our dearly departed

Celebrating Samhain Discretely

Honor the dead with your tummy: Eat apples and cinnamon foods.

Bob for apples!

Give an apple or pomegranate to the earth (bury or throw into nature)

Make a Jack-O-Lantern with a white candle inside to light the way for the spirits

Make a trip to the local cemetery and leave little gifts for our dearly departed

Bake soul cakes and share them

If you are dressing up for Halloween, go as a (non-offensive) fortune teller or wizard. You can carry your crystal ball, tarot cards, or pendulum with you without arousing suspicion.

Take a nature walk and revel in the beauty of the season

Incorporate Orange, Black, Silver, and White into your attire

“Accidentally” leave a plate of food out for the spirits

Re-organize an aspect of your living space to usher in a new year

Go through old letters and artifacts from your life and your family members’

Have a bonfire


orphan black meme | eight visually beautiful scenes [4/8]

“We dedicate this performance to our dearly departed Aynsley….”

The Agony Of Atrophying Alone

The agony of atrophying alone
Seeking sanctum and solace
My heart is left open
I’ve buried my many bones in your garden
For our dearly departed
Oh, I have grown
These roots have found home
When I thought there was no more hope to harvest
These hands take hold
These lips stay parted
When it is your name I moan
Decay, bereft of flesh
Touching skin and soul again
There’s still a shadow where you slept
And the sun hasn’t been made of gold since you’ve left
Let’s bathe in the waters of emptiness
Let’s look in each other’s eyes until the end
This place where my love is kept
This incessant beating in my chest
Used to use my bruises as muses
So often I lay wounded
Masquerading as the moon
I couldn’t tell if even the stars were muted
Or just too far away
But I waited for you to stay
Swallowed up by the sadness of it all being gone too soon
For the night to turn to day
When only these bones remain
The agony of atrophying alone for you

Delphine Cormier Isn't Dead: A Theory That Doesn't Belong in the Ballpit And Other Reasons Why Y'all Need to Chill the Fuck Out

I have seen one too many panties in a wad to not write this. Clone Club: have some fucking chill. I truly don’t think that Delphine is dead. Here’s why.

1. John and Graeme “confirming” things doesn’t mean shit. You know what else they’ve confirmed before? That Helena was dead as of the Season 1 finale. Unless I’ve been hallucinating a really convincing Helena, I’m pretty sure she is still very much alive. The writers want to keep us on the edge of our seats. They’re gonna say shit to freak us out or whatever. Doesn’t mean anything.

2. You know what someone does when they have a gun and they want someone DEAD? They do what Virginia Coady did to our dearly departed Pol and plant four or five bullets in their chest, making sure the job gets done. No room for error. The shooter in the parking garage had one mission: kill Delphine Cormier. So why put a single shot in her stomach? Why not pump her full of lead and get it over with?Sure they may have shot her again after the scene cut away, but I doubt that too. The shooter walked closer to Delphine after one shot, and it’s not because the gun wasn’t working anymore. With all the double agents and twisted plot lines going on here, it would be completely believable for the shooter to make a deal with Delphine, and then just leave some of her blood on the floor to prove to Neolution that the deed was done and say that the body had been disposed of.

3. Y'all don’t think Tat and Ebro would be taking selfies galore and tweeting heartfelt messages about how hard it would be on set without their respective buddy around?? Honestly?? Those two are way too fucking close to let that shit slide. I mean, hell, no one really liked Dylan Bruce but he got a hero’s farewell all over social media. It just wouldn’t be right, or even possible really, for Ebro to leave OB without a proper goodbye.

4. Rachel got shot in the eye?? With a pencil?? And lived??? Fucking Kira got run over by a car for crying out loud. Helena got shot in the chest like ten times I don’t care WHAT side your heart is on, that shit will fuck you up. And we think one measly bullet can take down the force of nature that is Delphine Cormier??? Nah

Yall gotta get your shit together. Stop looking for reasons to crucify the writers. Let’s just take care of those in-depth analyses that we do so well and get to the bottom of this mess.

#StillKickinThis February Roundup

Aaron died 3 months ago today. In the years and weeks and days leading up to that day, we were wrapped up in a cocoon of love and generosity from the Internet, and it’s important to me to try to give a little bit of that feeling to other people.

And, here we go: 

I “met” Cameron through this blog. She is another Hot Young Brain Tumor Widow, and she has an idea for an awesome business that turns the items our dearly departed leave behind into treasures for their loved ones. She’s just trying to get started, and I think it’s great.

Austin is a little dude with a brain tumor, which, no. That is not okay with me universe. His parents are uprooting their life to move to another city and give him the care he needs. That is awesome, but dudes, it takes a lot of money! 

Doug just died of brain cancer, and his family is still picking up the pieces. It’s the worst. 

This one is way different, and in a good way. I went to grade school with Nicole, and now we are all grown up and she is working two jobs to put herself through school and be a badass feminist psychologist. I love the idea of crowdfunding an education because hell yes, and the world needs people like her doing work like this. 

On that note, Micaela wants to go to St. Andrews, and she’s not gonna let muscular dystrophy stop her. 

Bryon has just four days left of his fundraiser! He’s a cool skateboarder and now he has cancer which is not cool at all, not even a little bit. 

Persephonee is five and a half. Today, her parents have to let her go.