Day 25 – 194 km

Saturday 30th January – I woke up early, packed my stuff and went for breakfast. One of the woman who was having wines on the terrace yesterday, owns a small restaurant and said that I had to try her breakfasts. I went there and it was really good. I had a fruit salad with yoghurt, honey and muesli and a mayo chicken sandwich! Good start of the day!

The final destination of my yesterday’s route was actually Oudtshoorn but I decided to stop in Willowmore because I was really tired. Now I had some rest and good food and my boots dried so I was ready to continue the last part of the route to Oudsthoorn. The route started with gravel road R407 through a beautiful area.  

After this nice gravel road, I arrived at a t junction at took a left to the Meiringspoort. This was also a very beautiful area with incredible mountains where I drove in between.

Halfway this Meiringspoort is a waterfall. I stopped to visit it and took some pictures. The water was really clear and people were swimming in the ice-cold water. Must have been very refreshing because the temperature today was constantly 40 degrees celsius and I was walking around in my suit and boots haha. 

I continued to Oudtshoorn and drove through a small town called De Rust. Two other bikers just continued their journey after me and were following me to Oudsthoorn. When I arrived in Oudtshoorn I stopped at a petrol station for some food and lost the other bikers. 

The owner of the restaurant of my breakfast this morning and also my neigbor, told me that I had to visit the Cango Caves. I looked up where I had to go and jumped on the bike. I had to go through the Shoemanspoort which was also a nice ride with curvy roads!

When I parked my bike at the Cango Caves, I saw the other two bikers who were following me for a while. They where going to have a drink in the Cango Caves restaurant and I joined them. We spoke about where we have been riding and where we going. They gave me some advise and one of the tips was to visit Ronnies Sexshop in Barrydale….. (to be continued) 

The guys wanted to do the Swartbergpas today but there was it even hotter. They went to another place and I decided to do an adventure tour through the Cango Caves where it was around 20 degrees inside, instead of driving further, much better!

I was still swathing because I had to climb, crawl, bench and walk, for 90 minutes, sometimes through very narrow wholes and tunnels! It was worth it and very beautiful, way bigger than the Echo Caves which I have visited before. 

When I came outside again, the shock was quite big, double the temperature! I wasn’t keen to continue driving for a long time anymore so I went looking for an accommodation. I found the Old Mill close to the Cango Caves and booked myself into a room with a nice view!

When I parked my bike I saw some bad news, a nail punctured my tire! I decided to fix it the other day early in the morning because it was too hot and I was hungry. 

I went to the restaurant, ate some delicious food and after diner I wrote some blogs and created the route for tomorrow.