7.03 The Garden of Forking Paths sneak peek #1


Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warning(s): swearing

Word Count: 566

Author’s Note: @ballyhoobarnes​ inspired me with their “halloween with bucky barnes” headcanon and now here we are.  there might be more parts in the future but right now there’s just this!

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Drabble • Smut Fic Oneshot

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Spoiler Room: Scoop on The Originals, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, and more

What more can be teased about Alice on Once Upon a Time and her connection to Rumple that will be seen in episode 704? — AshMarie
Alice, who has been helping both Weaver in Hyperion Heights and Rumple in the Enchanted Forest, will play a big role in the Rumple-centric hour, which features the return of Emilie de Ravin. “Alice has close relationships with Gold and Hook,” Rose Reynolds notes. “She’s being asked a lot of. Let’s just say she’s tested quite a lot in episode 4 with friendships and good versus evil, which is that whole pendulum swing of it. ‘Is it bad to do this? You told me to do this,’ and all of that stuff. There’s a lot of inner conflict for Alice in episode 4. It’s an insane episode and it’s one of the best-written things I’ve read in a long time, so I’m really excited for everybody to see it.”