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Title: Farewell
Word count: 1,634
Character: John Laurens

“John, love, it’s due time for you to get up!” You called from the doorway as you passed his room. Your husband’s following groan echoed down the hallway behind you, but you were too busy to debate with him. You passed his father in the wide hallway with a smile, lifting the basket of clean clothes for him to see.

“Good morning, dear daughter-in-law,” he chuckled. You placed the basket down to help him with the buttons of his coat, since his eyesight made the task tedious. “Is Jack being difficult?”

“When is he not?” You joked, to which Henry Laurens let out one of his infamous hearty laughs that made him so popular in Congress. “Thomas is downstairs in the kitchen with Martha, causing trouble, no doubt. Would you mind popping in to check on him?”

“Of course,” he hummed as you fastened the last button. You bade each other farewell and you pattered down to the bedroom of your son, Thomas. He had practically leaped out of his crib when you had fetched him earlier that morning, demanding that he join John in going back to the rebel camp outside of town. He threw a fit when you informed him once again that was not an option, but the tears suddenly disappeared when you told him he could aid Martha in making breakfast. You had done laundry at dawn to take your mind off of your husband’s imminent departure.

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Another thought.

Remember when Mike Stamford make a joke about his own weight in ASIP? Noticed how, in the Special, that was turned around into Mike making a comment about John being as thin as a rake?

Remember the measly apple John had for breakfast in ASIP? 

Can we talk about the fact that Sherlock knew about John not eating and it mattered to him enough for him to include it in his OD fantasy?

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