Unfortunately, I broke my foot doing it… I fell over a chair, so… Yeah, anyway… If they keep it in, yeah, cuz I did it perfectly quite a lot… so it was sort of that Gene Kelly move where I run up a chair and it tips over and… It’s a fracture on my fifth metatarsal, so I felt it. I still did it four more times and then did eight hours more of the dance, so… Well, I kind of - it’s one of those ones where I thought ‘if I get through this, then it might actually be okay’, you know what I mean? And then I left it for another five days before I went and got an x-ray and then they said ‘no, it’s broken, you have to wear a boot.’


             Colin and I are good friends and will always be good friends. He knows me like a family member, so he was sad, because obviously we work well together and we enjoy our time on set together. But the other side of that is he cares about me as a person and he knew it was the right thing for my life. He was very supportive about that. (x)