ouijja board

My mother thinks
we are like the ruins
of pompeii. some-
thing catastrophic
        & clairvoyant

something that will end
the destiny of a civilization

it is that perhaps we are
                  a stargazer’s
               haywire gemini

twin-headed cosmology
            stripping its myth
       with eras of entropy

with hair darker
                  than thunder

with skin of fawn
                   -struck lightning

with peristyles drawn
from the diameter
               of each femur

excerpts of pottery
shards decorating
the veranda of our

so i look at each
      ingot of scars
as soapstone seals
to remind of what
was taken apart
        to resurrect

what was sequestered
what was shadowed

I tell you of my origins
to remind you how
i am the masonry of 
offal & oracles

I tell you my story
because I want to see
you last through my loss


       survival is beautiful

I would like to wed you
in a church of ash
stacked with pellets
of blown pumice

I would like to take you
to this bridal bed
make love to you as
though I were an ouijja board
        & Vesuvius was moving
through me in a river of lava

I want to lavish this madness
                                   on you
eat you as fire
             does Earth
teach the streets to scream
                             your name
as if each cobblestone was
caught in the cries of childbirth

it is what i know best -

to be volcanic
to ignite
to incarnate 

I am a wildfire,
you are miles and miles
of whispers in water.

Come, lay in me.

Prove them wrong.