ouch.... i just realized as i typed that

dbh kara bad ending spoilers

i just need to talk about this absolute mess of a scene for a sec

  • first off.. the music throughout is so good and heartbreaking and it swells when alice says “we can live a normal life!” bc the hope really is there but that’s also where the tragedy lies
  • and alice still has so much hope when she says “we’re gonna be a family!” in the background you can see the the shine of a distant light, and that seems to represent alice’s hopes for the furture
  • but the light is dimmed, shrouded in fog and darkness, and it can also represent kara’s life, so close to ending but holding on and cherishing the newfound freedom she found for her daughter
  • and at this point appears an element in the music that i have troubles describing bc i’m not too musically-inclined.. but there are these very standalone, echoey notes and the progression of those notes give it an unexpectedly bittersweet feel? like from kara’s pov the D to an A gives it an almost introspective vibe, like she’s sad that they have to separate but she doesn’t regret at all the sacrifices she had to make to get to this point
  • and that’s just one reason why kara is crying but she smiles the entire time up to her death. of course she’s sad and i’m sure she’s scared for alice’s future without her. but even if she weren’t happy in that moment (though i’m sure she’s happy for alice then), she has to put on that smile for alice. she has to be that strong mother figure, bc if she isn’t optimistic about alice’s new life, how can alice? she’s served alice for all this time and even now, even as she’s dying, kara has to help her one last time. kara has to convince alice that everything will be alright without her.
  • alice’s lil “you promised!” and their last “i love you”s break my heart UGH
  • lastly kara’s shutdown is so haunting, bc we know from the first jerry they encounter that like humans, androids can shut down with their eyes open. but instead, kara closes her eyes before dying, and i’d like to think kara does it for alice’s sake. so that alice doesn’t have to walk away from this version of kara who looks awake but is actually dead and lifeless in the eyes. horrible
  • bonus: I JUST REALIZED THIS but when the car headlights flash across kara’s face, she almost seems to be stuck in a grimace or like a quiet, pained sob, which is just!!!! ouch!!!!!

tl;dr this scene hurts me the most out of all of them and i cried while typing this lol tf!!!!!!

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