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I don't have wifi, so I won't be able to update at all

Yea we are switching Internet plans and I think we get our service installed next week, and two days ago our Internet got closed, so yea that is the reason why I haven’t updated, just wanted to let you all know that.

I’m going to still try to write things that way when we get service again I will just post everything, but i find it mentally difficult to just turn on my laptop and not go online but yes.

I am using my phones data which I am so grateful for having 4.5 GB and have more in storage which is more than enough to get me by, but I cant update on my phone since I find it odd


Favourite Disney character ever.

Daily Post 21: The worst K.K. Slider song Reader’s choice

I don’t like this one and I’m too lazy to come up with something better. Why don’t you guys ask me stuff and I’ll answer a few? I’ll answer everything publicly, but don’t worry anon is on. I would like to keep this AC related though.

I’ll tag everything as ‘dppt2′ (daily post pt 2) so blacklist that if you are not interested in seeing some answered asks (though who knows… I may not get any!).

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today is an awesome day

so our closing is delayed for up to a month now because of some bullshit with the buyers’ credit history, and their loan officer fucking up repeatedly

last week we found an apartment last minute that is the most perfect thing in the world. it was right next to the bench i was sitting at every day waiting for my dad to get out of work, its right under this wonderful doctors office which is a combination of a chiropractors office and an energy healing place, the woman who owns it is wonderful, her manager is wonderful, everything was pERFECT. I almost cried when we walked in.

We of course thought we wouldn’t be able to get it now, because of the delay in the closing, since we thought they would need to rent it sooner.

we just got a call from the manager saying that she understands our situation, and knows that we want the apartment, and they really like us - she said that they have people come in to look at it in fancy cars bragging about their assets in the bank, etc etc etc, but they really care about the feel of the people who live there and they love us and she said they’re committed to us and will wait for us to sell our house!!!!

im literally crying right now this is the most wonderful news I could possible imagine

In observation of our nation’s Independence Day, @commongallery will be closed tomorrow (July 4th), so stop in today (11am-7pm) for your last minute holiday weekend essentials! Have a fun and safe holiday and be sure to post the ways #Apolis goods are a part of your celebration this weekend. Tag it #WearApolis so we can follow along!

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I am now out to two of my coworkers. I told my closest coworker (Jess for those of you who know them) about a month ago and she just said, “I know. I’ve always known you were gay.” (Which is weird because I’m completely feminine with long hair and I’d never uttered a word about being gay or my crush on our manager before that day, but we’re so close that it doesn’t surprise me too much.)

So, today. Ryan found out. We were talking about Ashlynn (our manager ❤️💜💗), and I accidentally blurted out “Well, I also think Ashlynn’s super hot, so.”

So then he found out. He was like, “Wait, are you actually gay?” And when I told him yeah, he high-fived me and said “Good for you! Now you just need to marry Ashlynn! It’s legal now!” I reminded him that baristas can’t date managers (it’s actually against policy) and that Ashlynn has a boyfriend, and he said “So you need to quit this job and break them up! God, Grace!”

Then he said that we could totally go out and be each other’s wingmen. He said that I could make sure all of the straight girls aren’t crazy before he starts hitting on them, and he could start being a dick and hitting on the lesbians so I could come over and rescue them.

I seriously love my job more and more every day.

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Awwwww poor puppy. What happened to Oliver that caused that scar?

(Re. this photo.) He ran at full enthusiastic just-got-out-of-the-car-yay-we’re-at-the-park tilt past a fence post that happened to have a nail sticking out of it. Then rolled over on the ground screaming. Then looked caught between running around in terror and pain and staring at me to hope that I could fix it, which was lucky, because at that point I was able to tell him which of those options to go with. Then he must have gone into shock or similar because it apparently stopped hurting, which was good because I could see the bone, so he got to sit on the front seat next to me without his usual doggy seatbelt all the way to the vet. Which was, unfortunately, the emergency vet because it was Sunday afternoon and our usual vet had just closed for the day, so it cost over $1000 to get his shoulder sewn up and also we had to sit around waiting for a long time before anybody would look at him, and also the nurses and receptionists were harried and rude. And he was trembling rather a lot. It was not a fun Sunday.

Transplant Anniversary Afternoon Tea :-) xxxx

This afternoon after work I went to my friends’ mothers’ house for afternoon tea for an early celebration of my 25th Heart Transplant Anniversary. I have known my friend Sarah my entire life and our families are very close to this day. Sarah lives in Scotland now, so I don’t get the chance to see her very often, but we try to arrange something quarterly so we can catch up. Her mam and dad live in the north east though so my own parents see them very regularly, weekly in fact!

Anyway Sarah is one of my best friends but unfortunately she is unable to attend my party in July because she is going to a wedding. She is absolutely gutted she can’t come to celebrate my very special anniversary with me, so she decided to organise afternoon tea at her mam’s house. So this afternoon after work, I went for a lovely afternoon tea. There were sandwiches, and cakes galore plus the table was decorated so beautifully with heart confetti and bunting! My mam, sister and the kids also came down, we played in the garden, ate amazing food and joined in amazing conversation. Sarah and her mother made such great effort to make the afternoon very special for me and I enjoyed every single minute! It was also lovely to introduce my niece and nephew to familar surroundings and play in the same garden that I once played in as a young child.

Sarah gave me a lovely gift, a handmade bracelet complete with 25 hearts to symbolise 25 years post transplant. It is super pretty and I have told her that I am going to wear it on the night of the party, which will be lovely!  

So yeah…I had a lovely time with lovely people and it once again made me realise just how blessed I am, to have such amazing people in my life!

Me! xxxx

I rest gently with you as still and as quiet as I can be… I am still only lightly asleep when you begin to rise for the new day… rss… cute moments… I wish you blessings in your morning… and in your afternoon… and in all parts of your day ;)

now 🐰 is falling asleep in our beautiful home of dreams… so close to my special 🐱… I love you, I love you, I love you…

It’s always awkward when people ask you questions that they really aren’t close enough to you to deal with the answer and so you just have to prevaricate and move on.

this library has the worst hours. it’s only open from 8-5 monday thru friday and three of those days im in class that whole time. i sure hope i won’t need to print anything for monday morning classes over the weekend because there’s no way for me to do that. in the 2 hours i’ve been sitting here there have been at least 2 different people who wanted after hours keys and couldn’t get them because they weren’t interns.