our big adventure


This is my kind of day. This is how I love a day to go. Busy at work hopping from meeting to meeting and task to task and getting things done. Home via the shops for a little retail therapy. Drive home with Hubs and arrive home to find son has dinner and his huge washing pile totally under control. Lucky thing, doesn’t go back to work until next week. He makes a great house elf. Any whooo then Daughter arrived and we headed out for a gentle run around the wetlands. Daughter had been to pump class yesterday and was sore so slow be that’s fine by me I’m still working on my style for want of a better word. Home for cool down and dinner and some planning for our next big adventure(stay tuned to find out more). Then off goes Daughter to her lovely new home and off we go for a walk to the beach (Hubs chose the beach it was toooo windy for me). Venice was totally right about the wind in New Zealand. Home just before dark and I’m pooped. Great day! Hope yours was too.

SOLD! Less than 24 hours on the market - we received two offers OVER our asking price and we are so excited for the next step in our big adventure!!! Fingers crossed for a smooth sale.


Our 2nd attempt at a vlog :) Eye boogers, Darth Vader, Babies, and Pizza - what more do you need? Currently, we are figuring out our potential living arrangements after the close of escrow and starting to pack for our big adventure!

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