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It’s A Secret

Anon Requested:  Hi! Could I request a drabble fic with our dear leader from BTS, Joonie? I’d like 2,8, and 35 please and thank you! You’re amazing btw

Wow I’m actually doing a drabble? Whaaaaat. I hope you enjoy! You didn’t say you wanted smut so I tried to make it as pg as I could. 

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Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 667

Warnings: Barely any smut if it can be called that, friends with benefits type relationship.

“It’ll be our little secret.”

“We’re in public, knock it off.”

“You win.”

Being Taehyung’s sister always had some disadvantages when it came to some things. The number one problem was how protective he always was. He was only a few minutes older than you but he treated those minutes as years because he wouldn’t let a boy even look at you for a few seconds before stepping in front of you and glaring at the boy. 

The over-protectiveness of Taehyung led to the next problem at hand. Well, it wasn’t really a problem but it was a very big secret you had to keep from your brother. Taehyung being a helicopter sibling is what pushed you and Namjoon together in the first place. You two have been sleeping together for the past two months and haven’t been caught yet which you were hoping to keep it that way. 

There was a dinner the boys were throwing together to celebrate their latest award win. You knew Taehyung was protective but he seemed to let his guard down when it came to his band mates. That’s something Namjoon knew and he used that to his advantage, you did as well. You and Namjoon had no feelings for each other what so ever, it was more of a friends with benefits type of relationship. You two were still friends you just hooked up a few times a week.

Sitting with Taehyung in the car was nerve wracking, it was worse at the table with all the boys around. You knew Namjoon would try something, whether it be with his words or not. 

“So (Y/N), how’s school? Are you working?” Jungkook would ask. You and Jungkook were probably the closest with each other as you two were closest in age. “It’s good, I have this big essay we have to do in-” and that’s when you felt it, his hand gently placed itself on your thigh. Not too high but it was high enough to make your voice stutter for a second. “C-Class..And work is just fine.” Jungkook would smile at that answer. He would reply with a “That’s good.” And drop the conversation after. 

You thought you would’ve been in the clear but Namjoon had other intentions, after a few slow, agonizing minutes later Namjoon raised his hand off of your thigh which had you to believe that he wasn’t going to mess around during dinner. You had only had that thought for a few seconds before his hand rested much, much higher on your thigh sending goosebumps along your body. Your hand instinctively grabbed his hand halting any other movements. “We’re in public, knock it off.” You whispered, glaring at the older boy next to you who could only smile looking at your older brother from across the table. “Come on Princess. It’ll be our little secret.” He whispered back slipping his hands in between your legs which caused you to unintentionally gasp.

All heads turned to you including Namjoon’s. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Taehyung being the worried brother he always is asked. Your face turned a shade darker than before and could feel the heat rise up. “I-I..” You coughed hoping to someway somehow think of an excuse.

Namjoon’s hand slipped from your grip and patted your back. “She must’ve drank water wrong.” He smiled at Taehyung and placed his hand back in between yours legs lightly playing with the fabric of your panties which had been getting more wet by the second. “Oh Princess..” Namjoon smirked down at you pulling your panties to the side. His fingers slid up and down your lips, teasing you like he always did. It was a game he liked to play, who can make the other crumble under their touch. Some days you would win but most days he would. He had just began to push in his middle and pointer finger when you breathed in quickly grabbing his wrist. “Okay.” You whispered. “You win.”

Namjoon just smiled down at you. “Oh I know.” He said aloud before he pushed both fingers in quickly.

…this fierce machine which you have built

  • Trump supporters: "We value the First Amendment, unlike the Regressive So-Much-For-The-Tolerant-Left Snowflakes"
  • Trump supporters: "Flag burners should be jailed and deported"
  • Trump supporters: "Muslims shouldn't be allowed in this country"
  • Trump supporters: "People should only say Merry Christmas and only refer to Christian Holidays"
  • Trump supporters: "We support regimes that openly repress free speech, press, assembly and religion because they're friends with our dear leader"
  • Trump supporters: "Open up liable laws to go after journalists!"
  • Trump supporters: "You can't openly oppose the President!"

~ Happy Birthday Suho 🎉 ~

Suho, you are our dear leader of exo and the mother to exo-l’s. I hope you enjoy the day and have a great time with all the members!! We never take your hard work for granted and I hope you can be the leader of exo for a very long time. With you at the front we can achieve bigger and better things!!

We love you suho and can’t wait for more of your jokes 😜❤️!!

Things I want to say to GOT7

A.N. saw someone do this for BTS so why not do this for GOT7 also I’m procrastinating on studying so I’ll be posting some things.

JB: Our dear leader Jaebum, I hope your getting the rest that you deserve and that you’re getting better every single day. Everyone misses you but don’t worry when you’re back to being your happy normal self, you’ll be kicking ass at the upcoming concerts and promo that you’ll be doing. Be prepared for everyone including your own members to be screaming their heads off, literally, when you get approval to perform again. Keep writing those amazing songs, they have so much meaning behind them.

Mark: Aww mark slowly but surely you’re starting to get more of your little box and not being as shy as you use to be in the beginning. You say your dad post embarrassing things because no one wants to see that side of you but honestly that is the best things ever. Everyone loves your dad, he’s literally the sweetest person ever! Hope you get to write more songs for any the future albums.

Jackson: Ugh Jackson sometimes I have a love hate relationship with you, I love how open and friendly you are with everyone and I hate that because I wish I was that nice and friendly. You push yourself to the extreme to make everyone happy, which is one reason everyone else loves you too but please consider your health and your own happiness for once. We love see happy, wild, and sexy Jackson jumping around with his other members. Hopefully on your next album one of your songs get approved.

Junior: Ohhhh emmoa(mom) Jinyoung you are showing your true colors, more of your evil side more than anything. Which isn’t a bad thing!! You’ve always been sarcastic, threatening to hurt the maknae’s, stuff like that but you’ve been more yourself lately and its the best thing actually seeing it. It makes everyones laugh and fall for you even more. Hope you get to do more acting opportunities because you looked so happy with all behind the scene photos from your latest project. You deserve doing both things that you love music and acting.

Youngjae: My precious little cinnamon roll!!!! Theres so much I want to say to you but I’ll keep it short and simple you are so important in this group and don’t let anybody tell you other wise. You are the sweetest, cutest and your laugh makes so many others laugh as well. Continue to be the happy Youngjae that you are and keep singing your little precious heart out at every concert because people deserve to hear your beautiful voice sining your wonderful well written lyrics.

Bambam: Okay look Bambam you are growing up and even though can be a little shit head, yeah I said it, you’re growing up to be a great guy. You have the hyungs teaching you ways to be an even better person, honestly every time you and your mom are together I get so happy because she loves you so much even though her ringtone is an ikon song. Keep being the weird, funny, butt head, fashionista that you are.

Yugyeom: My precious evil maknae. You are still the sweetest little bean just like you were since you debut. Even though you’re like a huge giant now and do sexual af dances all the damn time, seriously boy tone it down before you kill someone with those body rolls, you still worry about your hyungs and all the fans. Keep being the happy little bean that you are because everyone loves seeing you jumping from wall to wall with your happy self. Btw please pull a prank of Jinyoung he’s been a little too mean to you lately and record it too for everyone to see.

Yup, Sense8 is just straight up taking it and running. This is entirely purposeful. Seriously, I feel like I read an article discussing the show in the current context, with our new dear leader, and it’s so obvious, but I just wrote a paper semi-related to persuasion in media, and I’m shivering. Mostly with excitement that they’re doing what I’d hoped they would, and because Lito. All of them, but Lito and Bug are making me very happy.