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I was re-watching Tyrion’s speech in the 4th season of Game of Thrones and suddenly I thought: “Wow, I totally can see Nico in his place right now”, so yeah, I’m starting this AU/crossover between PJO and GoT and I’m not even sorry.
I’ll post all the characters and the plot as soon as I have time to do so. \m/
I will not look at actual relations between the original characters or this crossover would be impossible/OOC.

And If you where wondering who’s Joffrey Baratheon…Well, it’s Octavian.
And Nico is on trial for his homicide, obviously.

POTO elementary school au

inspired by this post

  • super over-dramatic 9/10 year olds
  • “Trade your lunch with me … that’s all I ask of you.”
  • Raoul has pudding cups
  • Erik hits puberty early and has pimples
  • Erik in a paper mask with hand-cut, asymmetrical eye-holes and a towel for a cape
  • graveyard scene in a pet cemetery
  • (Christine really loved that goldfish she had for a week)
  • Giry as the PE/electives teacher who makes them learn ballroom dancing and play whatever crappy instruments the school has in the basement
  • “Keep your hand at the level of your eye - because he totally doesn’t obey the dodgeball rule to aim for central mass.”
  • tiny child Erik screaming, “SING FOR MEEEEEEEE!”

Hidan being a teacher in modern school AU

(*Rod of love?:

Well til i was in middle school corporal punishment was really common here. And some teachers had this implement called “rod of love”, which they used to smack students’ hands or buttocks or even soles.. ridiculous naming huhh)

Cute AU ideas

- i was trying to discreetly take a picture of u bc hey ur really cute but the flash was on and now ur staring at me oh god
- u sit next to me on the subway everyday and i was wondering if u wanna go grab a coffee sometime
- u got really drunk, fell asleep on my shoulder, and ur drooling on me but im not gonna move u bc u look really cute
- who is this sending me memes at 3 in the morning I swear I will block you if u dont stop
- hey u work at this store can u help me find this in my size please maybe in a different color
- short person at concert struggling to see when suddenly they are lifted onto tall strangers shoulders and hey they’re kinda cute
- stargazing and using dumb pick up lines on each other with lots of hand holding
- 2 ppl that are horrible in the kitchen bake a cake
- you’re taking up the whole bed can u please move I know you’re not asleep u jerk I will kung fu kick u out of this bed
- how are u so good at ice skating dont abandon me stop come back don’t u dare spin me please hold my hand
- nerds who can’t even kiss bc they keep nose bumping n giggling and smiling at each other
- u hate this party too? wanna go get ice cream or something?? u got some on ur nose here I’ll kiss it off

- laying in bed while it rains counting freckles on the others face - sitting under a willow tree making flower crowns and falling asleep in the sun probably with ones head on the others chest - strangers on a plane that are sharing earbuds for some reason and wow u have good music taste

Danny Phantom AU where instead of getting his ghost powers in the ghost portal, he died some sort of tragic death when he a kid. It happened suddenly. He was going through the dark tunnel to the afterlife. Then he decided, he didn’t want to die. He punched a whole in the wall of the tunnel and climbed out, coming back to life.

Danny had broken a hole through the barrier of life and death, and since then he could travel through it at will, changing his physical form into that of a ghost. It took him years to learn to control his powers. Because of his being able to conquer death, he can control other ghosts, pass through the barrier from anywhere at will, and become almost psychic.

modern au bofur is just that guy that has somehow managed to do everything. and he like never tells anyone so when it comes up everyone is like what the fuck

“oh aye i used to be a swing dancer”
“coke is one hell of a drug..”
“im certified to fly a helicopter”
“i played in an orchestra for a lil bit”
“performance art is hard and i don’t recommend it “
“clown college is weird”

like how did you manage these things in 30 something years people want to think he’s lying but bofur has no shame why would he lie


Two friends of mine asked me to conceptualize a steampunk cosplay of two of my fem!supernatural characters: Deanna and Sam (obviously).


I HAD to take advantage of Dean’s obsession with Western movies, and I loved play around with Sam’s geekiness (but also provide her/him with a proper gear for close encounters since he always ends up being flung and tossed).

The designs are quite simple after all, I really wanted to keep them practical. Also, I don’t know a freakin’ fudge about guns. The mechanisms I imagined for the Colt are very unlikely going to work (actually, I’m already aware of what their faults are), so please bear with me and pretend they’re cool. Also the technical terminology might be wrong. I’m sorry. I tried. Not a native speaker either.

Anyway, this has been so fun and it was a honour to be asked to do these *w* Can’t wait to see how you’re going to realise these!


Requested by anon

You stood between the two boys, the Original vampire and a whitelighter. You couldn’t processes completely what the boys had just suggested. “A what?” you asked, tilting your head forward slightly. “You, me and goodie two wings over here” Kol smirked. Chris rolled his eyes slightly before looking at you. “I know this isn’t a regular thing to be asked, but….what do you say?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. You stood there flabbergasted for a moment, before you let the thought sink in. A light smile spread across your lips. “I say, let’s head up stairs”