our boy!


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

max references

max + light 

max + dark 

i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭

growing up, some kids did drugs. other’s smoked. some drank too much. i did fandoms and i swear i was higher than any of them could ever be.

The reason why 'Sea' is a hidden track:

Q: And if fans are so lucky to own the physical album, they’ll hear two hidden tracks at the very. Why keep them secretive?

Namjoon: I think they’re hidden because you have to be a real fan of BTS to understand them. Otherwise, you won’t. Otherwise, you’d like be, “Why are they feeling so confused about things? They’re good?!? They’re No. 1 somewhere, they have so much stuff, why are they worried?” People always talk about that. But if you are a true fan of BTS and you buy the album and you listen to the hidden track – if you are an Army and we spent time together from 2013, 2014 – they could understand. It’s kind of more special, more closer, to our true hearts.

my favorite boy things
  • when their hair is short and you get the peach fuzz feel when you play with it
  • when their hair is long and you can braid it
  • when their legs are looong and they go up the stairs two by two (i can appreciate a good long boy)
  • when their legs are short and they jump off the last step and scare themselves cause its farther than they thought
  • when they eat weird stuff and its surprisingly good (ketchup+ranch)
  • when they have short arms like a t-rex
  • when they laugh so hard they choke
  • when their eyelashes touch their glasses
  • boys

happy 100th birthday John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

“When we think of him, he is without a hat, standing in the wind and the weather. It can be said of him, as of few men in a like position, that he did not fear the weather, and did not trim his sails, but instead challenged the wind itself, to improve its direction and to cause it to blow more softly and more kindly over the world and its people.” -E.B. White


Make way for Team Free Will

Still saving people, still hunting things. Supernatural is BACK and we have exclusive new details on season 13. From the horrific Apocalypse World to Castiel’s impending return, things aren’t slowing down for the Winchester brothers any time soon! The group cover will be available on newsstands Oct. 13 and the single covers will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble on Oct. 17.

y'all: bst is THE title track and wings is THE album, nothin can top it