our beach baby


Here’s Heather McNamara! Our favorite Suicidal beach blonde baby~
She’s such a cutie I swear.
I loved drawing her so much! Her little bow ponytail gave me some trouble tho cause i’d accidentally make the pony tail too big lol.

Everyone draws her like an innocent baby but ya’ll forgetting she was just as bad a bully as the other Heathers? She gets redemption yes but i don’t really like how people kind of ignore how she almost got Veronica date raped and helped the other Heathers almost prank Martha. But I feel her bullying was more like when a ditzy person does a bad thing and doesn’t completely understand the consequences of their actions. Still. mean tho.

One of my fav songs in the musical was Whine all night/Shine a Light (Reprise) cause WOW! It’s so crazy! “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!”. It’s so aggressive and really shows how anxiety and suicidal thoughts work.
I wanna make an animatic of it one day.

Anyhoo enjoy~