ouch man!

Minghao reading his own fanfiction:
  • Minghao: Didifjfodncofm tOOKE WHY DID YOU PICK A JUNHAO FFS DAMN
  • Me: *shrugs* no one really ships Soonhao or Verhao and I was too lazy to do some investigation bullshit. Just read it
  • Minghao: *reads first few pages* Why am I such a little bitch omf 😂
  • Me: Everyone likes you more when you are innocent. No one likes to admit that you're an asshole
  • Minghao: .... ouch man
  • Me: Ily 😘
  • Minghao: *keeps reading* okay but like,,,,, I'm not this much of a pussy. If I like Junhui so much why wouldn't I just make a move???
  • Minghao: but this is so well written damn daniel
  • Me: Did you just-
  • Minghao: This chapter is marked as "smut". What is that?
  • Me: aNyWaYs~ *snatches book away*