Compilations of photos from Shoutan’s Tokyo Live 02/12

That photo does NOT do his Prince Outfit any justice!!! He looked a million times more kakkoi and dashing!!

Quartet Night also sent a Flower Stand for Shoutan!!

Do NOT repost* This is my own photo and was such a battle to get one!!

What The Signs Want In 2017
  • Aries: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Taurus: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Gemini: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Cancer: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Leo: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Virgo: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Libra: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Scorpio: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Sagittarius: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Capricorn: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Aquarius: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Pisces: New Prince Of Tennis s3
Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2017-01-08 - Hoshi No Ouji-sama Script Reading Play.

  *Do NOT repost*

Script Reading Play
『 Hoshi No Ouji-sama 』

Everyone who came and visited us, thank you very much.

This time, although this work is the first time where I had to carefully… read until the very end.
About other things other than my own Star, about other existence other than my own, exchanges with various things, talking to various people, realising various things.

A Prince like that, who loves and loves characters.

During the real thing, I also gave it my all acting as that innocent Prince.

Did you enjoy it?

Also, singing while listening to the Orchestra’s recitation. While feeling comfortable I also felt nervous.

And, the duet with 『Boku』 played by Toyonaga-san…

With his warm singing voice, the shud and stance of the harmony part, I was able to sing as the Prince like he’s snuggled up.

I was able to sing it, being at peace.

Or rather, I was able to duet with Toyonaga-sannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!


I’m really, really happy.
The whole time the pores of my body was left open.

I want to, do a duet again.

The relationship of all the casts was also very good, the cast set was also really fun,

One day again, it’ll be nice to be able meet this work!