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Do you think the Dark Eco experiments might have caused our pretty boy to become sterile?

I think this is very likely!

But it’s also kind of a moot point; Jak would be too concerned about passing on his eco mutations to ever want biological kids, so he’d already be going out of his way to avoid reproductive sex. If Jak ever decides he wants to be a parent, he’d definitely adopt instead (this was previously discussed here).

So Euro-american cultures are super lame when it comes to birthing and infant care. 

Bipedal pelvi are narrow, and our heads are fucking huge cause of our massive brains, and so giant baby heads + narrow pelvic gaps= painful births (most animal births are easy peasy, but ours suck. thanks a lot, evolution) Also, since we’re bipeds, the birth canal has, like, 3 different planes that the kid has to move through( 1.– 2.\ 3. __ ), and requires the infant to change positions multiple times as it is moving through the mother’s body. So hello, painfully long births. And they’re made all the worse due to western culture practices of birthing.

Birthing in the U.S and Europe has gone from vertical/squatting positions (very common in humans up until them european kings wanting to see their heirs being born was a thing) to lithotic positions (lying vertical on the back or side), which is an issue due to head/shoulder size of the infant (wide), and pelvic size of mother (narrow). Vertical positions also don’t utilize gravity to assist the birth, making it more difficult. We also rely heavily on clinical births in hospitals, because its “safer”, and many euro-american people view home-births as obscure and barbaric. But clinical births can actually cause more stress on the mother since it’s a new environment, and they’re often relying on doctors who’s main goal is to get the baby out, and are not there for the emotional or social support of the mother. Home births, directed by a doula, can provide that emotional/social support, and is the most common birthing practice in the world, excluding euro-american culture. 

As for infant care in western culture, you put ur kid in a different room so it can sleep. And people do this even when their kid is like, a few weeks- few months old.

p.s if u ever plan on having your own kids, don’t do that. bc A: new kiddo’s need physical contact for survival, even when they’re sleeping. no contact= an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). And in western cultures, we reaaallly hate hearing a baby crying in the middle of the night, cause then someone has to wake up and deal with it. So we have these things called “sleep aides”, which are pacifiers, rocking cradles, swaddling methods, etc., to get the kid to shut up and stay asleep all night. well, babies don’t want to stay asleep all night. they shouldn’t be asleep all night, because they need intermittent feeding and that gosh darn physical contact. so when you put this kid into uninterrupted sleep, you aren’t waking up as often to go feed and hold it. the kid is less likely to wake up if its having an issue, so instead of waking up, crying, and alerting you to a problem, it just sleeps. and this can make the kid more susceptible to SIDS (although a conglomeration of other factors such as premature births, low birth rates, smoking/drinking during pregnancy, are the main risks). But im focusing on this risk cause western cultures and our stupidity.

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

Tips for Healing a Broken Heart

1. Go through – don’t hide from - the experience. You need to fully experience all the negative emotions before the healing process can begin.

2. Allow yourself to wallow in your independence. Don’t rush into a new relationship. You don’t need another person to make you feel complete. You’re enough in yourself. You are NOT inadequate.

3. Make a list of your strengths. It’s important that you focus on your good qualities as a broken heart can cause our self-esteem to plummet. Make a note of your successes and accomplishments. They didn’t disappear with the relationship!

4. Don’t try to suppress all the memories you have. Allow yourself some time to go over one or two … But don’t pitch your tent there - as the future’s now your focus.

5. Reach out to others who are suffering. You’re not the only person who is having a hard time (although you often feel you are when you’re broken-hearted) … and comforting another will distract you from your pain.

6. Allow yourself to laugh, and allow yourself to cry. Both of these are healing, and can bring release. They can help us feel more “normal”, and can bring a sense of peace.

7. Make a “good and bad list”. Make a list of all the things that you need to stop doing, to try and put some distance between you and them. For example, if you’re always checking their stuff on facebook then you’ll likely find it is harder to get them out mind. Alternatively, going out for a jog or meeting up with a friend can help to lift your spirits, and to change the way you feel.

8. Hang onto your hope. When a relationship ends (or if our love is unrequited) we can feel that life is pointless as there’s nothing good ahead. But the future is still open – and there’s definitely hope … And one day you will notice that you’re smiling naturally.


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