Genyatta week day 1: Firsts

The first time Genji is honest with not only Zenyatta, but himself.

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Not for the first time, Genji feels hopelessly lost.

It’s a crushing pressure against his chest, dragging him down like weights tied to his ankles, making each miniscule movement a laborious task. The omnic, Zenyatta- his master, he supposes, but the word tastes funny in his own mouth, a lingering flicker of his pride from… before- dogs the path he cuts through the dense woods. He’s an insistent thing, Genji admits, casting a scornful look over his shoulder, but the omnic remains unruffled, from his permanent whimsical expression to the neat fold of his hands.

“Is something troubling you, Genji?” Zenyatta is also incredibly observant, Genji has learned. Frustration bubbles up and he bites back something sharp and hurtful and acidic.

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Imagine Steve, just after coming out of the ice, learning about the internet and going on it and searching “the war”, thinking it would know what he means. What he finds, instead, is a list of every war that has happened since he was frozen. That night *avenger* hears him crying so goes to see what’s wrong. The only response they get is “Bucky died for nothing. War was supposed to stop. Bucky died for nothing.” and no matter how hard they try to comfort him it’s futile. They end up just holding him as he cries himself to sleep.

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How do you think Hanzo and Tracer would react if one of their boys were killed right in front of them? *coughcoughsorrynotsorrycough*

You should be sorry how dare you, goodness!

  • The moment she sees one of her sons drop to the ground after the shot rings out, she’d be frozen still for just one second. Staring at her child as he lies too still.
  • Then Tracer would get a hold of her self, and blink to him. She’d fight it at fight, trying to stop the blood flow and calling for anyone to help. Pleads of staying with her, of opening his eyes, of just breathing for one moment would leave her trembling lips.
  • She’d start shaking them, trying to get them to wake up, but by this time she knows it’s too late, but she can’t let go. 
  • “I can’t lose you, I can’t lose my boy please… Look at me.”
  • When help does arrive, its useless, and they have to tear her away her son’s body. All the while, she’s thrashing and screaming, only able to quiet down into terrible sobs once Hanzo is holding her. 
  • Just as his son body hits the floor, Hanzo’s arrow hits the attacker in the throat. 
  • With all to familiar dread, he’d race to his child, praying to the gods and the dragons. Praying for all he’s worth. He can’t lose his son, he just can’t.
  • But just as soon as he gets to him, he already knows its too late. He can only look for a moment before he gently closes his child’s eyes.
  • Slowly, gently, as if he was still a child, Hanzo would lean him against his chest. Holding him while tears silently fall down his cheeks, gazing off with a thousand yard stare that doesn’t leave until Tracer has touched his face.

One day, when Percy and Annabeth are with Will and Nico just shows up and starts to tell Will about something really exciting and he’s a bit jumpy and he’s smiling and pretty loud. will is all smiles but then he notices that Percy has tears in his eyes and they ask him what’s wrong but
Percy just turns to Annabeth and says

“Our Nico is back,”

192.) Gellert Grindelwald was Fawkes' first master. After the duel of 1945, Grindelwald instructed Fawkes to go with Dumbledore, not wanting the phoenix to stay locked up in Nurmengard too. As Dumbledore's companion, sometimes Fawkes would steal things like books, candy, newspapers, etc from the headmaster's study, and bring them to Grindelwald in prison. Dumbledore knew, and encouraged this behavior, often leaving out things for Fawkes to take.