our country's going to hell

  • Fox News: Associated heavily with Trump, has supporters on the show.
  • New Girl: Actively supports Hillary
  • Gotham: Has an entire parallel with a VILLAIN perpetuating the campaign "Make Gotham Great Again"
  • The Simpsons: Just. All the Trump jokes.
  • Lucifer: Outright has the devil say Trump is going to hell

I don’t care if you don’t like Hillary. I don’t care if you were Bernie’s #1 supporter. I don’t care if Jill Stein “speaks” to you.

Listen to me. Today in class, we had a poll. Many of the students refused to vote because #NeverHillary and #DumpTrump and #I'mTooCoolForPolitics.

It came out 70% Trump. Trump won my class, because the left-leaning students refused to vote.

I know this election sucks. I know both candidates are problematic. But if you don’t go out there and vote for Hillary, Trump WILL be president. Our country WILL go to hell, and we WILL NOT make any real progress towards LGBT+ rights, women’s rights, or the rights of people of color. The right to have an abortion will be more heavily restricted, if not repealed. Our economy will continue to struggle because Trump will not raise taxes on the rich like we so desperately need to do. The environment will continue to hurt, as Trump has shown no real concern with environmental issues, and so will education. He has no political experience. NONE.

Please vote for Hillary. Please keep this misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and selfish man out of our government. We don’t need any more.

Do other INTP’s have a problem with calling their superiors at work a “boss”?? I never do that.

And the orders as well, or just when I’m told to do something, putting uside the humiliating aspect of that, I will never do it unless I understand why should I do it.

White Culture

Dear Tumblr,

You cheeky bastards, you. “Hurr Durr White people doesn’t haz culture!”

Yes we do, you silly bitches.  

We’ve got Irish

we got Polish

We got German

Swedish is ours as well

the list goes on and on and fucking on. 

So yes, white folks have culture. 

“N-not in America!!!!”

Oh, honey. You’re just so wrong. Now, maybe in the North, they don’t, I don’t know. But here in the South? Fuck yes we do. 

We have our own foods and drinks, stuff that you can’t get in other places (honestly, the North can’t even manage proper sweet tea). We have our own traditions, like a kids first hunting trip when they are between 6-10 (any later and they fall behind), and most of us have had a garden at one point or another. We have not just an accent, but our own dialect, our own sayings, and in some places our own language (Louisiana Creole comes to mind, but there are others). If you don’t know what you’re doing down here, you could say the wrong thing and fuck everything up. For example, “Bless your little heart” actually means “you’re fucking stupid”. Yeah, that’s a real thing. If someone is being exceptionally pigheaded or is just plain stupid, the proper insult is “well bless your little heart”, which is different from the affectionate version, which is “aw sweetie, bless your heart” (the difference being the first is for the truly stupid, the second is for when your kid comes down the stair at 300mph and busts her head on the wall). We also have our own clothing (yes, overalls and plaid shirts and thick jeans and boots). We also have our own rules for social things and for behavior, and out own spin on Christianity. We even have our own music (Bluegrass, Country, etc), hell we’ve got our own instruments. 

So lets go over this once more: White people in the American South have: our own food, our own regional dialects and languages, our own rules for social interaction, our own religions, our own clothing, our own music, instruments, and our own traditions. This qualifies us as having our own culture. 

So yeah, white folks the world over have culture but feel free to keep pretending we don’t, if'n that makes you more comfortable. 

Sincerely, Lea


In the first 3 minutes of his interview with Bill O'Reilly last night, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said four times that “we have to take our country back,” a statement that he’s echoed many times in recent media interviews, public speeches, and press conferences. He’s said it in different ways, but the message is the same.

In the above clip, he says it:

  • At the 7-second mark (“We have to bring our country back, Bill.”)
  • The 15-second mark (“We have to bring our country back.”)
  • At 3:06 (“We have to start a process where we take back our country.”)
  • At 3:11 (“We have to start a process, Bill, where we take back our country”).

He also said, “Our country is going to hell,” which is a negative phrasing of the same idea.

Read more. 

so fucking sick of english/lit snobs saying the english language is being ruined/destroyed 

language is a dynamic tool we use to adapt to an ever changing world. as our culture and day-to-day living changes, so does the way we communicate. if language wasn’t able to evolve with humanity, it would become obsolete.

slang isn’t something to be mourned. not teaching outdated grammar rules isn’t a sign our country is going to hell. lit that celebrates a new era in language is not dog shit (actual comment on amazon). these are all things that point to our humanity and celebrate our capacity for change. 

so can we please get rid of this nostalgia for a purity in language that never existed and just learn to accept that language, like everything else in the universe, is impermanent. 

Trump says that our country is going to hell, but he raped his wife, admitted to having lewd thoughts about his own daughter, has the maturity of a spoiled kindergartner, and thinks he can be president

If our country is going to hell, and Trump is elected president, he’s gonna be the conductor of the goddamn train

Shits about to go down right now.

I am really, really getting fed up with all these people supporting the U.S. military and the militarization of the Philippines saying that they disagree with pulling out the U.S. military out of the Philippines.

I really, really am.

While y’all go on praising the U.S. military, our people are dying through their involvement. Men. Women. Children. Students. Activists. Journalists. Teachers. They are literally dying from the U.S. support, training, and funding of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are doing all these atrocities under the Oplan Bayanihan program which does not distinguish actual terrorists from civilians and freedom fighters. Sure, China is being a pain in the fuckin ass but the U.S. military is not the fuckin answer if our people are dying by the very same damn people who are supposedly suppose to protect them.

So don’t fuckin tell me to stop being fuckin angry. I am angry because many of my moms friends are on that plethora of a list of people who have been mysteriously murdered or disappeared as students, activists, and journalists. I am angry because of what is currently going on in Mindanao with the occupation of Lumad ancestral lands, their communities, and their schools from the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are becoming a byproduct of the U.S. military and government considering the amount of funding and support they have received over the years and the many Lumad killings that still continue right now as I speak. I am angry because Aquino has done jack fuckin shit and smiles like an idiot brushing everything that is going on aside like they are a speck of dirt.

So while I will be controlling my use of profanity as much as I would like to fuckin use it in that post, I will silently be cursing out in my head.

But really folks, I should not have to do your hw for you. Google is your friend, it’s free, and easily accessible to us with an internet connection. All the information is right there. But I am seriously done with all these messages on both my personal and on @pinoy-culture on resources on what is going on in the Philippines, has been going on for years, the U.S. military involvement, and why the fuck they should get out. So currently doing the hw for all of you not only for you but for everyone else who wants to know what the hell is going on in our country and to our people and why the hell so many of us want the U.S. military out of the Philippines, to end the militarization of the Philippines, and get rid of Oplan Bayanihan.