ouat: abuse

Picture says it all. Csers think it’s romantic and ok and sexy to ask your partner to stop drinking and for him to completely ignore you and continue to get drunk.

Not to mention Emma is terrier of Hook being upset with her. Why? Because last time she upset him he tried to kill her family. No wonder the girl is desperate to cater to all his whims going so far as to pretend she loves him and wants to marry him. Did you all see how she looks? She looks like a corpse. Compare s1 Emma with s6 and be honest on how awful she looks since she started dating her abusive boyfriend.

Someone is setting up these kids shipping cs to end up in abusive relationships. If you don’t know what to do in life become a family or criminal lawyer. All these poor fuckers that think cs is romantic will need one by the time you finish law school.

Reminder that Killian has ALREADY journeyed to another realm and helped Emma remember who she was.

Or did everyone forget that the NYC (3x12) episode happened?

And how did he jog Emma’s memories? By, I don’t know, being an actual decent person and talking it out with her. 

Did he threaten or kill Henry to help her remember? Nope, don’t recall that….

Note that she was engaged to another man and much more dedicated (”I have Henry, a job, a guy I love!”) to staying in that reality than the Wish World of the previous episode.

So what’s the justification for Regina EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY TORTURING Emma (by killing her parents) to the point where she’s sobbing and begging for mercy? 

I dare you to justify this. Because I will literally drag you. 

This is NOT A friendship and obviously NOT a fairy tale romance. THIS IS EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION AND ABUSE.


So, to recap
  • Killian was abandoned by his father. 
  • Regina was abused by her mother. 
  • Zelena was abandoned by both parents and abused by her adoptive father.
  • Rumple was abandoned by both parents and later taunted and assaulted by both parents. 
  • Neal was abandoned by both parents.
  • Ruby was abandoned by both parents (or forcibly taken by her grandmother).
  • Graham was abandoned by both parents to be eaten by wolves.
  • Emma was given up by her birth parents and given up by one of her foster families.
  • Henry was given up by his birth mother and gaslighted by his adoptive mother.
  • David was neglected by his alcoholic father.
  • Cora was neglected by her alcoholic father.
  • Archie was exploited by his parents.

It is bad enough that we pander Regina and give her every excuse in the book for what she has done throughout her life. It is awful that Emma and Killian never get time to themselves and the appreciation that they deserve. It is disgusting that Regina is able to be a separate entity from her past self while everyone else owns up to what they have done, and embraces that they are both, it is what makes them who they are. It is horrifying the way Regina treats Emma, no matter what realm or universe they are in, and that they try to pass that off as a good friendship.

But if that is how they want to write their show, because it is their show at the end of the day, fine.

But for the love of all that is good, please do not let Rumbarf get back together, just because he did not speed up a pregnancy. Please. It is the epitome of all abusive relationships. It sets such a horrible example of how anyone in a relationship, whether it be a friendship or romantic, should be treated. Manipulation is not attractive. It is not romantic. It is not loving a friend. There is no hope in that kind of mental, physical, and emotional abuse. Please do not make them live “happily ever after.” Do not put the idea in people’s heads that we can “forgive and forget” when people treat one another in that way. It is unhealthy, unsafe, abusive, and downright disgusting and wrong.

I don’t care what insanity they throw into this show. Just don’t you dare try to pass Rumbarf off as True Love.

Disgruntled reminder that Snape was not a bitter little bitch just because he didn’t get Lily. He has lasting emotional scars from childhood abuse, neglect and poverty. He was “relentlessly bullied” 4-1 for seven years, which included public sexual assault after an attempt on his life (which was covered up and he was forced to keep shut about, btw). He lost his best friend in a moment of extreme distress and humiliation and he knows how badly he fucked up. He hung around with DEs because not being hexed and taunted was the best he could expect from anyone. According to JKR, he was brought in because he was “insecure and vulnerable”. He was suicidal, depressed, and likely PTSD stricken when Lily died, and was merely told “you’re not any use dead”. He spied in two wars, got no thanks for either, and had to spend much of his life being used as a human weapon and being in constant danger. He still saves people who don’t give a damn about him and can’t be arsed to thank him. Throughout all this, the only “help” or companionship he gets is Dumbledore’s underhanded emotional abuse and manipulation, and only occasional concern.

His bitter and caustic disposition is the sum of all the shit that he had to endure. “Not ‘getting’ Lily” was a part of it, but it’s a LONG way down the list of other, more significant factors like the abuse and bullying he had to endure. 

Childhood abuse/neglect and severe bullying during one’s formative years carries lifelong effects and long-lasting trauma. People who are able to “get over it”  or rise above it with minimal outside help are the exception, not the rule. Snape’s character and the things he went through has real life implications. So don’t throw it under the rug and reduce it to “he just jelly cuz he didn’t get Lily”.

Brody Dalle Interview

. Dalle exercises – a lot. “If I don’t, I get depressed.” She remembers a counsellor telling her she’d “always be damaged” by the abuse she endured. “I remember thinking: that’s bullshit. I might have a scar, but I’m not going to be held down, or owned. You think you know everything when you’re 24, but I felt so lost. I really feel in my body now, not floating off somewhere else. And that comes with maturity. I love growing up; it’s awesome.”

literally bpd stigma surrounding people with bpd in relationshipis so dangerous bc people with bpd are categorized as awful abusers that you shouldn’t date but then straight after you read something like that you read about how you need to “train your bpd” and basically they’ll give you a step by step guide on how to abuse people w/ bpd at the same time they’re telling you that all people with bpd are super fucking awful abusers 

if I could give teenage girls any advice from my own personal experience it would be this:

if a guy–particularly an older guy–tells you he wants to be with you, but you have to keep your relationship a secret, run. it doesn’t matter what his reasoning is. guys will use this to make it easier for them to abuse and manipulate you. if your friends don’t know about your relationship, they won’t see the warning signs and you won’t have anyone to turn to for help.