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February book challenge
(the one thats open is The Fault In Our Stars. Its dutch so it was strange to show the cover. The fault in Our Stars got me out of a reading slump. Loved it to death! When I went to see the movie I cried when it hadn’t even started because I knew what would happen. #funtimes)

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zimbits. “Less homicidal thoughts about your annoying coworker right now, please. I’m in a meeting over here.” pLEASE

Charlie asked for this about 30 years ago but I’m just getting around to it now. It’s prompt from this list. 

If he thinks I’m going to let a single tart anywhere near his ruinous Trump-sized hands he’s got another thing coming. Actually, no. He can have as many tarts as he wants. Kill ‘em with kindness, and arsenic worked into the whipped cream. I’d have to add more vanilla to balance it out but–

If Jack wasn’t in a sponsorship meeting, he would be inclined to promptly bash his head into the wood of the table. It had been like this for a few weeks ago, a voice filtering in at the most inopportune times, going on diatribes against who he was presuming was the voice’s coworker (”–even the way he counts out change is annoying. The Lord is testing me. We should’ve kept the antique register, it would have hurt more when I ‘accidentally’ shut the drawer on his fingers that he just licked to count out the bills. Yes, I would LOVE my spit covered change. THANK YOU.”)

Unfortunately, Jack thought it was unlikely that NIKE would appreciate their new brand ambassador actively giving himself a concussion, so he shot the representative across the table a smile and nodded to whatever was being said before reverting back inside his head.

As ambitious as your assassination attempt is, if you could keep it to yourself I would appreciate it.

There wasn’t even a moments pause before he got his reply.

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asianregret  asked:

Here is my first question, many people are comparing Lena to the evolution of Morgana. What are the similarities and differences between the two of them characteristically and plot wise. 😍

Ah, yes. Pull up a chair kids because this is a damn good question.

I think we can all pretty much agree that making Lena evil and killing her off would be some of the most lazy and cliche examples of writing ever to be dragged across our screens. We’ve been suffering enough through S2 of Supergirl and this plot twist (not actually a plot twist) would not only most likely be the last straw for us all, but it would be ridiculous.

I know some people like to hate on Lena for different reasons such as not liking SuperCorp or just assuming that she will be just another evil Luthor. I have some words for those that talk crap about my precious cupcake but let’s keep this friendly shall we? Sure, there are some parallels between Lex and Clark vs. Lena and Kara. You can have those. But they aren’t the only parallels that exist. The real plot twist is already in progress friends. The real plot twist is Lena actually being *gay gasp* GOOD! Whaaaaat? Who saw that coming!?

Some that are familiar with Katie’s work pre-Lena like to compare Lena to Morgana. Which is awesome might I add. However, some of these comparisons are cheaply used to explain exactly why Lena will be evil. Nope. The Katie McGrath Character Analyst™ is here to tell you that is weak.

So lets start this out by talking about Morgana. Most of you are familiar, I’m sure but for those that are not or need some refreshing, let’s do a quick fact list/breakdown.

The Lady Morgana Pendragon

Originally posted by missmysteriousm

  • Originally considered to be Camelot’s Favorite Daughter
  • Daughter of Vivienne
  • Raised by Uther Pendragon’s best friend, Gorlois
  • Adopted by Uther following Gorlois’ death
  • Turns out to be Uther’s biological daughter and older half-sister of Arthur Pendragon
  • Has a legitimate claim to the throne
  • Younger half-sister of Morgause
  • Former friend and eventual rival of Merlin
  • Eventual enemy of Camelot
  • Powerful magic wielder rivaled only by Merlin/Emrys
  • The Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess

Okay, caught up? Cool. Morgana’s story is actually quite tragic (Of course it is! It’s Katie! What do you think this is?) But it is quite powerful as well. It has always been foretold that it was in Morgana’s destiny is to become the evil, all-powerful witch that the grew to be. But she was not always like that, and she didn’t have to be! Morgana started out as a sweet, innocent, yet still fiery young woman that had a huge heart and the love and respect of everyone. She could stand up for herself and had the wits to challenge everyone around her. At that point, the biggest issues in her life were her negative feelings toward Uther’s views of magic and those that had it, and the possibility that she may have magic herself. Let us consider the very important fact that Morgana suffered from several external factors that eventually led to her turn.

Uther Pendragon

Morgana always made it clear that she disliked Uther’s harsh methods when it regarded the treatment of sorcerers in and around Camelot. She didn’t think it was right or fair that an innocent person should be executed simply because of what they are. She was right! There were good people in the world that had magic and did not deserve persecution. However, Uther would hear none of her arguments and often acted aggressively toward Morgana when she spoke against him. At times, Uther went as far as laying hands on Morgana and even locked her in a cell until she apologized for calling him a tyrant and a madman – for speaking the truth. Morgana also learns the truth of how Gorlois (the man she believed to be her father died). He was sent to battle by Uther whom failed to send him the reinforcements he needed. This is something that was very difficult for her to handle. It eventually came to Morgana’s attention that she had been lied to her entire life. She discovered that she was actually Uther’s biological daughter from a time that he was involved with Vivienne (mother of Morgause) and that she was actually the rightful heir to the throne. After hearing the way Uther claimed to feel about her, she tried to give him a chance to come clean. Instead Uther decided to keep his secret saying the people do not need to know, thus denying Morgana and her birthright. After years of his crap, Morgana had enough of him. She hated him. She wanted him dead. Needed him dead. So she turned to our next evil inducing factor, Morgause.


Ah Morgause and Morgana. Umm, MorMor? Was that a thing? People shipped them. Shippers, acknowledge and answer me! Was that name a thing?? Wait no, Morcest! That’s what it was. Okay. Got it. Thanks guys. This troubles me.

Anywho, Morgause obviously played a major role in Morgana’s turn. I’ll skip ahead really quick and say that Morgause was literally the only person that had enough opportunity, that actually tried to help Morgana explore her power. She helped Morgana embrace the magic that she was originally so afraid of. When meeting with Morgause one night, she explained that she hated the man the Uther had become and even had a chance to kill him but decided to save him instead. She regretted that decision. Morgause saw this and the trust Morgana has invested in her as an opportunity to use Morgana’s body as a vessel that hosted an enchantment that proved to be dangerous to Camelot. Morgana was of course, unaware of this and was not intentionally hurting anyone. This led to the final straw and evil inducing factor, Merlin.

Merlin (and Gaius and Kilgharrah)

I will keep this short because again, Merlin was a man that Morgana originally placed great faith and trust in. They went through a lot together and Morgana trusted him to keep her secret of having magic. Where did our “hero” go wrong? He lied to her. Kept the secret of having magic away from her despite knowing how he could help her. He decided to keep it a secret because the old man and the crazy locked up dragon told him so. Bad choice Merlin. Upon discovering Morgana’s alleged involvement in Camelot’s toil, he just up and poisoned her. That’s it. Tricked her. Poisoned her. Sat there and cried while he murdered the woman that was supposed to be his friend. Rude. Morgause was the one that came to her rescue. Case in point: If Merlin had been honest with Morgana from the beginning, she most likely would not have turned to Morgause. She would not have felt so alone. She would not have been taken away by Morgause and shaped into the evil, angry, and vindictive sorceress that she became. Merlin even acknowledged this point later.

The result: Evil!Morgana

Originally posted by ethan-chandlr

Good job team. Sloooow clap. Look what you did. Now she’s pissed.

So how does this all compare to our lil cupcake Lena Luthor?? Let’s see.

Firstly, this is tough because we had 5 seasons of our beautiful Morgana and only have ohhh about an hour or less of Lena (crime against humanity). Let me see what I can do, Chance.

Lena Luthor

Originally posted by suprcorp

So this is a novel and people hate me already soooo, tune in for Lena’s analysis OR a TL;DR after the break. Stay with me, lovelies!

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Artza’s Masterlist

Updated: 6/26/17 (26/6/17)


  1. - How Dare You?!
  2. - Funky Breakfast


Jason Todd x Reader

  1.  Lady In Red
  2.  Lady In Red Pt.2 
  3.  Dark Paradise
  4.  What Happened Between Us?
  5.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out
  6.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 2
  7.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 3
  8.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 4 (DISCONTINUED)
  9.  Thank You
  10.  Never Too Late
  11.  Babydoll
  12.  Confessions
  13.  Locked In
  14.  You’re Perfect To Me
  15.  Yes, Father (Smut)
  16.  Breathe
  17.  Explicit Content (Smut)
  18.  Daddy Dearest (Smut)
  19.  Forgetting Something? 
  20.  My Girl (Smut)
  21. Cursed Lust (Smut)
  22. Butterflies and Cupcakes
  23. Our Only Option
  24. I Promise
  25. No Sex On The Job
  26. I’m Right Here
  27. Don’t Scream (Smut)
  28. Care To Explain?
  29. Puppers and Sweaters
  30. Beautiful
  31. Attraction 
  32. I’m Yours (Smut)

Dick Grayson x Reader

  1.  I Don’t Have Anyone 
  2.  I Don’t Have Anyone Pt.2
  3.  Adore You
  4. Surprise Vacation (Smut)
  5. Anytime
  6. I’m Yours (Smut)

Tim Drake x Reader

  1.  New Kid
  2.  Night Patrol
  3.  Don’t You Get It?
  4.  Shadows In The Dark Pt. 1
  5.  Sarcasm Is A Gift!
  6. Road Trip WIth A Stranger
  7. So Cute

Damian Wayne x Reader

  1.  Hunger Games Pt. 1 
  2. Hunger Games Pt. 2
  3. My Love
  4. Worthy Enough

Bruce Wayne x Reader/Batmom

  1. Tease (Smut) - Batmom (DO NOT ASK ME FOR BRUCE SMUT EVER AGAIN)
  2. I’ll Always Need You

Batboys x Reader/Sibling Reader

  1.  This Means War 
  2. Overdramatic Blood Siblings (Batsis)
  3. New Friends
  4. We Got Your Back


Jason Todd Headcanons

  1.  Cat Invasion

Tim Drake Headcanons 

  1.  First Fight  

Damian Wayne Headcanons

  1.   Watching Moana

~ Artza Destroying Anon Hate     


Okay, not to freak out, but…

I MADE THE GREY STUFF FROM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND I’M SUPER HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT??? I was slightly worried that the cream portion might be too sweet, but it’s not and the red velvet cake and the raspberry go so well together!! And the cookie is just perfect, it’s crispy texture with the softness of the cream and the dense cake…

It took me one full day and loads of planning in advance, but it was all worth it. This is perhaps one of the best desserts I have ever made. I’m super happy.

anonymous asked:

hi!! can you give me a quick summary of hook and emma from beginning to most current? thanks love !!

Once upon a time there was a lonely cupcake Savior who had walls miles high, and after dangers untold and hardships unnumbered- oops, detoured to The Labyrinth, my bad. Anyway, our Lonely Cupcake discovered she was the Lost Princess of Misthaven and broke a curse with TLK with her son, found her family, fell thru a portal, met her pirate soulmate, kissed him so hard in Neverland she helped him move past his vengeance and gave him something more to live for, but then they got cursed again and she lost her memories because FUCKING PETER PAN, she and Henry (her son) lived in New York for a year, was found by her pirate soulmate and brought back home…

*takes a deep breath* Fell thru another portal, but not just any portal, a TIME portal, accidentally messed up her parents meeting, met her pirate soulmate’s past self and made his present self JEALOUS (tee-hee), danced at ball and was swept off her feet by said pirate soulmate, fixed what she done fucked up, came back home aND FOUND OUT PIRATE SOULMATE TRADED HIS SHIP FOR HER BECAUSE LE TRUE LOVE (BUT WE WON’T DISCOVER THAT’S TRUE TIL SEASON FIIIIIIVE).

There was domestic bliss for six weeks and the best relationship development to ever develop (DON’T YOU KNOW, EMMA??? IT’S YOU), also grilled cheese and onion rings, I can’t even talk about it. Then some dumb ass author showed up and wrote an AU, but we should say thanks, I guess, because we got to watch CS meet for the first time AGAIN and Killian was shy and awestruck and drank goat’s milk and Emma was hearteyez AF and eyelash fluttery, also the Gods of ABC blessed us with “muscle memory” aka one of the greatest scenes OF. ALL.TIME. Sorry Taylor Swift, OF. ALL. TIME. And then Killian died to protect Emma and she admitted that sHE LOVED HIM SO HARD STAB ME IN THE EYE OH MY GOD. Then she done helped fix the author’s fuck up and everything went back to normal and then she saw Killian and tackle-hugged him to the bed (OH MY GOD PUNCH ME) and said she needed to tell him something (spoiler alert, it was, “I love you”) and Killian was like, “MMHMM. YES, SWAN. I AM LISTENING, WHAT IS IT, I KNOW BUT TELL ME PLEASE BECAUSE REASONS.” But then Emma chickened out and didn’t say it and she smooshed her forehead to his instead. T-T *takes another deep breath* And then Emma took on The DarknessTM but not before telling Killian she loved him HAHAHAH It was painfully awesome.

Then came the birth of Dark SwanTM and Dark HookTM with a bunch of CUTE AF CS SCENES OH MY GOD IT WAS DISGUSTINGLY AMAZING SERIOUSLY CAMELOT WAS SO GOOD TO US. Hook sacrificed himself to Save EmmaTM and then Emma was like, FUCK THAT NOISE I WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY HUSBAND, and then she went to the Underworld to Save KillianTM. Hades was a dick and things we’re looking pretty bad for CS and there was this awful goodbye scene at the elevator where Killian made Emma go back without him because there was no way for him to leave, and when I say awful, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Anyway, Zeus pardoned Killian and returned him to where he belonged – with Emma :’)))) HAHAHAH I KNOW, IT’S TOO MUCH PERFECTION.

Now CS is living together and they are continuing to fight for each other and their Happy Ending, oh and Killian wants to propose, AND EMMA GON SAY YIS AND WE GON HAVE A MUSICAL WEDDING. The End. And ofc they’re going to live Happily Ever After, FIGHT ME.

For Your Love || Jeff Atkins x Asexual!Reader

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve seen a few imagines with asexual readers and I noticed a repeat of something that really bothered me. Always by the end, they were magically cured by ‘the one’. Like, no. If that’s someone’s sexual orientation, or lack thereof, they’re not going to change it for one person. If people truly desire our asexual cupcakes, they’re not going to constantly be trying to convert them.

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: Mild Bullying, Sexual Dialogues


    You had thought your relationship was going well. Marcus Cole, straight-A student and President of the Honor Board, was what most would consider a perfect gentleman. He would hold open doors for you, carry around your bags; basically, treat you like you always thought guys should treat their girlfriends. But it was on the night of the back-to-school Winter Formal that you saw him for who he truly was.

    The two of you had just taken a break from dancing to go grab some punch. Upon hearing from Montgomery that it’d been spiked, you stuck to grabbing a soda, watching Marcus pick through the large platters of snacks with a frown.

    “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he asked, nodding towards the door. “We could go back to my place and hang.”

    “Are you not having a good time?“ you responded.

    He shot you that that sly smirk, never failing to melt your heart. "I just thought maybe we could have a little bit more if we were alone.”

    The smile that had begun to itch across your face faded quickly, replaced by a concern that furrowed your brows and forced you to cast your eyes downward. “Can’t we stay longer? I wanted to ask Tony if he could get some slow songs playing.”

    You felt Marcus’s hands slide around your hips, drawing you against his chest—what might have been comforting under normal circumstances, but now it just served to make your stomach twist with nerves. “Come on, Y/N. You know you can trust me.” He leaned down, teeth nipping at your ear. “I’ll be gentle.”

    You shoved your hands against his chest, scrambling backwards a few feet. “Wait! I really need to tell you something.”

    “What?” he asked, sounding, and looking, pretty offended.

    “I’m asexual,” you said quickly. “It’s not like I don’t like you, I really do. It’s just… I don’t enjoy sex like that.”

    He seemed taken aback for a moment, before finally clearing his throat to speak. “So you don’t think we’d be having sex any time in the nearby future?”

    “I’d rather if we didn’t,” you replied, feeling as if your chest was rattling with broken glass. “We could still have a good relationship together.”

    “Look, Y/N,” he began. “You’re a gorgeous girl. I mean, every guy in this school wants you, and plenty hate me for being the one you chose. I just don’t think you’re ever going to find someone who’ll keep you if you keep holding out like this.”

    You stared at him in shock. “Wh-what?”

    He patted your shoulder, shaking his head sadly. “This just isn’t going to work out between us. When you get over this phase, or whatever this is, call me, okay?”

    “What the hell, Marcus?” you asked, voice raising. “Did you only start dating me to get in my pants?”

    Heads had turned from the crowd, people poking other people in the sides to draw their attention over. Marcus had turned a light red, glaring down at you for calling him out in front of everyone.

    “Like you didn’t start dating me just to get brownie points towards your school record,” he snapped.

    “I started dating you because I thought you were the one person who would understand that there are more important things than sex!” you cried.

    “You’re just a prude freak,” he replied, his voice breaking with anger.

    A few of his friends, who had grouped together near the front of the crowd, snickered quietly. One punched Marcus on the shoulder, telling him to let it go. Another claiming that he had something that could open up those legs.

    You felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, their words squeezing around your neck like a tightly knotted rope. You tore through them, racing out of the gym and down the hall. You didn’t stop until you had pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom and collapsed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest and wetness streaming down your cheeks.

    To think you had once told yourself you loved him.

    Barely a few minutes had dragged by when you heard the door creak open. You looked up, surprised to see the tall, broad figure of Jeff Atkins slipping inside. His hair was moused into a swoopy, black wave, white tuxedo crisp and perfectly tailored.

    “Can I come in?” he asked.

    You shrugged. “I guess. If you want to hang out with a prude freak.”

    “Fuck Marcus,” he said. “You’re not prude, and you’re definitely not a freak. Last time I checked, you were just Y/N, and that’s fine with me.”

    He moved to sit down next to you. At closer glance, you could see he had replaced his normal white studs with a pair of snowflakes. You laughed, making him turn his head to smile at you.

    “What’s up with the earrings?” you asked.

    “I’m being festive,” he replied, motioning at the matching pattern on the hem of your dress. “And twinning with you, apparently.”

    “Looks like fate wanted us to meet each other in this bathroom,” you said with a soft sigh. “You don’t have to waste your night with me, you know.”

    “Assuming that any of my time spent with you is wasted.” He placed his hand over yours, bringing it into his lap. “My night is already ten times better.”

    You brushed away a stray tear, trying to pull away. “We won’t work out. It never does.”

    “Why?” he asked, tightening his grip. “You’re an asexual. So what? That’s not something that matters to me.”

    “You say that now, but imagine if we somehow managed to make it out of high school. Years from now. I’m not opposed to the idea of sex some time in a long term relationship, but I’m not going to be able to be sexually attracted to you. Are you willing to live your life like that?” you responded.

    You could tell by the expression on his face that he was seriously considering this. You were just bracing yourself for him to stand up and walk out when he gave a nod.


    “Jeff, are you sure?” You turned to face him, sitting back on your heels. “This isn’t a joke.”

    He nodded again. “Yes. I am one hundred percent positive. I’m not sure if this is a little too early or not, but I think I’m in love with you.”

    You laughed. “What?”

    “No, I’m serious,” he replied, lunging forwards to scoop you into his arms. He pulled you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder in a maternal kind of way. “I was pissed when you started dating Marcus. Ask Clay. He’s the one who watched me purposely tear book pages every time I had to turn them.”

    You felt yourself relaxing against him. “Wow, okay.  That’s certainly something.”

    He gave a low chuckle. “Do you want to go back to the dance?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered.

    For once, you had a feeling your relationship actually was going to work out.

So, today was our first wedding anniversary.

It rained this morning (it rained last year too) we slept in and then ate cupcakes for breakfast (same flavors and bakery that did our wedding cupcakes)

We laid around in our pajamas watching old movies (The Mummy and Rear Window) and youtube videos.

We went out and had a nice seafood dinner. We read aboutthe history of bread making and talked about The Giver.

Marriage is easy if you marry your best friend. (Well, not ALWAYS easy. But fun and awesome.) Dont let anyone tell you different.


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives one.
-George R.R. Martin

To Borrow #6

Here is our little dark cupcake called Saeran. This is definitely AU as he didn’t go to high school or anything like that but hey, I can hope that in another 2D universe he didn’t have such a sucky life and is just the broodier, edgier punk of a kid who shops at Hot Topic/Dangerfield/Off Ya Tree (Aussie here ^_^) and begs his mother for money for a new piercing for his birthday. In my head I could see troubled adolescent Zen and Saeran being besties sans motorcycle gang. 

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anonymous asked:

I do prefer CCS, I saw it first and it has something that Sailor Moon doesn't really (typically) have, and that's dudes liking each other. As a guy myself, it's sorta just a preference. Not that I don't like Zoisite and Kunzite, but... CCS guys are more boyish, especially with their short hair. I love how we both like CCS and Sailor Moon though! Both shows are amazing! (and yeah, Crystal's shit. Thank you for hating the shitennou and Guardians together! I agree with your shitennou pairings!)

Cardcaptor Sakura is my all time second favourite franchise so I’m loving that you love both shows too!.

The classic Sailor Moon anime did have a gay male x male couple (Kunzite x Zoisite).

However in CCS, I don’t think there was ever an actual gay couple.

There were a couple of male on male crush and female on female crush but never an actual relationship. I’ll explain:

🌸 Shaoran x Yukito

Our good sis Sakura found herself in a funny situation. She had a big crush on Yukito just like her enemy Shaoran whom happened to be a boy. This situation caused a lot of misunderstanding and hilarious stories. However, Shaoran didn’t really have a crush on him, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer has a crush on him. Apparently because of his real powers and aura it made Shaoran felt like that. Let’s remember that Shaoran had kind of a sixth sense and he could ~feel~ things. He felt in ecstasy (if you wanna call it that) because he could sense Yukito’s real hidden powers and that was mistaken for him having a crush. Again, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer blushes when he’s around him nor he’s interested in him anymore. I don’t think this counts as a real gay crush but it was still cute.

🌸 Touya x Yukito

Looks like everyone falls in love with Yukito. Sakura’s brother Touya had a very ~special~ relationship with him. He was very overprotective and was always there for him, not that these mean that they were in a relationship or had a romantic affection but if you’ve watched the anime you totally can feel some gay innuendo between those two. Nothing’s ever confirmed in the show but it’s pretty obvious they had something going on. They never got to be in a relationship tho.

🌸 Tomoyo x Sakura

This is the most heartbreaking one of them all because let’s be real, we all were rooting for Tomoyo. Our good sis Tomoyo was in love with her long-time friend Sakura (this is not speculation, this is a canon fact both in the manga and the anime). Unfortunately for our good cupcake-sis Tomoyo, she sadly knew that Sakura would never feel the same and that this was a harsh case of unrequited love so on episode 50 she slew our lives by demonstrating us all what love is really all about.

On this episode, Sakura and Tomoyo are in some kind of make your own bear kind of shop and they’re talking about who they would give those bears to (they’re meant to be love presents).

I can’t remember whom Sakura said she would give her bear to (obviously not Tomoyo) so when asked by Sakura whom she would give her bear to, our good pure heart sis Tomoyo says that she can’t give her bear to the person she loves because that person loves someone else. Sakura is shocked SHOOK and then Tomoyo goes on with the dialogue above:

Tomoyo: If there’s something that the person that I like can be happy about, more so than liking me in return I want that person to stay happy the way it was meant to be.

Sakura: …you don’t care if the person you like likes you back?.

Tomoyo: Of course, I would be happy if that person likes me back, but… for me to see the person I like so much staying happy gives me the biggest happiness.

Our angel Tomoyo gave us the biggest lesson and she’s just only 10. This was the moment that she harshly realizes that Sakura would never feel the same about her and this is the beginning of her moving on. Despite of this all, she kept being best friends with Sakura regardless of how hard that can actually be for her. Love is when someone’s else happiness is your happiness, Tomoyo knew that and handled it like a pro. Sakura was always too naive and never learned about Tomoyo’s feelings, sadly.

I hope that Tomoyo finds love in the brand new arc because our good pure selfless spirit-sis deserves it.

CLAMP don’t fail me!111!!!.

Types as things I or my 7 siblings have done:

ENTJ: All the siblings calling each other “son” regardless of gender or age.

INTJ: Taught the youngest how to say “you are very stupid,” in Mandarin Chinese.

ESFP: After a full meal, a dare between two siblings about who could eat the most cupcakes at our grandpa’s funeral: 8 and 12 were the counts.

ISFP: Constantly grabbing chips when he’s not supposed to if the chip bag is left open even slightly.

ESTP: Verbally roast one sibling to scorching then look around confusedly and ask the sibling nearest him why they’re so mean to (whoever he just dumped a salt truck on).

ISTP: Stuffed 11 cherries in her mouth and spat each stem and pit out after eating all of the cherries while being mostly incapable of breathing.

ENTP: Being interrupted in a conversation/not being able to finish talking about something that was on his mind and when you come back to it several weeks later, he starts on the exact same sentence he left on.

INTP: Come up with alternate personalities for two of our dogs, naming them “Tweety” and “Madate.”  Tweety and Madate speak whenever the two youngest drop their voices, get really growly, and announce themselves as whoever.  The two youngest insult each other using the alternate personas.  

ENFJ: Jumping in a 40 degree lake 30+ times to encourage a sister to follow through on her dare to jump in the lake.

INFJ: All the siblings patting this one sibling’s head when they pass her by because they know she’s quiet and depressed and isn’t very social but likes physical affection so they try to give it to her.

ESFJ: All of us being at this one lady’s house over for dinner but her soup is the most disgusting thing any of us have ever tasted and you can all tell that we’re thinking the same thing as we exchange glances and try not to puke at the dinner table, but we keep it very polite and make faces/offer sympathy only when our host’s back is turn and one of us almost screaming “NO” when she asks us if we want any more soup but miraculously covering it up with a cough and a, “I’d like, uh, bread please.”

ISFJ: Imagining old men she doesn’t like in tights and then laughing hysterically about it for 30 minutes.

ENFP: Two siblings playing Go Fish with each other but they don’t have any cards so they mime having cards instead, with added bonus rules to make sure when someone gets a new imaginary card that it’s properly randomized and not conveniently the next card they need.

INFP: Whispering salty remarks about guests into her siblings’ ears when she can’t say something bad about a guest because they’re at our house.

ESTJ: Getting a video game and doggedly going through it start to finish in a matter of hours because he can’t let it go unfinished.

ISTJ: Trading quotes from movies word for word, especially “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”

lucy-on-art  asked:

I miss bonding time with Hunk and Keith. Oh can we get one where Hunk and Keith make cupcakes together and the judges are of course Shiro, Pidge, and Lance. *w*

[The Voltron Family] Hunk was down and it was Keith who noticed his little boy as he stared off into space in the living room, not minding his Gundam action figure. So Keith stopped doing his work on his laptop and turned to the boy sat beside him.

Keith: *nudges Hunk* Baby, what’s wrong?
Hunk: *blinks* *turns around to look at Keith as if he just realized he wasn’t alone* *pouts* It’s nothing, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *scoots closer* Doesn’t sound like nothing to me. You seem sad.
Hunk: *nods* *grips his Gundam tighter*
Keith: *frowns* How come? *takes the little boy into his arms* *places Hunk on his lap* Mind telling Daddy about it?
Hunk: I… *cuddles closer* I don’t really know why I’m sad. I’m just… sad. Is that weird? *looks up* *worried*
Keith: Awww, baby. *shakes head* *kisses Hunk’s forehead* It’s not weird at all. Sometimes you just feel sad for no reason and that’s okay.
Hunk: Really? 
Keith: Yes. It’s good that you acknowledge that you’re sad because with that, you can do something about it.
Hunk: What do you do when you’re sad?
Keith: *ponders for a moment* Hmmmm, usually I talk to your Daddy Shiro and then we just— Oh! *suddenly has an idea* *smiles down at Hunk* I know exactly what we need to do to get rid of your sadness, sweetheart.

That was how Keith and Hunk found themselves in the kitchen with all the baking paraphernalia laid out in front of them. Shiro came in to get some orange juice when he saw the two of them.

Shiro: *smiles* Oh, what are we making? *kisses Keith on the lips as a greeting* *whispers* Hello, sweetheart. 
Keith: *smiles into the kiss* Hello to you, too. Hunk and I are—
Hunk: *hands in the air excitedly* Baking cupcakes!
Keith: *copies Hunk’s enthusiasm* Baking cupcakes! *turns to Hunk* Baby, can you get more butter in the fridge for me?
Hunk: Okay! *climbs down his step ladder to go to the fridge*
Shiro: *whispers* What’s this all about? Not that I’m complaining. You always make delicious cupcakes.
Keith: *whispers* Hunk’s feeling a bit down and I thought baking would cheer him up a little.
Shiro: *worried* Did something happen?
Keith: Nothing in particular. It’s just one of those sad days.
Shiro: *frowns* Oh, poor baby. *looks at Hunk who gets the butter* But I’m glad you’re doing this for him though. You done with your manuscript?
Keith: That can wait. My little boy, however, cannot. Priorities, Shiro.
Shiro: *chuckles* Of course. Priorities. *kisses Keith on the lips again* Anyways, I’ll just go—-
Hunk: *comes back with the butter* Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: *turns to Hunk quickly* Yes, my darling?
Hunk: Will you eat our cupcakes later? *hopeful*
Shiro: *smiles sweetly* Of course. Why wouldn’t I—
Keith: *interrupts* In fact, Hunk, your Daddy Shiro will be the judge of our cupcakes!
Hunk: *sparkly eyes* You mean—
Keith: YES. We get to design the cupcakes. I restocked some ingredients, so we can go wild with it. *shows Hunk his fist of determination*
Hunk: Can Pidge and Lance join Daddy Shiro as judges too?!
Shiro: *looks back and forth Keith and Hunk* *sees the two of them look at him expectantly* Of course! I’ll go tell your siblings now.

Shiro made sure that Pidge and Lance wouldn’t disturb Keith and Hunk with their baking since they were the judges. The two kiddos felt so important and they were happy they were qualified to judge in the first place. After a few minutes they were called into the kitchen and they were presented with 6 cupcakes with different designs. Three designs for each of them.

Lance: *takes Hunk’s first cupcake* *tries to act all adult* Hmmm, I especially love how you tried drawing some mecha in this.
Hunk: It’s supposed to be a gundam! *smiles excitedly*
Lance: Aha! Of course I knew that! Beautiful. I love it, Hunk.
Pidge: Daddy Keith, is that supposed to be… 
Keith: It’s an alien mothership. *full of pride*
Pidge: *sparkly eyes* It’s beautiful. Oh my gosh. Are there aliens inside?
Keith: Of course. *smug*
Shiro: *whispers to himself in amusement* Weebs.
Keith: *glares at Shiro* I heard that.

Hunk won of course. Keith faked cry at his defeat, and Hunk felt bad but Keith made sure he was fine. They had more cupcakes that didn’t have designs so the whole family designed their own and at some point it turned into a mess. Icing was on their skins everywhere. Usually Keith would tell everyone to behave and be serious because cupcake designing was serious business (plus they were making so much mess), but seeing Hunk smile and laugh during the whole process was more than enough for Keith to let it all slide.

Keith: *nudges Shiro while not taking his eyes off Hunk* *whispers* You are sooo helping me clean this mess later.
Shiro: Don’t worry. I already anticipated that. *boops Keith’s nose to give him blue icing* *laughs* Ooopsies! Let me get that— *leans in to kiss Keith’s nose*
Keith: *stops Shiro by smearing some icing across the bridge of Shiro’s nose* Ooopsies. My hand slipped. *shrugs innocently*
Shiro: Why, you little— *laughs*

sumsimonscone  asked:

Malec and/or Clizzy taking a cooking class together

“Hurry up Fray, we can’t let those bisexuals beat us at this cake contest!”

“Alec, for the hundredth time, it’s not timed, let me take my time, you idiot!”

From the table next to them, Isabelle sat on the bar stool, slowly stirring the frosting in her bowl and Magnus sipped at his wine, observing his boyfriend cracking eggs in a rush and Clary panicking over that she can’t find the sprinkles. Actually, he was not the only one paying attention to that, considering that she was literally screaming “Where the actual fuck are my god damn sprinkles, who took my sprinkles, I will murder every single one of you if I have to, give me my sprinkles back!” as Alec held her back from throwing a milk carton at a white straight couple two tables away.

“Do you think there’s any use in telling them again that a baking class is not the same thing as a cake contest?” Izzy said, a fond smile on her face as she watched her girlfriend glare at the said straight white couple.

“Considering the first 3 times didn’t change anything for their stubborn competitive asses, I don’t think there’s any more need to try.” Magnus chuckled, as he put his wine glass down and reached over to open the oven and check if the cupcakes were ready or not.

Magnus and Izzy thought it might be a good idea to have a double date at a baking class, but from the second the instructor said the words “pick your partner” both Alec and Clary’s brains lost the ability to register this as anything but the biggest competition of their lives. They decided that they were going to split up into gay and bi teams and they only got to work after watching Clary and Alec spend 15 minutes saying things like “let’s see if the L in LGBT stands for ladyfingers master” and “let’s see if I’m not just gay but I also SLAY… at baking.”

Finally, their cupcakes were done. Magnus and Izzy went for simple half chocolate half vanilla ones, while Alec and Clary decided to make rainbow frosting, a rainbow cake and add rainbow sprinkles.

“I thought you said that this is a cake contest, not a who’s gayer contest?” Izzy teased, walking over to their table and looking down at their tray.

“First of all, there is no need for a who’s gayer contest, we all know that I’m the gayest one here.” Clary said, and Magnus burst out laughing at the look of shock and hurt on Alec’s face. “Second of all, there technically is no need for a cake contest either, considering that our cupcakes are like so much better than yours.”

Izzy shook her head fondly and muttered something along the lines of “This was never a cake contest to begin with, dummy” under her breath.

“How dare you say that you’re gayer than me?” Alec interrupted, “Can you believe this Magnus? She just said that she is gayer than me? What kind of disrespect… I cannot even… I thought we were friends…”

“Alexander, dear, I don’t think it is physically possible for a human being to be gayer than you.” Magnus put his hand on Alec’s shoulder and smiled at the genuine look of happiness and pride that took over the latter’s face, as he turned to Clary and stuck his tongue out to her.

After witnessing his boyfriend be the most dramatic 4-year-old he’s ever met, Magnus sat down in the stool and pulled Alec down for a kiss by the lapels of his jacket and heard him whisper “we are so going to beat you” into his mouth and then felt him smile as he kissed him softly, putting his hands on Magnus’s waist and then pulling away from the kiss, only to leave about a dozen kisses on Magnus’s cheeks, as Magnus grinned and placed a soft kiss on Alec’s forehead: “of course you are darling.”

And as Clary was making sure with the flash of her phone that all the cupcakes were 100% perfect, Isabelle walked up to the instructor and asked her to come taste the cupcakes that they made and say that the rainbow ones are so good that they don’t even compare to the half chocolate half vanilla ones and she looked over at Clary fondly and then walked up to her and hugged her from behind and felt her jump a little from the surprise and whispered into her ear “we don’t stand a chance against you do we?” And Clary turned her head and looked at her, slowly leaning down and dragging her lips over Izzy’s and pulling away with a smirk: “you really don’t.”