our cabbages

I have so many feels about Minkowski’s Polish roots
  • Her deep deep love for space that came not only from reading too many Lem’s books and just getting so much into it?  
  • Cursing in Polish/French whenever she’s really pissed off.  
  • She can speak perfect English without any sign of Polish accent whatsoever. She can also perfectly speak English with very heavy accent.  
  • Getting really pissed off whenever anybody suggests her that she made a gramma error following with her giving a lecture on English grammar
  •  Knowing lyrics to musicals in 4 languages and comparing them? Also this (legit polish musical for kids. this song is about a duck)
  •   “Oh I read this book in original” 
  •  “Why don’t you have a word for that?!”  
  • Arguing with Hilbert in Russian. Also just talking to Hilbert in Russian whenever she’s really, really pissed at Eiffel. (Eiffel finally starts learning it at some point). 
  • All kinds of hybrids of Polish, French and American food? aka. why is there so much cabbage on our thanksgiving 
  • Drinking straight vodka or posh wine (followed by “how is your head so strong?”)  
  • Rolling eyes whenever someone mentions how communism is the best solution to everything 

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Mondatta telling Zen that he was born out of a cabbage. The most beautiful, tasty-looking and green cabbage.

you see these green, leafy plants, child? you were also once a green, leafy plant. i found u growing right here in our cabbage patch garden. it was amazing. we love u. lets go inside for dinner.

(then zen starts crying when they give him cabbage 2 eat bc he thinks hes eating his siblings or something)

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tell me a story

so we moved into this house and basically when you rent a house, theres a list of things that have to be there when you leave, or you lose your bond.

and on the list was ‘gold dragon statue’ and we thought oh thats pretty weird, i guess we can just put this thing in the spare room and forget about it

we literally have to keep this thing in our house or we lose our bond

is that a cabbage ???? i may never know. all i know is this weird ass statue will cost us $1100 if we remove it from the house.

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like okay so here’s how it totally goes down

We all know our precious cabbage has thing super hate thing for the supernovas and luffy getting all the attention like thats his thing he’s such a diva guys like cabbage you need a hobby

Anyways so then there’s BARTO who is super luffy mega fan like 100 percent that pisses Cavendish off like “why can’t this idiot see how great i am wtf” like and probably decides he’s gonna make barto notice him like a desperate kohai even though cabbage you are the senpai here you dweeb

Clearly this is a frustrating and nearly impossible task but i mean every time cavendish manages to catch his eye his heaet does a stupid flip flop because “i made him look at me, and not look at one of them its ME he’s looking at” and it develops into such a need becauae he always wants to be the centre of this green haired idiots attention and probably takes him like forever and several meetings to even realize its because he’s got a giant gay cabbage crush on barto. He probably spends the next week eating ice cream and crying because Cavendish probably doesn’t deal with that well

Bonus fucking cheese and fluff because fuck yeah fucking fluff is barto probably ia like “the fuck you been hiding in your ship for all week” and cabbage hides and is probably shrieking because he hasn’t brushed his hair and god he’s FAT (which he isn’t but like this is cabbage were talking about i guarantee the guy has self image issues like for real) but barto probably call him one of the most beautiful men he’s ever met, and thats saying a lot because he’s met luffy-senpai and THEN THEY FUCK