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My Global Warming Cure?

It seems global warming will be a hot topic until we burn to death, the environment isn’t as good for plants and animals anymore, and scientists just don’t know what to do. I may have taken this bio class too serious, but my Professor has brought up topics that has had me thinking lately. All I said was maybe our environment can be less harsh if humans used their brains, and create man made rivers and lakes all around the world to help influence more plant growth and more environments for animals to keep evolving. She said it was brilliant. I thought it was common sense. We have a world that carries more water than land. Our glacial caps are melting. That means even more water. Why are people in Africa suffering from lack of water when we live in a world full of it? Parts of Africa wasn’t always a desert and Egypt used to be very tropical with lots of plants. The government is making man made everything else. They should use that fake money they’re always complaining about, get some machines and dig some waterways. California wouldn’t have a drought if they just put some water on the land because it will stimulate rain. It may sound easier than what I’m saying, but it sounds way cheaper than all this technology crap they’re trying to develop to “save the world”. The entire earth many years ago used to be full of plants and animals due to water being in areas that doesn’t exist anymore. Just put the damn water back and the plants will create more oxygen to create a stronger ozone layer to protect the world from harmful UV rays that is creating global warming. Am I making sense, because I feel like I just solved the biggest lie ever.

10 years into the future
  • me, a chem teacher: so kids, how was your spring break?
  • me: *softly gasps. a single tear rolls down my cheek* attack on titan season 3....