Drunk in Love II - Brett Talbot Imagine

Drunk in Love II (Part 2) – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and Brett continued to hang out during the party. Liam finds you two together and a big fight happens.

A/N: A few people requested me to do a part two for ‘Drunk in Love’! I liked how it ended and I hope you guys do too. And sorry, it’s abit short! x

Warning: Some swearing, fight

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1017

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Your POV

You and Brett were still in the room together, 10 PM and the party was still going, there were even more people than before (If that was even possible). You learnt more about Brett, like how he was born a werewolf. You guys instantly clicked. You really liked Brett. But the worst thing was, you didn’t know if it was like a friend-like or a crush-like. Surprisingly you guys were able to do a lot of things in the room, no not the dirty dirty. You guys played 21 questions, truth or dare, fuck marry kill and even gave each other piggy back rides. This was better than the whole party itself. Brett was dared by you to give you a piggyback ride. You stood on the bed and jumped on his back.

“Ouft, a little bit on the heavy side aye? This is like a workout then.” He joked.

You slapped his head and laughed. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands were under your knee area. He was running around the room, being careful not to hit on you.

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