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Name: Julian
Age: 21
Country: USA

I like to listen to music (many different genres), I’m a bit introverted and by a bit I mean a lot, but not in a bad way lol. I also enjoy riding bikes, cooking, and having deep conversations.

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to a girl, but I’m open to talking to anyone who speaks pretty good English.

Don’t Be Gross

Dylan Larkin x Reader

Team: Detroit Red Wings

Warnings: Mentions of “Frozen”, I’m sorry 

POV: Second Person

Summary: Dylan tries to shovel the walks with his lover, but things take a turn

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“Do you wanna build a snowman?”

“Did you just-”

“Or ride our bikes around the halls!”

“(Y/n), stop-”

“I think some company is overdue, I’ve started talking to the pictures on the walls-”

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who wants to stay with me for awhile by the seaside in a cute little red house in some strange foggy town, where we can read & write poetry all day, ride our bikes to the water and splash around, pick wildflowers and have picnics and watch a series of unfortunate events


An early video store memory. My best friend, and I rode our bikes, to the local “ma and pop” video store. These were the 1st Two films, I rented on my own, with my own money. I was probably around 12-13? We laughed and enjoyed the sophomoric humor and cheap gore of Microwave Massacre. Demons, blew us away, and left a lasting impression.  

all im getting for my birthday this year is Stuff I’ll Need For Work so i think im like.the Least Excited I’ve Ever Been For My Birthday This Year smh

January 2017

My ma and I took our bikes to the park, and we took the dogs for a 6 kilometer run.

I was watching Archie really closely, because he’s eight and a half years old now, and his joints have never been so great, but he did really well. We kept up a speed of a brisk trot, and in some places slowed down so he could walk for a bit. We had one stop for water, and both dogs got in the stream and had a swim when we reached it.

Archie was a little stiff for the first few kilometers, but by the last two he really loosened up and he was moving with an easy, open gait. By then it looked like he could do the whole run over, he was moving so nicely and without difficulty, but we took them home and let them settle for a while then gave them some nice breakfast instead.

Anyway, I’m just really pleased with how old Archie managed. We haven’t done that run since this time last year.

Both dogs are tired now though.


What a day in Kuala Lumpur today. As you don’t know today, today we celebrate Hari Wilayah or Wilayah Day. What do we do? We just ride around KL with our bikes, rollerskates, skateboards and etc.

The event started at around 6:30AM. Too early for non-morning person huh? The event started with a speech, and a short performance before cycling around KL. As seen in the second picture.

The program also have multiple attractions such as riding a cart horse, a zumba exercise, and a band performance.

If you come to Malaysia and manage to catch up with this program, I can assure you it’s a fun time between your family.



We started our Cuba trip in the rural town of Vinales.  The slow paced lifestyle was peaceful and relaxing.  Quiet countryside, friendly tobacco farmers, and amazing hosts made our leg of the trip really memorable.  We spent most of our time riding bikes exploring the landscape, and eating the local food of eastern Cuba.  -KEP