【Magic Kyun! Renaissance】  Magic Kyun! No.1☆(1Chorus Promotion edit)/ArtiSTARs 【Hoshi No Mori Summer Festa 2017】

Maji Kyun Hoshi Fes Live - 2017/05/13 - Day 1 Report

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I can’t do a full report because I’m too busy, sorry! ><,
But here are the most of the things that happened (it’s still long lol)

  • They all wore their character uniforms!
  • Shoutan did his hair like this for Monet!
  • Seeing Umechan in the uniform made me think that him and Teika really look alike XD
  • They showed the main parts of each character’s episode in the anime before their solos started
  • They never sang their second solo songs, or the coupling OP and ED songs.
  • Umechan sang 2 songs since he’s the only one with an insert song
  • Umechan was still a little awkward when performing XD
  • Onoyuu was so cute and cheerful! He came close, waving to us a lot!
  • Shoutan was at my side most of the time ^^
  • They had all the kirakira effects shown on the screen a lot
  • They all danced during their solos, apart from Umechan since his songs are ballads
  • I was super close to the stage so I could see that they had TVs on the stage which actually showed the next set list, corners and even the lyrics of the songs!
  • The casts all got along together so well and they seemed really close

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‪Thank you very much (*☻-☻*)‬


‪Today is‬
‪『Magic-kyun! First Live Hoshi No Mori Summer Festa 2017』last day!!‬
‪It really has became a good memory to be able to spend it with everyone! Thank you very much!‬
‪I’m grateful for the wonderful letters, presents and flowers!‬


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Scrip Reading Play×Orchestra 「Hoshi No Ouji-sama」 finishe〜d!
From the last time, the wonderful cast and songs have also increased, We feel that we were able to deliver a power upped performance to everyone.
Thank you very much to everyone who watched it!
Please continue to support us from now on too!
We casually shot for the SET♪

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I want to definitely do this again.
I want to go to lots of stars again.