Okay, a little ticked off lately by the photographers who give us BTS shots of Once Upon a Time. It’s not that the finale might have been spoiled, at least for me. I really don’t mind, because the experience I look for is WATCHING. Even if I know the stuff beforehand, it doesn’t ruin it for me at all, because I can’t really see how it’s all played out in BTS photos. What does bother me? The fact that the photographers have been bickering back and forth for so long and being extremely rude. Like, seriously? You’re acting like five year old kids. Stahp. You all bring something different to the table and we enjoy any and all BTS shots. Seeing the bickering, the fighting and the one-upping is absolutely ridiculous. What happened to class and professionalism?

trishadulku  asked:

Hi Storybrooke Mirror! I am really confused right now. What OUAT experiment is everyone talking about?

Posting this publicly for people’s reference. Someone made a blog entitled negativeoncers, which was, presumably, the opposite of OncersBePositive (which is a HIGHLY recommended blog, go follow it if you haven’t already). It was promoting people to send in their hate on a user they hated. That submission was posted with both the submitter and the person they hated URLs blacked out. After about a day, they wrote this blog post explaining that it was all a social experiment on hate within the fandom.

For those interested, I wrote my thoughts on the whole matter on my personal blog. -Right here-

And that’s all I want to say on the matter here. But I hope it answered your questions! ;)