oup ducks


Today, 8 April is Draw a Bird Day. Given the importance of our unofficial mascot, the OUP ducks, our staff chose to draw a few self-portraits, duck-style. 

“I drew my duck self-portrait wearing a sweatshirt because I think I’d get chilly in the water. The camera is waterproof and probably gets some amazing shots during migration season.“
–Sara Levine

“A picture of me in duck-egg blue, reading my favourite book with ‘bird’ in the title. I think that if I were actually a duck, I would migrate every year each winter to Australia where The Thorn Birds is set, and curl up in the sun with a good read until it was an acceptable temperature again in Oxford.”
–Alice Graves

Sharing for no other reason than it’s Friday and these our some of our favourite #OUP Animals (they can be forgiven for not having books with them as they’re in the Oxford OUP building). Some of these are the now all-grown-up ducklings born in the quad (which is out of shot - they do have grass and a big pond-fountain, not this concrete) in Spring. *wipes tear from eye*