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The explosion startled Vision from his meditation within his room. Within an instant, he calculated her location before moving.

Vision appeared beside her, by the window, as she eyed the explosion.

“What is it?” she asked, the back of her hand grazing his before her finger hooked his.

Internally, Vision celebrated this small simple gesture, an exhilaration spilled out from his chest. But he had to put that aside to analyze later as his primary protocol suddenly altered.

[Protect Wanda Maximoff]

“Stay here, please,” he requested as he moved outside to investigate.


“Cap, needs our help,” Clint explained to her. “C'mon.”

Wanda was left with more questions than answers as she felt herself being led away. What was the explosion? Cap needed help? Water skiing? Just what the hell was going on?

Flying back up to the building, Vision’s concern grew. The explosive device was small, placed quite far from the facility, and as he concluded, meant to be a distraction.

[Protect Wanda Maximoff]

As he phased through the wall, he was met with Wanda and Clint’s retreating backs. Hand in hand.



As understanding dawned on him, he was struck with an odd twinge in his gut. Disappointment followed by something unpleasant and undefined. He catalogued it under Dislikes.

“Clint,” he warned, an edge to his tone, “You should not be here.”

Hawkeye’s retort was sarcastic, unimportant.

“Please consider the consequences of your actions,” Vision reasoned before he was caught off guard and incapacitated.

The realization finally sunk in as Wanda gazed in shock at Vision’s still form. She was being recruited. While she trusted Clint beyond any doubt, she admittedly wanted nothing to do with this mess. “I’ve caused enough problems,” she mumbled as she fiddled with her sleeves.

“You gotta help me, Wanda,” Clint said as his one of his famous pep-talks began.

[Protect Wanda Maximoff!]

Vision willed every ounce of his concentration to disabling the device before stalking up to Clint. The archer drew his bow, releasing an arrow at point black range that simply sailed through Vision as he relieved the man of his primary weapon and knocked him to the floor.

Wanda watched in horror as her friends began to battle in the middle of the common room. This was all getting out of hand much too quickly.

Phase. Block. Phase. Dodge. Clint’s attack was remarkably predictable, Vision thought as he increased his density and received several blows before the nightstick snapped. With ease, Vision phased once more before subduing the archer.

“Clint, you can’t overpower me,” Vision said as the man struggled against him.

“I know I can’t,” Clint replied, prompting Vision to believe that the archer was final seeing reason. “But she can.”

Clint was right, Wanda conceded as she stepped up. Her teammates - her friends - were in danger and it was her responsibility to help make things right. Fighting the lump growing in her throat, she gathered her power.

“Vision, that’s enough, let him go,” Wanda finally spoke. “I’m leaving.”

[Protect Wanda Maximoff?]

Vision paused his memory recollection, as it seemed he was finally regaining control of his limbs. Gazing up at the light peering into the crater Wanda had made for him, he struggled to understand what he had done wrong.

He should begin searching for them, he thought as he finally emerged from the hole. Alas, he decided against it. Wanda would not wish to be found. She probably would not like to see him. Defeated, disheartened, he left to contact Mr Stark.


As they zipped away in the car, Wanda peered down at her hands and sighed. “I wish he could’ve come with us,” she murmured.

“Vision?” Clint replied, eyes on the road. “Not as long as he’s Stark’s puppet.”

“He’s not a puppet!” she snapped.

Clint cringed. “I just mean, he sees the world as black and white, just like Stark. There’s no grey to him.”

Has anyone seen Our Family Wedding

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a super fun film that tackles the social issue of accepting interracial relationships. The movie is hilarious, sweet, and just plain awesome so I highly recommend it! 

Aaaaaand yes, I have to annoy you guys with another AU. XD 


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