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The Ultimate Planner For A Muslim Student: 2017-2018

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

We pray this reaches you in the best of health and imaan.

Alhamdulillah, we’re super excited to introduce our brand new design and layout for the Ultimate Planner For A Muslim Student 2017-2018!

This year, we went all out, and not only revamped our design, but added a whole load of extra material to help boost productivity! 

Let’s take a closer look insha’Allah:

Firstly, we have THREE brand new cover designs to choose from! Starting from the top right and ending bottom right:

1. Ice Splash

2. Vintage Calm

3. Tropical Summer

We apologise if we now have you craving ice-cream!

Next, we have our oh-so-important contents page! A minimal view of what you can expect when you turn those pages!

Our signature ‘Duas for Studying’ page! This super important page has been placed at the very front of the planner, for both ease of accessibility and a means of a reminder. We’re only successful with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala’s help!

We always have a long list of dua’s for what we desire in this world: A* in exams, lots of money, big houses, a brand new car… but have we ever made du’a for that which is everlasting? Surely the one who looks after his akhira, and fixes his hereafter, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will grant him the dunya (world) along side it.

Whether it’s a reminder of Eid, or when Ramadan begins, or even exam dates - we have you covered! Never forget an important date again.

This right here, is how we build productive lifestyles. A lifelong habit, a lifelong dream, begins with small steps. But it’s not enough to just have goals. We must note down the steps needed to achieve them, and give them a deadline so we remain focused. Our planner helps you to do just that. 

And then our ‘Ideal Day’ page. We all dream of having super productive mornings, and early evenings. Writing down a routine helps us to keep track, and make sure we’re not wasting one of our most precious blessings - Time.

Our planner begins from August 2017 and ends in July 2018. That’s 52 productivity/study tips, one every single week to keep you motivated and going! 

Track your Qur’an recitation and memorisation daily with our trackers. You’ll never lose what page you were last on or the last Surah you memorised.  I once read somewhere; Give time to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will give you time!

And that’s it guys for the sneak peek! We have lots more packed in our planners this year including:

- Study tips

- Reminder/Due Today/To Do lists daily

- Homework and Assignment daily tracker

- Duas of the week to memorise on a weekly basis

- Habit tracker: Build 3 new habits, or break bad habits every month!

And MUCH more! We have images of 12 beautiful Masjids from around the world and a monthly quote for us to reflect and ponder upon.

Alhamdulillah, this planner is now available for Pre-Order! All orders will be despatched September 1st. FREE UK DELIVERY.

Contact details are  given below.

Please Like/Share/Reblog and get ready for an upcoming giveaway sometime during the summer.

More details will be posted soon so watch this space!

Stock is limited so hurry and pre-order yours now before they’re all sold out!

Please remember us, our families and the whole ummah in your duas and a humble request that you make du’a, may Allah accept this from us. Aameen

Fi Amanillah.

Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

- Acquiring Knowledge

For orders/enquiries:

Message us on tumblr or

email: acquiringknowledge@hotmail.com

twitter: @acqknowledge

instagram: @acqknowledge

facebook: facebook.com/studentplannerbyacquiringknowledge

One More Thing


Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me
Are you aware that we’re making hist'ry?
This is the first murder trial of our brand-new nation
The liberty behind deliberation


I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
With my assistant counsel

Hamilton, sit down
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent
Call your first witness
That’s all you had to say!



  • Someone else did this but this is my take on the album messages/stories of the albums.
  • AWKIF: We're kids in an adult's world. Our lives are changing, relationships are breaking down, we're far from home, and it's scary.
  • Riot!: We feel all our emotions without shame and we're gonna speak our damn minds.
  • Brand New Eyes: We believe in love even though it's sometimes hard and scary. Sometimes it's hard to like the people you love, and you gotta be honest even if it's painful and have an open mind to keep on loving those people.
  • Paramore: It's okay to grow up. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to be happy.
  • After Laughter: Sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom before you can start to build yourself up again. It's time to wipe the slate clean, start over, and fight your demons. Forgive, but don't forget.

futurama appreciation week  [day one - favorite character]: Philip J. Fry

anonymous asked:

Hi! Im wondering if u know of any mvmts/projects that are focusing on stopping/fixing the redistricting of districts 4 elections, or I believe gerrymandering? I feel this is a major issue that doesnt have a lot of focus rn &we only have 21 mths.. Ty!

This may sound a little weird, but currently, almost every progressive group in the United States is working on this, actively, right now. 

It may not be spoken about, but it is not a secret, the groups may not even be aware they are working on this cause. They are all working towards a single goal, to elect more progressives to Federal, State, and Local offices. When progressive groups focus on electing State Legislators and Governors, that is when they are working to put a stop to gerrymandering.

Three years from now, in 2020, there will be a US Census. At that point. representatives are reallocated according to population changes. Then state legislators have to pass a bill to redistrict their state proportionately, and in many states, the governor can veto the district map.  

This means that every Democratic Governor and State Legislator that is elected is a buffer against Republican gerrymandering. Since there are many groups that are working to elect Democrats, there are many that are, indirectly, putting a check on gerrymandering.

Personally, I am woking with Our Revolution but there are many other groups that are working towards similar goals: Brand New Congress,  Justice Democrats, Democratic Socialists of America and many others. 

It is important to become involved, find a group in your area, and get progressives elected in 2018. 

I know there are tons of groups I have missed so if you think of one put their contact info in a reblog that way people can find a group in their area.

- @theliberaltony

dan and phil play the impossible quiz #6 - a summary

“what about phil? why just dan?”

“dan and phil? sports. that’s our branding for 2017”

“i feel like i’ve got stockholm syndrome”

“marry me, quiz”

“you fucking cunt”

“it was censored but they still know what i said”

“fuck it, go away”

“my ass just clenched”

“i was just giving you a friendly pat”

“you’re so good at remembering”

*dan goes close to the camera to rant yet the camera remains focused on phil in the background*

“we’ve zipped up our jackets, that means business”

“dan i need you”

“welcome to philgames”

“we’re very spitty today” 

“you know how to spell banana, right?" 

"i’m on the fucking fuck my life" 

"i want death" 

"we’ve done it, we just need to do it" 

"circles, road, shit" 

"click the poop" 

"thank you gwen stefani" 

"shit down my legs actual diarrhoea flowing out of my ass onto my legs" 

"click the butt" 

"just keep clicking that banana" 

"i’m gonna go drink alcohol, not even going to stay hydrated" 

"danny doesn’t give a fuck" 

"we need that thumb" 

"nothing is impossible”

fic: Of Sunsets and Swings

title: of sunsets and swings

genre: reality/tiniest bit of angst if you squint

word count: 2300

description: a little getaway cements an idea they’ve had for a while now and brings a sense of relief they never expected to feel. (ft. mother lester, some jetlag and a couple of swings)

“I find some irony in being in a kid’s park while we make this very grown-up decision.”

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texts w boyfriend!youngmin where he doesn’t want you to worry about him but you know he’s having a hard time | requested

Quiet (M)

Jungkook needs to learn to control himself


A/N: I wrote this in like an hour sorry if it’s not the best

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1345

Content/Warning: Smut this is all smut nothing but smut, sub!jungkook, switch!jungkook, public foreplay

Jungkook places his hand on top of yours and leans in to whisper, “Babe, stop it.”

“Stop what?” You ask innocently, pressing your hand harder into his crotch.

Jungkook let’s out a squeak only you can hear.

“Y/N, has Jungkook told you about all the research he’s contributed to our company? Because of him, our brand is doing better than ever.” Jungkook’s CEO and coworkers look at you, awaiting your response.

“Oh yes, I’m very proud of him. When we first met, I had no idea how much of a genius he really is.” You let out a small laugh and give your husband’s hardening dick a squeeze.

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seasons-of-stories  asked:

How do Fi users get mistaken for Fe users and vice versa?

Several reasons:

  1. The typist does not understand the theory fully yet
  2. The subject’s motives or behaviors are unusual for their type
  3. The focus is on what they are doing rather than how they are doing it

Not all Fe’s will be “here, listen to my feelings about everything.”

Not all Fi’s will be “I never talk about my feelings.”

Not all Fe’s will give a damn what strangers think of them, or care whether their behavior, conversation, or topic is “socially appropriate for the setting” or not.

Not all Fi’s will not care what other people think of them, or fail to consider how others may react to their beliefs, worldview, statements, or interests.

You must look at motives and how they accomplish things.

Fe motive: this is for the common good.

Fi motive: this is what is right for me.

How do they engage with others?

Fe will try to bring a sense of unity or togetherness. We can do this. We know the truth. We have things in common. Together, we can do this.

Healthy Fe’s often focus more on what they have in common even with people they disagree with than their differences, because Fe believes to get things done, people need to get along. Motivate people in a group, and you can accomplish great things (together).

Fi will use their strong sense of right and wrong to inspire others, but feel uncomfortable with the “we” business; a Fi believes they are in this alone. If given charge over a group, instead of togetherness or motivating dialogue that focuses on the “we” aspect, you will see Te manifest in handing out jobs. It will be less about emotional dynamics and more about “You have this skill, you are in charge of this. I need someone to do that… how about you?”

Let’s use a life example.

A newspaper publishes something controversial that upsets a lot of its readers on the political spectrum. Immediate damage control is required. So the paper runs, in their next issue, a front page article about a local charity. Boom! Public opinion goes through the roof. People forget they were mad last week. The charity receives an outpouring of donations and support.

Now, did a Fi or a Fe do that?

Fe (and Ti) would say: since there is division about our image right now, we must remind the public that despite our political differences, we can unite under common humanitarian goals. This will reverse the negative publicity and help the charity, since it’s also the right thing to do.

Fi (and Te) would say: our bottom line depends on our advertisers and public liking us. This charity needs help and I believe it is a good cause. I can kill two birds with one stone – recreate our brand through a public outreach, and bring awareness to this important charity at the same time. Everyone wins.

The mistake would be in assuming humanitarian outreach, or that decision, was motivated by Fe (for the greater good of the community, and our reputation), when in reality it might be Te doing damage control (and aiding a cause Fi feels intensely about at the same time).

MOTIVES (thought process – is it Te or Fe based?) and HOW the person does what they choose to do… matters.

Behavior does not indicate type. Brain function indicates type.

- ENFP Mod

i. I absolutely cannot stand the snares of your hands,
or how I catch myself on your barbed wire mouth,
when I choke on your gasoline voice,
or cut myself on your switchblade fingers.
I loathe these weapons of yours more than I loathe the actual tangible knifes you keep hidden under your sleeves.
I hate that somebody did something so awful to you that you were forced to wear hatred as a second skin.
I hate myself more that I wasn’t there to shield you from it.

ii. I wonder how different our lives would be if we had been switched.
Me: Andrew.
You: Aaron.
Me: Given up on.
You: Kept.
Would everything turn out the same? Would we have led completely different lives? Would we be broken again? Made whole?
(Would she have hit you, too?)
(Would he have used me, too?)

iii. I hear the way people talk about you when you’re not there.
Like you’re this awful thing.
Like they’ve taken a bite out of you and realized you’ve gone bad in the middle.
When they speak, they’re trying to get the taste of you out of their mouths,
Spitting and spitting until there’s nothing left to expel.
Sometimes I want to say something.
Sometimes I want to argue.
But we come from the same batch, after all.
How can I argue when I taste just as bad as you do?

iv. I went to the Circle K around the corner one night and bought myself a pack of cigarettes: the same brand you use.
I stood outside and popped one in my mouth,
lit it with unpracticed hands.
I had seen you do this so often,
I thought maybe it would come almost naturally, like I had been the one catching fire to things all these years instead of you.
But the weight of it felt so wrong between my fingers,
the motions unfitting for me,
the taste acidic and raw and awful.
It reminded me too much of him—of that stray dog that follows you around all day—and less like you,
less like home.
I’m trying to understand this. I’m trying to be okay with you-and-him.
But there are some things that people shouldn’t get in the way of. This was one of them.
The box cost $7.89 and screamed your name. I didn’t even hesitate when I threw it away.

v. Every once and a while I’ll dream about that night.
Sometimes it’s me instead of you, or I can’t move at all and I’m forced to watch, or I beat him over and over but he keeps getting back up.
Either way, the entire time you’re just laughing.
Like I told a joke and you think it’s the funniest thing in the world.
I’m beating him to death and sloshing his blood around and you’re laughing like you’re at a comedy show.
Whenever I wake up from those dreams, I never want to sleep ever again.

vi. I never understand our fights.
Normal people throw around words they don’t mean and slam doors they would usually leave ajar.
But us?
We fight like our lives are on the line.
We fight like it’s a race and there’s only one winner.
You leave me aching and I leave you waterlogged.
We become such ferocious animals, all sharp teeth and heavy claws, ripping and tearing without a care to give.
The entire world comes to a stop when we have even the slightest disagreement,
a spotlight shining down to showcase our own personal brand of hate.
I sometimes wonder if that’s us making up for lost time.
All those years we never got to spend fighting like brothers.
Maybe we’re finally making up for that.
Maybe we’re trying to meet our quota before our time is up.
Before we can’t fight anymore.

vii. One time when you weren’t looking, I stole one of your pills.
I saved it for when you wouldn’t be around and swallowed it dry, felt it run down my throat.
I thought that if they made you smile all the time, maybe they’d make me smile, too.
But all I felt was this hallow ache in my chest,
like something bad had grabbed hold of me from the inside.
I was used to flying high, higher than most people would dream to go,
But this was just wrong on so many levels.
It lasted only four hours before I started to wind down, but that was one of the longest four hours of my life.
I wasn’t happy. But I smiled anyway. I couldn’t stop. My cheeks hurt after.
I think I understood you a little better after that day.

viii. I voted to name your cat Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. And I’m not even sorry.

ix. (I’m sorry.)

x. I love you.

—  Ten Things Aaron Wants To Tell Andrew (But Never Will)