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This is the day I met my friend Oudalay.

So, our mutual friend Katrina decided to throw Oudalay a surprise birthday party and hired a private stripper to get naked and rub his crotch with her butt. Oudalay being a good dude wasn’t really down with that. It put him in a sour mood to say the least. Sour mood meaning he almost got into a fight with a stranger and left the party pushing dudes on the floor.

With the birthday boy no longer present; the festivities continued with Brian Shamanski honorably accepting the lap dance. After I finished my roll I stumbled into Katrina’s room to change film. Little did I know Oudalay and Katrina had switched bedrooms… Mid change, Oudalay comes in, yells at me to get the fuck out of his bedroom, threatens me a little and storms out. I felt horrible cause it was the guys birthday. I found him in Katrina’s new bedroom and apologized for everything that happened to him that night. After that we became homies who see each other at a variety of parties in SF. He loves to bring up the fact that we went from “Get the fuck outta my room!” to “You’re a good dude” in the span of one night. 

What I find so funny about all this, is that if you were to just look at this one photograph, you’d never really know a majority of the night was about 2/3’s shitty. I’m just happy we have camera’s to capture the positive in negative situations and to toss up old memories like this one. 


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