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Shin's girlfriend makes food for the entire Oujo White Knights team and when she finally gives him his bento box it's decorated with all sorts of heart shaped food and the rice made to look like him. What would be his reaction and how would he act if his girlfriend tries to feed him the food?? Btw love your blog :D

Thank you for the compliment. I hope you find $20 on the ground today. Shin’s quite chill on the matter but let’s get into the details!

Oujo White Knights: Everyone on the team is pleasantly surprised that Shin’s girlfriend did all this work for them. But, they do vaguely remember Shin saying something about what he looks for in a girl. And the main thing was that she must care about the team or something like that. Their approval for her only goes up when they taste her cooking and it’s absolutely mouth watering! A singular thought unites the whole team, “Shin! Keep her! Hold on to her! Or we won’t get any food like this ever again!” Assuming this isn’t just a one time thing, the team makes an effort to look out for her and give her proper thanks for the meals that she provides for them. 

Shin: It surprised Shin that his girlfriend went to such lengths to show she cared for him and the team. But, he’s happy about it. Shin willingly eats what she offers him, provided it falls in line with his health regimen. Even if it doesn’t, Shin accepts her bento but he’ll talk with his girlfriend so that they can work together to create a healthy and nutritious menu. Once he opens the bento, Shin pauses for a moment to take in the cute appearance. Normally, Shin does not really care for the visual appeal of dishes, but he lets out a small smile when he sees all the hearts. It doesn’t embarrass him at all, but it would get on his nerves if his team mates make any teasing comments because Shin would interpret their playful banter as jabs toward his girlfriend’s cooking. When his girlfriend tries to feed him his food, Shin is perplexed. He doesn’t understand right away that this is supposed to be a romantic gesture. Shin tells her that he can eat his bento on his own. His girlfriend would have to figure out a way to convince Shin. Once she gets her idea across, Shin has no problem indulging her, but she needs to keep a little distance; Shin would not appreciate getting coddled by her constant affection. Overall, Shin is pleased that his girlfriend took the time and effort to do all this. He makes sure to thank her for all her hard work. 

30 Day Eyeshield 21 Challenge ~ Day Five: Least Favorite Character

… I literally love every single Eyeshield 21 character, you cannot convince me to hate anyone of them.

You can’t make me hate Agon—he’s an asshole, but that’s his charm. I mean,

Yamato can be an asshole to but like he’s charming and hot and… sparkly…

Hiruma is the greatest Anti-Hero in the history of all manga and anime.

Sena js just an adorable little teddy bear.

Monta is that lovable little special person that everyone needs.

The Huh-Huh Brothers are those ‘thugs’ that are just so soft and squishy and everyone loves them.

Don’t even get me started on Kurita’s cuddliness…

No one can compare to Komusubi’s perfectly squishable tiny body.

Karin is that one innocent friend that everyone is trying not to corrupt but we end up corrupting them anyway.

Sakuraba is that one idiot that finally starts putting his shit in place and becomes extremely successful.

Shin is the extremely mature friend everyone needs.

Riku is the awesome, heroic and gentleman-ly older brother/total Bae.

Tetsuma is like the squad’s guard dog. Like he will listen and everyone loves him and at the same time ignores him, but nobody pisses off. Ever.

Gao is the squad’s Brawler. [aka Ass-Kicked]

Marco is the sly, charming boy thay every school has and is a professional con man.

Takami is the quiet, polite kid that nobody thinks is mean and then, when given the oppurtunity, is the most dangerous person alive.

Suzuna is the adventurous, crazy person that everyone bloody loves and she constantly drags people out of rheir comfort zones.

Akaba is the Music Expert. Like, he’s super great at a lot of things but when it gets to music, his awesomeness is just… INHUMAN.

Kotaro is honestly that one friend that is obsessed over one thing and trys to get people to like it and is…somewhat successful.

Musashi is the mature, smart person that, behind closed doors [or with his friends], is fun and loose and will kill you in a heartbeat.

What’s his name…? Hatsujo? From the Koigahama Cupids? Yeah, that one guy that thinks he’s THE shit but is actual shit.

Clifford. The person no one wants to make a bet with 'cause you know he’ll find a way to win.

Bud is the person that is obsessed with becoming/and or retaining being famous.

Panther is the one friendly kid that everyone loves, who is the purest cinnamon roll ever. If he were the cinnamon roll meme he’d be the person that might kill you from feeding you to many cinnamon rolls.

Homer is the kid obsessed with their looks and is a total narcissist but their totally kick-ass friends.

Watt is obviously the Otaku of any Squad.

Taka is that one calm friend and then when the snap… World War III just broke it—take cover, bitches.

Kakei is the gangsta that turned his life around, is a good person in general but like everyone, made a couple bad choices. Did he learn? Yes. He’s wise and mature and is a good listener—someone who people take advice from. But just because he’s no longer as wild doesn’t he won’t come after you. Quite literally.

Mizumachi… Do you need an explanation? He’s fun and lovable but he’s understanding and zealous and will fight to the very last. He’s a true friend.

Eyeshield 21 cocktails

Just some ideas… I’m still tweaking them, and because I eyeball everything, measurements are not really that exact…

If you make one yourself, please give me feedback/your own tweaks! ^^“

Gunmetal and Old Magnum are my favorites >W>” Yes, I’m an old man…

Gunmetal: Hiruma
2 fl oz. vodka
2 fl oz. tequila (reposado or anejo)
splash of club soda
squeeze of one lime wedge
Sharp, acid, straight to the point. 

Old Magnum: Musashi
1 fl. oz whiskey (I used bourbon)
2 fl. oz Belgian Quad
Spice packet (ground cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg)
Dash of bitters
(Note: infuse whiskey a week before…)

Cheer Squad: Suzuna
2 fl. oz rum
½ cup soda
3 fl. oz simple syrup
Juice from half a lime
Pump of grenadine
1 tbsp orange syrup
½ pack of pop rocks, poured on top to serve

White Knight: Oujo 
0.5 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
2 oz vodka
2 drops peppermint extract
Small scoop of vanilla ice cream 

White Lion: Sakuraba
4 oz vodka
One big spoon sweetened condensed milk
?????Whatever was in that old jam jar. I need to find out.

Iron Horse: Tetsuma
2 fl oz bourbon
1 fl oz ice tea 
Hickory chips in pan (to smoke the bourbon)
Matches (to light the chips)
Large bowl (cover the bourbon and wood chips)

Glass Of Lukewarm Water: Kid
Glass of lukewarm water

Stupid Speech

ES21 is the love of my Manga Life—it deserves more love~!

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