You have 100 seconds, hunter, use them wisely…

Felt like drawing a Teostra. I used to hate how he and Lunastra looked in Unite, but I’ve really come to appreciate their designs. He may kick my ass, but at least he looks fabulous while he’s doing it ouod May color this later!

edit: This is actually a little smaller. Tumblr has to blow up everything and make it ugly :I


It was times like these that the Goddess wished she had more power than she did. She wished she could defend those who needed it, wished she could banish the darkness that lurked within the hearts of mortals, that she could wake the dead and heal the sick…

But she could not. This world around her was crippled with despair, lazily spiraling downwards into chaos. Only the mortals themselves could hope to make a difference, and it seemed as though they had all given up by now…

The unhappiness around her was…draining. Nothing that could significantly weaken her, but enough to make her tired. Lenora sank to her knees, right in the middle of the mostly-empty castle town, and put her face in her hands. She was so out of it, she didn’t even notice the slow-moving undead humanoid shuffling towards her…

I have been talking a lot with izadreamer about a Saint Seiya AU, and it just happened that both of us are getting too attached by how we’re making Deathmask on it………… and then I decided to draw it ouod’’


Get robbed once, shame on them. Get robbed twice, shame on you. Get robbed thrice…well, it was time to invest in hired help.

Lenora knew she was kind of a huge target (small mousy girl traveling alone with a huge cart full of items? She was  practically begging for thieves attention!), but these past three encounters were ridiculous. Was this foreign country overrun with crime, or did someone simply have it out for her?

The chemist supposed she was fortunate enough to escape each time with her life, but that didn’t help her from growing more frustrated…and paranoid. She had no choice but to settle down in this town for a few months (months!) in order to earn back all the money she’d lost, and even now she still hadn’t quite fully recovered. But enough was enough – she had made enough to purchase a new wagon and horses, and now it was time to move on. 

The barman at the local tavern had promised her the services of a local mercenary that was both skilled and affordable. It sounded almost too good to be true, but was willing to take the chance if it meant being able to travel safely. As the time of their arranged meeting dawned, she settled at the table she’d meant to meet with this ‘Laslow’ fellow at, sipping idly on a mug of ale as she waited.