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I don't disagree with your anon, but I'll say this; It is a double standard, but not entirely unjustified, imo, since people are so quick to name some "good" and others "evil". So when you are quick to be labelled as good, people will have more expectations from *you*. if you enjoy the good side's rights/liberties, then you have to carry the good side's "obligations" too. And Emma's false accusations led Regina to a really (self)destructive path, so it stuck to people's mind more. :)

AH yes that is true if you claim to be  good and heroic you got to act like it too. However I think Emma is trying to fit into this role of a ideal hero or savior because of peer pressure I am not saying that she is n’t good or heroic I am saying she is trying TOO HARD to live up to others expectation and in doing so she moved quite a bit away from her original personality shown in season 1.

Problem is Emma went through a shit storm from the end of s1 and through out s2 too just like Regina but unfortunately her character was not as well explored in s2 given they were busy trying to throw male suitors at her at her character’s expense, so we never saw the internal struggle that she might be facing, and it is harder to empathize for some people when they are not shown those aspects, aspects which we got a glimpse of in Jen’s performance but like I said unexplored in depth. As a result certain factions of the fandom found it disconcerting and judged her harshly.

IMO s2 was more Regina oriented … her struggle to find out who she really is, what her relationship with Henry entails how she wants to move forward in life and definitely they reached a certain resolution in the end by aligning her with the heroes( its rushed and sometimes not well written but still we got to see the exploration especially LP being a phenomenal actor she did bring out the internal turmoil and the psychological conflict brilliantly.) See in her case there was no outside distraction her character arc followed a certain path starting from, her wanting to redeem herself for her son, falling back to old ways, losing  people she loves(again),past wrong deeds catching up to her, her breakdown, her ultimate realization that she indeed was at fault, redeeming herself because she no more wants to wear the mask of the evil queen as she wants to be seen as ONLY Regina, her ultimate sacrifice, and for once in the temporary scheme of sequence her good deed actually yielded her with successful and satisfying result»as in acceptance by her son as his hero, as his savior.

This does echo the journey that Emma undertook in s1 if you look carefully» where she eventually comes through and becomes Henry’s Hero/savior.

So in S3 I hope that the show will focus on what it means for Regina and Emma to be ‘good’ to be selfless and brave, they will have to work together which will definitely mean more interaction and hopefully they will utilize their connection and bond to explore how to become Emma Swan and Regina Mills two woman who, as  Eddy said, wants the same things- love, family and home.

and this became too long oops:P

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I have a question. Do you think Swan Queen can really become canon? I mean, I ship them with all my heart, I just want an opinion.

I think it can become canon, I hope it will become canon, there is so much going on with these two and it makes perfect sense. I am not going to repeat everything that all the SQ fans have been saying for so long but the abundance of parallels, the story arc, their characterization and personality echoing and complimenting each other, the wonderful on screen chemistry between the actors contributes a great deal in securing that hope, also a lot have changed with direct conversation with the creators via twitter, people have become more aware of this relationship, the creators say they want to explore it even more, I mean their relationship is one of the core component of the show ..how far they will explore it I don’t know cause you know homophobic backlash is definitely frustrating but I think the show runners are creating this niche where in gradually they are putting forward the idea of a possible relationship between Regina and Emma, say at the beginning most people were against this ship many still are but even begrudgingly a lot of people are at least warming up to the idea of them becoming friends, working together. That’s an interesting development and I see it as a positive one. I know It is difficult to remain optimistic when a lot of obvious queer baiting does happen BUT I think this show has the potential to explore swan queen in canon and it is slowly creating the opportunity to do so, I just hope they follow through.