thelostwithercat asked:

What's it like living in there labs as one of the captured pokemon?

well it ain’t so bad

they get fed, they get times where they’ll run around in a secluded area Deja protects

There’s a giant barrier around the area and each cell being held up by the alien tech those two have ouo/ so even ghost pokemon can’t phase through walls or whatnot

The cells ain’t too small, it’s big enough for like one Snorlax to lie in, sometimes they’d put more than one Pokemon in a cell. Ofc, of the same type, like a Treecko with a Roselia, or Oddish so they dont get lonely

sometimes Noodle would actually go into the cells himself and talk with them

Deja has this timetable he set up, so it’s like “ Alright so on Monday we study Electric types, on Tuesday we study Water types, etc etc ”. While being studied, they’d be put in a glass container that varies depending on how big they are so there’ll be a couple of tests and stuff :0

tho it does suck if you have family or whatever outside cause they aint lettin you out


ohcaptainmycaptain1918 and shanology in Stucky gif form.

I started the Cap one as a credit screen for an After Hours animation (where the Bucky with a Baby frame I posted came from), but I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, so I made a Bucky match and just uploaded them separately rather than let them go to waste (since they were a solid ¾ hours work each).

I hope you guys like them ouo

aberrantartificer asked:

Actually human Deja has buck teeth?? The cute meter just broke because thats adorable af

yeaa well, at least uh since in incorporating these two into Pilot and the alien shenanigans thing are a tv series, Deja’s voice actor indeed has buck teeth ouo/

((Just curious, would anyone be interested in a historical clothing draws, round 2 (since I did a round 1 before and that had a pretty big and fun turnout)? I’m thinking of making an official post starting next week on July 1, because I need to catch up this week fjdkaslfjlfdjakl. At the same time….

Horror stories contest. Have your state give their creepiest/scariest/weirdest folktale/myth/urban legend/actual happenings and try to freak the others out. The best one gets a prize. eue

Starting July 13.))

tadashi-niisan asked:

"Tomorrow's my birthday. You better get me something nice or no more 5 pound gummi bears for you."

              But I do have something nice
                for you, nii-san. And it’s a practical
, too.

    Hiro held out a
fireproof suit, the outfit with
    a faint glimmer of silver to it.

                I love you and I wanna keep you safe,
                 so              yeah! Happy birthday!

anonymous asked:

You have blue hair!? Can we see? I would like to have blue hair myself.

((I’ts purple and blue ouo

Here ya go! I’ll upload a selfie in a moment because I like copying other people heh))

sayadawn asked:

Deo will you still draw stuff like Charles, Night Terror, Vinny etc. or is it just Deoxys/Pokémon stuff now? Either way I'm a huge fan of your work :3

I still draw my other stuff ouo/ nowadays Im in the mood to draw Pokemon and stuff but I’m still drawin my NT stuff and Pilot occasionally

Speedpaint Video

I know I should actually get to the asks that have been sitting in my inbox the past few days but ugh, I really wanted to draw and color Yui so here we goooo OUO

She’s getting pierced as per the suggestion of yamaguchissoggyfrenchfries. Don’t mind the mistakes made ok ok



i’m so glad i found the crew, they were so perfect. except for the fact that i was the shortest member of the family which led to the second picture ha h A i’m insecure. then i confessed to actually marrying lon’qu and cordelia in my game which made the wife really upset 8( but that’s okay because multi shipping exists! I STILL FEEL BAD FOR MENTIONING IT OMG

then i’m lucina trash and the glorious gal let me hold her bridal style for pictures. thank you!! ouo

if you’re on here or if you find these, please HMU!!