our baby learned a new dance ;a;

KARD reddit AMA

Q: are you guys friends with any other kpoop groups?

Jiwoo- gugudan Mimi unnie and Boys24 Doha oppa

Somin- twice Jeongyeon, and seventeens Mingyu and Seungkwan are my school juniors

J.Seph- gfriends Sowon

BM- day6 Jae and ladies code

Q: do you guys lurk/look at social media like Reddit and Twitter often to see what fans are thinking/saying?

Somin- yes we do. I look at instagram hashtags. Thank you for always cheering us on.

Q: 1- which of your songs is your favorite? 2- which is you favorite choreography? 3- what are your thoughts on being a co-ed group? 4- whats a musical style do you want to try in the future?

J.Seph 1- don’t recall

Jiwoo 2- the next song thats coming out…I think that choreography will be really awesome

Somin 3- I’m really happy about it because we’re very much like a family. I feel like we have a really great foundation because we have two oppas.

Q: Just wondering…whats your reaction to this gif?

a/n: gif cred to hwasuga

J.Seph- oh it’s cute!

Q: What were your initial thoughts/reactions after seeing how large your international fanbase was? what are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

J.Seph- at first I was flabbergasted. I never even thought about it. I saw a picture of our fans in Brazil waiting in line to buy our tickets and it was so amazing. I don’t know these people but they know me. So i wanted to see who they were so I zoomed in and looked at their faces. (laughs)

Q: how did you guys come to know of r/kpop? do any of you frequent this sub and are there possibly any other kpop stars out there that do?

Somin- out tour manager unnie set it up for us! It’s our first time here!

Q: 1- were you surprised to receive so much attention internationally with your pre-debut singles? 2- BM and J.Seph: did you expect to receive so many singing lines (like in rumor), and do you get nervous when you have to perform them? 3- do you think that having many international fans will continue to make kards music more diverse (like how rumor had a latin sound)? 4- what are some of you favorite western artists or other genres of music to listen to?

J.Seph- I was nervous and excited. I want to show a good side of me but I’m still lacking so much. I tried really hard to do my best.

Jiwoo- there are so many genres that we want ti try right now. I think we will definitely continue to be more diverse when it comes to our sounds.

Somin- Tinashe, Ariana Grande / Jiwoo- Beyonce, Rihanna, Kehlani, Alexander Jean / J.Seph- Little Mix!

Q: 1- will you be continuing the “hidden” concept after officially debuting? 2- is there a different concept or sound you would like to try in the future? 3- were any of you kpop fans before beginning training? if so, what groups? if not, what made you want to become an idol?

J.Seph 1- we’re not sure how we’re going to come out again, but we want to keep releasing good content.

Somin 2- I want to try R&B…but honestly I want to try everything.

Jiwoo 3- I liked TXVQ sunbaenims and BoA sunbaenim. I wasn’t focused on being an idol but I really wanted to do great music in general.

Q: who eats the most? who makes the most jokes?

Jiwoo and Somin together- J.Seph!!!!!!

Q: how many times does BM dab per day?

BM- at least 20

Q: bm what advice can you give to other tall guys who don’t want to look really awkward? also, in the Oh NaNa with fun video your necklace flipped up and nearly chipped your tooth! do you have any other memorable stories that were a result of dancing too hard?

BM- all dudes. short or tall.. own it and swagg out with you got. haha I almost lost a front tooth that day.

Q: 1- which music show do you most look forward to appearing on? 2- with your big international following, you seem to be doing better than other co-ed groups of the past. what unique challenges do you face in korea being a co-ed group? 3- what country are you looking forward to visiting most on your world tour?

1- Jiwoo- Infinity Challenge! / Somin- Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2- J.Seph- Dubai / Somin- Europe and I really wanted to go to America…actually I want to go everywhere. / Jiwoo- Dubai / BM- Greece and London…Spain…Chile is dope too

Q: for BM: what were your motivations for pursuing a career in kpop having grown up in LA? did you ever doubt whether it was the right choice, for example following your appearance on kpop star, and how were you able to bounce back?

BM- definitely had a lot of times where I felt like I should quit..almost did a lot too but I had a lot of good support around me. #blessed

Q: 1- you guys have great chemistry, how long have the four of you trained as a group? 2- co-ed groups are obviously still rare, how did you all react when you found out that you were going to debut together?

1- J.Seph- 5 years / Somin- with the oppas it’s been 5 years / Jiwoo- I joined 6 months ago!

2- J.Seph- at first when I heard it was a co-ed group I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw Somin from such an early age when she was little, but I never thought  that I would be in a group with her. It felt so strange, but as we started to practice and come together, it became really great.

Q: BM, please rate the english level of the other members!

BM- 1 being baby. 10 being able to communicate comfortably…j.speh 3, somin 3, jiwoo 3. all pretty similar

Q: when you guys/gals were kids, what did you first want to be when you grow up?

BM- I wanted to be a lawyer

Q:  I laughed so much when I saw you dancing “Olha a Onda”, a Brazilian song from the 90s. Knowing that your songs so far evoke latin (and thus Brazilian) beats, is there anything each of you would like to learn about our culture? Foods, drinks, clothing, local music genres, anything?

Jiwoo- I want to learn about the food because I love trying new foods.

Jseph- I heard about Carnival and I really want to go. I also want to learn about samba. 

Q:  BM! Are you close with Ladies’ Code’s Ashley? What are your favorite things about being in this group and what do you feel about the amount of love you’ve been getting from the international fans?

BM-  thats my homegirl fshooooo shoot still super unreal to me.. super humbling and super thankful

Q:  BM: Was it hard to make the decision to move to Korea from USA and become an idol? Did your family support you all the way?

BM- I didnt know squat about the language and culture before i came so yeah it was a hard decision. yeupp one hunnit percent they supported me

Q: many kpop artists are encouraged to learn new languages. What new language would you want to learn and perform in?

Somin : English… (laughs) And French! 

(Jseph says : Bonjour) 

Jiwoo: Chinese and Japanese 

BM: Portuguese

Q:  Regarding your positions as ‘King’ ‘Ace’ etc. were they assigned to you or could you choose which card you wanted to be? Also, can we expect a ‘Queen’ member joining in the future?

Jiwoo - We decided together after a meeting.
Somin - I like the black joker though… I don’t think I would fit the other cards.

Q: BM! What’s your favorite bar in LA?

BM- i came to korea before i turned 21 in LA so i havent been able to turn up too much in my hometown yet :[ send me some suggestions!

Q: when did you start getting interested in music?

Jiwoo - When I was around 8 or 9 I wanted to be a singer. 

Jseph - When I was 7. 

Somin - Probably around junior high.

Q: To BM: Got any workout tips? How did you get so “big” :O

BM- i used to be real hefty. turned all that fat into muscle through dieting.. dieting is 70% workin out is 30%

Q:  What are you all most looking forward to during your tour?

Jiwoo: LA, because I am excited to see Matthew oppa’s family!

Q: BM, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get and stay in shape?

BM- stay strict and have self discipline one your self diet. workout is a MUST stay active

Q: BM how much can you bench press?? I just started so I can barely do 70 ://

BM- i stopped benching after almost snapping my shoulder. i just do flat bench and incline dumbbell presses now

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

BM: horse sized duck

Jiwoo : 100 duck sized horses… I’m scared of birds

Jseph : Horse sized duck

Somin : Horse sized duck 


these days i think of birth
no one has words pushing through
the new mom straining grunting
the baby hair and head crowning
a silence broken by cute cries
who can say what it’s like to be born

teenagers grow silent with parents
a growth too huge to articulate
it’s only the other side words spill
medley of nostalgia and shudders

some long to crawl backwards
suspended high school bubble
for others skin crawls, eyes closed tight
you couldn’t pay me enough to go back!

is death a new birth? a place unknown
a pushing through in black silence
brought through in pain of cancer
of heart attacks car crashes
bullets and whacks on heads

is there quiet joy as we fall, new life
are we scooped to warm arms, wonder held
does someone gently stroke our fragrant head
smiling a smile that has no words

are we like babies, eyes fuzzy
must we be carried a while,
learning the new tongue of love
are we passed around, caressed
held and fed well from warmth expelled
bathed gently and snuggled tight
does someone sing soft little songs
dance us to a new sleep schedule

do some look back at this messy earth
and long to return, do they brush aside dimensional divisions like clouds
watching us struggle inside with fears
and want to come back and have this again

or do they turn and try to forget,
as new words slowly spill out,
do they stutter to say, G-God!
i don’t ever want to go back


Mesmerised | Hoseok, You

1 | 2

Song: AM 3: WOO YEAH | 김형준

I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes

Narrator POV

Hoseok was sitting back in his sofa, having finished the day’s work, he was waiting for a call from Jimin or Taehyung. Hopefully they’d ask him if he was busy and he would reply with a ‘Yes I am, but I can always shift my schedules, what’s up?’, however, they still hadn’t called.

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If you love Kpop just read this.

To all those who listen to, admire and love kpop. So I tried spreading the love of kpop to so-called “friends” and I know that doing that is very dangerous considering they may think I am crazy. Something happened today that acc lowkey hurt me, so i was on the phone to my friend whilst with other friends and we were talking about learning the dance to call me baby by EXO for our new youtube channel. The minute they heard me explaining the song to my friend and singing the korean bits as I had a quick fangirl moment, they literally treated me like an outcast for the 15 mins i was with them. They literally crossed the road and walked on the other side, and when i tried to catch them up cos i thought they were kidding, one person was like “don’t touch me” he even flinched. The other person stopped in their tracks and somewhat seemed disgusted that I was into that. LIKE WTF? DOES LIKING KPOP MAKE ME A DISEASE? And just so y’all know KOREAN, JAPANESE AND CHINESE ARE 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. They like to say they are all the same damn thing ffs. Now all I really want to say is, if maybe, people look at you like you’re a weirdo cos say, you listen to kpop or learn far eastern languages or something different to the rest, don’t be phased by it. I have been told endlessly that I am “annoying” or “so weird” because I learn japanese and korean and listen to kpop/jrock. Honestly it is hard to comprehend that the same people who should respect me make fun or mock the fact that I’M TRYING TO BE A MULTILINGUAL BISH! Like you can stay speaking dry english forever while imma be in another country speaking korean/japanese or some shit. I feel like Kpop has shown me a new way to life and groups like EXO, BIGBANG, 2NE1 etc are so inspiring to me and you know what, I enjoy kpop more than normal music now. I’ve even started deleting some english songs cos I won’t have enough space on my phone for kpop lmao. Everyone on here PLEASE embrace your love for kpop and anything else you are interested in. Don’t let mean people get in the way of you being such an amazing person and open doors for yourself. *exhales*

You know what message me, let’s all have a chat on life and whether you have loads or little friends who are into kpop like you, and your experiences. 

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Chanyeol angst scenario when his gf was miscarriage due to overwork/stress, they're blaming himself and all. Thank you writer~

Originally posted by essentyeol

Genre: Angst /fluff

Word Count: 1,078 words, 5,856 Characters 

Summary:”I’m pregnant!” “It’s all my fault”

A/n: I hope you enjoyed it ~J

Chanyeol and Y/n were sitting on the couch watching some Tv, when all of a sudden Y/n popped the question “Chanyeol how would you feel about being a dad?” Chanyeol thought about it for a bit he always wanted to have a kid someone he could protect and someone with tiny soft hands.

“I would love to be a dad why?” Chanyeol asked.

Y/n grinned brightly “you’re gonna be a dad!” She exclaimed.

A couple weeks later Y/n and Chanyeol had gone to all the baby stores to check out what they would want to buy, they went to baby classes to learn about taking care of a baby, Y/n headed to work and so Chanyeol stayed at home working on a new song. When all of a sudden he got a call from his manager.

“Hello?” Chanyeol asked.

“Hey Chanyeol, we’re working on our new comeback so I’m going to need you to spend extra hours at work” the manager said through the phone.

“Yeah sure but I have to take care of my girlfriend you know she’s pregnant” Chanyeol smiled through the phone.

“Yeah yeah just remember to come to the meetings and dance practices, and all the other stuff” the manager said ending the call.

Chanyeol wanted to do something for Y/n so he made dinner for her, he made something that was perfect for pregnant women. Y/n got home and looked in the kitchen and saw Chanyeol awaiting patiently.

“Chanyeol you did this all for me?” Y/n smiled setting down her purse and coat, and sitting next to Chanyeol “let’s eat.”

After dinner they went to sleep, the next day Y/n went to work and so did Chanyeol. Y/n headed home and texted Chanyeol.

‘hey when are you getting home?’ Y/n texted

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Ship request;

Can u pls ship me with BTS? I’m italian & i can speak italian, english, french and a little bit of korean. My 2 main passions are music & learning new languages! My hobbies are dancing, rapping, learning new languages, listening to music, reading, writing and going out for a walk. I’m 163 cm tall, brown eyes, black hair, very pale skin. When I’ll be an adult i want to become an idol rapper in south korea. If i can’t be an idol i want to become a travel agent or a tour operator :)


Hey lovebug, I’d ship you with our baby mon, Namjoon. You seem like the type of person with whom Namjoon can hold a long meaningful conversation. As we all are aware, he is a very intellectual person and though your personality won’t compliment his much, but then again, it’s all about a person who can comfortably talk when you’re feeling down. Your and his relationship wouldn’t definitely be rainbows and sunshine, but what’s the fun in that? You’ll have ups and downs because you both are very much fixated in your mindset and are very stable. He’ll of course, undoubtedly, help you throughout your trainee period and every hard time you face. He’s the type of person who’ll make sure that you’re content and happy. p.s - he’d love to learn all the languages with you and practice his English to better it. Heads up for the language tests you two would be devising for each other.

- admin chim 🐧

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So the babies’ NICU nurse of yesterday and today is… not my favorite. She’s a little older, and though she’s extremely gentle with them, she’s kind of indirectly rude. In that dismissive older person way. You know?

Today she asked me if I wanted to nurse Elena and of course I said yes, Antonio set Sevie and Thad up with their NICU bag stuff, and mentioned he wanted to take pictures. Because he knows how much of a big deal this is to me.

The nurse asked “You want to take pictures? That’s not kind of pornographic?” and I said: “No, there is absolutely nothing inappropriate or pornographic about breastfeeding.” and she said she was kidding, and that I didn’t get the joke.

Yeah, sorry I can’t find the humor in even insinuating that this difficult, important relationship I’m trying to establish with my children, is in any way pornographic just because it involves breasts. 

It’s some time in, and she asks me who’s going to help me with the babies when they get home and Antonio goes back to work, and I tell her that I’m far beyond capable of caring for them myself. Mostly because I’m sick and tired of being self deprecating. Knowing of course, that there will be an enormously challenging transition ahead, I am completely adept at choreographing new grooves, and am totally confident that we can unquestionably learn to dance in time to whatever magnum opus our children compose. 

Otherwise, it was a beautiful visit with our small ones. They are one week old today, fastest and slowest week I’ve known, ha! The CPAP mask is off, and despite yesterday’s plan to return to a nasal cannula, we arrived to see Santino’s face unobscured. They hadn’t done rounds when we’d called, so there was no update, but by the time we got there they decided to remove him from the little assistance he was getting with the mask and skip the cannula altogether, and he’s doing SO well! 

They are both receiving, via tube, full feeds, Elena has begun “nippling”, in hopes to get her to suckle so they can take full feeds with a bottle and establish breastfeeding, Santino will begin the same tonight. They try to do everything in bite sized steps, one big change and then time to relax, because they’re tiny bits and too many changes can easily cause stress for them, which would be counterproductive. 

We also received the checklist we’d been asking for since before the babies were even born, full of discharge preparations on our end. A lot of it is annoying, a video on shaken baby syndrome, an entire class on proper car seat use and installation. But others I’m grateful to have available, like an infant CPR class. 

It sounds to me like our babies are getting fairly close to coming home!