OUAT Rewatch 03x22 "There's No Place Like Home"

I buy Emma and Neal less as teenagers/young adults this time around. This scene almost feels like a dream, between the confessions and the lighting and the rain. It’s a good look back at their relationship and fits the theme of the episode.

I like it that Emma swiped some bread on her way down to the cells. Quick thinking, Emma. Although more than a little naive to assume they were getting out in one night.

Captain Charming moment!

Why do these spoons have wire wrapped around them? Oh, well. EMMA SWAN YOU CANNOT FREE THAT WOMAN. (Though you know she was going to free that woman.)

Regina almost looks proud of Snow, here. “You plan to kill me?” before she looks completely betrayed. I personally subscribe to the “Regina didn’t really try very hard to kill Snow” camp, which makes this execution out of character–unless Regina really did feel betrayed by Snow and felt like her execution was justified.

Hah! Snow’s utter confusion when Emma hugs her is devastating but adorable. And that’s the moment Emma realizes what home is. Aww.

Once Upon a Head Trauma strikes again. Of course she wasn’t going to go with you to the future willingly. I’m surprised they even tried talking her into it. Pretty sure knocking people out like that is a terrible idea. Don’t knock people upside the head, people. It won’t end well.

The scene in Rumple’s Vault of Dangerous Magical Items is good from start to finish. First you have Emma talking about what home is to her and finding her magic again. Next, you have a tense moment where Rumple knows way more than he should and yet manages to drink that memory potion anyway. I think he knows it’s the only way he’ll see his son again.

Finally, Snow and Charming get the reunion hug with Emma they always wanted, although they’re not quite sure why until Emma explains. It’s a good thing Emma’s in the book now to verify her story, but it does make things slightly awkward–Snow seems to remember “Leia” but Hook doesn’t remember the bar maid. I don’t think Emma’s expression when she hears the name is totally happiness, but I do think she accepts it as an honor.

Emma and Hook sure kiss nice. Those are my positive thoughts on this kiss, which is really, really nice. I mean, it (almost) lasts through an entire wedding ceremony. So. (I do have some negative thoughts under the cut at the end of this post.)

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt as bad for Regina as I did when Robin says “Marian.” I even guessed it was coming but it was still so unbelievably awful. She was so happy, like, two SECONDS ago! And she can’t even be justifiably angry (at least, not TOO angry) because Emma didn’t know and only did it to save Marian from being killed BY REGINA. Eesh. Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed Regina for punching Emma in the face right then.

I wasn’t sure what to think about the reveal of Elsa at the end of the episode. This was definitely a plot that took me a while to wrap my head around.

Okay, after this, I get a little ranty (anti-Rumple and anti-Rumbelle, critical of these episodes in general). I’ll put everything to come under the cut.

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