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KARD reddit AMA

Q: are you guys friends with any other kpoop groups?

Jiwoo- gugudan Mimi unnie and Boys24 Doha oppa

Somin- twice Jeongyeon, and seventeens Mingyu and Seungkwan are my school juniors

J.Seph- gfriends Sowon

BM- day6 Jae and ladies code

Q: do you guys lurk/look at social media like Reddit and Twitter often to see what fans are thinking/saying?

Somin- yes we do. I look at instagram hashtags. Thank you for always cheering us on.

Q: 1- which of your songs is your favorite? 2- which is you favorite choreography? 3- what are your thoughts on being a co-ed group? 4- whats a musical style do you want to try in the future?

J.Seph 1- don’t recall

Jiwoo 2- the next song thats coming out…I think that choreography will be really awesome

Somin 3- I’m really happy about it because we’re very much like a family. I feel like we have a really great foundation because we have two oppas.

Q: Just wondering…whats your reaction to this gif?

a/n: gif cred to hwasuga

J.Seph- oh it’s cute!

Q: What were your initial thoughts/reactions after seeing how large your international fanbase was? what are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

J.Seph- at first I was flabbergasted. I never even thought about it. I saw a picture of our fans in Brazil waiting in line to buy our tickets and it was so amazing. I don’t know these people but they know me. So i wanted to see who they were so I zoomed in and looked at their faces. (laughs)

Q: how did you guys come to know of r/kpop? do any of you frequent this sub and are there possibly any other kpop stars out there that do?

Somin- out tour manager unnie set it up for us! It’s our first time here!

Q: 1- were you surprised to receive so much attention internationally with your pre-debut singles? 2- BM and J.Seph: did you expect to receive so many singing lines (like in rumor), and do you get nervous when you have to perform them? 3- do you think that having many international fans will continue to make kards music more diverse (like how rumor had a latin sound)? 4- what are some of you favorite western artists or other genres of music to listen to?

J.Seph- I was nervous and excited. I want to show a good side of me but I’m still lacking so much. I tried really hard to do my best.

Jiwoo- there are so many genres that we want ti try right now. I think we will definitely continue to be more diverse when it comes to our sounds.

Somin- Tinashe, Ariana Grande / Jiwoo- Beyonce, Rihanna, Kehlani, Alexander Jean / J.Seph- Little Mix!

Q: 1- will you be continuing the “hidden” concept after officially debuting? 2- is there a different concept or sound you would like to try in the future? 3- were any of you kpop fans before beginning training? if so, what groups? if not, what made you want to become an idol?

J.Seph 1- we’re not sure how we’re going to come out again, but we want to keep releasing good content.

Somin 2- I want to try R&B…but honestly I want to try everything.

Jiwoo 3- I liked TXVQ sunbaenims and BoA sunbaenim. I wasn’t focused on being an idol but I really wanted to do great music in general.

Q: who eats the most? who makes the most jokes?

Jiwoo and Somin together- J.Seph!!!!!!

Q: how many times does BM dab per day?

BM- at least 20

Q: bm what advice can you give to other tall guys who don’t want to look really awkward? also, in the Oh NaNa with fun video your necklace flipped up and nearly chipped your tooth! do you have any other memorable stories that were a result of dancing too hard?

BM- all dudes. short or tall.. own it and swagg out with you got. haha I almost lost a front tooth that day.

Q: 1- which music show do you most look forward to appearing on? 2- with your big international following, you seem to be doing better than other co-ed groups of the past. what unique challenges do you face in korea being a co-ed group? 3- what country are you looking forward to visiting most on your world tour?

1- Jiwoo- Infinity Challenge! / Somin- Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2- J.Seph- Dubai / Somin- Europe and I really wanted to go to America…actually I want to go everywhere. / Jiwoo- Dubai / BM- Greece and London…Spain…Chile is dope too

Q: for BM: what were your motivations for pursuing a career in kpop having grown up in LA? did you ever doubt whether it was the right choice, for example following your appearance on kpop star, and how were you able to bounce back?

BM- definitely had a lot of times where I felt like I should quit..almost did a lot too but I had a lot of good support around me. #blessed

Q: 1- you guys have great chemistry, how long have the four of you trained as a group? 2- co-ed groups are obviously still rare, how did you all react when you found out that you were going to debut together?

1- J.Seph- 5 years / Somin- with the oppas it’s been 5 years / Jiwoo- I joined 6 months ago!

2- J.Seph- at first when I heard it was a co-ed group I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw Somin from such an early age when she was little, but I never thought  that I would be in a group with her. It felt so strange, but as we started to practice and come together, it became really great.

Q: BM, please rate the english level of the other members!

BM- 1 being baby. 10 being able to communicate comfortably…j.speh 3, somin 3, jiwoo 3. all pretty similar

Q: when you guys/gals were kids, what did you first want to be when you grow up?

BM- I wanted to be a lawyer

Q:  I laughed so much when I saw you dancing “Olha a Onda”, a Brazilian song from the 90s. Knowing that your songs so far evoke latin (and thus Brazilian) beats, is there anything each of you would like to learn about our culture? Foods, drinks, clothing, local music genres, anything?

Jiwoo- I want to learn about the food because I love trying new foods.

Jseph- I heard about Carnival and I really want to go. I also want to learn about samba. 

Q:  BM! Are you close with Ladies’ Code’s Ashley? What are your favorite things about being in this group and what do you feel about the amount of love you’ve been getting from the international fans?

BM-  thats my homegirl fshooooo shoot still super unreal to me.. super humbling and super thankful

Q:  BM: Was it hard to make the decision to move to Korea from USA and become an idol? Did your family support you all the way?

BM- I didnt know squat about the language and culture before i came so yeah it was a hard decision. yeupp one hunnit percent they supported me

Q: many kpop artists are encouraged to learn new languages. What new language would you want to learn and perform in?

Somin : English… (laughs) And French! 

(Jseph says : Bonjour) 

Jiwoo: Chinese and Japanese 

BM: Portuguese

Q:  Regarding your positions as ‘King’ ‘Ace’ etc. were they assigned to you or could you choose which card you wanted to be? Also, can we expect a ‘Queen’ member joining in the future?

Jiwoo - We decided together after a meeting.
Somin - I like the black joker though… I don’t think I would fit the other cards.

Q: BM! What’s your favorite bar in LA?

BM- i came to korea before i turned 21 in LA so i havent been able to turn up too much in my hometown yet :[ send me some suggestions!

Q: when did you start getting interested in music?

Jiwoo - When I was around 8 or 9 I wanted to be a singer. 

Jseph - When I was 7. 

Somin - Probably around junior high.

Q: To BM: Got any workout tips? How did you get so “big” :O

BM- i used to be real hefty. turned all that fat into muscle through dieting.. dieting is 70% workin out is 30%

Q:  What are you all most looking forward to during your tour?

Jiwoo: LA, because I am excited to see Matthew oppa’s family!

Q: BM, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get and stay in shape?

BM- stay strict and have self discipline one your self diet. workout is a MUST stay active

Q: BM how much can you bench press?? I just started so I can barely do 70 ://

BM- i stopped benching after almost snapping my shoulder. i just do flat bench and incline dumbbell presses now

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

BM: horse sized duck

Jiwoo : 100 duck sized horses… I’m scared of birds

Jseph : Horse sized duck

Somin : Horse sized duck 

10 Is the Magic Number: The Top 10 Things I Want to Tell You Before You Enter the Bowl

I entered the bowl and quit. Then I entered and quit again. I’ve entered the bowl for the third time and I’m not leaving until I’ve accomplished my goalsI’ve had some successes. I’ve had a lot of failures. I’ve learned a ton about myself. And since you asked, I’d like to share some of the things I wish I had known and really want you to know before entering the bowl.

10. Laziness is not your friend. I was lazy and lacked perseverance. I believed that the bare minimum of effort would yield high results. I thought there was a man willing to give me everything I wanted while I amused myself by not giving him anything he wanted. I completely ignored the mutually in “mutually beneficial arrangement”

9. Don’t be a selective reader. Part of the reason why I thought my laziness was okay was because I was a selective reader and peruser of the SB tag. I read all of the success stories and liked the glam photos but ignored the few sugar babies that said this was really hard work  

8. Read the books. I didn’t read any of the suggested books. There are several reading lists floating around. It wasn’t until I’d quit the bowl for the second time that I took a moment to read any of the books on  them. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, and Simply Irresistible by Ellen T White are my personal favorites and I practically have them memorized I’ve read them so many times.

7. Don’t be conceited- especially if you don’t have a reason. I didn’t. I thought that I deserved a $10k allowance (well at least $5k) because I’d read a few posts about knowing your worth. But knowing your worth has nothing to do with the dollar amount you receive. And I didn’t know a damn thing. My experiences in the bowl got easier once I admitted I was clueless.

6. Money does not make a person better than you. I thought that because these men had money they were better than me. It made me accommodating. Once I remembered that money was common and was not an indication of character or intelligence, I remembered something else: this was sugar dating and dating wasn’t new to me. On a date, you’re simply a man and a woman. Being a woman having dinner with an interested man was much easier.

5. An SD can come from anywhere. There is a general consensus that most, if not all, of the sugar sites are trash and the men on them are salty but I still believed that was the only place to find an SD. Tinder proved me wrong. Twice.

4. Be clear on why you joined the bowl. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to accomplish as a sugar baby. I had the pictures of pretty things planted in my mind but they didn’t sit right with me. They weren’t enough. Once I decided I wanted a business of my own, things began to fall into place.

3. You won’t win them all. I thought I could/had to convince every man to be my SD. I drove myself a little crazy trying to figure out ways to make myself universally pleasing.   That is impossible. For a brown sugar baby, the truth is you won’t please most men. So we have to change our mindsets. We aren’t going to please every man but we will please the right men. We will attract the right men. And that’s who we should focus on.

2. You can’t do this alone. I tried to do this without a support system of sugar babies. Ho friends are great but they still don’t get it the way a fellow sugar baby does. I know that having sugar babies reach out to me when I first started meant the world. Know that when I want to quit writing, reading your messages and anons have made me sit down and write. And knowing that @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby are just a message away? It’s one of the only reasons why we aren’t discussing my quitting the bowl for the third time. Please don’t do this alone. I’m not the best at messaging as poor @lustington is learning (thanks for being patient with me!) but I’ll be here to talk. No one understands the way we do. My family is supportive but still… Build your support system. You WILL need them.

1. Be yourself. I thought I had to be the sugar baby that Tumblr said I had to be. I thought I had to follow all of the rules Tumblr sugar babies told me to follow. But they weren’t me and I wasn’t good at not being myself. Once I became more selective about the advice I took and determined to be myself the only thing that changed was everything. Your safety is paramount. That advice should be followed. But don’t feel that you have to change your personality because of what you read on the internet. Trust yourself and your intuition.

*Bonus*You’ll never feel 100% ready. And you won’t be. You won’t learn until you do. Take as many safety precautions as you can. Get your life in as much order as you can and dive in.

*Bonus* Don’t ever be afraid to let a man go. If they’re leaving it’s to make room for something or someone else. If keeping them will compromise you or your happiness, let them go. It’s raining wealthy men. You just need to know where to find them.

What did I miss? Is there something you wish you had known when you entered the bowl?

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First he shed the cowl and long robe, then he loses the cape, at last he destroys the helmet. That's basically part of Kylo's journey towards the light and Rey will be meeting him half way with her darker (grey) outfit. It's pretty poetic. Our grey jedi babies <3

You know, I never really thought of it that way. That’s so beautiful, anon!

Just Jungkook Things

THE GOLDEN MAKNAE, WHAT IS THERE THAT HE CANNOT DO?! No seriously (he’s only a year older than me) but THIS BOY HAS SO MANY TALENTS, IT’S RIDICULOUS. (gifs are not mine)

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He may be the youngest…but he sure does know fan service…what has bangtan done to the baby, the world may never know.

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He is loved by everyone (Bangtan and Army), his song Begin brought me to tears. He grew up with the best brothers ever and you can tell (their personalities rubbed off on him). He’s our jungkookie as always <3

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People may be like “why do they call him a bunny?” Um…it’s pretty obvious, HE’S SO PRECIOUS I SWEAR.

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Jungkook, you will always be the maknae but everyday you keep getting older and you keep working hard <3. Bangtan, of course, love you like your their own little brother. Even though you don’t like to be called oppa (it’s the funniest thing when someone does though). I hope you work hard, sleep, and eat well. BUT HE’S SO ROODE. (ARMY ADD MORE IF YOU WANT)

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Just Namjoon Things

Just Jin Things

Just Yoongi Things

Just Hoseok Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Taehyung Things

Just Bts Things

The One with the Gender Reveal

oh look! I’m finally back with the next part of baby fever! it’s a miracle!! y’all i’m so sorry this took so long, life is so ugh sometimes. Anyway, here’s the next part of baby fever! there should be 2 more parts after this one!

Summary: With Y/N’s delivery date approaching, Brie and Nikki come over for a little nursing decorating, and throw her a gender reveal party. 

Part one here

Part two here

Part three here

tag list (let me know if you’d like to be added or taken off the list:)) @sammy1dlwt @linoki @alexispoo @justrae9903 @imagines–assemble @rolleignsinstyles @alexahood21 @tooweirdforlifex @chocolate-chip24

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Yuta Appreciation Post
  • woah, the day finally came :’) it’s finally this prince’s birthday
  • listen,,, I know he is like the biggest bias wrecker in nct bUT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
  • I'm in love with his cheerful, carefree personality and I absolutely adore the way he can easily brighten ups the day of anyone with his crappy comments 
  • lmao we literally have the same flirty and perverted sense of humor gfhjsk
  • it’s a scorpio thing I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • main dancers, lead rapper and ALSO has a gorgeous voice that can make me heart melt in seconds
  • ugh, please give this king more solos he deserves tHEM
  • and, have you ever thought about all the shit that he had to went throw this four years to be as successful as he is now??
  • he moved from Japan to Korean being only 18???
  • and he didn’t even know how to say oNE fucking word in Korean!!!!!
  • it must have been so hard for him to adapt to this entire new environment, especially since he IS the only Japanese idol in the entire company
  • also,,, I’m really salty about this sO NO ONE IS GOING T STOP ME FROM COMPLAINING,,,,, three years of his life being a trainee juST TO GET ONE LINE IN EACH SONG ARE YOU KIDIDNGHFDJSOHCBDNSK
  • w h y is sm like this with him, wHY CAN’T THEY SEE HOW TALENTED HE IS AND HOW MUCH HE DESERVES
  • what truly breaks my heart is the fact that he’s completely aware of this, multiple times he said that he wished to have more lines and sing more
  • but it’s fine, I guess he’s the visual of the group after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • well,,,, right after ty, yep
  • he has such a sharp jawline and his skin is b e a u t i f u l
  • and he has this smile that is so breathtaking and hIS EYES GVFHDUIJS THEY’RE SO PRETTY I’M IN LOVEEEE
  • can y’all understand why is he one of my bias wreckers now?? tHIS IS SERIOUS
  • also, fgdhsjkal, he’s so clingy????? aND he’S SO fLIRTY???
  • he doesn’t give a fuck, I love it lmao
  • and I love how competitive and annoying he is but still being the sweet and caring baby that he is <3<33<
  • my heart is beating really fast rn
  • anyways,, yuta, our manly man and our takoyaki prince,,,, I love you with my entire heart and soul
  • I really suck at giving birthday wishes but I truly hope you can achieve everything you propose in life and that you’re always happy doing the things you love
  • I wish you lots of health in life and I promise you that I’ll always be by your side cheering on you and supporting every decision you choose
  • yuta, my baby, my king, my other half, happy birthday sweetheart, I love you a lot <3 I really do
  • but k, that’s all for now <3
  • damn, i just really love this loser with my entire life
  • he means the whole world to me
  • even if he tends to be really stupid and silly and eMbarRSEs me, he still has my heart <3
  • anyways, bye, gtg to study ;-;

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Imagine: A sweet moment in bed with your child and Jughead...

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We were young, dumb and in love.

At the age of Nineteen you think you know everything, you’re no longer a child but you’re still new to being an adult.

You live in the moment, you’re not ready to face growing up yet.

Meeting Jughead was one of the most iconic times in my life and even though our relationship has been a whirlwind, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We were irresponsible and we pushed the limit, we couldn’t deny that.

We were reckless but that’s what made our relationship work.

That night we found out, it was intense.

We sat for hours in Jughead’s family trailer alone, thankfully FP was out.

Neither of us could form a sentence, this was huge and our whole lives had already changed without us knowing.

We talked each scenario over, I sobbed into Jughead’s shoulder and he held me tight.

We weren’t ready for this to happen so soon, but it had.

I was pregnant.

We didn’t finalise on a decision until we’d told our parents and it was safe to say mine absolutely freaked out, whereas FP was pretty chilled out and his Mother merely cussed him for not being more careful.

I don’t regret the decision we made, not one bit, because we made the right choice.

If we’d terminated the pregnancy, then I wouldn’t be laying here in bed with our baby girl between Jughead and I.

This whole scenario was 3 years ago, time had flown by.

Jughead and I had moved away from Riverdale, away from the past. We were now located in Manhattan, in our own house. 

Jughead had gotten a job offer that he couldn’t resist, it was for a whole column in the newspaper and it paid very well.

I wrote on a blog, popular amongst pre-teen community.

As hard as it was leaving our families behind, it was time for us to make our life for own family.

I stopped reminiscing and carefully rolled over in bed to face my soulmate and our little girl, Felicity.

She was the perfect mix of both of us, she had Juggie’s nose and flawless skin but my hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Jughead and Felicity were cuddled up together, she was tucked into her father’s side and his arm was holding onto her securely. They both breathed in sync, their identical lips pouted in the same way.

I could only assume that she’d woken up in the middle of the night and Jughead had gone to comfort her, instead of trying to settle her in the cot, it was obvious he’d just scooped her up and bought her into our bed.

I smiled to myself and gently caressed her cheek, throwing my gaze to Jughead and rolling my eyes. He was honestly such a pushover when it came to his daughter, she was his whole world and he wanted to be the Father he never had.

Felicity stirred within her Father’s grasp and whimpered, bringing her hands up to her face as she let out a little yawn, her pacifier still in her mouth.

“Hi, baby.” I whispered, reaching out to brush her curls from her face as her sleepy eyes focused on me and her tiny hand reached out for mine.

She wasn’t very talkative when she’d just woken up, she liked to stay quiet and take her time to wake up.

The act caused Juggie to stir too, he obviously felt her shift in his arms. He stirred and stretched, his eyes fixating on me once he’d taken a second to gain his bearings.

“I see you’ve noticed our visitor.” He chuckled, motioning towards Felicity.

I nodded with a laugh, also stretching and hoisting myself up against the headboard of the bed, to which Jughead copied.

“When did she come in?” I wondered, pulling her into my arms and resting my chin ontop of her head.

“I heard her crying over the monitor, nothing major but I went to see if she was okay. I tried to settle her down but the minute I put her back into her cot she started crying again so I just bought her into our bed and she fell asleep almost immediately, she didn’t stir once.”

I nodded and looked down at our precious girl, who was now more awake and squirming in my arms. She escaped my hold and crawled over to her Dad, climbing onto him and resting her head against his chest.

Jughead laughed and kissed her head, then her little hands.

“I don’t get why she’s such a Daddy’s girl when I was her home for nine months, it wasn’t like you had a hard job making her.” I teased and he rolled his eyes, glancing down at his Daughter with such adoration.

“I very much enjoyed making her, thank you very much.”

“I know you did, hence why she’s here.” I exclaimed, causing us both to burst out into laughter.

“Daddy.” Felicity mumbled, shoving her face into his neck.

Jughead grinned in triumph and winked at me, to which it was my turn to roll my eyes.

I wouldn’t change my little family for the world.

- How cute would Jughead be as a Dad? I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it! 

Original Shiro is a clone; theory

 Just what is this quintessence? What can it DO? 

Listen, I hate the idea of the Shiro we had fun with in season 1 and 2 being a clone, but after further investigation… it actually makes sense…

 When Shiro escaped the Galra prison, his memories were really hazy and he didn’t remember much of what had happened before his escape, of course, this could be cleared up with, “he’s been through so much trauma!” But what if the quintessence (assuming that’s what they used) was the cause of that initial blockage? 

Remember when they captured Sendak? What was up with that, huh? That guy sure as hell had a mouth on him, messing with Shiro’s head.

Annnnnd, cue the mental breakdown. 

“Do you really think a monster like you can be a Voltron paladin?”

of course, of course he can mean, “You defeated the previous champion! We all saw you take him down! you’re a heartless monster for that! Unfit for goodness!”

but why would Shiro take that so close to heart? 

So let’s get down to the REAL reason I believe THIS Shiro is also a clone.

And it all lies with his hair…

Takashi Shirogane; Pre-Kerberos. As we can see, his hair color is naturally a brown

here we are again, as he’s about to take down Myzax (the champion before Shiro)

Now after this, we do not see Shiro again, until.. he escapes and regroups with the paladins.

wow baby, when did you have the time to dye your hair?



whats that, you say? You’re an alchemist? a scientist? that interesting. very interesting indeed.

This woman has found something, from another reality?? 

Q U I N T E S S E N C E 

“Oh this is neat! let’s toy with it even tho I have N O  idea what it is”

 and she goes MAD with it.

[Thank you oh King Alfor]

Zarkon, your wife was literally laying in bed, losing HER MIND BECAUSE, OF QUINTESSENCE, you REALLY think it’s a good idea to cover her whole body in it???

WOW HER HAIR TURNED COMPLETLEY WHITE! What hair dye you use? that looks great girl

OH boy, she’s seen better days.. 

hEY so HOW COME they didn’t really mention or act like they were MARRIED after being submerged in the Quintessence?

like wowie, they were TRULY IN LOVE. 

 My thoughts? Quintessence has some kinda memory blockage.

Haggar surely still did a lot with Quintessence, deciding to test it on the new champion, [Shiro] maybe say…. to create a multiple of him??? BECAUSE WOW HE’S PRETTY STRONG LETS MAKE LOTS OF HIM AND USE HIM FOR OUR OWN BATTLES. but when doing so, 

  she discovered it turned part of his hair white. 

TLDR; The original Shiro we all know and love is a clone because Haggar made multiple clones of the original AND THATS THE POWER OF 

 Q U I N T E S S E N C E, BABY!!

Wonderful World

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluffier than normal, like it’s cringe worthy cute

Word Count: 2004


“I see skies of blue and

Clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world”

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“Jin Oppa?!” I call out into the open. I was confused at the silence that followed my call.

Kim Seokjin, my boyfriend of nearly three years was supposed to be here waiting for me, or so he said in all the notes he had left for me back at our shared apartment.


It was strange. He was nowhere to be found when I had arrived home. All that was there was a simple sticky note tacked onto the stem of a pink rose.

‘Hi Jagi~ I bet you’re confused as to why I’m not here waiting for you, but there’s a reason! I promise! Turn around~’ The note read.

I tilted my head in confusion and follow the order on the little note. When I turn, I notice another note tacked onto the back of the door.

How did I not see that earlier?

'Hey again! If you haven’t noticed already, this is gonna turn into a little game. Kind of like scavenger hunt! The rose behind you is your first “prize”, so keep it with you. If you find all of the “prizes”, you’ll get an even better one at the end. Good luck, Jagiya!

  P.S. Your next prize is at our favorite hang out spot. Ask around if needed~


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Little things

  • The past two mornings have been super foggy and pretty
  • There’s still new flowers growing and blooming in my little garden
  • My aunt gave me lavender Epsom salts which smell absolutely heavenly
  • I’ve been experimenting with making my own vegan chocolate
  • My baby drove me past a sunflower field!
  • Katherine gave me the smallest and most adorable little apple! So I gave her fresh rosemary, sage and thyme to make bundles with and she texted me a photo when she was done (I love our friendship)
  • I also had such a lovely and encouraging tarot reading yesterday and plan on spending the rest of this afternoon practicing yoga and journaling <3
Surprises...(Part one)- Josh Dun

Sorry that this probably sucks, but I’m going somewhere with it. Be patient… anyways enjoy!!!

“Mommy when is daddy gonna come home?” your 3 year old son asked you as you set his breakfast down in front of him. It broke your heart to see how much he was missing Josh.

“Yeah I wanna see daddy. Where is he today?” your 5 year old daughter asked.

“Well daddy is in a place called Allentown Pennsylvania today. He and Uncle Tyler have a show tonight there. I know you guys miss him, I do too. We’ll see him sooner than you think.” you said cheerfully in hopes to make your kids happy.

Your kids didn’t know this but you and Josh had made arrangements for you and your kids to fly out tonight to meet up with them. Then you were gonna stay on tour with them for the following 3 weeks. You were planning on not telling them until you put them to bed. It was a pretty late flight and you would be getting there around 7 in the morning.

At about 2:30 you had put a movie on in the living room and had them lay down and try to nap.

“I wanna talk to daddy, please can we.” your daughter, Lauren requested.

“Please mommy?” your son Jackson whinned.

“Okay I’ll facetime him and see if he can talk for a minute. Then you guys need to take a nap, we have a busy night.” you said pulling your phone out and calling Josh.

You sat on the couch with both children cuddling up to you while the phone rang.

“Hey guys, what’s up? I miss you.” Josh said lighting up the phone screen.

“We wanted to talk to you before they took a little rest time. Is this an okay time?” you asked.

“Of course, Tyler is just soundchecking and they don’t need me for another 10 minutes or so.”

“DADDY, HI DAD!” screamed Jackson, Lauren taking the phone out of your hands and taking control.

“Hey kids. I love you guys so much. I miss you and can’t wait to see you next.” Josh continued talking to them about stuff that little kids find funny and entertaining as you got up and went to start packing a few things.

About 10 minutes later your daughter walked in with your phone handing it to you.

“Daddy had to go play the drums, what is there a suitcase out for? Are you and daddy mad at eachother?” she asked and it sort of put you off.

“No. No Lauren, me and daddy love each other lots, I was just cleaning out the closet.” you lied not wanting to ruin the surprise. You knew it sometimes bothered your kids that Josh was gone for long periods of time sometimes. Your sister had gotten divorced last year and Lauren now thinks you and Josh were fighting when he was gone. You tried explaining that it was his job and he would be gone for a little but he would be back and the family would be together again. The concept to a 5 year old was hard but she would learn to understand.

“I know you miss him, but like I said we’ll all be back together before you know it. Now go lay down with your brother.” you said and she ran back to the living room.

After packing all your things you went out to see your kids asleep and the movie credits rolling on the screen.

You pulled out your phone and posted a few pictures of them on you instagram with the caption, @joshuadun we made some pretty adorable kids. Can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them what we’ve been planning. We love you <3.

You made your way to your son’s room and began packing his things when your phone rang.

“Hey baby, are you alone?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, they’re still passed out on the couch.”

“Good, so how are you going to tell them? God I can’t wait to see you guys.”

“Well our flight isn’t until midnight, so I was going to put them to bed like any ordinary night then wake them up when we have to leave and tell them in the car.”

“Sounds great. I love you.”

“I love you too Josh. Go enjoy tonight’s concert.” you wrapped up the conversation as you finished with your son’s packing.

You made your way back to where your kids were, now awake and playing together.

When it came to bedtime you let them stay up an extra hour and a half in hopes that would tire them out so they would sleep on the plane.

Later that night…

Once putting the last of your daughter’s things in the car with all the other bags you had to go wake them up.

“Is it morning already?” your confused and tired son asked.

“No baby we have to go somewhere.” you said barely being able to hold in all your excitement.

“Where are we going?” your daughter asked as you pulled up to the airport.

“We’re going to Albany, New York to see daddy.” you said parking the car and getting out to grab the bags.

Both your kids let out a huge scream of excitement.

After boarding the plane you could finally relax a bit knowing that you were on your way to see the love of your life.

The flight went great. You all slept the whole time, which you were grateful for. Being a mom of two young children and alone in your big house, you didn’t get all that much sleep. You often laid in bed at night wishing Josh was there to hold you. Instead your kids made up for it by joining you throughout the night in your big bed.

“Mommy what color is daddy’s hair right now?” Lauren asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. Both your kids have seen Josh’s hair a whole bunch of colors since they were born.

“It’s yellow like a highlighter. Won’t be to hard to miss.” you said as you guided your two kids toward baggage claim where you planned to meet Josh.

Your daughter was the first to see him from across the room. He was facing the other way and turned when he heard his two kids screeching with excitement as they ran towards him. He knelt down and they both flew into his arms smiling like crazy. Once you reached them Josh stood with Jackson in his arm and Lauren on his leg. He pulled you into his side and you kissed him.

“Ewww.” said Lauren “Boys have cooties mommy, now your gonna get them.” you pulled away from Josh who was laughing at his daughter’s statement.

“You’re right. You don’t kiss boys until you’re married Lauren or you’ll get cooties. That’s why mom doesn’t have them when we kiss.” Josh said as he picked up Lauren in his other arm.

“I’m so happy to have my family back together. I missed you guys.” Josh said.

After getting your bags you made it back to the bus where Josh had surprised the kids with a few new toys they could play with while on the bus.

“You’re the best Josh. I didn’t even think about toys for them, what was I thinking 3 weeks with a 3 and 5 year old on a bus with nothing to play with. I can be such a bad mother sometimes.” you said finally having a moment alone with Josh. You sat next to him on the couch as you both watched your kids play with their new toys on the ground.

“Y/N you’re an amazing mom. You take care of two kids on your own for weeks at a time. So what you forgot a few things.” he said pulling you closer to him. You stayed like that until you arrived at the arena they were playing that night. It was about a half hour drive there and you really enjoyed being next to Josh the whole time. You felt at home even though you were over 2,000 miles across the country. These 3 people were your world and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

RobStar Week: Day 6

So, apologies for this being posted so late however, I gots reasons. I have had a bit of a hectic end to the week becaaause…

I BECAME AN AUNTIE!! My little niece came into the world on Saturday and omg, she is the post precious thing. She is my actual exception when it comes to kids because guys… she is just gorgeous. I’m so thrilled for my brother and sister-in-law as well <3. Little baby Callie Rae is the newest addition to our family and I love her so much already.

So, yes, this is why I have been ultra inactive and haven’t posted the last 2 days of RobStar Week yet. Also, I had this first one pretty much done but my laptop crashed and so went with it was my day 6. But, better late than never! Hope you like.


The growling reverberating in her chest could be heard from down the hallway. It was deep and fearsome and was almost border lining a snarl. Her hands wafted with energy and smoke, fury rocking through her whole body.  

Her arms trembled where she clenched her fists so tightly and her jaw was beginning to ache from grinding her teeth together.

Starfire panted as she pulled her fist back anew and pummelled the reinforced punching bag in front of her.

Here she stood, down in the gym, expelling energy in the only possible way she could think of right now.

It took a very brave person to approach her in her current state.

Or a stupid one.

She could sense him there before he’d spoken or physically done anything. Starfire paused and held the swinging bag in place, simply waiting.

Robin stepped into the room and sighed from behind her. He wanted to touch her but he was fairly certain his girlfriend might actually rip his hand off.

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HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED 3 MEN A BABY?? cuz u should, its 3 men with a you guessed it, baby. These 3 men dad adorably and they are wonderful, solid, loveable characters and they LOVE THEIR LITTLE BABY SO MUCH ITS GREAT THEY BECOME GREAT DADS and yeah theres a little bit of sexism in there what with them trying to throw the baby problem at the women in their lives but the narrative deals with that quite well with the women not taking any of the shit and being pretty solid characters themselves.

here’s a qoute from 3 men and a baby: “Jack has a baby?”“ i realize such a concept tends to negate our belief in a benevolent god but yes”

That does sound super amusing oh wow. 


2 months as a family of six [06-13-2017]

Today, it is 2 months, 1 week and 4 beautiful days since we expanded our little family with a sixth member (well, seventh member, if we count our beloved giant black schnauzer, Jerry, in). It’s been two very interesting months. It’s been hard. It’s been challenging. But it’s also been lots of fun. Adding another baby to the family has been an absolutely wonderful experience so far. The kids have matured a lot these past 2 months, and so have Sam and I. Tómas has definitely matured the most, and is accepting his big brother role more for each day that passes. He still hasn’t completely let go of the pacifier yet, as he’s still using it at night. But many things have changed in his life, from saying goodbye to his old clothes, to letting go of his beloved crib and finally sleep in his “big boy” bed, to suddenly getting a baby sister. So if our son needs some type of reassurance that he’s actually still little, we won’t rush him when it comes to parting with his dear binky.

Our little brown-eyed mouse has also changed quite a bit. Her hair is starting to get a little brighter, so we’re very excited to see how her hair will look when it’s a little longer. She has grown 2 inches since birth, so she’s currently around 20 inches long. She has also gotten pretty good at holding her head up, and we still consider her to be a very calm baby. Well, unless you start putting clothes on her, she will then turn into a crying mess, and her face will become red as a tomato (or as a red hot chili pepper, as her father likes to describe it, which has earned her the nickname “Chili”). Everything is going as expected with her, and we’re just so happy to have a very healthy and thriving little baby in our arms.

Prompt #13 I lost our baby

Ive started writing some prompts from this list as requested! You can find the list here and the rest of my writing on my masterlist.  

Originally posted by onedirectionpreferences442

“I lost our baby.”

You had walked through the front door of your apartment after work so excited to see Harry and your little one after a long day. You slipped your heels off and shrugged of your jacket hearing Harry call out your little girls name, this wasn’t unusual, your daughters favourite game had recently become hide and seek and she was becoming pretty good at hiding from her  daddy. Your walked up the stairs and stepped over the baby gate and into the upstairs part of your house seeing Harry looking through the playroom opening draws that you kept your 3 year olds toys in.
“ Harry I don’t think she’s hiding in the drawers” you spoke making him jump before turning around to face you.
“ I lost our baby, I cant find her anywhere love, she’s too good at this” he spoke running his hands through his hair looking generally concerned. You stifled a smile your husbands face walking over to help him look in her favourite hiding spots in the playroom. The two of you had searched the play room and worry had started to crease your brow as you came to the conclusion your little girl wasn’t in the room.
“ You told her she wasn’t allowed in other rooms right” you spoke to Harry walking down the hall towards the other bedrooms in the house.
“Of course I did. I should’ve known she was up to something she asked for 10 more seconds” he spoke running his hand through his hair for the 4th or 5th time. You had searched her room, both Harrys and yours offices before panic had really set in, you had called her name and tore through every surface of the upstairs in your house. Your hands were shaking and you were well aware of the tears welling in your eyes when you heard Harry call your name for your shared room. You ran in desperate to find yours and Harrys mini me, you walked in to see Harry kneeling down next to your bed, he pressed his fingers to his lips signalling for your to be quiet.
“ I think our baby got a bit tired of hide and go seek” he whispered as you bent down to find your toddler fast asleep under your bed holding one of Harrys shirts.

Thank you for reading, this isn’t my best writing but it was requested and I couldn’t not write something so cute! 

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Hello love! Would it be alright if you could rec some of those 5+1 or 4+1 type fics? Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hi! Of course it’d be alright, babe <3 More than alright actually… these kind of fics are some of my absolute favorites, so saddle up, because this is bound to get pretty long, haha :) (Btw. I hope you don’t mind that I included some 3+1 and 6+1 as well!)



  • I Just Want To Say I Love You by sugarbeat24
    Summary: The 3 times Isak tries to tell Even he loves him with a grand romantic gesture and the 1 time he tries something different and succeeds. 



  • Angel Face by monaesque
    Summary: Five times Even failed to get Isak’s attention, and one time he succeeded. 

  • million bad habits to kick by cosetties
    Summary: Five times Even had to explain what Isak means to him, and one time he doesn’t have to. (It doesn’t make sense. One boy in a ridiculous red snapback isn’t a profound revelation. He shouldn’t even be a blip on Even’s radar.)

  • Masters of Communication by rumpelsnorcack 
    Summary: Even was such a goddam dork, Isak thought fondly. But he was his dork, and Isak couldn’t imagine anyone better to have a scary adult conversation with. Or, a 5+1 in which Isak and Even find it hard to communicate, but then manage to do it really well. 

  • Hashtag Murphy’s Law by Snowflurryflake
    Summary: Or Five Times Things That Can Go Wrong, Go Wrong – and One Time They Really Don’t… Poor Isak, right? Nah.

  • (Not so) Public Displays of Affection by radiantarrow
    Summary: Jonas would like to be grossed out at how in love they are, but he can’t. Isak spends the rest of the night curled around Even’s chest, still animatedly debating with Magnus over some stupid topic while playing with Even’s hands. Or his hoodie string. Or his sleeve. Anything he can get his hands on, really. Or, five times Isak was comfortable with PDA around his friends, and the one time he was comfortable with it in public.

  • Our Steady True North by verlore_poplap
    Summary: parenthood!au; Five times Isak and Even were amicable; plus one time they just weren’t.

  • (kisses on the neck of) best friends by birthmarks, desert_coffin & kittpurrson
    Summary: Five times Jonas watched Isak and Even, and one time they did something about it.

  • friday, i’m in love by bbyfruit
    Summary: Five times over the course of one day that Isak falls in love a little bit more, plus one time he talks about it. 

  • Five (5) times Isak was high, and one (1) inappropriate time he wished he was. by AnonymousPoet
    Summary: Isak feels like he’s entering a new, ethereal dimension, where everything is still and the air is just a little bit firmer in his lungs, where the clocks stop and every movement seems slower, heavier, longer. Everything is immensely quiet, and he can almost hear the electricity buzz underneath his skin, inside of his bones, pumping in his veins -mixed to his own, scalding blood.  

  • and i thank god i’m alive by thekardemomme
    Summary: 5 times Even looks at Isak and 1 time Isak calls him out on it.

  • Draw The Line (Need To Know That You’re Mine) by thesoulsailor
    Summary: fake dating!au; Five times Even pretends to be Isak’s boyfriend, and one time there’s no pretend at all. Or the 5+1 Fake Boyfriend Evak AU we all deserve.

  • Touch It by nofeartina
    Summary: The first kiss makes everything go quiet in his head. It’s easy to be courageous here; surrounded by water, no sounds coming through. Just him and Even. Just this storm in his head, butterflies in his stomach, that immediately quiets when he gets his lips on Even’s. Or, five times that Isak is overwhelmed by Even, and one time it is the other way around.

  • It is love we must hold onto by askynote
    Summary: Five times Isak went to Even’s home, and one time Even went to his. (At some point in the night, Even’s hand squeezes his under the table, and this time, when Isak squeezes back, he meets Even’s eyes and smiles.)

  • you’re beside me, breathing (so loud) by strangetowns
    Summary: There is something about the summer, warm and bright and slow as it is, that makes Isak want to spread himself out, to close his eyes and let time wash over him like the tide. If he could only tell the hours to ignore him for a while, to march on past him and let him exist in the no man’s land between the mortal and the infinite. Just for today, he says silently to the unforgiving sun, let me pretend we can be like this forever. - Isak and Even in the summer time. Or: five times Isak kept his silence, and one time he didn’t.

  • Five times Even is wrong about Isak – and one time he isn’t by aconcretemoon
    Summary: Then the pre-party Isak hosted rolled around. And, yeah, fuck. The sight of Isak and Emma sucking face on the couch had been a painful reminder that the chance of Isak even liking boys, had been pretty slim. But nonetheless, he heads towards the couch. He’s come too far to care about trifles such as sexual orientation. Besides, Even is very aware of the fact that although Isak doesn’t seem to like Even right now, it’s definitely not impossible that he might be bisexual. Patience is a virtue, anyway.

  • Five (5) times Isak and Even found each other, in different universes. by AnonymousPoet
    Summary: Because it doesn’t matter in what universe, they are always going to find each other, and fall in love. It doesn’t matter in what universe, or how they came to be: there is an infinite number of Isak and Even laying together, in infinite time.


  • Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway? by mccolfer
    Summary: Six times someone from the girl group was maybe a little too involved in Isak and Even’s relationship and one time someone had no idea what was going on.


Daddy Seokjin


Daddy Jin:

- literal angel

- proudly tells the boys they’re going to be uncles

- squeals in excitement when the test results come back and show it’s a girl

- “A princess of our own Jagi, isn’t this great?”

- lips would never leave your tummy

- talks to the baby 24/7

- comes home from work every night with something new for her

- “more toys Jin, seriously?”

- “Baby you don’t get it, she needed this one for sure,”

- him and Namjoon never fucking shut up about her

- “She’s going to be so cute when she comes out”

- “Namjoon go home it’s midnight for christs sakes, why are you even in our bed”

- “Honey! Namjoon is uncle number one, you can’t kick him out!”

- argues with himself under his breath about names

- stocks up on diapers and wipes and baby food

- “Jin don’t you think spending more than 300 dollars is a bit too much?”

- “But baby, what if she has my appetite? She’ll go starving”

- “You’re going to make our child fat”

- wakes up crying when he has dreams about her growing up

- would sob into your shoulder at 3 am

- “They get old so fast,”

- “Jin she’s not even fucking born yet, go to bed”

- you won’t even get cravings

- but Jin will use it as an excuse to buy his favorite foods

- “Oh you need some chocolate?”

- “No-?”

- *halfway out the door* “Right on it baby!”

- the baby’ll come and he’ll try to be calm but he’s dying on the inside

- “Jin you’re shaking,”

- “Baby that’s you not me”

- “No I’m pretty sure it’s-”

- “Shhh”

- will cry when she’s finally born and he can cuddle her in her cute blanket and kiss her cute little forehead

- “My princess”

- doesn’t even call her by her name it’s just always my Princess

- sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and he’s not next to you

- but then you find him in the nursery, with her in his arms while he rocked in the rocking chair

- “Did she cry?”

- “No”

- “Then why are you-”

- “I missed her”

- starts referring to himself as daddy

- “Daddy will cook a nice dinner tonight”

- “Daddy has to go to work but I’ll be back soon!”

- “Daddy needs a quick shower Princess, he stinks”

- never stops taking pictures of her and posting them online

- “Look at my beautiful daughter”

- “Jin if she becomes famous before her first birthday I’m kicking you the fuck out”

- You’ll only get a yelp in response to that

- “Jagi, NO!”

Losing an animal is the absolute hardest part of my job.

I love being an aquarist more than almost anything in the world. But, it should go without saying that it isn’t all fun and games and we don’t just sit around “playing” with animals all day long. My job is physically demanding, full of hard work, and more often than not, involves getting dirty and kind of smelly. 

By far the hardest part of my job, though, is losing animals. On infrequent occasions we lose an animal due to an injury or illness we were unable to treat, but most often we lose animals due to old age. Many animals I work with either have a much shorter natural lifespan than we as humans do, or are already old for their species by the time I have come to care for them. While some of this is known and expected, it doesn’t make the loss any easier. These animals are not our pets, and everyone in my field knows that, but it’s very hard to not grow attached to the animals you dedicate your life to and take care of day in and day out..as is the case with Petie.

Petie here was a diamondback terrapin well over 30 years in age. Though she was older for her species, we weren’t expecting to say goodbye to her quite yet. She had been at our facility for more than 26 years, and my boss had personally been taking care of her for longer than I have been alive. So, this loss hit us all pretty hard. When I go to feed our little terrapins, I still half expect to see her swim out and scramble around in hopes of getting a bite of clam or a back scratch. She was an incredible ambassador and everyone who met her loved her. Rest in peace, Petie Pie. I already miss your sweet, grumpy little face so incredibly much <3