Mycroft’s arc with his parents, especially his mother, is easily the most overlooked in the entire show. But trust me, it’s there, and it’s beautiful.

We know the Holmes boys are difficult sons from the very beginning, especially Mycroft. “I upset her? Me?” says Sherlock, near the end of ASIP, suggesting a troubled relationship, and throughout four seasons we see Mycroft struggling to recreate a bond with his parents.

He goes to matinees of Les Miserables when Sherlock won’t. He makes time for them when they come to town, where Sherlock pushes them out of his flat. And although he is snappish, he has Christmas dinner with them.

And yet, in TFP, his mother berates his decisions, the ones he made to keep them all safe, calling him “limited” and obviously still favoring Sherlock. “You were always the grown-up.” Sure, Mycroft was “the smart one”, but baby brother got to be the grown-up.

And by the look on his face, that must’ve hurt a lot more than it would to people with a normal family dynamic.


As Sherlock is reunited with his sister, and finally, they play together, something equally as beautiful is happening on the sidelines: Mrs. Holmes takes her other son’s hand. Forgiveness is bestowed in that moment, but also reconciliation. That gesture speaks volumes to her mistakes as well, how she blamed too quickly because of her bias, and how this asks for forgiveness from Mycroft as well.

do’s & don'ts

1. don’t punch a wall when he tells you he didn’t love you.. send him his hoodie back with a note that says I don’t miss you anymore and take everything relevant to him and stuff it in a box under your bed.

2. don’t burst out crying when he kisses her, but don’t kiss other boys just to feel something.

3. don’t drink shot after shot to feel something because you’ll just end up on the ground slurring his name.

4. don’t avoid your friends… you need them and they need you.. now I can’t tell you how to make sure they’re true friends.

5. don’t text him, you don’t want to know how he’s doing… you don’t want to know that he’s found another girl.. don’t..

6. let it hurt, but don’t let it fucking kill you like it did me..

7. when your parents separate, don’t get in the middle… and don’t think love isn’t possible… it’s gonna hurt, but it’ll be okay

8. when you get your report card back and a message from your teacher saying how you used to be such a good kid with amazing grades, don’t cry. know that you’re going through a lot and work harder.

9. DON’T self harm. they’ll never go away even if the scars fade, every time you look at your wrist or your legs or any place you’ll feel sick. it sucks to wear a jacket in 90 degree weather.

10. if you are hurting yourself or suicidal, tell someone you trust, you need to get the help you need.

11. if looking at your phone hurts, turn it off. if you can’t breathe in your room, clean everything until the feeling of toxic people is nowhere to be found.

—  tips I guess I need to follow
Try Not To Explode Challenge!

Level 1: Gerard Way

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Shoot I Killed You…..oops.

The pain of his face was terrible. It was softened and desperate with pain and on the verge of some terrible explicit emotion he would not be able to control. He was in fear of that emotion. I was not.
—  Louis on Armand, Interview with the Vampire