Si esto llega a 300 notas, subo un audio haciendo el “nico nico nii” (? ’:u

PERO habrá un detalle :>

Estará completamente prohibido rebloguear el post del audio, si es que se llegase a obtener las 300 notas. Si lo rebloguean, me veré obligado a tomar lindas medidas destructivas ouo)

Y el plazo máximo es de tres días~

Oh hey! I’d forgotten about this guy. I see he made me some more fanart. Ain’t that sweet. ouo

…I wonder if he knows that I’m autistic and  wanted to insult me on a personal level, or if he’s just the kind of guy who calls anything he doesn’t like autistic. Either way, bad form dude.

pun-ishment888  asked:

"Suitable for children" *points at red echo flowers arc* seriously…*points at Gaster's backstory* I guess insults are not going to change anything *points at some of the (insert lenny face)* yeah I am sure it won't change anything but I think it is nice that you stand up for your friends.

ouo *SHRUG*

…Kids can handle a lot of stuff. And most of the adult jokes kinda go right over most kids’ heads.

A kis trónbitorló új babérokra tör ahahah

De amúgy kicsit így gondolkozva rajta rájöttem hogy az idő múlásával ő is tuti szintet lépett és megerősödött szóval még akármi lehet ouo De az biztos hogy kapott egy energiaforrást így amellett hogy erős mérge is van, hosszas tanakodás után arra jutottam hogy a másik nemből szerzi az energiáit, mármint a közelségéből és akkor ez részben meg is magyarázza miért halmozza el magát nőkkel XDDDDDDDD De így energiával teleportálni is fog tudni bár igaz korlátozottan

magical-candace-chan  asked:

👫 Candace and Kayla/Cadence and Kaylo

Kayla and Candace:

Kayla and Candace would argue all day about who took the last poptarts in the box even tho it was lowkey Kayla XD then fix it by playing video games and constantly talking about who is the best at the game. Then maybe prank call the boys at Sweet Amoris XDDD

Kaylo and Cadence:

These two nerds would probably hang at a video game arcade. After it, Kaylo would probably rant about Andy ( @mcl-abby-maya GB) to him and tell him reasons why he hates him XD

there OuO~

anonymous asked:

Podríamos ver un dibujo de todos los ocs? Añadiendo los nuevos :v

ouo te refieres a los ocs del Au de djessyka X3?


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Name/nicknames: Mariana/Mar

Gender: Cis Female

Height: I’m 170 cm more or less (5,57 feet)

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!!!

Favorite colors: I really like pastel colours because I find them very soothing, but my favourite colour would be light pink~

Time: 2.47 PM

Last thing i googled: Pottermore Patronus

Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: I have no idea… Maybe Natchan from Nijiiro Days!

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Dream vacation: I’d love to go to Japan and China!

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What do I post about: Pink Fashion, pink coloured food, pink backgrounds, pink edits, inspiring and helpful text posts and some cute anime gifs.

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Military Men [1/1]

Series: Joker Game

Characters: Odagiri, Sakuma

Rating: G

Summary: Odagiri saw Sakuma and saw a soldier, an outsider, and himself.

Words: 2916

Notes: I kinda like to think that Odagiri and Sakuma would have a nice relationship, platonic or otherwise! This fic isn’t really about that LOL but I do think they have their fair share of similarities and thought about writing about it ouo Forgive me for and please feel free to point out any spelling/grammar errors because even though I’ve made like six drafts of this, I’m s o exhausted omg orz

You can read this on AO3! Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoy~!(●´∀`)ノ♡

When Odagiri heard of the liaison that was supposed to oversee them, he knew what to expect – a soldier, taught to follow orders and Imperial ideologies mindlessly. He was fine with that, honestly. He originally enlisted in the military not because he wanted to, but because he had nothing else to do. His own time there had been rough, especially with how harsh his superiors were, but the people he’d gotten to know there made the experience bearable. They were good people, simply misled by their country’s teachings. That was why when Sakuma arrived, he was easier on him than the other spies. After all, he was just a man trying to fulfill his duties.

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What kind of Kpop career will you have?

  1. Company: JYP (that’s pretty cool)
  2. Number of Members: 4
  3. Position: Maknae (ouo)
  4. Genre: dubstep
  5. Collaboration with: Bumkey
  6. Did you go solo? of course not (guess I love my group)
  7. Your scandal: Plagiarism (I’m actually sure it happened on accident lol I feel like I’m someone who can manage to do that)
  8. Number of years active: 12
  9. After your career: Lyric ist

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