our caste


I come out of this refrigerator and start walking towards him [Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Eddie], very much in his face. When they shout action, I get really into it – it’s really, really intense. I’m drooling all over him, and Jack is, like, gagging and crying and screaming and it’s horrible, but you know, it’s for the movie. I kind of plough through and then as soon as they say ‘cut’ I go, ‘Hey, yo, are you OK Jack?’ And he turns to me and goes, ‘Yeah man, that’s fucking awesome! I love what you’re doing, you’re awesome!

I saw Bill [Skarsgård] for the first time on a monitor while one of my castmates was shooting a scene, and we all had to be there for it. The first time I saw him in person he was wearing full clown makeup and a tank top. Even without full costume it was still terrifying, seeing as he is 6’4” But when we officially met, he was super nice, which was unsettling with all of his makeup on. — Wyatt Oleff

Can you believe the hwarang cast will all go to BTS’ wings concert despite their busy schedules just to support their sunshine child Taehyung??? Wow, kings of loving and supporting their maknae