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TIME FOR SADS! Okay so Reaper having the greatest fear of being left behind/having to leave someone he loves behind, especially after the explosion. Either his s/o ends up having to be left behind on a mission and Reaper is just screaming and sobbing and fighting about it because that's someone he cares about who is being left to suffer and die just like he was left. To make it happy, s/o manages to return and has to hold and cuddle Reaper a lot to reassure him.

How about a reborn AU for the iron lords. Like they are new guardians, they don’t remember anything from the past but yet still have the same class. They might still look the same but they are different at the same time. Saladin and Efrideet sees these guardians and nearly has a heart attack, because old friends return anew. And what is slowly they managed to piece together things and then the remember???

Was just picking up shards from a glass that my daughter dropped and broke when suddenly I got a huge cramp in my right hamstring. I was lucky to be able to stay upright and not fall hands-first into tiny pieces of glass.

192.) Gellert Grindelwald was Fawkes' first master. After the duel of 1945, Grindelwald instructed Fawkes to go with Dumbledore, not wanting the phoenix to stay locked up in Nurmengard too. As Dumbledore's companion, sometimes Fawkes would steal things like books, candy, newspapers, etc from the headmaster's study, and bring them to Grindelwald in prison. Dumbledore knew, and encouraged this behavior, often leaving out things for Fawkes to take.

S E R V A M P  #04                                                                                        『     “When it’s all over,                                                                                      I’ll definitely come                                                                                               to pick you up.”   


The kiss was a reluctant one. Alec could feel it. It unsettled him greatly. He stared back at the warlock and turned his head briefly to the medical wing before looking back at him. “Of course I want you,” said the Nephilim in a softer tone. How could that be a thing Magnus said to him? It actually caused him to take a mental step back and examine his actions.

Magnus shook his head and waved a hand before he turned to leave. “I’ll text you later. Say hi to everyone for me.” He murmured as he opened a portal, and then stuck his hands in his pockets before he shot Alec another — hopefully not too forced looking — smile.