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@au-maleisillegal : the big blind xaela wanted to play and hug the little boys and offer them some sweets but was afraid of scaring them by the weird color of his eyes.

Ouji: “Hello! Why are you sittin’ over here by yourself?”

Ouji: “Oh!… your eyes!”

Ouji: “My Papa has an eye like that! <3 He can’t see out of it because he got hurt…”

Ouji: “I’m sorry if you got hurt too…”


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Ouji, let me teach you all the manly flexing poses You will thank me when you're older.

Ouji: “OKAY!”

Bonus: Later On

Takehiko: “Oh.. my.. imagine bumping into YOU again! What a coincidence! Mhm… well look at you. You can fish, cook, swim… my goodness what other skills do you have that I’m not aware of?”

Ouji: “Oh yeah! I can do this!..It’s fun!”

Takehiko: (”Oh kami, how in the world??”)


Compilations of photos from Shoutan’s Tokyo Live 02/12

That photo does NOT do his Prince Outfit any justice!!! He looked a million times more kakkoi and dashing!!

Quartet Night also sent a Flower Stand for Shoutan!!

Do NOT repost* This is my own photo and was such a battle to get one!!