our bomb shelter

if you’re gonna throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle

(Part 1) (ao3)

“Uh-oh,” Octavia says under her breath. She’s looking out the window of Clarke’s diner with a look on her face Bellamy can only describe as ‘apprehensive.’

“What?” He twists around to look.

“Jasper’s got a big box in his hands and that look he only gets on his face when he’s figured out some new moneymaking plan.”

“Uh-oh,” Bellamy echoes.

Jasper is lovably ridiculous, but he’s known around town for being willing to do just about anything for a dollar, from putting on a one-man-Nirvana-cover-band concert, to a rickshaw business that came to a sudden arboreal stop, to dressing up in a peanut costume (that looked borderline pornographic, in Bellamy’s opinion, though seeing a scandalized Jaha was more than worth it) at last year’s Fall Festival. He means well, but his entrepreneurial schemes tend to be hit-or-miss, and are always off-color.

“Incoming,” Octavia warns, smiling over Bellamy’s shoulder as he hears the diner door chime behind him.

“Morning, Blakes,” Jasper says cheerfully, beelining for their table.


“Whatcha got in the box?” Bellamy flinches when Octavia kicks him under the table. Jasper doesn’t notice, brightening.

“I heard about this guy who has started selling shirts every day with topical headlines about things that are happening around his town, and I thought to myself: self, enough happens in Ark Grove, we could use something like that.”

Bellamy and Octavia exchange a look.

“What does today’s shirt say?” Octavia asks, sounding almost like she’s nervous to know.

Jasper holds one up proudly, plain black with Times New Roman type across the front, declaring–

“Monty’s blooms: late,” Octavia reads. She squints at Jasper. “What does that even mean?”

“He promised me he’d have his squash at the Farmer’s Market by this weekend, but they’re not ready yet.” He frowns down at the shirt in his hands. “What else could it mean?” He grumbles, more to himself than to Octavia.

“Well,” she says hastily, “you know, art can have lots of meanings. I didn’t know how deep we were getting.”

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