our eyes look funny


(Guess who’s back, back again)

(Kyle x reader) 

 Miss Robichaux’s Academy had filled up quite significantly in the few months before I came. In fact, I was quite lucky to get a space considering they’re almost at their capacity. Delia works her ass off trying to keep everyone in order, but with a house full of teenage witches… I’m guessing it’s not easy on her part. And to make it even worse, Kyle Spencer lives here. 

We’ve all heard the story - frat boy killed by an enraged Madison Montgomery who was brought back by the power of Satan etc etc; in fact, that was one of the first things I was told before I’d even met the guy - but what everyone fails to mention, despite all their extravagant additions to the tale (such as how Madison had been possessed the entire time, or how it was all a hoax for attention) is that Kyle is one of the most attractive people to ever walk the planet. I caught him staring at me this morning while we were eating breakfast. I looked up and he was gazing right at me, spoon paused in the air, halfway to his mouth. As soon as our eyes met, he looked down at his cereal. 

It’s funny, actually; we haven’t talked for ages. Zoe says he’s just tired, and to be honest, she’s probably right. We really do bug him constantly. Another weird thing happened while I was walking down the hall. I saw him standing near my room, looking at the door as though he was about to knock. “Kyle, are you okay?” His head shot up and he mumbled something about how he thought he saw a spider and with that, he scurried off, down the stairs. 

 I’ve decided to confront him about it tonight. Everyone else is either eating dinner or in their rooms doing something, and I asked Kyle to meet me in the garden at 10:00. Call me paranoid but it’s 10:04 and he’s still not here. 

Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m going to say to him, but I hope he hurries up so I can get this over with. I’m not sure why I picked the garden either, considering there rain streaming in rivulets from the darkening sky. It’s a view which would be pleasant from inside. 

 A cough interrupts my thinking. “Kyle!” I say a little too excitedly. He smiles, and sits down next to me. “Listen, I-” Kyle cuts me off. Well, if cutting me off implies he presses his lips to mine, then yes, he cuts me off. Our mouths move in sync as he pulls me closer, knees brushing against each other. My hand slides around his neck, fingers intertwined in his hair. We pull away for air, foreheads pressed against each other’s. 

 "I am so sorry, Y/N. I just couldn’t look at you without being reminded of how beautiful you are, and how much I like you.“ Kyle blushes. I kiss him again, softly, when there’s a whoop from the hallway. I look behind me to see just about everyone who lives in the academy (including Delia) standing in a crowd at the doorway, grinning. Kyle laughs gently. I should be expecting some taunts about this for the next few months

Is it the Truth or a Lie? (Late Night Run pt.3) ~ A Theo Raeken Imagine



Warning: Cussing, Agression

Word Count: 927

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