Frankenwolf Fic: Bath Time

Frankenwolf Week Day 4: A goofy fic in which Victor has to give Wolf!Ruby a bath after a long run in the woods.

“Oh come on, Ruby.” Victor said with annoyance as he watched her run from the bathroom again. She whined as she ran through the condo and he followed her to the front door where she began to scratch on it and bark softly.

“This is ridiculous.” he frowned. “You’re the one who wanted to go run through the woods. Now stop acting like a puppy or I’ll be forced to carry you.”

She turned her head and bared her teeth but he didn’t budge. He placed his hands on his hips and raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t scare me. I know you won’t attack me. You love me too much for that.” He smiled when she drooped her ears. “Now please will you get in the bath? You’re not sleeping on our bed with mud all over you.” As he turned to walk back towards the bathroom, he heard her start to scratch on the door.

Rolling his eyes, he turned around and grabbed her while she was standing on her hind legs and hoisted her up, all the while with her wriggling and getting mud all over his clothes.

“And in you go.” He dropped her into the tub, causing water and suds to go on the floor but it didn’t matter, he’d clean it up as soon as this task was complete.

“Ah, ah, ah!” He pushed her paws back into the tub when she tried to escape. “Just sit down and relax. The less you fight, the faster this will be.”

With a low growl in her throat, she sat down and let Victor do his work. He dumped pitcher upon pitcher full of water all over her body, leaving no where untouched. Next, he squeezed half a bottle of shampoo all along her back and started to scrub it in. She couldn’t help that her leg started to shake and slosh water everywhere, he knew exactly where to scratch.

“Damn, Ruby. Where did you run to? You smell too.”

She turned her head sharply to look at him and he laughed at her obvious pissed off expression.

“Well it’s true! I’ll be done in just a minute.” He put a little shampoo in his hand and massaged it onto her head and behind her ears. This was her favorite part because it felt good and that it was true that he was almost done.

After a few more minutes of double checking, he let out the water and started up the shower, rinsing her completely off until she was so wet that all her fur was hanging down. As soon as he shut the shower off, she shook and slung water in all directions, including on him.

“Really? You just felt compelled to do that?” He ran the back of his wrist across his eyes and he could hear the thumping of her tail against the tub.

Standing to his feet, he grabbed a towel and began the process of drying her off. He got her as dry as he could before taking the damp object to the floor and cleaning up the excess liquid. Ruby took the chance to hop out of the tub and sit on the bathmat.

When he was finished, he grabbed the hair dryer and blow dried her until her coat was shining, as well as her barking that she’d had enough.

“All right, now you can go.” She licked his face a few times before bolting from the bathroom. He went into their bedroom and grabbed his pajamas from the drawer and went to clean himself up. Giving a werewolf a bath was not exactly the easiest job in the world.

After his quick shower, he went back into the bedroom and saw Ruby was sitting on her side of the bed with her tongue hanging out and her head titled to the side with her golden eyes shining, meaning she was happy.

Sighing, he laid down on his side and she immediately cuddled up next to him, resting her head on his chest. He gave her head a quick scratch before looking at the clock. It was almost three in the morning so she only had a few more hours in this form but either way, he’d wake up and she’d be cuddled up next to him and just the thought brought a smile to his face.