our collection's getting too big

Help me decide

Bravenaw17 is a month from now, and I intend to be AS EXTRA ABOUT IT AS HUMANELY POSSIBLE. This is what my fandom life will be all about for the next month. You have been warned. 

I know I won’t be able to write 7 fics in 7 days while working and the likes, so I started the writing today. For some days, I know exactly what I’m doing, and for some, I need to brainstorm. 

For the “favorite AU day”, I can’t decide for shit. There are separate days for soulmate AU and modern AU, so not doing those. But there are still so many options!

Which should I write?

  • A Hunger Games AU one-shot, possibly but not necessarily linked to my long-ass Hunger Games AU fic from 84 years ago;
  • A shameless historical AU in which Bellamy is an upstart lawyer, Raven is an upstart widow, and they raise hell together once they team up;
  • An obligatory ancient Rome AU that we shockingly don’t have yet;
  • A Killjoys AU?