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Maya, are you surprised at how UK focused Harry's launch has been so far considering FSM is based in the US? Or do you think it makes sense because of Dawbell as his PR and do you think it means most of the promo for the album will take place in the UK first?

I’m not surprised, I’m very happy! A lot of Harry’s time and promo will be spent in the US nevertheless, but I take this as a good indication that London will be the homebase for now and I think it’s very lovely :)

Me, externally grocery shopping

Me, internally chanting *Louis working, Louis publicly working, Louis publicly working with new people, Louis publicly working with new people linked to Warner, Louis publicly working with new people linked to Warner and following Dua Lipa*


[V+] 170318 Live with Jhope & Jimin

Hoseok started a vlive broadcast to help Jimin talk to international fans. Jimin was feeling sorry that he couldn’t understand the chatroom.

Ohmigosh it’s 2017, it’s time to stop using ‘social justice issues to try and invalidate someone’s right in enjoying a ship. You can’t go around saying only straight white people would ship that when you don’t actually know anyone on tumblr personally and can’t actually know that, nor should it matter when it comes to a fictional couple. Stop making up facts and non-statistics based off your own ignorant assumptions.

Things that I LOVE about Dragon Age Inquisition fandom:

- Basically, we all agree that Cullen’d be a GREAT DAD. So, Commander of Our Hearts, take this bunch of children!

- The badass ladies Inquisitors can be totally feminine and enchanting, wearing pretty clothes, flowers crowns and smiles. We are warriors, but also women.

- Dorian is our best friend.

- We are open minded: we love mages, but Ser Barris and Knight - Captain Rylen too (plus, Lysette).

- We all agree with Cullen: Orlesians suck (Michel De Chevin is the exception who confirmes the rule).

- Josephine is our Disney Princess.

- Cassandra is a precious cinnamon roll warrior princess.

- What the hell is happen to Leliana?!

- The inventory in the game is always too little for all our crap things.

- The bigger are the Qunari Inquisitors, the softer they are.

-The smaller are the Elven Inquisitors, the badasser they are.

- Mods are good. Generally. At least, our Inquisitors won’t make Vivienne disapproving after seeing our canonical haristyles and/or pajamas.

- Stroud is a dead moustache.

- Our fan artists are amazing.

- Our fan writers are amazing.

- Probably, if the Fear Demon in the Fade could try to scare us, he would say “No more Dragon Age for you!”.

so, i want to speak about Petersburg a little.
like, the only city that remembers several revolutions and it looks like it is ready for one more.
we here have many points to be angry about, e.g. they give St Isaac’s Cathedral (which is a museum and has always been the state property) to the Russian Orthodoxal Church. not only St Isaac’s but some others too. or they spend billions of roubles on a football stadium (it didn’t cost that much? but now we have to pay for it by spending more money on public transport and so on). or they want to build up smth in the protection zone of Pulkovo observatory. speak about closing one of our universities (not sure if i am right here) and probably do other crazy things.
what the citizens did today?
they went to the Palace Square.
started surrounding the Winter Palace.
somebody on twitter joked about cruiser Aurora, that it needs to… well, wake up, heh.
the situation looks familiar.
people want our current mayor to go ‘cause the shit is happening, plus they want to “overthrow the Tsar” like a hundred years ago. 
we had the atmosphere, y’know. revolution and stuff. 
this is the year 17.