuffed gut releases itself and I let out a deep breath of relief. Josh looks at me and then looks to the side. He casually covers his mouth, but I know he’s grinning. I think he thinks he hides it well, but his eyes give his smile away. Just for him, I grab a plate of thick sausages from a passing waiter.


That date ended in a lot more food, and a lot of fucking. The entire weekend went the same way. Pretty much every weekend since then has, which hasn’t been the best for work. I try to find a good balance between hanging with my new coworkers and being with Josh, but my appetite always pushed me towards Josh. It shows, too. It’s only been a couple more months but damn I’m getting big. I actually have an overhang now, and a real double chin. I get so fucking out of breath, though. We only live on the second floor but I haven’t taken the stairs in so long. Not to mention that it’s getting hot outside. I didn’t know I could sweat this much. Did you know that fat guys sweat under their moobs? Also in between our fat rolls. It’s fucking ridiculous. I can’t tell if 267lbs is worth all this effort. It’s getting hard motivating myself to get up and go to work now, when all I really want to do is eat, fuck, jerk off, and eat more.

I had to buy all new clothes when I hit 240. None of the larges were even close to buttoning, and neither were my pants. I’m glad nobody at work knows that 6 months ago I was body building, but they have noticed that I’ve put on some weight. One day, after a particularly big company lunch, I sat down in my office chair and my ass seam ripped all the way down. I had one of my buddies who, lives in my apartments, bring me another pair, which were equally as tight. I’m just glad I can hide my unbuttoned pants with my belly now. There’s not much I can do about shirts that always fucking ride up, though. I feel like a bloated balloon. A really fat balloon that can’t stop eating and is scared he’s gonna break his desk chair.

Josh fucking loves it though. He eats this shit up like how I eat cake. It’s like I’m getting addicted to fat and sugar, and I think I like it. Sometimes, especially when I’m really full, I’ll just eat more instead of fucking. I’ve been getting more fun out of it, and I can eat so much. I’ve been tracking my calories and usually I don’t eat less than 5,500 a day. I’m used to it; I’ve gotten used to the feeling of always wanting more. I think Josh is getting used to it, too. His favorite thing to do lately is to shove my man boobs together and try to fuck them. They’re not there yet, but I think they will be soon. He’ll fuck any part of me, any part that’s fat. Especially my ass. The other day he told me that my ass cheeks are getting to the size of my belly when I was 230. I almost came right there.

I’ve been gaining really fucking fast. I don’t know if I like it, and last night I brought it up with Josh before we went to get food. I told him I wanted to slow it down, but it was obvious he wanted the opposite. He told me that if I gain 40 more pounds by the end of his semester he’ll be my boyfriend. We never became official, and usually I don’t give a shit about that, but this is different. I’ve told him what I want before, but he has commitment issues. If I ever want this to turn into something other than weekend stuffings, I know what I gotta do.

It’ll be a lot easier now, considering what happened after that conversation.


Last night I went over to Carter’s place, as I usually do, but he seemed down. Laying on his bed, shirtless and rubbing his basketball sized gut, I assumed he was hungry. But he actually said that he’s been wanting to gain slower, or even stop. He looked so cute and innocent laying on the bed with those fat cheeks that I almost said okay, but in all honesty he’s still pretty skinny in my book. If he wants to be with me, like for real, he’ll have to be bigger. I think he’ll like it, I really do. I’m just not really into relationships. I’ve got way too much other stuff on my plate, and he’s still pressuring me to be with him full time. At the same time, though, he has gained a lot for me. Not to mention we do have fun when we’re together. We’ve only argued once since we’ve been together, and that was over which fried chicken place we should go to.

I told him that if he really wants to be with me, he’d have to gain 40 lbs in two months. If he can do it, I think I’ll know he’s worth getting tied down for. We even shook on it.

After that conversation, shit hit the fan.

We were in Carter’s truck on our way to this new Korean buffet his work friends told him about. He looked really good, at least by my standards. I’ve gotten so used to seeing him in tight, stained old shirts and small sweatpants he’s too lazy to get rid of, that him wearing pants and a dress shirt was basically shocking. He did look really handsome, his thick neck taking up his collar, the way his fat ass and thighs filled out those pants. It’s hard to believe that he almost became a personal trainer. I love the chubby, studly Carter much more than the muscled up asshole I once knew him to be.

We were having our usual conversation, talking about what he’s going to eat for me after the Korean buffet, when we passed a four-way intersection. Some drunk asshole ran his light and Carter, preoccupied with thinking about food, didn’t notice. Luckily he’s okay, kind of. His hip was shattered in the wreck and has been in and out of surgery since. He’s stable now, but everyone is still on edge. Carter’s dad came to see him in the hospital for their first time in months. He barely recognized Carter at first. One of the doctors told him that I’m Carter’s friend, and his dad came to talk to me. He looks a lot like how Carter did when he was fit, just an older version. He asked about the weight gain and the accident, and I lied my ass off. Hopefully it’ll all get sorted out soon.

It’s been a long 24 hours.


I hope you all liked part 1! If this gets over 160 notes I’ll write a part 2. And, as usual, feel free to message me with any suggestions, comments, or questions!

Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San
Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San

I’m pretty sure it’s in the first page of the voice actors code for every single person to do their own take of @lychgate‘s Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San comic at some point. So here you go anon, sorry it took 3 months. I had to find the secret to eternal youth so I could get my voice in to such a high pitch


Got Me Good (Archie x Reader Oneshot)

You and Archie are best friends, who happen to flirt with each other. Everyone thinks it’s obvious you’re smitten with each other but neither of you have the courage to say anything. One night at a party a little liquid courage helps ease the tension.

Characters: Archie x Reader, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin.

Warnings: Heated making out, underage drinking.

Word Count: 1457

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As was tradition on a Saturday night in Riverdale, we were getting ready to head to a party at Thornhill. We arranged to get ready at Betty’s. Her parents were away for the weekend plus she was the most trustworthy, nobody’s parents would bat an eyelid at the innocent sleepover we proposed. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Veronica.

‘Oh thank god, you’re here. I’m having a major outfit crisis!’ I hid a laugh as we walked upstairs, Veronica had the biggest wardrobe out of us all and yet she was the one with the crisis.

‘Yay, you’re here!’ Betty jumped up and hugged me, with one side of her hair curled and the other straight. We were definitely getting into party mode.

‘So what’s this outfit emergency?’ I dared to ask. Veronica stood with a dress in either hand. Each looked exquisitely made, clearly designer.

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the knight’s truce

length: 0.9k

type: fluff

warnings: none!

  • AU where Baz’s swear spell doesn’t work right in chapter 42, and he needs to try a new spell involving a kiss to seal the truce
  • BASED ON THIS POST @carryonbydefault
  • “In Middle Ages, kissing (on the mouth) wasn’t reserved to lovers. When two enemies made peace, they would share a big one (kiss).”

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Reggie Mantle x Reader

Prompt: Reggie’s sister is passed out somewhere at a party but Reggie can’t leave the house since their parents are out of town and he’s babysitting his baby brother. So he calls Y/N for help and the night turns out way different than expected for both of them.


Working at Pop’s was one of the highlights of my week. I worked there every friday and saturday night, but ever since Hermione Lodge quit I’ve been doing thursday and sunday as well, which gives me absolutaly zero time to go out with friends or even do my homework. Besides, my family really needed the money or we could lose our house and like every sane human being, I didn’t want to be homeless.
Looking ar the clock I was relieved to see my shift was finally over. I made my way to the back, got out of my very uncomfortable uniform and into my regular clothes. I grabbed the garbage bag that I had to take out before I left, bid goodbye to everyone and made my way outside. Once I got rid of the garbage bag, I made my way to my car whilst rubbing my eyes.
Starting the engine I could hear my phone buzz in my bag and grabbed it. Why is Reggie calling me?
“Reggie, hey? Everything alright?” “Y/N, can you please please help me? Please” I figured I shouldn’t be calling while driving and decided to park on the side of the road for a minute “Yeah, sure… what’s wrong?” I could hear him sigh before he answered “I just got a call from Riley’s friend Anna and she said that Riley is really wasted, throwing up everywhere” I frowned put a strand of hair behind my ear “I would go and get her myself but my parents are out of town and I can’t leave the little one alone” “Reggie, ofcourse! Just text me where the party is and I’ll go and get her, okay?” “Thank you Y/N, you’re an angel!”

Arriving at the party I prepared myself for the worst before making my way towards the door. I rang the bell a couple of times and soon I was greeted by a girl I assumed to be Anna “Hey, I’m here for Riley” “She’s over here” Anna led me to the living where Riley was laying on the floor, laughing about nothing “C'mon Riley, let’s get you home” I picked her up and put one of her arms around my neck for support as she continued laughing “Ooooooh Y/N, you’re here! This party was amaaaaazing” she slurred and continued mumbling stuff as I dragged her to my car. I opened the door of the passengers side and helped her get it. I buckled her seatbelt before jogging over to the drivers side “I hope Reggie neverrrrr finds out” I chuckled and started the car “Too late, honey”

As I arrived at Riley’s home, Reggie was already outside waiting for us. “I’m gonna kill her in the morning” “Just help me get her inside, she fell asleep on the way here” He picked up his sister from the passengers seat and carried her inside the house, straight to her room. “I’ll put on her pyjama, I think she’ll feel less ashamed if I did it” Reggie nodded and left the room, leaving the two of us “Reggie?” She mumbled and I sushed her “No, still Y/N, I’m helping you put your pyjama’s on” I whispered, being careful not to wake up their little brother “You’re so sweet Y/N, I wish you were my sister” I took of her shirt and replaced it with an oversized t-shirt which I assumed the used as pyjama and proceeded to take of her shoes and pants, before covering her with the duvet. “Reggie reaaaaally likes you, but he’s too much of a pussy to tell you so I’m telling you” I chuckled and stood up “Goodnight Riley” “Goodnight future sissy, I looooove you”
As I came downstairs Reggie was sitting in the sofa, biting his nails nervously. I frowned and approached him “Hey, you okay?” He looked at me and sighed, before nodding “Yeah, it’s just… she’s only 15, Y/N… I’m worried about her.” “Why?” He ran a hand through his hair and sat back “She’s been acting so strange lately, first she ignores me for 2 days, then doesn’t come home causing mom and dad to freak out, now with the drinking… Am I doing something wrong? Am I not a good brother?” I shook my head and grabbed his hand “Reggie, you’re an amazing brother! I’ve known you for so long now and I see the way you are with Riley and Dylan. You love them and they love you, so much! Riley is just being a teenager and that’s what teenagers do. You’re an amazing brother, son and friend.” He smiled at me and squeezed my hand “Thank you, Y/N” I shrugged and tilted my head “No problem, but I just probably head home. It’s getting late” as I was about to stand up from the couch Reggie stopped me by grabbing my arm “Stay? Like you said, it’s getting late and I can see how tired you are” I thought for a minute before nodding “Sure”
As we made our way upstairs he spoke up “You can sleep in my room if you want, I’ll sleep in my parents’ room” he opened the door to his room and I smiled “Nice room, dork” I looked around to see Marvel and Star Wars posters hanging up with the occasional football group picture “Don’t hate me cuz you aint me” he walked to his drawer and took out one of his jersey’s “Here, sleep in this” I made my way to his bed and sat on it, bouncing up and down “So, goodnight I guess?” I bit my lip and nodded, but just as he was about to leave I stopped him “Reggie?” He turned around and hummed a silent yes “I guess it’s my turn now to ask you to stay?” he smiled and nodded “I would love to” he took of his shirt and pants and put on his sweatpants before crawling in his bed “I’ll close my eyes so you can change” he said and covered his eyes, I giggled and took of my sweater, replacing it with his jersey that was way to big for me before taking of my pants and crawling next to him. I made myself comfortable in his bed as he turned to the side to turn of the light. As he turned back I decided to make my move and put my head on his chest, he didn’t move for a few seconds before putting his arms around me and pulling me closer “You’re adorable” he whispered and planted a light kiss on my head, I looked up and frowned “Adorable?” I questioned and he nodded, a grin on his face “The most adorable person I know” he put a strand of my hair behind my ear and I could feel myself blushing. We continued staring at each other, both with a smile on our face before he opened his mouth to speak up “I..” he hesitated before continuing “I really like you Y/N… and it’s okay if you don’t feel the same but I do and I have liked you for a while now but I was too much of a pussy to say something to you about it but you laying here in my arms just feels so right” he said and I placed my hand on the side of his face, rubbing his cheek gently with my thumb “I like you too Reggie and I also have been too much of a pussy to say something” he laughed before closing the space between our faces, our lips finally touching. His hand was on the back of my head, pulling me closer as I smiled into the kiss. He pulled back still holding my head and smiled at me, his eyes shining as he kissed my lips one last time “goodnight, girlfriend” I giggled, laying back on his chest “goodnight, boyfriend”

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Q: You are receiving such an explosive response from overseas even before your official debut.  "Don’t Recall" topped iTunes in addition to the music video views.
Somin: Since we received such an unexpected response, it still feels like a dream. We are just so happy.
B.M: I can’t believe it. I’m from L.A. and my friends tell me that KARD is quite popular in America. They send me screenshots from the music video and it amazes me every time.

Q: Your overseas tour has been confirmed. What part of KARD’s charm do you think struck a chord?
B.M: At first, we were just jokingly shouting out ‘world tour’ when it surprisingly came true. I think we were able to connect due to the genre.
J.seph: I saw photos of fans standing in line waiting to purchase tickets and it was incredible. I thought, are these really our fans? I had to zoom in on the photos to believe it for myself. Haha.

Q: Aren’t there many fans here in Korea who recognize you?
B.M: I was on the train once in Itaewon and a man walked up to me saying “Aren’t you B.M? I’m a huge KARD fan.” We chatted for a while… I thought about carrying around a signed CD. I really wanted to give him one.

Q: There must be some concerns regarding dating within the team. Is there a possibility?
KARD: Definitely not.
Jiwoo: During the shoot earlier, they told us to pose together with our faces touching and I felt a sudden jolt. I got so shocked.
J.seph: None of us are even close to our own styles.

Q: Then who is your ideal style?
J.seph: I like actress Park Si Yeon sunbae. I’m not comparing with the members of course.
Somin: I think I’m good as long as it’s not J.seph oppa (laughs). I don’t really have an ideal type but just someone who’s manly I guess.

Q: How did you react when you first listened to your songs?
B.M: It was 'crazy’. “Oh NaNa” just clicked and when I heard the beat to “Don’t Recall” I was like 'wow.’
Jiwoo: After listening to “Don’t Recall” we practiced continuously since we wanted to record it as soon as possible.
J.seph: I seriously got goosebumps after listening to “Don’t Recall”; it was that good.

Q: You haven’t made your official debut yet. What do you want to do most once you debut?
Somin: I wish to appear on 'Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.’
B.M: I want to go on 'Hit the Stage’.
J.seph: I would like to go on a nationwide tour in Seoul, Daejun, Daegu, Busan and Jeju Island.
Jiwoo: I want to have a fan meeting. I think it’s a good opportunity to get closer with fans.

Like Brother, Like Sister - Part 2 (Archie x Reader Request)

Request(s): ‘Prompts #5 #9 #19 #145 your dating Archie and your jugheads younger sister by a year and your a south side serpent. And one day in school you get into a fight with Cheryl because we’ll it’s Cheryl lmao. Just an argument not like physical. She had said something about your family and your dad FP. Archie, jug, Betty and Veronica comfort you and try to calm you down. Also backing you up in the argument.’ - Anon.

- ‘hi! could you please do 62 and 64 for archie x reader? thank you!!’ - Anon.

Prompts: “Why do you hate me?” “I can’t believe you!” “I’m going to kill you!” “Go back to bed.” “I want to protect you.” “You’re so beautiful.”

I ended up going a bit more soppy than I expected, hope you still like it!

Part 1

Characters/Pairings: Archie x Serpent!Reader, Serpent!Jughead x Betty, Cheryl, Veronica.

Warnings: Kissing, Mild cursing.

Word Count: 1745.

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Archie and I lay in his bed together, our hands intertwined. We didn’t talk, music played quietly from Archie’s laptop. It had been a few weeks since I joined the Southside Serpents and I’d been kept pretty busy. The gang had taken advantage of my young appearance and sent me on jobs a lot. This was the first night in a while I’d had free.

I turned on to my side, Archie quickly followed. We looked at each other, I studied his face. His brown eyes had developed a darkness underneath them, I could tell he wasn’t sleeping. I knew he was up most nights worrying about me, he’d told all of our friends this but didn’t dare speak to me about it. I placed a hand on his face, rubbing his cheek under my thumb. He had a slight stubble, it was rough to the touch. I was starting to worry about him.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ He spoke in a hushed tone. I smiled at the first words he’d said in a while. My cheeks flushed, he still managed to make me blush even after all this time. I smiled a thank you at him. My finger traced over his lip before I brought my lips to his. Our kisses were delicate nowadays, we soaked in every moment. We parted our lips but still kept incredibly close, our faces almost touching.

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Safe at Last (Part 5):

YAY! So Part 5 is here! I had sooo much fun writing this little bit and I have to admit that I had considered making this post ALOT shorter and making you wait for a Part 6 but god-damn I just LOVED this scene so I just thought it would be way nicer to just have them together and have it flow nicely! 

With that said I LOVED the witty banter between Rhys and Feyre and…idk this had to be my FAVORITE part of the entire fanfic and it was the MAIN idea for me making it. The entire story was literally just to get me HERE and I am very pleased with the destination!

So as usual, I will tag all the people who have voiced their support at the bottom of the page. Thank you lovelies for all your support!!! 😘😘😘😘


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 6:

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Return My Feelings.

Genre | Dance teacher | Idol AU.

Pairing | Jeon Jeongguk  / Reader.

Words |  3348 words.

Conspectus | Jeongguk couldn’t hold his feeling inside anymore, he wanted it badly knowing he was taking a huge risk on doing it. 

Warnings | This is some smutty as shit. 

A/N | I have posted this once before but change the name. It called ‘Dance Teacher’ and was posted on my deleted blog BTSSmutty. This was my first ever writing smut, so please be nice to it. I’m basically cringing to it. 

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CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor / reader

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut, dirty talk, voyeurism, praise kink





Sebastian opened the door to the suite and my breath hitched. “Oh Sebby, it’s gorgeous.” The room was fully furnished with a couch, love seat and 2 chairs, all in brown. The walls were cream with accents of brown and gold and off to the left was the bedroom complete with a king sized bed and nightstands.

Sebastian, standing behind me, weaved his muscular arms (thank you Don) around my waist and nuzzled my neck. “Only the best for my girl.” He gently kissed me and I got goosebumps.

Swinging around, I hugged him and pulled him into the room to the window, giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. I breathed, “Sebby looooook,” it was a clear New York City night. The Empire State Building was directly ahead and lit up along with the other skyscrapers and streets below. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me, the corners of his eyes crinkled.

I felt my face redden. “Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“You are just like an innocent child, looking at everything as if it were brand new.” He pecked me on the nose. “It’s adorable.”

I arched an eyebrow at him, a smirk on my lips. “Adorable, huh?” In a split second, I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him, a muffled “whoa” and moans of pleasure heard as my tongue did a searching sweep for his, rolling around his as I shoved him against the wall, unbuttoning his shirt, and groaned with lust in his mouth.

He gave into me, his body limp as I removed his shirt leaving him bare-chested. My hands fell to his chest, fingers running up and down his amazing pecs. When I broke off the kiss, my breath was ragged. “You may regret…or…“ I shrugged. “Nah, you’d like what I have in store for you.” My knee spread his legs apart and I cupped my hand over his bulge pressing hard against his jeans.

Sebastian tilt his head, smiling as he slowly reached my face. Our foreheads touched and he said, “So are you gonna make me wait to fuck you or are you going to torture me?”

Sebastian’s voice was low and dripping with lust. I closed my eyes and chuckled, but actually I wanted to tear the rest of our clothes off and ride him hard. Instead I kissed him passionately to shut him up. He unzipped my dress and it fell in a pool around my feet. “Leave on the heels,” he moaned against my lips. I took his pants and briefs down and slowly caressed his cock with the tips of my fingers. After we were completely naked, I pulled him to the bed and over me. “Sebby, I want you in my mouth. Fuck my mouth baby.” My smile spread slowly across my face and I licked my lips. “Please.”

Sebastian caressed my cheek and mewled with half opened eyes, “Begging so pretty. Such a good girl.” Climbing over me, his hard throbbing cock wet with precum, he said, “Open wide doll.”

My tongue circled the head, sucking the precum then took more of him as he lowered himself. I moaned around his cock, feeling a moment of pride as I watch his eyes flutter closed and his head fall back from the pleasure. He then looked down at me, and when I whined, he waggled his brows. “Do you want all of it baby?”

The desperate plea in my whine pleased him. He slowly lowered as far as he could, and again I moaned. After a comfortable rhythm was attained, I could concentrate on his gorgeous face. His teeth biting into his lower lip and the long moans coming from deep within his throat could make me come alone.

After a few minutes, his moans became louder. “In your m-mouth babe.” I smiled and massaged his balls, making him yell out my name. He burst into my mouth so quickly I couldn’t swallow all of it. Some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. Our eyes met as he finished. He moved strands of hair behind my ear and breathed, “Aaaahhh, good girl.”

I giggled, wiping my mouth as he removed himself. Sliding down my body, his limp cock leaving a trail of sticky come down my chest, he stopped to lick my lips and stick his tongue in my mouth, tasting the mixture of both of us. We moaned simultaneously and his fingers were circling around my pussy.

I jerked and my eyes widened. He raised an eyebrow at me and began a slow descent south. My hands were running through his hair and yes, even pushing him down impatiently. Raising my hips to him I begged, “Sebby, lick me.”

His nose was touching my clit, inhaling my scent. “Oh baby, only you. Only you smell like this.” Sebastian ran his tongue excruciatingly slow, lapping from slit to clit, fluttering his eyes closed, then sucked on my clit. “Mmmmm…taste like this.” He ran his fingers through my pussy, and ran them over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on his fingers, rolling my tongue around them. “Sooo good baby.”

His low voice was sexy. “Sebby,” I whined. “Please.“

He chuckled, a wicked smile on his face. “Please what? Say what you want doll.”

My body was about to explode. I covered my face with a pillow and groaned in frustration. “Please lick me! Suck me! Make me come on your face!!”

“That’s a good girl.” Spreading my legs and looking at me with hooded eyes, he licked my clit. The squelching sounds were all I could hear as he sucked. “You are so wet for me sweetheart. So deliciously wet.”

Arching my hips, I whined, “Sebby please, soooo good. Please.” He laughed, then pushed two fingers in my cunt, scissoring back and forth as he continued to lick circles around my clit. My head fell back. “Fuuuuuck.” I clenched around his fingers and he pumped faster.

Between my moans I could hear him growl “Mine.” “You’re mine.”

My thighs were shaking and I pushed on his head deeper on my pussy as I came on his face. Arching my hips to his mouth I could watch Sebastian drink me, slurping as he grabbed my ass like he was trying to meld us into one.

When I reached my peak, I giggled and playfully pushed him away. “You, Mr Stan are evil, and must be punished.”

“And how do you plan on punishing me baby doll?” He asked, wiggling his brows and smirking.

Biting my finger, smiling as I looked at his gorgeous naked form, I knew what to do and my heart began beating harder. I stood up, and held out my hands. “Trust me?”

“When we’re both naked and you have the ‘cat that caught the canary smile’ on your face? Hell no!”

With all my might, I pulled him up and led him to the balcony. He stood behind me as we looked at the city…but more importantly, at the hotel across the street, where there were people on balconies on several different floors. I lean back on him and purred, “It’s a beautiful night to get fucked outside Seb.”

His flaccid cock was twitching to life. Leaning down to lick my ear, he whispered, “You are a very bad girl, you know that?”

I took his hand and pulled him onto the balcony and pushed him in the chair to his delight. “Uh-huh.” Straddling his lap and rubbing his cock over my clit, I hesitated and looked over my shoulder. Sebastian leaned in to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked, as he caressed the other. “Mmmmm, Sebby you are so good with that mouth.”

I lowered myself on his cock and rode him slowly, my hands digging into his muscular shoulders. He moaned around my nipple, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. “Your mouth is heaven doll.” He thrust up hard and my head fell back, my teeth biting into my lip. Our thrusts matched perfectly. Behind me, I heard a few people yelling at and about us. It was absolutely arousing.

“We’re being watched Sebby.” My breathing increased and my heart ran fast. “They want a show. How bout it? Let’s wave to our fans and you can pound me against the wall, hmmm?”

Sebastian’s eyes were completely black and he licked his lips. “Babe, I’m going to pound you INTO the wall!” My smile was slow and devious. He pushed me off his lap and we stood up. People were cheering.

“Damn Sebby, I’m fuckin dripping! I need you now!”

He pushed me against the wall and kicked my legs apart. Within 2 seconds, he thrust balls deep in me, and I screamed out “YES!!” The word was echoed from across the street.

Sebastian kissed my neck as he thrust into me. “You love people watching us, hmmm? But they don’t get to see you baby.” He chuckled and spun me around, lift me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He began fucking me as he held me, my ass for all to see.

“God Sebby, that’s so good. Mmmmm…you don’t mind that there are people staring at my ass?”

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed my ass. “Baby, this ass is mine. They can look all they want at your perfect body, but this is mine.” Sebastian’s face was full of desire and his voice challenging…the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

“I’m gonna fuckin come all over your cock baby.” I moaned into his shoulder. “Yours Sebby. Only yours.” I screamed his name as he pushed me up against the wall, clenching around his cock. The waves of heat that were flowing through me were constant.

“Mine!” Another orgasm ripped through me. “So beautiful when you come. Good girl. I gotcha.” I clung to him limp and satisfied.

“Do you think any of your fans are over there?” I giggled in his ear as he threw me over his shoulder and we went back inside before he found out.

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The Raid

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1825

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

A/N: Okay, first thing: I hate Mary Winchester. I don’t hate her for having collaborated with the English Men of Letters (okay, a little bit for that, too), but I hate her because she has lied to his own sons! Mary, you’re not only a mother, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want without even thinking your kids.
After my outburst, lol, this oneshot came to me the instant I saw the opening scene of the episode.

So, I hope you like it!

If you want to be tagged in my oneshots, just ask!

Mary has lied; all this time, Sam and Dean thought that she needed to ‘adapt’ to her new/old life. Instead, she was collaborating with the British Letters Men. And I don’t understand; one of them tried to kill Sam, tortured him. How she was able to look at the faces of those men, not thinking about what they did? How did she look her children in the eyes while she was lying? A hunter is dead, Cas is almost dead; and she did nothing.
Sam and Dean.. they don’t deserve this.
In the main hall hovers the silence; Dean and Mary are fixed in the eyes. What said the biggest of the Winchester brothers must have struck deep inside Mary.
Mary; that’s how Dean called her.
No mom, but Mary.
It must have been like a bullet in the stomach, those words. For Mary, and for Dean.
Dean breaks eye contact with the mother, and without another word, he leaves. I look before Sam, who nods at me; I know what he is thinking.
Go to him, I manage.
I would also like to comfort him; Mary has also hurt Sam, especially him. It’s him that the Letters Men tortured almost to death. I can’t imagine what he’s feeling.
I look out of the corner of one’s eye Mary to try to go from Dean, but I raise a hand to her, and I stopped her. I don’t think it’s a good idea; this would complicate things even more.
“Y/n, let me go.”
I don’t say anything, and I cross my arms over my chest, waiting for her to leave. But she didn’t give up, and tries to overstep me.
“He’s my son.”
I laugh sarcastically. Meanwhile, I also try to keep calm; I don’t want Dean and Sam hates me too, for beating their mother. I approach menacingly Mary, looking at her straight in the eye.
“Now you remember that he’s your son. The one you call son has suffered, along with his brother for years. His mother had died horribly, and he had to raise his younger brother, alone. Then they both had the extraordinary opportunity to have you back; you should’ve heard how Dean spoke well of you. How you were a sweet woman, gentle, and strong. And I was happy for him and Sam, 'cause you were back here with them. But right now, Mary, I regret to have been happy with your return.”
Mary is speechless, I can’t even look at me or Sam’s eyes. Me and him, we exchange a look of understanding, then I leave the main hall, to go looking for Dean.
I know exactly where he is 'hidden’; our room is like a refuge where lock up all the feelings that we don’t want to express the outside. And Dean did well to turn in on himself.
As I expected, when I open the door of the bedroom, he is there, sitting on the floor, his back to the bed.
I don’t know what to say right now, and I think Dean even listen to my words. The only thing I do is get close to him, in silence; he turns to me, and his eyes speak for themselves. At this time he can’t
help but hate her mother, and I understand that. Perhaps even I would hate my mother, if she did it to me something like that.
I kneel beside Dean, and wrapping my arms around his neck, I sit astride on him. I draw him as much as possible to me; I try to convey all the affection, the respect, the love that I feel for him.
Dean and I remain in this position for quite a while; We don’t need words, no more. Me and him, we’re engaged for so many years, that everyone can understand what the other is thinking, even with a small gesture.
I caress the Dean’s neck, and I press gently my lips on his lips. There is no rush in the kiss, or rough, or desire. It’s just a gentle, chaste kiss.
“Do you want to lay down on the bed with me? We close our eyes, we rest a bit. I think you need it.”
Dean nods, and in silence, we get up from the ground, to lie on our bed. We are face to face, our noses touching; he approaches me, and hides his face in the crook of my neck. I attract him back to me, I feel his tears wet my skin; I caress his back, to comfort him, and after a while, I hear his breathing calm. He’s asleep; even I slowly close my eyes, to fall into a deep sleep.

When I wake up, Dean is not beside me. I get up from the bed, and I go to the library. There is no one, except a Sam ticket, where he says he went out. Maybe
I know where he’s gone..
“Sammy! Y/n! ”
I jump when I hear Dean’s voice behind me. He comes over to me and kissed me. I warn him that Sam is not there, and nodding, he goes to the cabinet where there are bottles of whiskey.
“Dean, what are you doing?”
“I look for something to drink.”
I roll my eyes; I know he has just returned from the round of drinks he usually does, when he’s.. sad. And I feel the smell of alcohol from his breath.
“Again?” I say, crossing my arms over my chest. Dean looks at me, but didn’t have time to respond. Someone knocks on a sudden of the bunker door. Dean walks up the stairs, and he and I remain surprised to find him in front of us. It’s Mr. Ketch, one of the British Letters Men. Earlier, Dean is uncertain whether to do it or not to enter him, but when Ketch pulls out a bottle of Scotch from behind his back, well, how can Dean resist it?

“What are you thinking?”
Dean brings me back to reality, as the wind hits my face.
What am I thinking? At how he became stunned from that idiot Ketch. The man managed to convince him to get into the car, and to follow him into a vampire hunting. Not until I called my boyfriend 'serial killer’.
I know that Dean can’t resist when there are vampires to kill, so I avoided saying to him that I do not agree on what we are going to do.
“Y/n, they are just vampires.”
“I’m not worried about them.”
Dean runs a hand off the wheel, and tightens mine. He approached my hand to his lips, and kisses her.
“Just because we’re going to kill vampires with an idiot English it doesn’t mean that I trust them.”
“What if it’s a trap?”
Dean smiles, and looking from the road, then at me, tightens my hand in his.
“I’m lucky, then, to have you to protect me.”

“This place is empty.” I say, after inspecting the hotel, where, according Ketch, there had to be the nest of vampires.
“I found one.”
Mr. Ketch approaches me and Dean, with a girl; he pushes her toward us, and she falls to the ground. The Englishman asks the woman where are the other vampires, but she refuses to tell. I open wide my eyes when I see Ketch hit with a punch the woman straight in her face; he continues to hit her, again and again, but the girl doesn’t speak.
“Okay, that’s enough!”
I get close to Ketch and push him away from the woman, while Dean approaches her and tries to get her to talk with a different method.
“What’s up? It’s a vampire!” says Ketch enraged, looking at me, and then Dean.
“Yes, it is, but it’s also a person.”
Ketch laughs, and I try to stop myself from beating him. Suddenly, even I laugh, but it’s just a way to calm down.
“Did you understand now?” I ask to the Englishman.
“The difference between us hunters, and you stupid British. The reason why we don’t want to cooperate with you. The truth is.. we have a heart. We are hunters, but we know when we need to stop us. You said that Dean is a serial killer, like you. But you don’t know anything about him. And you’ll never know. ”
Dean approaches me and Ketch, as we continue to staring at us.
“We have a problem.”
I look away from the Englishman and I ask Dean what’s going on.
“Vampires have gone hunting.”
“About what?”

The Impala hurtles faster on the road, while Dean follows the Ketch’s motorbike; we are headed to the operational base of the British Letters Men. As told the vampire, her peers have rebelled, and have decided to fight back.
“What you said to Ketch..”
“It’s the truth.”
“Yes, but..”
“No Dean. You want to know what I think about this morning? I hate those fucking English. I hate them from the first moment, for what they did to Sam, for what they did to our family. And I hate the fact that they have managed to convince Mary to work with them.”
Dean opens his mouth to say something, but then closes it. I sigh; Mary will also lied to Sam and Dean, but she’s their mom, and those assholes of the British must have told her something to convince her.
“Do you think they have convinced her in some way?”
I raise my hands to the sky, exasperated. I believe I’m about to explode.
“It’s the same thing that Ketch did with you! You are so angry with your mother, that doesn’t realize that you just went hunting with an Englishman. A fucking British Letters Man!”
“Yes, but..”
“Please Dean. I.. I don’t want to listen to you, or your mother, or an asshole British. So, shut up, and lets save your mother.”
I take a deep breath, and relax in the Impala’s seat. I know, probably Dean knows I’m right, but he’s stubborn, so he would never admit it. Mary was wrong, but she’s his mother, and she’s part of the family. I just hope that she don’t beat me up when I see her.
Suddenly, Dean slows, and stops the car on the roadside.
“Dean, what the hell are you doing? We have to move!”
Dean sling on my lips, and kisses me. I know that we must act quickly, but I don’t care, I attract him closer to me, and I return the kiss.
We bounce both Dean and I, when we hear Ketch honk.
I pretend not to hear, and I look Dean in the eye.
“You’re an idiot. Now move your ass, and starts the car.”
Pulling himself together, he turns on the car and set out. Dean smiles, and looks at me, and then concentrate on the road.
“And you’re awesome. Now, lets save my mom.”

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Küss Mich, NewtxReader.

Request: Hey, i was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is best friend with newt (but secretly love him) and ever since she came up to the glade she was bilingual (english and german) and one day she was bored and decided to annoy newt by only speaking german to him all the time and he learned a bit german without her knowing and one day she confessed her love to him in german thinking he didn’t understand but he did and then answered in german he loved her too and then all fluff.

A/N: ;) you got it, love. (Just a warning I’m bilingual with only French and English :( so I do not know a single little word of German except for Hello. So I used Google translate. If it isn’t 100% correct I’m so sorry.)

Maybe it’s my naivety that constantly pulls me into situations like this. Ever since I’ve arrived in the Glade with the first group sent up, I’ve known Newt was completely different from the rest. It’s something about his natural knack for leadership and his compassionate yet badass personality that pulled me in in the first place. Yet, it’s my naivety that keeps pulling me back to him in this way. Newt is my best friend and I wouldn’t ever want to ruin a friendship yet my naive little mind wanders to every possible fantasy about him and I see a relationship hidden here. I see him and I together. I see him and I in love.

I watch him from my own spot in the gardens, hoodie stripped off and around his waist as he bites his lip in concentration. He’s hunched over, the sun beating down against his sun-kissed and sweat-drenched self. Basically, I’m drooling.

“Hey!” I hear from behind me and feel a light tap on the shoulder to see Fry Pan glancing down at me with a sly smirk.

“What?” I ask and nearly jump a few feet into the air at the shock.

“When you’re done checking out Newt for the billionth time, can you bring over some corn for the Bonfire tonight and do it soon.” He says and keeps the same smirk on his face as he turns to walk away. Pretty much everybody in the Glade knows about my feelings for him. Everybody except him. It’s not that hard to tell honestly.

While I start on the corn, my mind starts to wander again not caring if anybody makes fun of me for my crush. I daydream often about Newt, about things like kissing him and just mundane things about him that I love so dearly. Thomas says he thinks I’m obsessed.

“Hey, Y/N.” I hear Newt’s familiar voice call from in front of me and he waves, making his way over, “What are you doing?”

I open my mouth to respond but then shut it, an idea sparking in my mind. Maybe I should mess with him (Newt and I have an on going prank war/joke thing going on. We’re always messing with one another and pushing each other’s buttons. Trust me, this is super common behavior for us both.)

“Ich bekomm gerade Maiskolben für die Küchen.” (Translation: I’m getting corn for the kitchens) I say and chuckle softly to myself at the perplexed look he shows to me in shock of the sudden language change. He knows I speak German as well as English but I never do it with him.

“English. Please, kid.”

“Ich würde lieber nicht.” (Translation: I’d rather not)

He just shakes his head at me and laughs along and I take the moment he looks down at the ground to look at him, taking in all of his beautiful features. I love his eyes. I love his subtle freckles, the kind you don’t see unless you’re real close. I love him. He’s beautiful. Inside out.

“You’re a lot of trouble you know that, Y/N?” Newt says in a teasing voice and looks up into my eyes. I simply nod and focus back on the work, needing to rush this over to Frypan.

We pile everything into the wooden basket Frypan put down for the corn and I lift it up in my arms, ready to go over to the kitchens.

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out during the Bonfire tonight like usual? Maybe go to our usual spot out in the woods?” Newt asks me and an instant smiles invades my face.

Ever since Newt and I became close friends, we skipped Bonfire nights. Not because we dislike them but simply because we like only each other’s company far more than the entire glade smudged into one area, forced to socialize with the Greenie. We have a spot out behind the Deadheads, it’s a meadow and you can perfectly see the sky from there. We usually just sit and talk for hours or look at the stars. Maybe dance (even without music) and I’ve kissed him there once. It wasn’t like I was making a move on him back then but, we were both curious one day and never had kissed somebody before (clearly). So, it came up in conversation one night in the Meadow and we both wanted to as long as we still kept friends afterwards. It wasn’t a full blown makeout session. It only lasted about six seconds actually. I just remember how it felt to be kissing him, his lips were soft and warm. It was slow and passionate. But when we pulled away, I was ripped out of fantasy world and dropped into reality. The reality where we were only friends. The reality where it was only a little bit of platonic experimentation in the dead of night. In the reality where we live on borrowed, ticking down time in the Glade.

Everybody here acts like we’re dating and I could see why, even though nobody knows we’ve kissed. Sometimes he’ll run up behind me and snake his arms around my waist, sometimes he’ll sneak up on me and throw me over his shoulder running around the Glade with me in his grip like a complete shucking lunatic. My permanent nickname is “kid”. He gives me piggy back rides to work when I’m groggy in the morning and we’re always together. I can see why many of them think we should be a thing yet, we aren’t sadly. No matter how much I want it. We never will be.

“Ich würde es gerne tun.” (Translation: I’d love to.) I say with a beaming grin in return and he smiles back, despite not being able to understand me I think my smile got the general point across.

“See you at the meadow, kid.” He says and laughs, patting my head as if I’m a child.

“Halte den Mund, halt den Rand, Halt die Klappe. Ich bin älter als Sie!” (Translation: Shut up, I’m older than you!)

I steady the basket of goods in my arms and walk across the Glade to deliver these to Fry, shaking my head at my younger best friend. Isn’t he just a ball of sunshine?

By the time bonfire time rolls around, I’m already making my way over to our usual meeting place. Newt is like a sweet escape from this place. I know all the pain the Glade has put him through, for god sakes I sat by his bed as he healed from his suicide attempt for a whole month. If it’s hurt anyone the most, it’s him. But he helps me escape from the dark place memories like those take me to. I look into his eyes and feel all the dark klunk mellow out for a few moments. He’s my sunshine.

“Hey!” He says as I find him laying down on the meadow floor, laying down on a blanket I presume he stole from the Medjack hut as per usual on meadow nights.

“Hallo.” I say and try not to laugh keeping the German speaking thing going with him today. I’m very fond of the fact that annoying each other is a past time of ours.

“Still keeping up the German thing. Jesus, kid, you don’t give up do you?” He asks with a small laugh and pats the empty spot next to him for me to lay.

“Nein, tue ich nicht.” (Translation: No I do not.)

I lean back against the ground, shutting my eyes as the night breeze blows over our heads. We both sit in silence, staring up at the sky that is dazzling with stars tonight in complete awe.

“The sky is beautiful.” He whispers, almost to himself.

Since he can’t understand me, I take it upon myself I secretly admit things to him… even if he won’t ever know what they are. What harm could it do? It’s no like he will know.

“Du bist wunderschön.” (Translation: you’re beautiful.) I say softly and turn my head to face him, observing his every detail.
If it wasn’t so dark out, I’d swear he’s blushing right now.

After another long pause I speak again, but this time it’s more. This time it’s all I’ve wanted to say to him for years.

“Ich habe einige Sachen, von meiner Brust zu erhalten. Ich war nicht ehrlich zu dir,”
I continue on without moving an inch, “Ich liebe dich. Ich habe immer.” (Translation: I have some things to get from my chest and I haven’t been honest with you. I love you. I always have.)

Newt pauses, his breath hitching in his throat and I can visibly see the change in his demeanor. Why’s he acting different? For a few minutes he stares at the sky with an empty eyed stare, scaring me senseless. What’s wrong with him? He eventually turns to his side, facing me, our faces nearly touching.

“Ich liebe dich auch, Y/N.” He whispers as he holds my face in his left hand, his thumb softly caressing down my cheek.
As the words leave his mouth my heart nearly stops.
(Translation: I love you too, Y/N.)

“You understand me?” I ask in utter shock at two truths I’ve come to realize right now.

One: He’s understood German this entire time.


“Ich habe dich geliebt, seit wir hier auf der Wiese geküßt haben und ich glaube ehrlich, du bist die schönste Person, die ich je gekannt habe. Du bist so lustig und du bist mein bester Freund. Ich würde abstürzen und ohne dich verbrennen.” He speaks eloquently and fluently, not stuttering or stopping.

(Translation: I’ve loved you since we’ve kissed here in the meadow and I honestly believe you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. You’re so funny and you’re my best friend. I would crash and burn without you.)

I almost start crying right here, his words, the ones I’ve been wanting to here for the most of our friendship finally are said aloud.
He looks into my eyes and I almost melt, he’s been hiding all along. Just like me. We’ve both been pining after each other for two years now, not knowing we loved each other back.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask in a hollow voice, still shocked as he comfortingly strokes my hair out of my face.

“I was afraid, Y/N. Aren’t you? You only told me when you thought I had no idea what you’re saying. I just-I love you. I don’t want to hide it anymore.” He explains in a hushed tone as I nod softly in agreement.

He’s not wrong. The single reason I said it was because I didn’t think he knew what it meant. Little did I know, he’s fluent in German.

“Küss mich.” I whisper softly and he props himself up on one elbow, a cocky grin spread on his face. (Translation: Kiss me.)

“Wie könnte ich das ablehnen?” (Translation: How could I refuse?)

He leans down and slowly presses his lips into mine, the familiar warm feeling from all those years ago returning. Yet this time it’s changed. His lips aren’t soft anymore, they’re chapped and rough. (Probably due to the lip-biting habit he’s developed since the last time we kissed) However, I don’t mind. Not a bit. My arms drape around his neck lazily, pulling him against me closer as I kiss back with a surge of eager confidence.

I pull away from him, as he tries to keep kissing and realizes in embarrassment that I’ve stopped and his face flushes red.
Instead of dwelling on it, he slumps back down on his back, pulling me with him so I’m resting half-on him on my stomach with my head on his shoulder.

“Ich liebe dich.” He murmurs to me and smiles into the kiss he plants on my forehead.

“Ich liebe dich auch.” I whisper back, my heart swelling at the moment.

(Translation: I love you)
(Translation: I love you too.)


You know what I want?

I want a movie or book where a girl/guy has moderate to severe acne as the main character.
And I want them to show what we have to go through. Bathroom routines, foods we stay away from, the special type of confidence that we have to have to even walk out our front door knowing that we’re all puffy and red and have bumps all over our faces.
I want them to show how insecure we are to look at people directly when we talk or when people touch our face.
But then I want them to have a crush on someone. A bad crush. A skin deep, heart racing, palms sweaty type of crush.
Over time, the crush sees the personality of the acne-cursed person, and all the flaws don’t matter.
I just want to know that there’s hope.

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter six

Before I knew it, two weeks had passed.

The inner circle were now friends rather than acquaintances, and Mor even though it made me guilty to even think it, was becoming more like a sister to me than Nesta and Elain.

And Rhys…

We hadn’t had time alone, properly alone, since the weekend he took me to that studio. And, true to my word, I hadn’t told anyone about his love of Spice Girls. Yet.

Our competition wasn’t over either, and Rhys seemed determined to win that date with me. I was determined not to let him. Unfortunately for me, he was currently winning, something he took delight in gloating over.

We had decided to end the competition next week, so whoever had the most wins by then would get their prize. I still hadn’t decided what mine would be.

“What’s going on with you and Rhys, anyway?”

The voice snapped me out of my daydreaming. It was Mor, who was painting her toenails on her bed. I was currently sketching –or attempting to- on mine.

“What? Nothing! Why would there be… There’s nothing going on! At all!”

“Calm down! I was just thinking, for two people who claim to hate the other, you spend a lot of time up close and personal. And don’t think I don’t know about the little rendezvous the little two of you had.”

“I don’t hate him, I just hate losing to him. And he only took me for a look around the city!” A pause. “Did he really say he hated me?”

“Well, he reacted the same way you did when I asked him about the two of you.” She smiled to herself, probably at the memory of her cousin being flustered. “Between you and me, Feyre, he always looks so happy when he’s with you.”

“Probably because he loves annoying me so much.”

“Hey, I could be wrong. But since he hurt his leg, he’s been more distant. Quieter. I don’t know if it’s because of that or something else. But what I do know is that he’s happier with you around.”

My heart was starting to beat faster.

“Well, either way, we’re just friends. And I doubt he sees me as more than that.”

“Whatever you say…” Was all Mor replied.
I had been looking forward to this for a while.

The old art instructor at the camp was pregnant, and now that she was finally on maternity leave, I was to run the art classes.

After teaching me the ropes of how to run a class and where everything was, Alis left to go back to her office. They were only choosing me as a teacher because they could get nobody else on short notice, and on my application, I had mentioned I was an art student. Camp Velaris had emailed me personally to enquire about my artwork and after sending them some pictures of my paintings, they had offered me both the councillor job and the art one.

I had always imagined myself teaching art, though in my dreams it was to art students, not to excitable children whose experience with art was limited to macaroni art. But still. I could make it work.

The classroom was beautiful, as was the section of camp it was in. The Rainbow.

I had instantly vowed to spend more time here.

The classroom walls were covered in displays of art done by campers from now and then. I even found some work by a young Rhys and Mor on the walls.

In the storage cupboard, there were boxes upon boxes of pens, pencils, crayons, oil pastels and chalk. There were at least three different kinds of paint.

I think I’ll enjoy teaching here very, very much.
My first class was after lunch, where I would be teaching the entire Night Court. At least for my first lesson I would be teaching kids I actually knew, and who would –hopefully- listen to me.

I had just finished setting up for the first lesson (we were making kites!) when the Night Court arrived. Rhys, Mor, Laila and Oliver (The councillors from the Court of Nightmares) led the children in who sat down, still moaning a little that they were being forced to stay inside while the other groups got to do ‘all the fun stuff.’

After explaining what to do to the campers and giving out the material, I walked around the desks to see if anyone needed help. One kid had accidently spilled water on the kite he was decorating, and another had somehow managed to rip theirs in half. Somehow I didn’t think that was accidental.

I hear a grumbling behind me. It’s Rhys, whose kite design looks worse than the ones done by the youngest in the class. He has ended up accidentally gluing his in half after trying to stick tissue paper onto it.

Smiling to myself at his helpless face, I slide into the empty seat next to him. Mor is sat at the front with two other kids, who are decorating their kites with glitter. Oliver and Laila are sat with some of the kids from their group.

“Need some help?” He looks up at the sound of my voice.

“I am perfectly capable of making a kite, Feyre darling.”

“I’m not saying you’re not. I’m just saying that it would be easier if your kite wasn’t folded in half.”

“Oh, uh, that’s just the new kite design. It’s all the rage in Europe.”

“Well, today we’ll just make an American kite then.” I smile at him, and lean forward to unstick it.

“It’s not completely hopeless.” I tell him. “You’ll just have to let it dry. Your tissue paper pattern isn’t that bad. What was it going to be?”

I looked up then, and realised that our faces were nearly touching. Just one or two inches forward and his lips would be touching mine. He seemed to have the same thought as he leaned forward ever so slightly, his lips parting a little-

We were interrupted by something that sounded an awful lot like a bottle dropping to the floor. I sighed. Someone had knocked into a full bottle of paint –an open bottle- which had spilled all over the floor. Great. Just great.

“I should probably go sort that out. Before anyone stands on it.”

“Probably.” His voice was rough.

I turned to go when his voice stopped me.

“The night sky.”

“What?” The other three councillors were steering the children away from the spilled paint.

“I was planning to make the night sky.”

I ignored Mor’s slightly smug look as I went to clear up the paint.

And I tried to forget the almost kiss.

Tried to, anyway.

Soulmates? Eh.

Do you believe in soulmates? No, not the stupid oh my god I can’t leave this person ever in my whole life. The actual soulmates, where life isn’t complete until you two are together. Usually that’s what all girls believe in. But not me, I’m Annabell, Anna for short. I don’t believe in that whole soulmate idea. I have been stuck seeing black and white for 19 years due to that soulmate idea. Oh yeah, didn’t I mention you can’t see color until you and your soulmate have touched? And guess who still can’t see color? Yep, me;  Anna Walker, a 19 year old who is going to be a freshman in college. Let’s just hope that I don’t have to take Art in college.

All my friends have been able to see color for a while now. I’ve sort of given up the idea of seeing color for a while now, I am just trying to make life the best it can be before I’m strapped down with a ‘soulmate’. So, that’s how I ended up here. I’m standing in front of an arena a few hours before a concert. I’ve been waiting my whole life to see, 5 Seconds of Summer, they’ve been around since I was a sophomore in High School. Lets hope these front row tickets can make my summer a bit more vividr; even in black and white.

I could feel my adrenaline build up as I stood in the front row, my heart racing and my hands getting shaky. I highly doubted anybody would get here for a while, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get trampled on the way in. I shook my head, feeling the stupidity of arriving to a hot arena many hours before the actual show. My mind began to drift off; did all bandmates already see color? Am I honestly still the only person who can’t? I kicked the front of the barricade that cut the fans off from their idols. It was mostly out of frustration, and I guess someone splashing water on me was what I needed to snap me out of my frustration. I wiped off the splatter of water that hit my nose, looking up with a pure look of confusion on my face. I was met with a slanted smile with a half full water bottle in his hand. I stood with my mouth gaping open as I saw who he actually was.

“Sorry love, you looked kinda heated.”

Gaining my composure, I shook the water off my hand and said, with a smirk taking over my face, “If you wanted to get me wet, theres many other options than this.”

He laughed, one singular laugh before sharing the same kind of smirk I had on my face.

“Oh love, like you can tell me I haven’t made you wet plenty of times.”

I could feel the heat rush to my face, my stomach was turning at his words. I shook my head before replying, “Wow, not only can he write lyrics he can make dirty comebacks as well!”

I heard him crack his knuckles, acting as if he were cocky before saying, “I’m a man with many talents, or  so I’m told.”

“By who? Your groupies?”

He gasped, dramatically, falling down onto his knees so his eyes could lock with mine.

“Me? Groupies? Nah, I don’t roll that way. But ya know, the guitarist on the other hand…” He drifted off

I rolled my eyes before falling back into my seat, glancing down at my nails; trying to show how I’m totally not freaking out.

“Ah, am I boring you already love?”

This made me look up at him, the smirk growing back on my lips. “Don’t you need to rehearse or something?”

“Hmm, as long as you agree to letting me see you after the show?” The smirk disappeared from his lips, replaced by a soft smile. A smile that made me feel like I could possibly trust him? I felt myself nod, slowly agreeing to let him see me after. What else do I have to do on a Friday night? A grin took over his face, pushing himself up to a stand. He turned on his heel to walk backstage before I heard him call back to me over his shoulder. “Oh! I never got your name?” I laughed, shaking my head before calling back. “Annabell but most people call me Anna.” That smirk grew upon his face again, yelling back to me as his body disappeared. “Guess I’m calling you Annabell then.”

You could say the show was…..eventful. Luke wouldn’t stop staring at me the whole time he was performing. Of course the girls beside me thought he was winking at them but they also flashed him so maybe he was. Every time he’d wink at me, I being the oh so loving girl I am and would flip him off each time.

All he’d do in reply is smirk and mouth, “You wish.” Which usually resulted in an eye roll from me. He’s something else, I’ll give him that.

I waited as everyone cleared out, my eyes observing the many bras scattered across the stage. I still don’t understand how girls could do that? I mean those bras are so fucking expensive. I shook my head as I reached down to grab the water that I kept under my seat through the whole show. Okay yeah I was too busy gazing at Luke to think of my own thirst. Sue me. I gulped down the water as Luke finally decided to make his appearance again. I finished the bottle as I threw it at him, him catching it with ease.

“You throw like a girl,” He commented, tossing the empty bottle into the trash can. “Now that’s how you throw something.” I shook my head, my eyes narrowing with a raised brow.

“Come on lets go back to my dressing room, your feet are probably aching.” I nodded as he motioned to the stairs to get the stage. I finally got a good look at him up close, his jawline was a lot sharper in person than when it was plastered on covers of huge

Security and the rest of the bandmates were also staring at me! I adverted my eyes to the floor as Luke led me into his room he got dressed in I suppose. My eyes finally raised oncemore we entered the room and I heard Luke click the door shut. The room was a mess, clothes scattered everywhere along with pizza boxes? Weren’t celebrities supposed to eat healthy so they could you know, have energy? I chuckled under my breath at the thoughts that ate at my mind, finally meeting the eyes of Luke  who showed a pure sign of amusement.

“Come sit. I don’t bite….hard,” He said as he bit his lip ring, it glimmering in the light.

I let a small smile creep onto my lips as I sat down beside him. Still not quite touching him; I didn’t want to be pushy. I laid back on the arm of the couch, his eyes observing my every move. I couldn’t really say anything though, seeing as I was doing the exact thing to him. My only wish was that I could see him in color.

I snapped out of my own thoughts once I saw his lips moving; realizing he was actually talking.

“Oh, uh sorry what’d you say?” Letting out a chuckle, feeling the heat creep onto my cheeks.

His laugh echoed through the room, a grin falling onto his face as he repeated, “Where are you from? I can tell that you’re obviously not from around here, Ms. American accent.”

I shook my head, looking over at him, “Okay, I’m from the states but also on vacation here due to you know, your show.”

He nodded, our eyes still examining eachother.

“What made you get into music?” I felt myself ask before I could stop myself.

I watched as he sighed, a slight aura falling upon him that seemed to sadden his discomposure? I felt my bottom lip go between my teeth as I watched him think over an answer in his mind. Before he could answer, I spoke up again, “You don’t have to tell me if it’s too personal, I know how it is to have some things you just want to keep to yourself.”

“No, no, it’s okay. For some reason, I feel like I can actually tell you this..” He smiled at my honesty before shaking his head.

“Have you ever been told you have a trusting feel about you? Anyways, I started music because my girlfriend at the time loved my music and she sorta inspired me. So I posted a few videos of just me on YouTube and eventually formed a band in my hometown. We posted covers and then got asked about two years later about going on as an opening act. As I was about to go on that tour my girlfriend…”

I watched as I heard him take in a slight breath, feeling my heart sort of ache. He paused for a moment and begins again.

“My girlfriend, she killed herself. Yeah, she wasn’t my soulmate but damn I loved her. I went into a deep depression and ended up not going on that tour. I stopped music at the time till I found a letter from her. I’ll skip you the sappy details but she mostly said she wanted me to continue my dream and write about her. So I called up the band who we were supposed to open for, convinced them to take us back and now here we are. A band of 24-27 year olds living life to the fullest.”

To say I was shocked was an understatement, I was blown away. I begin to imagine how he felt, the words not forming. He just sat and looked amused at my reaction. He didn’t seem sad anymore, he seemed more alive than he had been in most photographs.

“How’d you get through it..?” I murmured, not being able to make my voice go above a whisper.

He smiled that makes multiple girls swoon daily and shrugged. “I put the passion and hurt into my music.”

I nodded, feeling his eyes still on me as I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow; smiling playfully. “What?”

“You’re just so beautiful, but I’m sure you get that a lot.” As he leaned towards me, our faces not yet touching but extremely close. I felt my cheeks begin to grow warm as I swallowed, feeling my pulse race in my ears

He tilted his head, looking completely confused as his eyes never left mine. “Can you see color, Annabell?” I felt my head shake no, keeping my eyes on his as he nodded. I bit my lip as he glanced down to them.

His voice got extremely soft along with his eyes as he spoke to me, “I don’t usually do this, please believe that, but I want to try something..” I felt his body shift closer to mine, not fully touching. I could feel the ache in my bones for him to touch me, to feel his calloused fingers brush across my face.

He moved close, where I could feel his breath on the tip of my lips. “Don’t move,” he muttered lowly to me. Before I could even think, his lips were on mine and I felt something burst inside of me; I had never felt like this before. My eyes closed as soon as his lips met mine, feeling his hands gently caress my face. Our lips moved in sync, as if our bodies have met one another before.We broke apart and gasped as though we hadn’t had air in ages. My eyes opened and I felt myself gasp. The room; it was no longer black and white. It was a light blue with a grey carpet that was obviously stained and it was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. That was until I looked in front of me. Standing before me was someone who I could finally see clearly for the first time. His hair, laid in slight curls with a deep blonde color. His skin, laced with a beautiful pink hue that danced across his cheeks. His eyes were the one thing I couldn’t bare to look away from. They were the type of bright blue that were so light it was like you could look into them forever and never find the end. They held a softness in them that I couldn’t see before.

“Can you seem them too?” he murmured softly, making me break the trance I felt under him. I nodded my head and not being able to form words once again. His beautiful soft lips met mine, his large hands running through my hair as he held me close to him. It was as if time slipped away. He pulled away.    

“I never knew colors would be so….bright”

He chuckled softly, holding my face between his

calloused hands; they felt just as I imagined they would.

“Annabell.. my soulmate.” he said softly, his words dancing through my ears.

I quietly giggled, leaning up to brush our lips together again gently. “Anna.. it’s just Anna.”