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Saito and Okita: If Chizuru walked in on you while you were only wearing your fundoshi, what would you do? How would you react to her later if she still seemed embarrassed?

Saito turns a shade or two redder. “Wh-why would Yukimura walk in on me in just my fundoshi?” he asks, shifting in place uncomfortably. “I’d have to be in the process of either dressing or undressing, and I can’t understand why our paths would cross at such a time. She knows better than to approach the baths during certain hours, or any of the captains’ rooms…”

Okita grins. “Well, if you’re not going to give a real answer, I will,” he says. “I’d just keep getting dressed, or undressed, or whatever it is I’m doing. I’m not shy, but Chizuru-chan is, which makes it a lot more fun.” He lets out a gleeful chuckle. “If she froze up, all I’d have to do is throw a little threat her way, and she’ll be off like a shot. And if she’s embarrassed later,” he adds, “it’d be her own damn fault, so it’d be business as usual for me. If anything, I’d be in a better mood, because I’d have one more solid thing to tease her about.” He glances sideways at Saito. “Thought of an answer yet, Hajime-kun?”

Closing his eyes, Saito clears his throat. “I’d imagine that it would be difficult to cover myself on short notice,” he says, slowly, “so… I’d have to tell Yukimura to go away. I wouldn’t want to be harsh with her, since I doubt she would purposely seek me out in such a state, but… under the circumstances, I doubt I could be gentle.” He takes a deep breath, eyes still firmly shut. “Afterwards, I would seek her out myself and apologize. It’s entirely understandable that she would be embarrassed, and I would be as well, so… I’d try to make sure that nothing has changed between us. For both our sakes.”

Imagine Semi and Akaashi meeting

I also picture them sassing each other about Tendou and Bokuto…..
Like first it’d be them feeling sorry for each other but then it starts a salt war-

Semi- “Oh man, I’m sorry that he slaughters your name all the time, that must be hard”

Akaashi- “I’m more sorry that you have to deal with Tendou-san’s songs all the time.”

Semi- “Eh at least he’s not our captain, sucks that you have to have Bokuto as your captain, it’s a miracle you guys made it to nationals.”

Akaashi- “…………at least Bokuto isn’t a fucking Otaku.”

Semi- “………..better to have an Otaku than a damn emo mood swinging child on my team.”

Akaashi- “At least Bokuto-san looks cool with his hair style, Tendou looks like a wanna-be DBZ character!”

Semi- “Oh yEaH cause having hair that looks like it’s graying is sO cOoL.”

Akaashi- “Well Bokuto-san actually tries to be nice to people, unlike Tendou, all he does is make fun of others, even those on his same team!”



You know what I want? 

I want Emma and Killian to get stuck with Neal for an entire day.

And at the end of it, after David and Snow pick him back up, they both collapse on the couch (as much as she loves her brother, he is a bit of a tiny tyrant) and Killian’s like, “Well, that was quite the adventure.” And Emma’s reply is, “Yeah. Good practice too.”

The trump of our fandom, Csers!

Dear Csers, Your ship is canon, they suck faces almost ever episode. So why are you not grateful and enjoy it? Why try and ruin everything for other ships? I.e Neal appeared for ONE scene in S5 & you had nothing better to do, than to hate on SF fans & slander the scene!! We don’t need to talk how you treat rumbelleres! Just so horrible and unfair. Of course, you only tolerate snowing, when it fits you (when they declare fuckboy hook as bf of the year, and let’s be clear, charming only tolerates “the pirate” cause he doesn’t want to upset Emma!!) Swan Queen AND the actors…. You fucking morons ship COLIFER! YOU WANT COLIN TO CHEAT ON HIS WIFE! WTF?? JMo & Lana share some friendly, lighthearted gestures and you go and start a war…. Demand that Lana gets fired (and deported… Hahahahahaha) Are you seriously the trump of the OUAT Fandom??? Of course, exceptions are the rule! But still…. The majority of this fandom is homophobic, misogynistic and racists…

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Truth or truth for Saito and Yamazaki: You two may not be aware of this, but you are actually very similar. While Saito, you see yourself as the sword to Shinsengumi's sheath, Yamazaki sees himself as a hand to the Shinsengumi's body. Also, you are both a bit aloof in your dealings with others. Would you consider these qualities/likenesses something that could start a friendship (though Saito would need to approach Yamazaki, since the latter feels insuperior)?

“I… suppose,” responds Saito slowly, his eyes flicking momentarily to Yamazaki. “But similarities aren’t necessarily conducive to friendship. Especially if one of them is our aloofness, as you put it.”

Rather than taking any kind of offense, Yamazaki nods in agreement. “Exactly,” he adds. “The two of us are certainly on good terms—better than most captains and subordinates, I think—and I respect Saito-san in all ways, but…” He hesitates. “Given his other duties, I’m not sure he should consider it worth his while to develop a friendship with me.”

Saito gives a faint smile of something like reassurance. “Be careful not to undervalue yourself, Yamazaki,” he chides gently. “You and I both place our duties first, and that does make a true friendship unlikely, but my focus on my work is not due to any failing of yours.”

Yamazaki’s eyes widen in apparent surprise, but he masters himself quickly and dips his head in a short bow. “Thank you, Saito-san,” he says. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

Found another great post on FB today:

“In other news, Luis Enrique is probably not going to extend his Barca contract and after watching certain Barca fans’ reactions to this particular piece of news - I would be immensely glad for him to not renew. The club will suffer (it will, make no mistake there) but yeah it’s what we deserve for being such a faux-elitist fanbase full of illusion-doused backhanded "opinions” about our current coach.

I mean seriously this guy is a legit Barca legend, was a club captain, was one of the few consistent performers in our darkest days in recent history, has won more than Pep did in his first two years as a coach, assembled the best ever frontline in club football history (I kick on the opinion of those who say Charlton-Best-Law was better because frankly feck your uninformed Wikipedia-totting bullshit) and broke almost every record in the club’’s history. Yet, he’s inadequate.

I get why other team’s fans will think lowly of him (they think CR and Messi are on the same level so anything is possible) and frankly he’’s not as good as Pep was/is overall (Pep is one of a kind), but he doesn’t need to be as good. In a war, being a great general doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the greatest of tacticians. It means you have to be better than anyone else in bringing the best out of your troops. Pep brought the best out of Messi/Xavi/Iniesta/Keita/Pedro/Busquets. Lucho has brought the best out of Pique/Messi (again, like seriously), Suarez, Roberto, Busquets, Iniesta, and heck - even Bravo.

At the end of the day, all a general is concerned about is how his troops do in a war, and by that it means all he’s concerned about is winning. Now, that win might come via guerilla tactics (bus-parking), hidden traps (like those lethal MSN counter attacks) or by plain and simple all-out end-to-end clash (also add freakish luck in case of a certain other coach).

Fact of the matter is - Lucho knows he’s made history, and no matter what the clingy-cantankerous #LuchoOut brandishing Barca fans say - that simple fact won’t change. Lucho is one of the best/most successful coaches in the history of the club, heck, in the history of football, so yeah the joke’s on you.

Deal with it.“


Race updates are a bit tougher while driving, but @iwatchtheworldoutside is doing great! She just passed us at mile 32 and is in great spirits!

Crewing is also going pretty great, especially with the total surprise of @elkay723. Somehow she was even voted the Crew Captain, which I still call bullshit on (because I didn’t get a vote), but she’s embraced the role…

I’ll post more as we hit more milestones!

Waking Up Next To a Naked Midorima. Reactions?

Requested by Anon

Otsubo: You know, sleeping with the captain isn’t going to make the team like you more.

Kimura: Now I know the carpet matches the drapes.

Mayaji: There better have been a pineapple involved.

Takao: I knew our bond was closer than Kuroko & Kagami’s

Aomine: Waking up next to a naked, green haired, tsundere. Yeah, this totally is shonen series.

Murasakibara: This is the result of all that built up sexual tension from arguing back in middle school.

Kise: Does this make me your personal lucky item.

Akashi: Just like shogi and basketball, in bed you can never best me.

Kagami: Please say I didn’t give out first.

The Hills (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

Your man on the road, he doing promo
You said keep our business on the low-low
I’m just tryna get you out the friend zone
‘Cause you look even better than the photos

It started out at a red carpet event event. Your dress had a low neckline that stooped down a little too low and the silky fabric was clinging onto your body like another layer of skin. The red, sinful, dress hugged your body pushing your curves all in the right places. You were irresistible. 

He stood at the other end of the carpet, trying not to roll his eyes at the same old questions these interviewers asked him. He awkwardly laughed at the man’s poor attempt of a joke and shook his hand, hoping that he would get the hint to leave him alone. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and scanned the area for any of his friends. But something even better caught his eye. 


There was no doubt that Sebastian had a thing for you but then again who in the industry didn’t? The minute he saw the outline of your naked body in a magazine spread, his mind couldn’t help but wonder about the things he could do with you. His jaw slightly hung open, watching you turn to the side giving the hungry photographers a view of how blessed you really were. Your back seemed to dip, or more so concave, when your perfect ass came into view. Sebastian licked his lips, knowing the photos definitely didn’t do you any justice.

I can’t find your house, send me the info
Driving through the gated residential
Found out I was coming, sent your friends home
Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

He didn’t ask for your number straight away. In fact it took two mutual friends for you both to finally officially meet. Your best friend, Cami, was a client of Sebastian’s gym trainer, Don. When notified about the invite to your house warming party in Rhode Island, Cami decided that it would be great to invite her gym buddies to try an get you to become friend with other people other than herself. 

At around 7PM, Sebastian walked in with Don, who held a bottle of Italian wine as a house warming present. Came dragged you alongside her, accepting the wine as if it was her own home, and introduced you to her gym trainer and her friend. 

“I thought this was my house.” You laughed jokingly. “But apparently it’s Cami’s too.”

Sebastian bit the side of his lip, watching as your eyes trailed across his chiseled features. “I wasn’t really sure if it was okay for me to show up. It was Cami who invited me and I didn’t know if that invitation was valid.”

You motioned for him to follow you to the backyard, where the party really was. “Yeah, caught me by surprise when she said some people from her gym were going but I must say, it’s a nice surprise.”

The rest of the night was spent with him, chatting and obnoxious, sexual, flirting. If it was anyone else besides the Romanian- God, you were sure that you would’ve turned them down. But something about his captivating eyes, frequent lip bites, and long, slender fingers, around his wine glass, drove you just a tad bit insane.

At 12, you decided that it was time for everyone to leave. Don left earlier, mumbling something about an early session with a client the next day. Cami left with some guy who looked like one of your former co-stars. You would never let that go.

Sebastian insisted to stay and help you clean up. He helped place the wine glasses inside a box labeled ‘fragile’ and placed it on the top shelf of your nearly empty garage. His front was pressed against your backside, making you suck in a breath when you felt the slight outline of his bulge.

“Isn’t Don your ride?” You asked, wiping the counter top that was sticky due to the man wine spills of the night. “How are you getting home?”

“I’m gonna call an uber or something, no biggie.” Sebastian smiled, rubbing his left eye after slipping on his jacket. “I hope I’ll see you soon.”

You stood there silently, watching him tie the laces of his shoes, preparing to leave your home. He stood up, giving you a small wave. His fingers touched the cold doorknob, mentally debating if he should make a move or not.

You made the decision for him when your hands were suddenly rubbing themselves on his thick back, stopping when the muscles clenched under your fingertips. You heard him gulp, his fingers slowly letting go of the doorknob.

“Don’t start something that you’re not ready for, Y/N.” Sebastian breathed out, seeing your hands make their way to his front. Your fingers trailed down incredibly low, stopping at the hem of his shirt. 

Your lips blew hot air where his ear and jaw met. Your lips gently tugged at his earlobe, “Who said I wasn’t ready?”

I only call you when it’s half past five
The only time that I’ll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, yeah

That was only the first of your sexual encounters. The morning after, you blamed the alcohol. The both of you knew that you only had a glass and a half. You were too busy getting drunk off of the Romanian taste only Sebastian carried to completely finish the second glass of wine. You told him that it was a mistake and that it would never happen ever again.

Two months later, two months of absolute discomfort and dissatisfaction, your paths cross again. You gulped as you saw him sitting on a chair in your new movies table read. You didn’t know he was your love interest in the film. The love interest you needed to have ‘sex’ with.

“Y/N, love, are you comfortable with showing your body to the camera and most importantly Sebastian?” the director asked, his tone serious as he talked to you and Sebastian.

His teeth found the red of his bottom lip. You were convinced he was only doing that to torture you. “It isn’t anything he hasn’t seen before.”

The director nodded skeptically, excusing himself from the sexual tension he realized he was part of. Sebastian chuckled, his fingers rubbing against the stubble of his chin. “Mistake, huh?”

You shook your head, looking at his straight in the eye. “We both know it was.”

“It sure as hell didn’t feel like a mistake when you begged for me that night.”

“Shut it.” You snarled, pulling him by the collar of his shirt and into a small room. You closed the blinds and locked the windows, silently hoping that the walls were soundproof. 

“I like where this is going, babe.” He leaned against the wall, loving the dominant side of you already. Your body pressed against his, face only centimeters away from his. “Are we going for round two?”

“Round two that’s two months late.” Your lips found his neck, sucking, nibbling, leaving him a writhing mess under your control.

“Not my fault you kicked me out the next morning.”

“Hey,” You pulled away from him, the prominent bulge in his pants poking your thigh. Sebastian looked at you, his eyebrows furrowed. You dropped to your knees, your fingers working to unbuckle his belt. “Better late than never, right?”

I'ma let you know and keep it simple
Tryna keep it up, don’t seem so simple
I just fucked two bitches 'fore I saw you
You gon’ have to do it at my tempo
Always tryna send me off to rehab
Drugs start to feeling like it’s decaf
I’m just tryna live life for the moment
And all these motherfuckers want a real love

Your sexual rendezvous only blossomed since then. You did him, he did you, in the most obscure places possible. Public bathrooms, movie theaters, shop dressing rooms, you name it. Sebastian quickly became your best sexual partner.

The only problem was you knew you weren’t the only one of his. You knew he had at least two more ‘friends with benefits’ and you knew that they were both much fitter than you. It became a bigger problem when you looked over at him as he ate his greasy pizza slice and realized just how much you loved him.

“Y/N, guess what this girl said to me yesterday after she did me.”

You blinked, tearing your eyes away from his mouth. “What?”

“She said we should try a real relationship.” He snorted. “And I was like what the hell? Because I mean, I made it very clear that I was not looking for a real relationship yet here she was confessing her love to me.”

Your heart fell. If he didn’t want a relationship with that girl, you knew you had absolutely no chance to be in a relationship with him. “Yeah, that’s dumb.”

He looked up from his phone after hearing your bland response. “Hey, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry.” You lied, smiling slightly hoping that it will convince him. “I’m just tired. I’m gonna sleep, you can find your way out right?”

Sebastian frowned. He was hoping to stay the night with you. “Yeah, get well soon.” 

You mumbled a thanks before throwing yourself in your cold bed covers, snuggling deep into your pillow. Why did you have to catch feelings for him? How does he not have a conscience when it came to being friends with benefits? You groaned, knowing that you can’t exactly ask him why he never caught feelings for anyone, that would just give you away.

That was the first night you slept alone, mentally and physically. And oh, how you wanted Sebastian to be next to you when you rolled over on the right side of the bed rather than an extra pillow and messy sheets.

Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes
Who are you to judge, who are you to judge?
Hide your lies, girl, hide your lies
Only you to trust, only you

Sebastian has been spending a lot of his time at your house lately. He made breakfast in the morning and ordered take out at night for the both of you. He had his own drawer of things and you always made sure to buy two of each item now. You find yourself reaching for the two pack of toothbrushes instead of the singular one when you’re grocery shopping. He’d been noticing the small actions, finding himself smiling every time you do one. 

He hasn’t touched you with no feelings for a while now. Every time you two were intimate he tried his hardest to somehow pour out his silent love for you through the loud sounds of skin slapping and moaning. The sex was becoming better and better each time, you didn’t know what it was but it was great and you weren’t complaining one bit.

“Hey, Y/N, I know we just had chinese two days ago but the only other available restaurant is a sushi place and I know you hate that so is chinese okay?”

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself when you heard his vice coming from the kitchen. “Yeah, chinese is fine. I want cho-”

“Chow mein with broccoli beef.” Sebastian interrupted, emerging from the kitchen. “I know what you like.” 

“Is that so?” You cocked your eyebrow, standing up to challenge him. “What’s my favorite movie?”

“It’s a tie between The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Pride and Prejudice.” 

“Okay, what’s my favorite thing to watch on Netflix?”

He smirked, “If you’re talking about TV shows, it’s FRIENDS, Grey’s Anatomy or Hawaii Five-O. If it’s movies you like watching Begin Again and The Fundamentals of Caring.” 

“My favorite actress?”

Sebastian stepped closer, “Keira Knightley.”

“Favorite actor?”

“Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford, you’re so in love with Star Wars.”

You walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “How do you know all of this?”

“I pay attention, babe.” 

Your lips lingered above his. His hands found your hips and pulled you closer. “Why?”

Sebastian didn’t answer. Instead he kissed you so passionately you almost forgot how to breath. The kiss was different. It was lustful or needy, it was almost loving. Maybe there was a chance he felt the same way as you did. It came as a surprise to you.

But it was a nice surprise.


My Last Imagine: Jealous


This Is War

Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader

Summary: There’s only so long you can live under Tony Stark’s roof for while you’re on Steve’s side. Bucky decides to get you out of there, but things never go as smoothly as planned, do they?

Warnings: Kind of angsty?

A/N: I have had this idea for ages, I finally got round to writing it!

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(Not my gifs)

“We need to get (Y/N).”

Steve looked up and met the steely grey eyes of his best friend, standing in the doorway with his arms folded, an expression of determination on his face that Steve knew better than to argue with.
“As long as she’s on our side, she’s not safe with Stark,” Bucky continued. “So either you come with me to get her out of there, or I go alone. Your call, Captain.”
Steve sighed, getting to his feet.
“When do we start?”

You were awoken by a thud outside your door. Instantly on edge, you peeled the blankets off of yourself and reached for the knife under your pillow. You held your breath as a shadow loomed in your doorway, tall and menacing. You would have attacked, had it not been for the glint of a metal arm caught in the moonlight.
“Bucky?” you whispered incredulously. “You’re not safe here, you need-,”
“You’re not safe either,” he told you. “Stark’s gonna find out that you’re not with him in this, and you need to be far away from here when he does.”
Letting out a shuddering breath, you nodded in understanding. You knew this day would come, when you would have to leave your father and join the fight, but this was sooner than you’d expected.
“Get dressed quickly, we need to leave in five minutes. Have you got a bag packed?” Bucky asked. You pointed to under your bed as you opened your wardrobe, grabbing black jeans and a matching top and leather jacket. You heard him reaching under your bed for the bag you’d had packed for weeks now as you quickly changed.
“The Quinjet’s picking us up,” Bucky told you as the two of you made your way through the many corridors of the Avengers Base. Sorrow swelled in your heart; this had been your home for nearly a year now, and it had been the best year of your life. Your fellow Avengers had been your family, but it seemed like the Avengers were truly finished now.
You didn’t question the doors pulled off their hinges as you followed him up onto the roof. The night air cut at your skin like an icy knife as you both searched the skies expectantly for the jet.
“Where the hell are they?” Bucky murmured.
“You get away from her.”
Painful emotions bombarded you as you saw your father coming out onto the roof, a gun clutched in his shaking right hand. Bucky moved to stand in front of you, to shield you, but you stuck your arm out to hold him back.
“Dad please go back inside,” you said quietly, a pleading note in your voice as you locked eyes with him.
“Is this really the side you’re choosing?” he asked, anger evident in his tone. “Have I taught you nothing?”
“You have taught me so much,” you said, your voice shaking slightly. “You’ve shown me that if I sign that register, I’ll be the government’s weapon. This is my choice.”
“I could keep you safe,” he said, his eyes softening as he took a few slow steps towards you. You sensed Bucky tensing behind you, and you shook your head slightly, not moving your arm from blocking his path.
“I’m safe, as long as I’m free. If I side with you, I will not be free and you know that, Dad,” you said sadly, tears welling in your eyes.
“So you’re choosing his side,” Tony said harshly, gesturing with the gun to Bucky. You stepped to the side so you were shielding Bucky’s body with your own, reaching back to grip his metal hand in yours. “You’re choosing your new boyfriend over your father.”
“This isn’t about Bucky!” you said, your anger creeping into your voice. “I’m choosing the side that I believe in, the side that protects people like us instead of enslaving them!”
“He killed your grandparents, (Y/N),” Tony pointed out. “My parents, dead because of him! He’s a murderer, he only knows how to kill people!”
“And what are you planning to do with that gun?” you challenged. “Are you going to kill him? Are you going to kill me?”
Bucky squeezed your hand briefly, leaning forward to whisper in your ear. “We have two minutes then we have to get out of here.”
You took a deep breath. “You told me to choose a side, Dad, so here you go. I’ve made my choice.”
Tony’s expression toughened as Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist in preparation as the tell-tale sounds of the Quinjet overhead reached your ears.
“I won’t be able to protect you if you go with him,” he told you firmly. “If you get on that jet, you can’t come back.”
A tear trickled down your cheek, but you nodded. “I know.”
“Stark, put the gun down and go inside. Don’t make this harder,” Bucky ordered as the jet hovered a few feet off the ground behind the two of you, the ramp lowering just enough to let you inside. The engines sent everyone present on the rooftop’s hair and clothes billowing as you and Bucky backed up towards the jet.
Bucky climbed into the jet, holding his metal hand out to you. You were frozen in place, tears pouring down your cheeks as you watched your father walk away without even glancing back.
“(Y/N),” he said gently. “It’s time to go.”
Snapping out of your reverie, you turned and grabbed his hand, allowing him to pull you into the jet. As the doors closed, you made your way over to the bench and sat down with your head in your hands. You were aware of Bucky walking past to go talk to Steve in the cockpit, but all you could see was the heartbreak on your father’s face as you made your choice.
“We’ll be at the safe house in about half an hour,” came a low, quiet voice on your left. You removed your hands from your face, meeting his eyes with your tearful ones. “How are you holding up?”
“It feels real now,” you whispered. “It’s starting to sink in that I can’t go back.”
Bucky wrapped his human arm around your shoulders carefully, letting you rest your head on his broad shoulder as you wept silently.
“This’ll all be over one day,” he said quietly. “Eventually one side’ll realise they’re wrong.”
You nodded slightly. “I’m worried about him. I can’t protect him anymore.”
“He doesn’t need your protection, (Y/N),” Bucky said gently. “You need to stop and think about yourself for once.”
Biting your lip, you pulled away to look into his grey eyes. They were soft and warm as they stared back at you, nothing like the icy glare he’d given your father.
“You’re right,” you said eventually. “Thank you for getting me out of there.”
He smiled slightly, wiping your tearstained cheeks with his thumb gently.
“My pleasure.”

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Coffees without number

We’re in a Stars without number campaign where I play as the soldier/mechanic.
The evening before the whole crew visited a night club and our captain managed to get us a new job. He went to his hotel room early, the rest of the crew stayed and partied way longer. Needless to say most of us were drunk after this. It is now the next day:

Captain(ooc): it’s noon so I call my whole crew to the restaurant.

Me(ooc): I appear at your table with the tiniest cup of coffee you’ve ever seen.

Captain: That better is espresso.

Me: Oh it’s a lot more than that.

GM: Is it like a syrup?

Me(ooc): No, more like something you’d need a fork for.

Imagine: Han Solo falling in love with you

For anon… I hope you like it <3 Reader is female as requested

The Millennium Falcon was in light speed, racing away from a fleet of Imperial Tie Fighters. In a matter of seconds, the spaceship was hundreds of miles away, safe from the Empire. 

You sat back in your seat, heaving out a huge sigh of relief. In the captain’s chairs, Han Solo and Chewbacca cheered. The Wookie let out a triumphant cry, which sounded like a combination of a wolf’s howl and someone gurgling on water. 

Han turned around to look at you, smirking smugly. 

“My ship still a piece of garbage to you?” He asked, his eyes twinkling with amusement. 

You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow, trying to look unimpressed.  

“It was damaged in the process of our escape and we were nearly killed.” You replied, trying to sound just as smug as he did. 

Han laughed. 

“Nearly killed is better than being dead, isn’t it princess?”

You snorted. 

“I’m hardly a princess.”

The smuggler gave you a small smile before getting out of his chair and stretching, motioning to Chewbacca as he did so.

“Come on, Chewie. Let’s see how old Millie is doing before we go anywhere else.”

The Wookie grunted and heaved himself to his feet, bumping his head on the ceiling. He yelped and his hairy paws flew to his head. 

You covered your mouth to suppress a laugh and Han shot a glance at you, winking and then making his way out of the room, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on, you big oaf!”

The Millennium Falcon was floating idly in space, most of it’s power turned off besides the lights and heating and cooling system. You and Han were sitting in the lounge area of the ship, talking about what was going to happen next.  Chewbacca was fast asleep on the sofa, snoring softly. 

“Dantooine is where the main rebel base is. I think it’s our safest bet at the moment.” Han said. He was seated closely next to you, even though there was a lot of room on the love seat. 

You nodded in agreement. 

“To Dantooine it is.” You said, looking at Han and giving him a smile. He returned it and quickly glanced away from you, suddenly becoming interested in his hands. 

“Y/N, we’ve known each other for awhile now.” He began. You noticed how small his voice was and you turned to him, confused. 

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” You asked, trying to catch his eye but he was determined not to look at you. 

Han chuckled.

“Nothing’s wrong, Y/N. It’s just that,” He stopped, trying to find the right words. 

Finally, he looked at you, meeting your eyes. You noticed how close he had gotten to you, how his hand had come to rest on yours. 

He kissed you. He leaned in slowly to you at first, gently letting his lips touch yours. His hands travelled up to your face and his fingers brushed your hair out of your face. You noticed how gentle he was, unlike the times he had shouldered you out of the way or feistily scoffed at you. 

You returned the kiss, your eyes fluttering shut and your hands wrapping around his neck. The smuggler pulled you in close to him, his arms now around your middle. 

You both stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity before he pulled away, his nose brushing past yours. 

“It’s just that, I’m in love with you.” He whispered almost inaudibly. You smirked.

“I know.” 

Imagine defending Faramir when Denethor says he would rather he died instead of Boromir


A/N: I think this is kind of an old imagine, but Faramir needed some love, in my opinion, so I just whipped this out. Hope you all like it!

                “You wish now that our places had been exchanged, that I had died and Boromir had lived.” Gondor’s young Captain of the Guard spoke hollowly, not a single doubt in his voice. Submitting, trying to please his father, as you had heard done in vain far too often.

                “Yes, I wish that.”

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Can I just say, that through all the problems our fandom has, thank the universe we have Adam and Eddy who are respectful to ALL ships rather than Jason Rothenberg AKA ‘you can’t ship this couple unless I say so’. Let’s be honest we have far better writers and creators who RESPECT THEIR FANS AND INCLUDE ALL OF US. And I will forever be grateful I’m in a fandom that includes EVERYBODY.

TL;DR Jason Rothenberg needs to take some serious advice from Adam and Eddy on how to treat your fans.

And NaruSaku relationship was always like

Sakura: Hey, Naruto, I was always ready to put my life, my dreams and my goals on the line just to protect yours. You were the only one who understood me, changed me into a better person and made me believe in a better ending for our team… You became a hero, you saved our village and seeing you matured causes my heart go doki-doki… and my face goes blushy, but NOTHING MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP, OF COURSE! CAPTAIN YAMATO AND SAI KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY FEELINGS, though they are ANBU and probably can read people’s feelings and emotions… Besides Sai knew well when my smile was fake… Whatever! DON’T FORGET THAT I ALWAYS LOVED SASUKE AND IF YOU SOMEHOW SAW I WAS MOVING ON, IT’S JUST A RED HERRING!
Remember when I lied to you to protect you from the feel of guilt and pain? This is why I am a bitch and no good for you! So don’t get very upset :)

Naruto: And I always liked you when we were kids, I was the first who complimented your forehead, understood your pain about Sasuke, wanted to protect your smiling face, and I failed, so I blamed myself for that. I always thought I am not good enough for you, because I couldn’t keep my promise, so I tried to win your love by being the best for you, but LOL I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LOVE, SO YOU ARE LIKE A SISTER TO ME NOW! AND IF SOMEONE THINKS THAT YOU LOOK LIKE MY MOTHER AND IT WAS A PARALLEL, IT’S JUST A RED HERRING!!
Sure, I am not upset at all! It was just ten years of crush, nothing serious, Sakura-chan! :) I think falling in love in few days is fully okay! I finally understood what true love means, and thanks to Hinata, she is a pro in love things! Btw, how do you think… Is peeping on sister okay? Whatever… I think, since Hinata is okay with living with a man who fapped on another woman the whole his life, she will be okay about that as well :)