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My friend and I are going to start making a comic! Do you have any suggestions for getting it out there?

My best suggestion is to just make sure to have fun with it!
Comics are hard to do if you’re not enjoying it ^w^
Just put it up online, you can advertise on social media if you like :D



So, in lore, Corius is dead. Very dead. So away he goes! Instead of just plain exalting him, I figured I’d give him a chance to sell, since he is a Leap Day dragon, born on the Leap Year! ouo

He’s been bred, all hatchlings have been named, and comes with a bio that you’re more than free to delete and edit as you wish!

He’s on the AH for 100g, but I’m willing to haggle!

Corius–Obsidian Crystal/Crimson Facet/Banana Circuit

Because of Tumblr’s dickery, no links, but I’m JediCreed #153657 and he’s on the last page of my lair!


With what magic super power did this happen? 

JK, it’s all thanks to your help! OuO I’m really enjoying keeping this blog, and y’all are super sweet and understanding! Lemme give you a hug real quick.

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I’m sorry for crushing you :p

Have this adorable drawing by @artemis-inc as a thank you! :D

This is pretty much me. :3

I should probably also thank @artemis-inc

cause like I always send her my aes to make sure they’re okay

and like sometimes I send them at the most ridiculous times

…thanks man

still want your cereal supply tho


Lisa (oc)

Here’s a bit of background for her..

-she crazy,
-her parents died by her brother who was schizophrenic
-she was tramutized and was sent to a mental hospital when she tried to kill herself
-after years of being in the mental holding she went insane,
-she still gets flashbacks from the past
-she doesn’t really remember what happened(because she was tramutized and was just a kid)
-right now she’s 17
-her brother killed himself in front of her
-she didn’t have any friends until lucifier came along
-she thought that this girl(lucifier) was actually the devil, and she still believes it even when lu says she’s not.

That’s all I got for now ouo


in the first few fairly oddparents shorts cosmo is way more smart and not nearly as unfunctional as he is now - so i made a tragic backstory out of it, to give cosmo’s increasing stupidity throughout the show a reason :’D

(although timmy is probably just surprised to hear cosmo talk in sentences that have internal logic)

(also: philip the nickel cameo!)